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Ojamajo Doremi

  • First season episode 46 has a Male Gaze close-up of Majo Rika and Majo Ruka's breastplates when they're practicing their samba dance, complete with lots of breasts bouncing. Probably counts as Fan Disservice, as both were witch frogs at that point. If you guessed 4Kids Entertainment cut this scene out in the English version, you're right.
  • Majo Rika getting drunk in an episode of the first season. 4Kids Entertainment tried to censor it by putting a "Sleeping Potion" text on the bottle, but that makes it even more obvious and she still behaves like a drunk person in the dub.

Ojamajo Doremi #

  • Reika Tamaki in the first Non-Serial Movie ends up wearing a sexy Playboy Bunny suit when the Witch Heart Flower messes with her wish. She was 10 years old in the movie.

Motto! Ojamajo Doremi

  • Motto! episode 10, full stop. In this infamous episode about puberty, Naomi feels embarrassed about her breasts growing. And there's also the part where Reika flaunts her chest and gets her bra snapped off by her own teacher (Miss Seki) during the health exam.
  • Despite that it was sung by a bunch of adults In-Universe, the insert song, "Namida no Broken Heart", has some racy sexual imagery in its lyrics about a summer fling...
    A teary broken heart from last summer
    Your figure... it's sexy
    Even if you let me make love to your bare-naked body
    You're so cool about it... I'm mesmerized
    • Did we also mention that Takurou Hagiwara, a 12-year-old boy, gets to cover the exact same song on the class 6-1 Image Song album?

Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan!

  • In Dokkan! episode 13, Onpu deliberately gropes Mutsumi's breast to show her that boys are uncomfortable with touching her body. Later, Mutsumi makes a rather suggestive remark about Hasebe encouraging her to wrestle.
  • Dokkan! episode 19 is full of this. Hazuki being a Covert Pervert? A little boy running onscreen with his genitals exposed? Hmmm.
  • Yet another episode of Dokkan had Doremi and Hana turning themselves into dogs for Onpu. To be fair, Onpu was going to let Nishizawa choose which one to try and woo a man with, but the undertones are still there.

Ojamajo Doremi Naisho

  • Na-i-sho episode 1 has a lengthy scene of the boys doing their business at the urinals, even going so far as to show them finishing and zipping their flies.