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Tear Jerker / Jewelpet Sunshine

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  • Episode 25. Garnet and Dian are enjoying their relationship, when Diana shows up demanding that Garnet "give him back to her". Diana's patheticness during the scene is tear-jerking in itself, but the real kicker is Dian apologizing to Garnet and leaving her in the rain (WTH, man? At least give her an umbrella.) because he still loves Diana. Garnet is all alone in the rain, battered and her dress in tatters from fighting Diana, and cries buckets. Poor, poor Garnet.
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  • Ruby's death in the snow after sacrificing herself to save Kanon and Mikage in episode 51. Kanon is absolutely heartbroken at losing her best friend (vitriolic as they were), while Mikage is filled with remorse for not realizing his feelings for her until then.
  • The ending - it was a downer at first, and then became a serious but romantic moment between a former human turned into a Jewelpet and Ruby. Ruby met a Jewelpet named Granite, who she discovered was Mikage. She broke down and ran to him in tears, calling him a jerk for not appearing in the last 5 years until she forgives him. And so they become a couple.

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