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Funny / Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

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  • Chapter 35: During the first few times that Yamada used Sarushima's power, he gets back-flipped and a wig falls onto him.
  • Chapter 63: When Yamada in Shiraishi's body switches with Leona and threatens to strip if she doesn't reveal the seventh witch, Leona strips first. Yamada ends up on the floor begging her to stop while she just stands above him flapping her skirt and taunting him!
  • Chapter 66: After Rika finishes casting her "spell" on Yamada and walks away, a gust of wind twirls at her.
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  • Chapter 91: Yamada's face when Miyamura tells him he's making him his secretary in the Student Council.
  • Chapter 105:
    • Yamada reveals his secret weapon against Kotori: Shoba. Nancy and Sid's faces are priceless.
    • Miyamura gets Yamada a toy matching Shoba after he plays with Shoba in public making silly voices.
  • Chapter 107: After copying Kotori's Mind Reading Power, Yamada uses it to read his friends' minds, among other things: Kurosaki's insecurity and gay-ish crush on Miyamura, Arisugawa being smarter than she looks, Ito's ambiguous crush on him, Tsubaki's Brutal Honesty being played for laugh, Sarushima's laziness, Otsuka's Yaoi Fantasy Love Triangle of him with Miyamura and Kurosaki (which is actually not that far from truth), and Noa's "I Love Him" x10.
  • Chapter 190: Hotaru's face once his twin brother Hikaru reveals that he wants to be a host.

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