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  • Even Kanon and Ruby get this at times. One of their Cat Fights actually ended with Ruby on top of her, sobbing into her chest.
    • In episode 3-B, Ruby jumps into Kanon's chest in fright.
    • In episode 20, Kanon launches into a heartfelt, almost romantic speech when she thinks Ruby is coming to save her from prison, Love Bubbles and all.
    • In the first version of the opening, their actions mirror the lyrics quite closely ("I called out to you, but you gave me no reaction" "I wonder if you've noticed? I'm next to you"). Now remember that "GO! GO! Sunshine" is a love song.
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    • Their classmates sometimes have... interesting things to say about them when they see them fighting: "they seem to be having fun", "they sure get along" and, once, even "they love each other!". And none of this was in sarcasm.
    • In one episode, Ruby feels up Kanon's chest. Context: Ruby has turned into a baby and needs milk.
    • During the "I'm glad you're my friend" conversation in episode 51, they are turned away from each other and blushing.
  • Hinata and Peridot are perhaps the closest roommates in the show. Peridot frequently pushes Hinata to become a stronger person (and the results show), and in episode 7, Hinata seemed all too sastified with being at Peridot's beck and call and spoonfeeding her.
  • In the episode where the story of Shouko's gang's formation is revealed, Charotte can be interpreted as being Tsundere for Shouko.
  • One of the first episodes had Sango (and other male Jewelpets) looking at Diana with hearts in her eyes and yelling "Look at me, Diana!".
    • Jill Konia has a similar fixation on Jewelina.
  • Charotte is in a romantic relationship with a mosquito named Katori. Because Katori sucks blood, she is in fact female, though only Sapphie seems aware of the fact. While Charotte can be written off as simply not being aware, it still raises a few questions about Katori.
  • When Ruby, Kanon and Peridot are begging Hinata to let them copy her homework, at some point they whip up bouquets of roses and look as if they are proposing to her for marriage, making Hinata blush. This is even lampshaded by the narrator acting like things suddenly turned into a dating game show.
  • In the episode where Shouko starts working in Master's cafe, she punches anyone coming through the door, including Hinata, who conveniently face-plants on her chest.
  • Angela and Flora become remarkably close shortly after meeting for the first time, nuzzling a lot of the time. Oh, and that first encounter consisted largely of them gazing intensely at each other and blushing.
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  • Kaede and Komachi, Kanon's Girl Posse, reenact how Kanon's and Mikage's relationship should be going, which is kicked Up to Eleven when Kaede passionately holds and looks as if she's about to kiss Komachi.
    Kaede: I could cover you in kisses!
  • Waniyama seems to be quite admiring of strong men and once hit on Masago.
  • In episode 25, everyone seems to be dating someone, prompting Labra to proclaim that Angela is her girlfriend. Cue an embarrassed Hinata explaining to her that that wasn't possible, because they were friends already (note that she didn't say "Because you're both girls.").

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