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  • Minor one-shot character Itachiyama from episode 6-B is a thinly veiled drug addict, the drug in question being Rald's fur (white like cocaine...). Itachiyama became emaciated and dropped out of school due to the addiction.
  • In episode 7, Iruka imagines Jill whipping him and rewarding him with fish. Yes, he's basically imagining a BDSM session with Jill. This is repeated several times throughout the season.
  • Due to an unconfirmed Insect Gender-Bender, there may or may not be a canon lesbian relationship in the form of Katori/Charotte.
    • "I'm not some loose woman who goes with any mosquito!"
  • There's a scene in episode 13 where Iruka implies that he believes Sapphie wants to start an affair with him.
  • In episode 25, Garnet and Diana have a serious Cat Fight with each other (getting down on the ground, clothes tearing and becoming wet; yeah, that kind of thing), in front of Dian.
  • Episode 32-A is full of this. First we have a baby Ruby kneading Kanon's chest and complaining that it's too small to have any milk. Then there's Iruka freaking out about every student suddenly having babies to take care of. Then Mikage also turns into a baby and Kanon freaks out about having to change his diaper and seeing you-know-what (complete with censor Angela!).
  • Episode 41-A had Luna being held by dark magical tentacles! Poor girl.
  • In the last arc, Jewelina goes full Omnicidal Maniac on Jewel Land... except she "just" freezes the population, allowing them to be easily restored through magic.


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