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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

There are so many funny moments in Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, that it's impossible to list them all. Here are a select few of the funniest moments.

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    Volume 1 
  • Chapter 1: "If he's realized that my plan is to have him invite me to the movie, then...then he might get the wrong idea and think that I want to go see the movie with him!"
  • Chapter 3: After all the planning to arrive at the movie theater together by mere coincidence, Kaguya and Shirogane realize that they still have to choose their respective seats and thus can't sit together. Then there's the result of their attempts to indirectly pick the seats next to the other.
  • Chapter 4: Shirogane's utter despair at his lack of intelligence. He can't solve the simplest of riddles and fears that this might ruin his reputation as a genius. His solution? Learn the answer to every existing riddle.
    Shirogane: Because... [faints] I'm a genius.
  • Chapter 5: "Just give me your wiener!"
  • What everyone else perceives as a Love Confession is actually little more than a game of chicken.
    Kaguya: I can stay with you?
    Narration: They lied!
    Shirogane: Yes. I've never...been able to imagine anyone else but you at my side...
    Narration: They lied!
    Kaguya: I...could never leave you.
    Narration: They lied!
  • Chapter 8: The conversation preceding Shirogane and Kaguya's game of 20 Questions.
    Shirogane: You've really expanded your horizons, Shinomiya.
    Kaguya: Are you calling me fat?!
    Shirogane: No!
  • Chapter 9: As Kaguya monologues about her loneliness, Shirogane cycles up beside her, panting like a maniac.

    Volume 2 
  • Chapter 12: Kaguya's reaction to the love letter.
    Fujiwara: Kaguya, are you really going to go?
    Kaguya: [speaking] Yes. In fact, I'm really looking forward to it.
    Kaguya: [thinking] Of course I'm not going. Does this girl have flowers for brains?
  • Chapter 14:
    • The Student Council members learn how one third of people have their "first time" in high school. Kaguya tries to claim that she's had hers already in an attempt to get Shirogane to confess, only to reveal that she had hers with with her newborn nephew and that Fujiwara does it with her pet dog all the time. Luckily, Shirogane manages to deduce that because of her sheltered upbringing, Kaguya doesn't actually know what they mean by "first time". She thought it was referring to a "First Kiss". And judging by the picture that accompanies it, chaste kisses on the cheek count.
    • And then Fujiwara takes it upon herself to explain just what a "first time" actually is. It takes 16 full minutes and leave Kaguya a flustered blushing mess.
    Kaguya: B... But! Isn't it illegal to do that before marriage!?
  • Chapter 16: Fujiwara telling Kashiwagi that the best way to get closer to her boyfriend is for the two of them to rebel against society.
    Kaguya: Did we just create an anarchist monster!?
  • Chapter 19: In her full introduction, Hayasaka establishes her ability to cut through bullshit:
    Kaguya: I've determined that [Shirogane] possesses several traits that I lack, and that is what draws my interest. By no means are my feelings romantic.
    Hayasaka: [utterly calm] What if Shirogane started dating that secretary girl?
    Kaguya turns her head around towards Hayasaka, looking utterly furious at the very thought.
    Hayasaka: Well? Which is it, then?
  • Chapter 20: Kaguya scaring the crap out of someone who was bullying Shirogane. In French! Which Shirogane doesn't understand, so the audience gets symbols instead of text and the explanation: "An assault so extreme it violates publishing regulations."
    • "Comme c'est mignon."
    • The circumstances behind said presumed bullying: during a party with their French sister-school, the other girl is sent to insult Shirogane to test his composure. All he does is nod, smile blankly, and occasionally say "oui"...which both the girl and the teacher who sent her interpret as him having inhumanly thick skin. The thought that he just doesn't understand a word of it never crosses their minds.
  • The introduction of Papa Shirogane, who has an even more terrifying visage than his son. In the anime, the terror (and hilarity) is made manifest when he's voiced by Takehito Koyasu. And yes, he uses the DIO voice for the rest of his appearances, invoking the image of the scary menacing DIO voice as a goofy embarrassing dad. This is a factor why a majority of Papa Shirogane's appearance can make Hilarity Ensues.

    Volume 3 
  • The insanely meta inside covers. Especially the Droste Image back cover.
  • Chapter 21:
    • Just when Kaguya is about to move the forgotten umbrella duel to its endgame... Fujiwara just materializes behind her and completely ruins her plans.
    Fujiwara: Oh, Kaguya, did you forget your umbrella?
    • Kaguya's reaction to her plan failing is both adorable and hilarious.
      Kaguya [rapidly opening and closing the umbrella that Fujiwara gave her while squealing in her mind] I was almost there! Just one more move! Why does she always manage to...!?
  • Chapter 22: Upon seeing what's in the book she and Fujiwara are reading together, Kaguya calmly shuts it and lifts it out of Fujiwara's reach, not even bothering to explain herself.
  • Chapter 24: Ishigami says, with absolute seriousness, about Kaguya: "She's probably already killed two or three people." For reference, Kaguya is a teenager.
    • Then, Kaguya just so happens to enter the room... with a bloody knife.
      Kaguya President. Is Ishigami here?
    • And then, after that, Fujiwara enters... with a knife embedded in her chest.
      Fujiwara: President... help me...
  • Fujiwara and Kaguya looming over Shirogane when they catch him eating noodles in the council room. Kaguya is actually smiling, because she knows she's going to enjoy startling him.
  • Chapter 26: The boy from earlier is back asking for more love advice. Shirogane takes the opportunity to try to get him to get a part-time job.
    Narrator: [due to failure to recruit a coworker for his part time job] Shirogane's Loss
  • Chapter 27: The entire wiener debacle
    • Fujiwara says that she'd like to see Kaguya "roar with laughter" someday, and Kaguya says she wouldn't lose her control like that. Fujiwara says she'd probably laugh if Kaguya saw her dog doing tricks, and then out of nowhere brings up his "wiener". Cue MASSIVE Spit Take from Kaguya.
    • Kaguya at first thinks maybe Fujiwara is referring to a trick involving her dog eating a hot dog frank. But no, she is in fact referring to her dog's "wiener" (in the original Japanese, "chinchin" referred to a dog trick, but that didn't translate very well). And it "hangs to the left". Cue another massive spit take from Kaguya. The narrator explains that, while she is well-studied in the facts of life, her knowledge of slang and metaphors is still that of "a young grade-schooler". And Fujiwara continues going further unaware that Kaguya is on the verge of completely losing her shit...but eventually, she catches on, when she realizes she is making Kaguya almost literally roaring with laughter by saying "wiener".
    • Things get complicated when Shirogame comes back into the room, and when Kaguya tells Fujiwara to not say "wiener" while he's in there, she responds with the biggest grin imaginable. She then tries to get him to say it...
    • Then, after Shirogane has run off in horror after Fujiwara implied she wanted something perverted, Kaguya is left in shock and despair at the misunderstanding, collapsing on the floor. Then Fujiwara says "wiener" once again and Kaguya starts laughing.
    • Finally, Ishigami is shown to have been outside the door to the Student Council, misinterpreting Kaguya and Fujiwara's wiener conversation as them doing something dirty. His nose also bleeds.
      • In the extra, he asks Fujiwara if she has a wiener, leaving her confused.
  • Chapter 28:
    • Fujiwara begins the chapter by asking Shirogane how many cats he'd find in an animal cage. When he answers nine, Fujiwara reveals that the answer is how many children he wants. And Shirogane really does want that many, because that would be enough to make an entire baseball team. Cue Kaguya, who is eavesdropping, reacting in shock at the prospect of having nine kids. The bonus page shows her reading about the probability of having twins, showing that she's fully prepared to go carry out Shirogane's desire.
    • Fujiwara asks the other members of the council to imagine walking down a dark path and someone tapping them on the shoulder, then asks them who it was. Ishigami's thought is Kaguya out to kill him. This backfires on him, as the test was supposed to determine which person the tested likes.
  • Chapter 29: When both Shirogane and Ishigami are discussing on the school club funds, Ishigami asks Shirogane on what clubs Kaguya and Fujiwara are in. When Shirogane response, Ishigami chuckles when he learns that Kaguya's in the archery club. Questioning on his chuckles, Ishigami tells him that it suits her because with her flat chest, it is much easier to shoot, while showing an expression of her being flat. Unfortunately, Kaguya happens to be right behind him, showing a Jojo-esque death glare while Shirogane, in his mind set tells him to stop. To make matters worse, Ishigami continues by mocking Fujiwara that her boobs would be her downfall if she joins the archery club... only for Fujiwara to be behind together with Kaguya.
    Shirogane: [in his mind set] HIT THE BRAKES, ISHIGAMI!!!
    • Eventually, Fujiwara greets him which Ishigami realizes what he had said. Fujiwara then makes a paper fan and starts smacking him. While Fujiwara manages to forgive him, unfortunately for Kaguya...
      Kaguya: You're lucky, Ishigami. Fujiwara-san is really kind and forgave you. She's probably the only one who'd forgive you...
      Ishigami: [realizes what she means] President, I'm going home to write my will...
      Shirogane: S-sure... But please don't die.
  • To keep Ishigami out of the council room, Hayasaka spontaneously remarks:
    "Man, Shinomiya was in a bad mood. She looked like she was gonna kill someone."
    [Ishigami calmly turns around and runs]


    Volume 4 
  • Fujiwara bawling as the school anthem is sung, because unbeknownst to anyone else it means her training of Shirogane has been successful.
  • The scene transition from Ishigami eating the cake, to regretting eating the cake, to his expression of absolute horror as Kaguya and Shirogane argue over the last slice for a full hour.
  • Kaguya assuring Kei that the previous Impure's punishment was not that bad.
    "He was transferred to Cambodia, that's all."
  • Kei recounting meeting the student council:
    Kei: And vice president Shinomiya... [blushing] She made me kind of nervous, so we couldn't talk well.
    Miyuki: Huh? Why?
    Kei: Oh shut up! Die!
    Narrator: Siblings tend to have similar tastes
  • "Breathing is fun."
  • The "Snark Test" in the inside cover. It consists in a short retelling of Momotarō where the readers are supposed to snark away at every possible opportunity, and then grade themselves according to their total number of snarks against a helpful chart as it follows:
    (1-9): Kaguya Level. You lack some common knowledge. You have a difficult time discerning between what's normal and what's not. Go out into the world and destroy your innocence.
    (10-14): Fujiwara Level. You have the ability to tell when something is obviously wrong. However, you have a chance of missing something extremely obvious, so be wary.
    (15-19): Ishigami Level. You are a keen observer, but lack the initiative to snark at the right opportunities. Don't run away! Fight on!
    (20-26): President Level. You have some formidable snarking skills, but sometimes leave yourself open to be snarked at. Learn to observe yourself objectively. And learn to laugh at yourself.
    (27+): Hayasaka Level: You're a cold-blooded snarking machine. At your level, you will be counted on to point out everything that's wrong, which will place an overwhelming burden on you. Learn to live without so many cares.

    Volume 5 
  • "I'll show her how real men eat ramen."
  • "I broke the internet!"
    Hayasaka: It must be the major incident of the century.
  • Shirogane looks back on his uncharacteristic display of emotion during the festival (which readers considered a Moment of Awesome):
    Narration: He regretted it so badly he wished he could die!
    • Then there is a panel showing him screaming into his pillow.
  • Fujiwara tries to join in on Kaguya and Shirogane's "game", despite knowing nothing about it, just because she wants to be part of the group.
  • Kaguya swanning around waving papers in the air triumphantly after her victory in Chapter 47.
  • The council repeatedly ask Shirogane what date couples are allowed to do increasingly sexual stuff on. Behind them, Kaguya is rapidly taking notes.
  • "So much blood... So beautiful..."

    Volume 6 
  • The cover for the volume features Kashiwagi with her boyfriend... and Maki is behind them.
  • Hayasaka soothing Kaguya as she hyperventilates after giving Shirogane a birthday cake.
    • The whole courtroom scene is pure comedy gold:
      Icy Kaguya: While I admit I find myself with insatiable craving for his...
      Real Kaguya: You will admit nothing! Stop talking! Now!
  • Chapter 55 first shows us Ishigami listening to a teacher, who's telling him he's in danger of not being able to move up to the next grade should he fail the next test, with Kaguya listening behind the door. Since she owes him one, she pretends to help him and this dialogue arises:
    Kaguya: Ishigami, could you come with me for a moment?
    Ishigami: Huh, why? Is it something you can't do here?
    Kaguya: Yes. It needs to be somewhere with no one around, where it'll be just you and me
    Ishigami: Huh....? No...
    Kaguya: What do you mean no!? Come with me! [holding Ishigami, that's trying to run away from her]
    Ishigami: NO! I'm scared, you're gonna do something horrible to me, aren't you!? I'm going home!
  • The stargazing:
    Narration: Due to adding new embarrassing memories to his dark past, Shirogane's loss.
  • Chapter 57 has the student council reluctantly playtest Fujiwara's board game. Ishigami starts with the misfortune of landing on an instant death space.
    Fujiwara: Now, roll the dice and if you get a 1...
    Ishigami: I got a 1.
    Fujiwara: Okay, you died.
    Ishigami: What happens if you die?
    Fujiwara: Nothing, you're dead. You're eliminated and in last place.
    Ishigami: I see. Careful, guys, this is a really crappy game.
    Shirogane: You only noticed this now?
    • Shirogane and Fujiwara get married in-game, causing Kaguya a lot of inner turmoil. Despite her monetary success she's displeased as the other two raise a large family. When another event causes their divorce, Kaguya celebrates as she gets the opportunity to marry Shirogane... only for an earlier event card to prevent that and instead force her with Fujiwara.
    • One rule states that players must pay the newlyweds with their in-game funds. Kaguya is so unbalanced by the marriage that she tries to hand them ¥50,000 in real money. Then ¥100,000 for the baby.
    • The chapter ends with the moral of the story: "Marrying Fujiwara brings nothing but suffering." Also Ishigami giving Fujiwara a long list of balance critiques.
  • Chapter 59 shows, alongside various bittersweet scenes of farewell, the fact that there is apparently a giant secret passageway in the council room that Shirogane somehow never noticed.
  • In Chapter 60, Kaguya fantasizes about her ideal student council if she were president: Vice-President Shirogane, Treasurer Ishigami... and Secretary Kashiwagi. The betrayal is so spontaneous it's hilarious.

    Volume 7 
  • Two of Kaguya's classmates mistake Shirogane's actions for him wanting to ask her out. This rumor spreads through the school so fast that by the time Shirogane and Kaguya get to the back of the school, what appears to be the entire student body is gathered around hoping to see a Love Confession.
  • Shirogane's accidental "new" look. Thanks to having three extra hours a day for himself after officially completing his run as the Student Council President, Shirogane now has enough time to have a good night of sleep for the first time in ages. Unused to seeing him without his Exhausted Eye Bags, Fujiwara and Ishigami just freak out.
  • It says a lot about this series' comedy chops that Chapter 64, one about Kaguya starting to question her feelings for Shirogane after they wavered so much from a change in his appearance, manages to be just plain hilarious.
    • Hayasaka gets the ball rolling by for once agreeing with Kaguya that she doesn't like Shirogane. After all, if his looks evidently matter so much to her, then her feelings are probably just superficial. Cue Kaguya defending her feelings that she denies having in the most Tsundere way possible:
      Kaguya: I don't like him! If I did like him, then it would really be true love!
      Hayasaka: Does the word "if" have some new meaning I'm not aware of?
    • Kaguya goes to Kashiwagi for advice. Again she casually sees right through Kaguya's I Have This Friend routine.
    • Kashiwagi can barely stand the second-hand embarrassment from hearing a high school girl like herself talking about "true love" so seriously. She wants to help Kaguya to see things from a more realistic point of view, but she just can't bring herself to be the one to end Kaguya's innocent outlook on romance.
    • The resolution. Kashiwagi somehow manages to console Kaguya about her feelings, which is exactly when Shirogane walks to them with the most Exhausted Eye Bags ever after pulling an all nighter preparing for the election. His zombie-like appearance scares the crap out of Kashiwagi, and she immediately worries that Shirogane looking at his worst will make Kaguya's feelings waver even more. But when she turns to look at her, Kashiwagi discovers that the truth of the matter is far, far simpler and less innocent than she thought:
      Kashiwagi: [Oh, Crap! face] [thinking] No matter how much Kaguya likes his glare, this has to be too much!
      Kaguya: [with what can only be described as the most turned on facial expression a mangaka can get away with in a mainstream series] [heavy panting] P... President... that's bad. You should... You should lie down in the infirmary...
      Kashiwagi: [thinking] Huuuuuuh!?
      Kaguya: [gets up and offers Shirogane a shoulder as she guides him to the nurse office]
      Shirogane: S-sorry, Shinomiya....
      Kaguya: It's fine. It's perfectly fine.
      Kashiwagi: [Inner Monologue] I'm sorry, Kaguya. [shocked face] I'm pretty sure that's not "true love"!
      Narration: Today's battle result... Kashiwagi loses.
    • Also the punchline. The last panel has Kaguya just staring at Shirogane's face while he naps on one of the infirmary's beds.
    • And then there's the omake with Hayasaka right at end, stealthily watching them from the infirmary's window:
      Hayasaka: After being tainted by a man, my lady has developed a strange fetish.
      Narrator: Hayasaka harbored a realistic fear.
  • Chapter 66: Kaguya's attempt to 'negotiate' (read: bribe and demoralize) with Iino is completely derailed in the space of one page when Iino finds actual leverage on her. To make it even better, Iino doesn't even seem to realize that she did it.
    • What was the leverage? Able to spend more time with Shirogane as regular Student Council members by checking uniforms and cleaning trash. Kaguya almost considers this as it will help lower Shirogane's busy schedule but become horrified that Iino would ban on-campus romance.
    • What solidified her reasoning not to trust Iino's judgement? Wanting Fujiwara to become her vice-president.
    • Before discussing what Iino would do as president, she points out how corrupt and immoral Shirogane and Kaguya are, that they are "perfect" for each other. Kaguya loses her cool for a moment, even believing that Iino is a wonderful girl who sees them as marriage material, not realizing that's not what she meant.
  • During the presidential debate in Chapter 68, Iino derails her own argument to discuss her fetish: crew cuts. She goes off on a mini-rant about how moving their roundness is and how all girls feel an innate desire to rub hair that short. And then it turns out some other girls in the audience share her sentiments. She then proceeds statistical evidence that making boys get crew cuts will improve their academic conduct.
    • It gets better - after the election is over, another student says "we have #rubbingshavedhead trending on instagram!"
  • In an exhaustion-induced daze, Kaguya starts arguing with herself, her "ice" and "dere" sides both expressing themselves through literal physical speech.
  • The entirety of Chapter 70, where Kaguya tries to find out what kind of underwear Shirogane wears.
    Kaguya: You're a manwhore, President!!

    Volume 8 
  • Hayasaka snarking at Kaguya unbeknownst to her, in Chapter 71.
    Kaguya: President will be kind to anyone who needs it, so I'm worried someone completely hopeless will show up.
    Hayasaka: I can guarantee that's the case.
    Kaguya: A girl like that wouldn't hesitate to use every dirty trick in the book...
    Hayasaka: I can guarantee that's the case. She probably wouldn't even realize herself that she's in love with him.
    Kaguya: Yeah, she'd have to be an enormous idiot.
    Hayasaka: I agree with you from the bottom of my heart.
  • In Chapter 73, Shirogane finds Kei crying over a shoujo manga. As he leaves, Kei gives him the manga to read, Shirogane believes that he wouldn't cry over it. He ends up crying as well, with Kei ducking out of the bathroom to yell "I told you so!"
    • Iino coming into the student council room just as Ishigami and Shirogane are taping Fujiwara's mouth shut (to keep her from spoiling a manga). She instantly leaves... only to pop back up at the end of the chapter wielding a sasumata.
      • That's not even half the punchline. By the time she comes back, all three of them have their mouths taped shut due to the boys spoiling more about the shoujo manga than Fujiwara ever spoiled, and they're all standing perfectly neat in a row when Iino comes back.
      • Furthermore, the anime adds a little scene at the end where Shirogane, Ishigami, and Fujiwara furiously babbling to the recently arrived Iino, in which the latter replies with something around "Ehh!? So that's how it ends?". Indicating that Iino can somehow understand the three despite their mouths being taped.
  • Chapter 74 follows this up with everyone becoming shoujo parodies of themselves, with Kaguya being asked to go to the aquarium by Shirogane and Ishigami, only stopping when Fujiwara interrupts the flow. In the end, she rejects Shirogane's offer to go to the aquarium because she felt like her time with him was like going to the aquarium.
    • At one point, Kaguya thinks to herself that since there are two tickets, obviously they wouldn't be going to both boys since boys can't go to such a romantic place together. Except that's exactly what happens at the end, since Kaguya in her delusions turned Shirogane down. At least they had fun in the meantime.
    • Part of one page is covered by massive advertisements, as if it was an actual shoujo manga.
    • Hayasaka is shown crying while reading Today Will Be Sweet.
    • Fujiwara is entirely unaffected by the Art Shift.
    • The anime takes the shoujo parody further by having the narrator get into the act as well, with Kaguya noticing it.
    • Also in the anime, Shirogane and Ishigami constantly make odd grunting noises, not unlike those heard in a real shoujo anime.
  • Kaguya hugging Iino in Chapter 75, overjoyed that Iino collected less bellmarks and therefore makes Kaguya look better by comparison. Iino is actually terrified because she knows that Kaguya must have ulterior motives but not what they are.
  • Chapter 76:
    • When Kashiwagi's boyfriend reveals to the council that he got in a fight with Kashiwagi, Ishigami cheers!
    Ishigami: Yeah, eat shit normie!
    • Ishigami is surprisingly versed in passive aggressive language, so much that Fujiwara offers him her Love Detective hat. He declines because it'd make him look stupid, and then goes on to wear it anyway not even a few panels later.
    • The reveal that Kashiwagi is mad at her boyfriend for not being mad enough, leaves Kaguya completely stone-faced at how trivial Kashiwagi is being while ignoring she's the same way. The narrator even lampshades this.
  • In Chapter 79, Kaguya faints after Shirogane plucks a loose thread from her face, and is rushed to the hospital, where the very serious, very well-respected doctor diagnoses her as being 'lovestruck'. The scientific terms 'kyun kyun', 'doki doki', and 'tsundere' are used when she loudly uses awkward examples to deny being in love.

    Volume 9 
  • Chapter 80: Once again, someone wants to quit the council.
  • Iino's rather wild imagination shows a scenario in which she stands against Shirogane and Kaguya's tyrannical rule. Fujiwara supports Iino when she's on the verge of giving up, and Iino ultimately changes things for the better. As Iino shares this with Osaragi, Osaragi notices that something is missing.
    Osaragi: You should also add Ishigami to your scenario.
    Iino: I don't want to waste a moment of my life thinking about Ishigami.
    Osaragi: Poor Ishigami...
  • The whooping classmates from Chapter 82 are a riot. They're very loud, energetic people who speak entirely in popular slang and lingo, part of which unintentionally rubs off on Ishigami.
  • The fact that Ishigami can wear Kaguya's uniform and have a bigger chest than her despite being a boy. She's less upset about the former, but beyond pissed about the latter.
    • After enough misunderstandings in the previous chapters, you'd expect Iino to react the same way when she walks in on Ishigami changing. Instead, she promptly leaves at the slightest glance.
  • The Shirogane siblings' father is a piece and a half. He might have terrible circumstances, but he's so awkwardly hilarious that you just sort of forget about it.
    • What he tries to refer to himself as that puts off Miyuki. take you pick of translation, Papakatsunote , Love Daddynote , or Sugar Daddynote .
  • Chapter 84: Yet another Fujiwara teaching Shirogane story with a twist.
    • Fujiwara teaches Shirogane how to dance, Soran Bushi to be exact. After days of training again, Fujiwara states Shirogane is presentable but doesn't have the spirit of being pulled while Shirogane doesn't really care. This leads Fujiwara to quit in annoyance.
    • Shirogane then practices alone and Kaguya sees him and starts teaching him. Fujiwara sees this and is bitter and makes snide comments about Kaguya's teaching.
    • Fujiwara gets fed up and starts pulling on Shirogane's arms, saying she'll teach Shirogane while Kaguya pulls on his other arm. This keeps going for 16 minutes till they tire out. Shirogane then pulls off the dance perfectly as he understands what it means to be pulled.
    • The anime pulls this off perfectly with displaying how much Shirogane sucked in dancing for the first time, to the point that Fujiwara looks like she's drumming with Dull Eyes of Unhappiness out of sheer disgust and eventually Shirogane, drawn in silhouette, dances in ridiculous manner that he looks like a summoned demon.
  • In Chapter 86 Kaguya does the whole "I hate you, I love you" gag that she does to Fujiwara, only it's with her father instead.
    • Shirogane's father admitting that he was messing with Kaguya the entire chapter.
    • Also beforehand, Shirogane is very confident that after mastering the Soran Bushi, nothing else can embarrass him... and suddenly he got cheered by his father.
  • Kaguya's reaction when she meets Fujiwara's mother in Chapter 87 and finds out that she's flat-chested.
    Kaguya: [Looking at Mr Fujiwara] That means the big-chested gene came from him?!
  • Remember those "ruthless Club Presidents" mentioned and seen way back when? Chapter 90 reveals that no one was kidding when they refer to them as such. Even Hayasaka's a bit shaken by them.
    Kaguya: In this school, there are people who are way better than me at making heartless actions without giving them a second thought. So I didn't do much...all I did was tell those people the truth, without changing any details.
    [cut to the Presidents' meeting, which includes Kashiwagi]
    Label: [The Shuuchin VIPs who do heartless actions without giving them a second thought.]
    Hayasaka: Oh... oh, my...
  • Chapter 91 is all about this. After the Student Council has made great strides in their character progression, all of them instantly revert because of Fujiwara's balloon popping game forcing them into their old habits.
    • Fujiwara's vague description of the game leads to Shirogane and Ishigami getting immediately fired up for it, only to be let down once she unveils what it truly is, and seeing things through to not come reveal their perverted intentions. Shirogane even wonders if Fujiwara intentionally worded it wrong to make them agree to play and then unable to back down without coming off as perverted, with Ishigami giving that theory a 50-50 chance because she's just that chaotic.
    • Once Kaguya's calming method has been prevented when trying to pump the balloon by making her do it with both hands, Kaguya internally, frantically and hilariously regretted her decision to play, wished Hayasaka would save her already and cursing Fujiwara.
    • Ishigami's development from the Sports Festival has been shown in great detail during the arc and he thought proudly and cooly that his bravery will prevail during the balloon pump. NOPE, he looked like he was gonna wet himself with the narrator pointing out how the previous arc's growth of him was practically moot.
    • Iino being cheered on by Fujiwara to continue pumping the oversized balloon, all while the rest of those present thought that Fujiwara was scum. Later, they all went along and cheered for Iino to pump it up.
    • During his turn, after reminiscing of a flashback from Miyuuki's father, of which that a man must protect the girl he loves from harm and trouble, Miyuki...completely disregarded everything his dad told him and just passed the turn to Shinomiya (Which the balloon was ONE pump from going BOOM).
    • The reaction of the Student Council when Fujiwara accidentally makes the balloon go BOOM, with everyone except Fujiwara freaked out and lamenting about their short lives. Meanwhile Fujiwara's reaction...
    Fujiwara (completely relaxed): Sky burial...
    • The anime adaptation of this episode (where the second season ends), is accompanied by a magnitude of an explosion that will make Megumin proud, with the school rendered to a wasteland.

    Volume 10 
  • Poor Hayasaka getting her ice cream cone jammed in her cheek when Kaguya comes to gush about Shirogane being assertive in Chapter 92. Her reaction at then end shows her trying to process what's going on while the cone is still there.
  • Chapter 94: When Shirogane and Hayasaka are in a karaoke booth alone, Kaguya hears things that sound like the latter is making her move on him. After Shirogane leaves the room, it was revealed that he was singing rap music. The problem was... it was so bad, Hayasaka compared it to the feeling of getting sea cucumber's guts poured into her ears.
    • After Fujiwara arrives (Kaguya had called her to come earlier), she sees Kaguya and Hayasaka leave. Poor Hayasaka's shaken pretty badly, spurting seemingly random words like "President", "singing", "sea cucumber guts" as in feverish delirium. This is more than enough for Fujiwara to figure exactly what happened, start shivering herself, and immediately dip and go back home.
    • The anime ups the ante by having Fujiwara break into sweat and hyperventilate as her mind relives the trauma of Shirogane's signing in a way that wouldn't be out of place for a Shell-Shocked Veteran in a war anime.
  • Chapter 95: Iino's headphones are slightly unplugged, allowing Ishigami to hear her 'light therapeutic music', which actually consists of camel grunts and male voices praising the listener as kind and 'an honest and sincere girl'. To save Iino from embarrassment, Ishigami deliberately unplugs his headphones and blasts the most embarrassing Moe song he has on his phone. Iino fails to take the hint, and reveals herself to the rest of the student council.
  • Chapter 97: Kashiwagi believes her boyfriend is cheating on her.
    • Kaguya says she can understand as Kashiwagi is annoying, involves others in her drama and is scary. Pot meet Kettle.
    • Kashiwagi's reason for the infidelity? She saw him being too intimate when talking to another girl. While Iino believes she's jumping the gun, Kaguya agrees with her. Which sets off the chapter with Iino as the Only Sane Woman as Kaguya and Kashiwagi agree over their insane ideas.
    • During a recent date, Kashiwagi checked her boyfriend's cellphone when he went to the bathroom and found no suspicious texts and she decides to trust him, by which she hired a private investigator to tail him. Kaguya agreeing with Kashiwagi the entire time while Iino mentally lists the many illegal things Kashiwagi has done.
    • The one thing that Iino agrees is fishy is that Kashiwagi's boyfriend and Maki went to Karaoke together which makes Kaguya desperate to prove it isn't cheating, because Shirogane and Hayasaka went to a Karaoke room alone.
    • Kashiwagi is very bitter as her boyfriend was tutored by Maki believing she was thrown away as she had previously tutored him. Kaguya agrees as we see Shirogane being tutored by Fujiwara as Kaguya says being tutored means he's being corrupted by another woman. Iino with tears gives up as she starts listening to her recording cheering her on.
    • Kashiwagi confronts her boyfriend and he reveals he was asking for Maki's help for a gift which is a heart necklace. While Shirogane and Ishigami think it's great, Kaguya, Iino and Fujiwara think it's tacky. Kashiwagi is so happy that she kisses her boyfriend right in front of the student council and from appearance and sound effects it was a pretty lewd kiss.
    Fujiwara: They... They're really going at it, huh...
    Iino: Hold on a second! Kissing like that is widely inappropriate for school!
    Kaguya: Huh? This counts as kissing? Because their tongues are...
    Shirogane: Don't look, Shinomiya!
    Ishigami: I kinda want to die now, so I'm going home.
  • Chapter 98 finally gives the spotlight to the girl stalking Kashiwagi and her boyfriend, and her role is basically cemented as the Butt-Monkey of the Universe.
    • Maki seems to take getting thanked by her crush and his girlfriend for the present which brought them closer together quite well. But after she leaves the classroom...
    • Shirogane and Ishigami are walking down a path in the school like normal. Then, they step on Maki, who is lying face down on the floor.
      • Even better, as it is later revealed, Karen put her there deliberately.
    • Maki introduces herself by name for the first time and reveals that she is a relative of Kaguya. How?
    Maki: She's my second cousin twice removed.
    • Maki's reaction to the boys telling her that she likes Kashiwagi's boyfriend gets a haughty response from her. Then, it starts to take on a familiar tone.
    Maki: If he were to confess to me, it's not like I wouldn't date him or anything.
    Shirogane (Privately): Why do these words feel so eerily familiar?
    • Then Ishigami criticises Maki's way of thinking, indirectly firing shots at Shirogane.
    • As Maki continues her Tsundere tirade, Ishigami then starts describing what would happen if Maki were to go out with Kashiwagi's boyfriend, explaining that the boyfriend will still remember his ex throughout all the activities they do together. At the end, Maki is in tears, making the same facial expression Kaguya made when Hayasaka ripped into her in Chapter 65.
    • Then Maki starts badmouthing Kashiwagi in a similar manner to Kaguya badmouthing Fujiwara, then she blames the person who planted "that weird idea" into his head. That idea?
    [Shirogane recalls that he was the one who taught the boyfriend that technique.]
    Maki: I'm gonna tan the hide of whoever taught that to an innocent boy like him!
    [Shirogane starts shaking in fear.]
  • In Chapter 100, the Principal wants to take pictures of the student council for the next school's brochure.
    • Iino once again shows how weak she's to compliments when the Principal manages to wear down her hesitation to getting her picture taken by merely calling her cute one too many times. Ishigami Lampshades this by warning her to never go with guys saying that they want to scout her as a model.
    • The weird dance Fujiwara and Shirogane ended up making because they're too tense in front of the camera.
    • To counter the above, the Principal gives them a role to play. Namely as boyfriend and girlfriend by standing embarrassedly next to each other, which is enough for Kaguya to decide to pull strings to have the Principal fired before the end of the year. Thankfully for the guy's continued employment, he then starts passionately complaining how he really wanted Kaguya to play the girlfriend, but that's not an option due to the Shinomiya family's ban on having their pictures appear in any media available to the general public, which unwittingly makes Kaguya drop her plans then and there, all flustered.
    • One joke that got Lost in Translation in official manga, and Adapted Out in the anime, is this gem of a line by the Principal at seeing Shirogane and Fujiwara interacting with each other:
    Principal: You're like lovers, but also like parent and child. The immorality of it is picture perfect!
  • At the beginning of Chapter 101, Kaguya is so out of it that Hayasaka has to have an Imagine Spot for her.
  • Just as Shirogane is about to go through the same motions of asking Kaguya for her ID as in the first volume, we get this absolutely appropriate meta-comment from Ishigami:
    Ishigami: Lately, I've been thinking - humans are really just creatures that never learn from their mistakes.

    Volume 11 
  • Osaragi and Shirogane make Ishigami and Iino do intimate actions with each other in an attempt to get them to bond. Every single action is twisted into its least romantic form. Lap pillow and ear cleaning? Iino lies on a couch with her head over the side, while Ishigami cleans her ear from beneath. Pocky game? They rip off the ends. Bridal carry? Ishigami carried her with rope.
    • The whole endeavor was Shirogane's idea, but all of the "intimate" actions were clearly romantic in nature. Someone is projecting hard...
    • In the end, the only way Osaragi can make Ishigami and Iino say anything nice about each other is when she points out that their constant bickering looks like the actions of two people who hide their affections for each other by acting mean. Not wanting to feed into that theory, they instantly start with the compliments.
  • Kei stealing her brother's phone in Chapter 106 and gossiping with Fujiwara about his love life. This ends with Fujiwara convinced that he's in a gay relationship with Hayasaka.
  • In Chapter 108, Hayasaka, Shirogane, Fujiwara, and Kaguya express their personal conflicts in rhyme.
    Kaguya: There's you two / And here's me / Left out of your secret texting spree! / How dare you / deceive me / I pray that God will smite thee!
  • Chapter 109: Shirogane is unable to enter the Student Council office. Only because Maki is face-first on the floor, crying her heart out.
    • Ishigami wants to go in and hear about what happened to Maki. But only because he hopes to hear that Tsubasa and Kashiwagi broke up.
    • The reason Maki is seeing Shirogane and Ishigami is that she joins a club that Kashiwagi and Tsubasa are in. Ishigami thinks she is using this chance to steal Tsubasa. Maki denies that’s the reason why she’s here. But instead, the two of them keep kissing as if Maki wasn’t there. Shirogane and Ishigami could not help but agree that Kashiwagi might have only asked Maki to join just to flaunt her relationship.
    • Shirogane and Ishigami (including the audience) are just discovering that Kashiwagi’s boyfriend's name is Tsubasa. With the caption stating that it took them 104 chapters to find out his name.
    • Ishigami state that it’s impossible to tear apart a relationship that “achieves nirvana,” something that Maki doesn’t quite get. Ishigami has to explain that it means first time. Maki, like Kaguya, think it means first kiss and doesn’t see that as a problem since she saw Kashiwagi and Tsubasa kissing all the time. Like Fujiwara, Ishigami has to tell Maki what that means.
    Maki: is what you do after you get married!
    • Ishigami compares ending Kashiwagi and Tsubasa's relationship to slaying a deity. With an Imagine Spot of Kashiwagi as a super buff dark deity with wings.
    • When Shirogane and Ishigami try to imagine the ones they're in love with dating someone else, they both give epic downer faces. Doesn’t help that they picture each other committing that act.
    • Kaguya is horrified to find out that Shirogane made another female friend in Maki.
  • Chapter 110 also shows Ishigami reading a light novel titled "Do You Like the Socially Challenged Guy From Another World?" complete with a generic female elf on the cover.
  • At the end, Shirogane losing it after being thrown under a bus by Ishigami, declaring that everyone in the student council is an otaku because they all watched anime at least once, and then proceeding to browbeat them into admitting that they love anime.
  • Chapter 111: The whole parent-teacher conferences:
    • Fujiwara's (joke) plans after graduation.
      Fujiwara: I'd like to become Prime Minister.
      [The guidance counselor gives a look that is half shock, half dread]
    • Shirogane's father attending Kaguya's parent-teacher conference at Hayasaka's mother's suggestion (she thought it'd be funny).
      Nao: [aside] I would pay money to see this man perform.
    • All the students at the parent-teacher conference talk about their dreams. Hayasaka, though?
      Hayasaka: I want to change jobs.
  • Chapter 112: After getting accepted to Stanford, Shirogane decides that from here on out, he will be honest with his feelings and opinions for Kaguya. Ashame that today is the day she’s trying out cosplay.
    • Wanting Shirogane to admit his feelings, Kaguya asks him if he can give his opinion on her cosplay outfit for the festival. Much to her shock, Shirogane accept without hesitation, as Kaguya thought he would put up a fight.
    • Her first outfit; a female Santa Claus outfit. Shirogane approves it as it’s near Christmas, and she looks very cute in it, leaving her very flustered when she goes back to change into another outfit.
    • When Kaguya Santa outfit made Shirogane to say it looks cute on her and rejects the School outfit (saying he doesn’t want other guys to stare at her,) Kaguya decides to go nuclear to make sure he really does have feelings for her. The outfit she picked? A maid outfit with cat ears and paws. It was so intense that Shirogane has to bite his tongue and clench his fist to the point of bleeding to remain calm. Collapsing from the outfit, Shirogane writes a message that reads, “so cute.”
    • Ishigami walks in and mistakes Kaguya for Fujiwara. Seeing as it’s something she would do. This incident mortifies both Ishigami and Kaguya.
  • In Chapter 113, Miyuki asks Kaguya if she wants to go to another school's Cultural Festival with him. However, due to the subtle way he asked and it being so unexpected, Kaguya accidentally turns him down.
    Kaguya: Hayasaka! Find a way to turn back time!

    Volume 12 
  • The narration near the end of Chapter 116 makes it seem like that something big is going to happen during the culture festival... only for it to turn out that it's just Karen making up a story.
  • Fujiwara throwing shade at Kashiwagi by calling her "the top contender for getting knocked up first" in Chapter 118.
  • Shirogane's Impossibly Tacky Clothes in Chapter 119, and Kei channeling Fujiwara while trying to make his outfit look decent.

    Volume 13 
  • Chapter 122: Kaguya providing the single most meta joke in the history of the series.
    Kaguya: It's not like the one who confesses first loses or anything!
    Narration: Kaguya rejected the very foundation of this manga.
  • Iino and Ishigami's reaction when Osaragi casually tells them that she's dating the captain of the cheer team.
  • Makkii-sen using Iino as a model for the binaural audio of their class' haunted house in Chapter 125 (which amount to tying her to a chair, blindfolding her, and making scary noises near her ears). Then Iino learns that she has to go through with it again because her screams were covering up the sound effects.
  • Fujiwara's failed attempts to convince Moeha that Shirogane isn't good dating material in Chapter 126. And then Moeha and Kaguya use it as a bonding experience.
    • Also keeping with the continuity that Shirogane tends to attract the more unstable girls, he's attracted both Kaguya and Moeha.
  • Chapter 127: Ishigami confessing to Tsubame without even realizing it.
    • Fujiwara apparently carries around a chart with all of Ishigami's faults written on it, all of which are completely subjective on her part.
    • The chapter ends with a list of the plans on the second day of the festival for the various members of the student council. Most of them are serious, but Fujiwara's just says "nothing".
  • Chapter 129: Kaguya claiming that she thinks of flowers as animals in order to force Shirogane to give her a heart.
  • Chapter 130: Iino getting hit on by a couple of players, and ending up getting persuaded to hang out with them simply because they called her cute. Ishigami puts a halt to this by whacking her on the back of the head with a rolled-up booklet. Iino tries to complain to Onodera about it, only for the other girl to side with Ishigami for once. The last page of the chapter features Iino beating Ishigami over the head with her clipboard, which was quickly turned into a gif.

    Volume 14 
  • Hayasaka's incredibly meta scolding while listening to Kaguya's practice love confessions.
    Hayasaka: This isn't some romantic comedy trying to stretch out it's run time, so you've got to be direct and decisive.
  • There is something hilarious that after Shirogane told Kaguya that he's going to Stanford next year, spent months planning a Grand Romantic Gesture for her to confess without actually saying it, all just so she would come with him to Stanford next year so they aren't separated that when he realizes if she does come with him, they'll have four more years together so he doesn't have to confess and goes back to his arrogance that he can make her confess. Old habits die hard apparently.
  • Karen fainting after seeing Kaguya and Shirogane's First Kiss.
  • Kaguya giving Hayasaka a "How Cute" while in Bakaguya mode in Chapter 138 when the latter starts freaking out over her admitting to giving Shirogane a French Kiss.
    • Kaguya is thrown out of Bakaguya mode when Kashiwagi states it should only take 40 seconds to have sex after a French Kiss.
  • Iino finally showing her dere side to Ishigami when she offers to become friends with him if he promises to behave properly. He instantly responds that he can't make that promise because he simply won't behave like she wants him to. Cue an angry Iino assaulting Ishigami in a Big Ball of Violence.
    • Iino's pervert imagination escalating further and further as Tsubame tries to invite her and Ishigami to a Christmas party.
    Iino: An orgy?!
    • The reveal that the entire student council knew about Ishigami's crush on Tsubame, if only because Kaguya (who has been asleep the entire chapter) mumbles "mhmmm" to take part in the conversation.
  • Chapter 141 has the return of the court of Kaguyas with Dumb Kaguya still being a chibi.
    • Ice Kaguya is very frustrated by Dumb Kaguya planting a french kiss on Shirogane that she wants the dumb side to be executed and normal Kaguya agrees!
    • Later on Ice Kaguya tries to ignore Shirogane's confession as nothing important ... as she's chibi holding a heart balloon while still refusing to admit she likes Shirogane.
    • Ice Kaguya argues that it's the man who is supposed to go for the kiss and she's angry Kaguya initiated their first kiss with Shirogane. When pressed for the reason why that puts her in such a bad mood, Ice Kaguya reveals she simply finds way hotter when he takes the lead.

    Volume 15 
  • Chapter 142 has Ice Kaguya drop several hints that she wants Shirogane to hold her hand, which Shirogane... assumes this means that she has a fiance. He repeatedly complains that her signals are too subtle while she continues to complain that her hands are cold (and commenting that his look warm) and swings said hands widely back and forth. In the end, she gets so annoyed by his denseness that she ditches him while giving a genuinely scathing "How cute".
  • Chapter 147:
    • Dr. Tanuma tells Shirogane that he's lovesick. Shirogane takes it much better than Kaguya, accepting it but wanting to die from the embarrassment.
    • Dr Tanuma is talking about how both he and his son had their first child when they were 17 and how he's worried since his grandson turned 17 this year. Cut to Tsubasa and Kashiwagi discussing their plans for Christmas break (with Maki in the background, naturally).
    • After Shirogane explains his backstory and his worries, Dr. Tanuma tries to give advice only for his nurse to completely take over and give better advice while going on about the appeal of gap moe. This leaves the doctor sad that he wouldn't even say anything.
  • The Fujiwara family's party shown in Chapter 149 is a bizarre mishmash of Christmas, New Years, and Shinto.
    • Moeha's present for Shirogane turns out to be a pair of handcuffs to Kei and Chika's utter shock. Then Shirogane surprises them again by wholeheartedly thanking Moeha for it, none of them realizing that's because he's glad Moeha's gift is worse than the one he brought to the exchange.
      Kei: Moeha! You drugged him, didn't you?!
  • Kaguya's flashback in Chapter 151 to the first time she wore her hair ribbon reveals that she originally tried to copy Fujiwara's bow. It's as ridiculous looking as it sounds.

    Volume 16 
  • In Chapter 154, Iino gets drunk enough she mistakes a water bottle for alcohol.
  • Chapter 155, which is packed to the brim with romantic drama, sadness, and tension ends with a blue-balls joke.
  • Chapter 157 ends abruptly, with Fujiwara smilingly telling Ishigami to "shut up and die".
  • Chapter 161:
    • The very existence of the chapter is itself hilarious for two reasons. First, the art style contrast between Maki, Mikado and everything else around them. And second, the chapter is a very blatant example of Vacation, Dear Boy, as the author had previously taken a trip to India, which he refers to as having been a "research" expense at the end of the chapter.
    • Mikado believes Maki is just there to get over her feelings for Tsubasa, leading Maki to wrestle her brother into silence. Maki made the same move again when Mikado claimed her heart has darkness.
    • Like what Shirogane and Kaguya did back in the Cultural Festival, Maki tried to see if she and Tsubasa are romantically compatible. Unlike them, however, The fortune teller could only say "somewhat."
    • Maki thinking that everyone else must be having as little luck in love as she has. In succession we see what the various couples are up to at that very moment: Kaguya and Shirogane having their Relationship Upgrade, Tsubame coming onto Ishigami, and Kashiwagi and Tsubasa... actually we don't see exactly what they're doing since the entire panel is pixelated.
    • Wanting Japanese food after getting tired of Indian food, her tour guide introduce her to the local Japanese cuisine. However, they are just Indian food disguised as Japanese cuisine.
    • After eating their food, Maki suffer diarrhea. What did Maki learn on this trip; she prefers Japan over India.

    Volume 17 
  • Chapter 162:
    • While wishing a shrine during New Year's, Fujiwara and Tsubame bump into each other. Fujiwara says that her wish was for world peace, only for Tsubame to reply that if one says their wish out loud, it won't come true. Fujiwara freaks out, thinking she just doomed the world.
    • For Kaguya's birthday, Shirogane got her a moon necklace that matches with his. After explaining to Hayasaka some math mumbo-jumbo, she confirms that the necklace is also a pendulum clock, giving off the message that "Time is ours to share". While Kaguya squees over the necklace, Hayasaka only says this in response:
  • Chapter 163: Shirogane walks in on Fujiwara, completely shaved her head, with both parties being horrified at what just happened. But it was revealed to be a prank, wearing a bald cap to make everyone think she shaved her head. Despite this, she feels the need to attach her hair ribbon to the front of it.
    • Fujiwara could not believe that Shirogane would think she would shave her hair. Shirogane, while still in shock, could believe she would do that as a gag.
    • Wanting to test out the prank of pretending to be a couple, Fujiwara tried it on Ishigami with Shirogane as her secret boyfriend (against his will.) Ishigami would not believe that Shirogane would go out with a girl who fakes shaving her head. Ishigami telling them that either the bald joke is out or the fake couple's angle.
    • Fujiwara changed the plan from Shirogane to Ishigami; she tries this prank on Iino, who walked in. When the trick is announced, Iino is disappointed in Ishigami for dating someone like Fujiwara.
    • What is Iino's prank idea to surprise Kaguya? Having Shirogane slap her for making a mistake on the report. Shirogane and Ishigami did not take this well, as Iino would not mind the pain.
    • Going back to the old plan, Fujiwara said that she and Shirogane are dating. To counteract this claim, Kaguya proudly states that she's dating Shirogane since the Christmas holiday. Everyone, including Shirogane, are stunned...until Kaguya pulls up a "Fooled You" sign. Knowing all along that Fujiwara has a prank in store for her.
  • Chapter 167: Kashiwagi is worried about Kaguya growing up to become a sexual deviant, and puts it upon herself to set her straight. So what does she do? Give her porn.
    • What's better, Iino enters the room just as Kashiwagi gives Kaguya the porn DVD and does a spit take. She tries to confiscate the DVD, but Kashiwagi intimidates her enough for her to back off. The one time she is justified in trying to correct morals ends up as a failure for her.
  • Chapter 168: Maki and Kaguya meet, and the whole chapter delves into Maki and Kaguya's relationship, including the family feud between them, depicted through a flashback when they first met as children. Although separated by their families' mutual hatred, Maki is willing to go beyond that rivalry to bond with Kaguya. And what is she rewarded with? Porn.
  • Chapter 171: Makki-sen putting everything the TG Club are doing in a way that makes them sound illegal (Game of Life Baby Peg making as prostitution, printing money as counterfeiting, etc)? Eh. Karen misunderstanding what the TG Club are doing? Done before. Karen literally sending a SWAT team to their house? Hilarious.

    Volume 18 
  • Chapter 172:
    • How did Onodera learn about Kaguya and Shirogane relationship? She walks in on Kaguya sleeping on the bench, as she happily sleep talks about being Shirogane girlfriend
    • It's revealed that Kaguya keeps a taser ("Zappy-kun") in the council desk.
  • Chapter 173: Fujiwara challenge everyone (including Kashiwagi) to a cherry stem knot contest. And everyone showed different results to it.
    • Kashiwagi, unsurprisingly, is amazing at it, as she's able to tie it in a couple of seconds.
    • Surprisingly, Kaguya shows Ishigami secretly that she can do it at the same speed as Kashiwagi. When asked about her results, Kaguya was able to untie it the second they asked. Ishigami is beyond shocked at how good she is at it.
    • Despite her brag, Fujiwara took herself longer than she realized. She claims she has done it before in a defensive mode.
    • Iino asks Kashiwagi for advice on how to be a better kisser (phrasing it in a wrong way), and the latter gives her advice. However, the way she talks about it, sounds like something else, something that Shirogane picks up on.
    • Iino tried it and ended up breaking the stem in half. Let's just say she isn't ready for a kiss yet.
    • Ishigami joins the contest, but only if Fujiwara stops calling him Cherry Boy (which she never did, something Shirogane points out.) Ishigami remains unable to tie the cherry knot (with the bonus volume revealing it took him 47 minutes to do so), with Fujiwara calling him Cherry Boy with Shirogane once again saying when it became a nickname.
    • After Shirogane makes a heartwarming speech about the true quality of kissing, Kaguya gives her own opinion...which goes into well detailed about how her kiss went and almost outed herself that she had kissed someone before. Luckily, Kashiwagi was there to save face.
    • Back at home, Shirogane seems to be deeply thinking about something, to the point that he isn't eating dinner with his family. During bath time, Shirogane was revealed to have been trying the cherry tie contest and managed to tie it into a knot. Taking him nearly 6 hours to do so. Shirogane could not help but feel prideful and showed it to Kei, who could not understand or care what that means.
  • Chapter 175:
    • It's so humorous to see Kaguya, who started in the series to be very focus and calculate, to be so needy for affection from Shirogane. This reach a point where Shirogane has to carry her princess style, put her on a couch and pat her head; really emphasizing her cat motif.
    • When Shirogane finished his work, Kaguya act very miff to being ignored all day...until Shirogane grabbed her by the cheeks and want to return her love triple the amount she give him while he was trying to do his work. Kaguya is worried, but her smile gives up a different signal.
    • In the Vol 18 bonus, Maki walked in on Shirogane, paying back Kaguya "threefold" at the end of the chapter without the couple noticing. Maki being mortified is an understatement.
  • Chapter 176:
    • Fujiwara encounters Ishigami practicing volleyball in the gym after-hours. She offers to coach him, but immediately stops herself as she flashes back to all her previous attempts at coaching Shirogane.
    • As Fujiwara's gone to get more balls, Shirogane himself shows up. Bragging about his misinformed "talent" at volleyball, he also offers to coach Ishigami. Fujiwara is not amused.
  • "Hayasaka wouldn't shut up about Disney."

    Volume 19 
  • Chapter 183:
    • Hayasaka gets cornered by a pursuer in the toilet. As things look bad, Fujiwara, in her typical fashion, busts in complaining of a full bladder. This timely use of Politeness Judo buys Hayasaka an opening to escape.
    • Hayasaka leaves Kaguya a plan, and it needs to be discussed "at the place where it all began". Kaguya racks her brains... but can't remember where. Neither can Hayasaka's mother.
  • Chapter 188:
    • The whole shiritori game between Ishigami and Iino. After a barrage of 4 words by Iino (deeto - date, toiawase - inquiry, senpai, itami - pain), she left with ko and in which Ishigami starts his counterattack which made Fujiwara and Iino think of dirty words.
      • Misao - chastity; Oshikko - pee.
      • Oubou - oppressive; Unko - poop.
      • Undouonchi - unathletic (Ishigami did contemplate Unchi - shit); Chinko - dick.
      • Chikokuma - tardy; Manko - pussy.
      • The game ends with make - loss.
  • Chapter 189:
    • Kaguya and Fujiwara have a shipping war about Ishigami, with Kaguya supporting Ishigami with Tsubame and Fujiwara supporting Ishigami with Iino. They finally asks Shirogane which side he supports. He thinks about it for a moment then promptly runs away (with both Kaguya and Fujiwara shouting at him to come back and pick a side).
    • Fujiwara's entire reason for being on the Ishigami and Iino ship is because she likes watching them argue.
  • Chapter 191:
    • The chapter begins with Papa Shirogane discussing becoming a professional VTuber. He's even done a surprisingly thorough amount of market research to assess his suitability. Kei and Miyuki shoot him down very quickly, forcing him to settle with being a normal Youtuber.
    • Papa Shirogane's Youtube antics are very on-point, between his clickbait thumbnails and titles and the large donations every time Kei shows up in the background. Miyuki is dumbfounded by just how much money he's made, and Kei has admitted to purposely walking by in the background just to prompt more donations.
    • The live chat for his stream are also fairly realistic. Most of the comments are talking about past videos he's made, saying his voice is sexy, or telling him to update his setup, but then there's the one person who's inquiring about the color of his underwear. Because of course there is.
    • The omake in the volume release has Kei trying to get all the viewers to stop throwing so much money at her, which only causes them to donate even more. One of them actually does say that they'll save money... and proceeds to donate ¥9999 instead of the usual ¥10000.

    Volume 20 
  • Ishigami's expression when he realizes Osaragi is on to him.
  • Chapter 194 finally gives an explanation for the Cubari Facaccimo incident... sort of. Turns out that Kaguya had tried making chocolate using a recipe that she got from the Occult Studies Club and it ended up gaining sentience.
  • Chapter 195:
    • After Ishigami got four Valentines' Day chocolates, the first thing he decides to do is in his own words, "flex to Shirogane" only to see Shirogane has a literal pile of chocolates.
    • Shirogane is checking each chocolate he's gotten to make sure no one put anything in them, calling back to Chapter 14 that showed that Shirogane receiving chocolates that had hair or exploded.
  • This exchange in Chapter 197, after Shirogane finds a suitable place for he and his family to move into:
    Papa Shirogane: Oho, Minato huh?
    Shirogane: If it looks good to you, I'll get in contact with the real estate agency.
    Papa Shirogane: Sounds good. I guess that would make me a Downtown Independently Livestreaming Father... or DILF, for short.
    Shirogane: I don't think that means what you think it means, so please never say it again.
    Papa Shirogane: And since I livestream as a sweet and caring old man, I guess that'd make me a Sugar Daddy DILF.
    Shirogane: You're making it worse. I told you not to ever say that again.
  • Chapter 200: It starts off simple enough, the Student Councils are celebrating Ishigami and Fujiwara's birthday cause they were born on the same day. While singing the Happy Birthday song, Fujiwara gets super upset that not only she has to share a birthday with Ishigami, but their cake figure looks like a wedding cake.
    • Fujiwara calls out why Ishigami has to be born on this day rather than before or after. Ishigami's only response is for her to complain to his parents.
    • Shirogane, not wanting them to fight over gift quality, got them both mugs in different colours. Fujiwara complains further that it makes them like a married couple. Shirogane could not help but be sad over Fujiwara's dislike.
    • Iino's gift to Fujiwara is a 10,000 yen tissue box. Why did she get her this? Iino figured she would love something expensive but soon realized a designer bag would have been better.
    • Ishigami's gift is surprisingly well thought out; Iino gives him a special pair of sneakers. What would be heartwarming if Fujiwara didn't give a jealous glare that she wants them.
    • Ishigami's gift to Fujiwara is lovely; a board game is said to be fun. What's Fujiwara's gift to Ishigami? A piggy bank.
    • Momo can be seen posing like she was already a mob boss during Tsubame's group chat, though the effect is ruined by the giant teddy bear next to her.
  • Chapter 201: During a video-chat discussing involving Tsubame's plan to start a new rumor to vindicate Ishigami, Momo asks who was involved in getting Ogino to transfer schools. Cue the laughter of Kaguya and several people.

    Volume 21 
  • Chapter 205: Following Tsubame's rejection, Fujiwara comes up with a plan for everyone to say something stupid to bring Ishigami back to normal. After some unsuccessful attempts from Shirogane and Kaguya, and a rather tasteless one from Iino, Fujiwara's is the one that ends up working:
    Fujiwara: I, for one, have never said anything stupid in my life.
    Ishigami: Bruh.
    • As Kaguya and Shirogane rejoice after Ishigami reverts to normal, Shirogane notes that all it took was for Fujiwara to act normally.
      Fujiwara: I'm not sure how I feel about that!
  • Chapter 206: To comfort a depressed Iino, Shirogane suggests she write positive messages on a piece of paper and tape them to a wall like little posters. This scene would be very heartwarming if it wasn't for the fact that it's Shirogane that's suggesting this... and we know what's he's like with these kinds of posters.
    • As it turns out, this suggestion just comes off as terrifying for Iino. What's worse is when he shows her a photo of his room filled with said posters... which doesn't help his case at all.
    • To top it all off, Shirogane genuinely thinks this type of behavior is normal.
      Shirogane: Wait, hold on! Everyone does this, right!? This is normal, isn't it...?
      Iino: If you think this is normal, you might be beyond saving...
  • Chapter 207: When Kei hears the doorbell, she assumes it is another real estate agent trying to make a bid on the apartment. However, she is presented with Kaguya at the front door. Initially dismissing it for simply seeing things, she closes the door. But when she opens it again, and Kaguya is still there, Kei freaks.
    • On top of that, Kaguya doesn't even change her facial expression, even when having the door closed on her. She stands there, smiling.
    • To cover for a currently-sleeping Shirogane, Kei desperately attempts to hide things in their room, including but not limited to, trash bags, laundry, and a porn magazine - the last of these three thrown at Shirogane's head... and he still doesn't wake up!
    • Once Shirogane finally wakes up, he suddenly bursts into Kei and Kaguya's conversation. He then excuses himself to clean up the room, but when Kaguya offers to help, she's presented with the sight of not only Shirogane's posters, but the previously mentioned porn magazine... with Kei's panties sitting on top of it.
      • Despite all that, Kaguya just brushes it off with no issue.
  • Chapter 208: While grocery shopping, Papa Shirogane admits that Shirogane's habit of making motivational writings horrifying. Even Kaguya admits to finding it a bit odd.
    • What otherwise would be considered a heartwarming moment, the fact that Kei was wide awake during Kaguya and Shirogane's bonding moment and staring intently at them without either of them noticing. The next morning, Kei could not get a single sleep.

    Volume 22 
  • Chapter 216:
    • The chapter starts off all serious with the girls having a tea party and discussing the corporate war between the Shinomiya and Shijo families. And then Kaguya turns the whole thing on its head when she reveals the actual reason why she called them all together...
    • Kashiwagi decides she'll have to kill Tsubasa for saying that boobs were fun to touch and look at with a smile on her face.
    • Kashiwagi goes into a little bit too much detail about her and Tsubasa's sex life, all while Maki is trying to block it out in the background.
  • Chapter 218: Showing his new room to Kaguya, Shirogane mentioned how he wanted a bunk bed with a desk underneath, but Papa Shirogane was against it, saying it would make noises and be a pain to climb up and down. Surprisingly, Kaguya understood what Shirogane's father meant. It took a few seconds for Shirogane to realize, quickly embarrassing himself.
  • Chapter 219: Shirogane calls his dad, whose currently at a Streamer party. Papa Shirogane wants to return home early as he thinks the partygoers are too immature for him. Without Shirogane saying anything, Papa Shirogane picked up that Kaguya is with him and decided to be a "cool dad" and let Kaguya spend the night with Shirogane, knowing that Kei isn't there right now.
  • Chapter 220: Kaguya and Shirogane's first time. Yes, really. After spending the evening on edge and anticipating the moment, Shirogane attempts to make the first move, only for the couple to instead have a heartfelt talk about how they don't need to rush things just because Shirogane is leaving for America in a few months. They settle it with a kiss... and then it cuts to them naked in bed the next day. Turns out when they started kissing, they got so into it that they ended up doing it anyway.

    Volume 23 
  • Chapter 221: The aftermath of Kaguya and Shirogane having their first time.
    • Like the firework event, Shirogane is mortified that he let things get out of hand, believing himself as the bad guy for taking advantage of Kaguya (even though she didn't mind it.) As Shirogane is screaming into his pillow, he stops to realize it smells like Kaguya...and resumes screaming.
    • Hayasaka is a blushing mess when Kaguya tells her that they did it. Hayasaka had to stop for a moment, grab a pillow and hold it tight as Kaguya continued to explain.
    • Kaguya stated she couldn't help it, as Shirogane's kind words made her love for him jump to 100, with Hayasaka repeating what she said.
  • Chapter 223: Where Shirogane and Kaguya finally admit to the rest of the student council that they've begun dating. Ishigami and Iino are very quickly accepting as they point out that both of them have pretty much figured it out for a while now. Meanwhile, Fujiwara looms in the background, suffering from a Thousand-Yard Stare as Ishigami and Iino point out how it was so obvious that even an idiot would've realized it sooner. It does not help that a chapter ago, Kaguya had to explain to her that they are dating.
    • Fujiwara throws a tantrum after seeing Shirogane and Kaguya acting like a couple. Kaguya points out that yesterday she was accepting of it. Fujiwara's defense? Changing ones mind is a sign of maturity.
    • Witnessing their relationship, Fujiwara now believes this is what NTR feels like. With Iino stating what she is feeling is something else.
    • Why is Fujiwara against the relationship? She believes Shirogane is underserving of Kaguya based on their past experiences training him.
    • When Iino tries to bring upon Shirogane's good qualities, it almost works...until she brings up Shirogane's bad qualities, and the flashback to those memories are treated like PTSD.
    • Fujiwara declares war on their relationship, wanting to end it so Kaguya can find someone better. Shirogane doesn't care at all and doesn't even bother with a comeback, getting tired of her nonsense.
  • Chapter 224: Reveals that a dance is being scheduled soon. It becomes clear that Shirogane will be expected to dance with Kaguya and he laughs it off when Ishigami asks if he has experience. Gilligan Cut to Shirogane and Fujiwara dressed in very familiar gym clothes.
  • Chapter 228: Ishigami makes friends with Shiranui through Discord and, along with some others, play video games together into the night. The next day in class, Shiranui goes up to Ishigami and starts talking about the previous night in a way that makes it sound like they had sex. Iino hears.note 
  • Chapter 229: Iino wants to learn how to play video games to get closer to Ishigami, and asks the President to introduce her to someone to teach her, saying that anyone is OK. The end result?
    Papa Shirogane: So you're my son's kouhai-chan, huh? Nice to meet you.
    Iino (in her head): This is not okay.
    • After training into the night with Papa Shirogane, the next day, Iino describes what they got up to the previous night to Onodera. However, Iino makes it sound like she has a sugar daddy (ironically), making Onodera worried.

    Volume 24 
  • Chapter 235: Why does Fujiwara wants a boyfriend all of a sudden? She becomes self-aware that the group has been very focused on romance and doesn't want to be left out.
    • What's Fujiwara's ideal man, someone who could make a lot of money. Shirogane points out that it's unnecessary since her family already makes a lot.
    • The very clear advisement for the live-action film of Final.
    • Changing her answer, Fujiwara wants Kaguya to be her boyfriend, but Shirogane does not want to give her away. What would be considered a heartwarming moment, if it weren't for Iino and Ishigami telling them to get a room and Fujiwara throwing another tantrum. When asking him to share Kaguya even for twice a week, Shirogane gives a blunt no.
    • Kaguya and Iino share a jealous Death Glare when Fujiwara says she loves how nice Shirogane and Ishigami are.
    • Wanting to know the characteristic of her ideal man, Fujiwara wants someone whose a hard worker, really kind, smart, and very dog-like, without realizing she's describing Shirogane to a T. Kaguya picked up on it and she is not happy.
    • Fujiwara follows this with wanting someone who's a gamer like her and someone who could play the straight man to her dumb jokes. Not realizing once again she's describing Ishigami, leading Iino to drag Fujiwara away from Ishigami.
    • What started as a heartwarming moment where Kaguya doesn't want Fujiwara to date Mikado because she doesn't trust him, Kaguya decides to give her a complete list of potential suitors, with Hayasaka on that list. Fujiwara could not help but feel depressed by this. Extra point when realizing that Kaguya is giving her this option as she still thinks Fujiwara is trying to steal Shirogane from her.
  • Chapter 236:
    • Putting two-and-two together, Kei realizes that Kaguya has been to their new house before. While she does want Miyuki to one day marry Kaguya, Kei fears that he would "deflower" her and ruin her image of her idol, oblivious to the fact that this has already occurred.
    • Kei spends the whole chapter getting between the two to avoid the scenario she pictured. Shirogane tries to stop her, but Kei tells him about their thin walls and the fact she went through his phone. Shirogane reluctantly backs off.
    • After having a talk with Kaguya, Kei lets the couple sleep in the same room, but not on the same bed. Literally a few seconds later, Kaguya and Shirogane try to get in each other's beds as Kei bursts through the door. Shirogane calls her out for not knocking, ignoring that they broke their promise.
  • Chapter 237:
    • Realizing Shirogane might be near-sighted, Hayasaka gives Shirogane a vision test where he immediately fails the first sign.
    • After trying on Hayasaka's glasses, Shirogane states he never realized how clear the world is, calling it high def quality. Hayasaka is stunned to find out how bad his eyesight is.
    • The reason Shirogane doesn't want glasses? It would make him look like a nerd.
    • Too scared to try on contact lenses (fearing it might crush his eyeball) Hayasaka tries to force them upon him. Kaguya walks in and hears the commotion, mistaking it for something else.
    • Shirogane finding out that some people enjoy having their eyeballs licked... which he isn't against, but not sure of. Hearing about this, Kaguya wants to give it a try, giving the same look Shirogane gave her back in Chapter 175. Narrator even states that afterward, Shirogane isn't afraid of contact lenses anymore.

    Volume 25 
  • Chapter 243: Hayasaka dressing up as neko-maid. 'Nuff said.

    Volume 27 

  • Chapter 263: Kaguya wants to spend the last few days with Shirogane and burn a great image of him. Cut to Shirogane wearing bizarre costumes and gags from all the Student Council Members as a going away party. Kaguya did not want this image at all.
    • Seeing Maki still hang up on Tsubasa, Kaguya now feels pity than genuine sadness for her cousin. Maki did not appreciate that at all.
    • Things become out of hand when Maki calls Shirogane a commoner, and Kaguya could do better. Kaguya counteracts that she and Shirogane have been “cuddling all night,” Since Maki doesn’t have a boyfriend, she can’t do that, much to Maki’s horror.
    • To add salt into the wound, Kaguya claims she could go to Shirogane’s house, bathe with him, cuddle and do other couple stuff…Not realizing that the Student Council Members (minus Shirogane) are standing right behind her. Iino is blushing but somewhat interested. Fujiwara has a Thousand-Yard Stare as she did not need to hear that. Let’s just say Kaguya is completely mortified.
    • As Ishigami lectures Kaguya for her behaviour, Iino gives a Death Glare to Maki as she’s getting head padded by Ishigami to comfort her. Not so different from Kaguya giving ones to Fujiwara in the past
  • Chapter 266:
    • The night before Shirogane leaves for America, Kaguya comes to realization that this moment is like from a movie where the guy promises to marry the woman of his dream right before taking off. Kaguya panics, realizing she will be married young...and yet doesn't mind the idea either and wouldn't hurt to have a little hope.
    • Kaguya realizes she spent the whole night worrying whether or not Shirogane would propose that she overslept and is gonna miss Shirogane. And her first instinct to waking up is to ask Hayasaka (who no longer works for her) what time it is.
  • Chapter 267: Due to oversleeping, Kaguya becomes the only person who misses out on saying good-bye to Shirogane at the airport. What would normally be a Tear Jerker turns hilarious when Kaguya boards a private jet to California to say her "farewell" to Shirogane, crying all the way.
    • From a meta perspective, many fans admitted to somehow forgetting that Kaguya is absurdly wealthy enough to fly to another country on a whim, making the many weeks of worrying about her and Shirogane's potential long-distance relationship problems pointless.
    • What Kaguya does to make sure she can speak with Shirogane for a long period of time. She brought a giant screen and placed it in the center of the Student Council room where Shirogane could video chat with them. Everyone in that room is wholly dumbfounded while Kaguya is staring at Shirogane, lovestruck.
  • Chapter 268: Continuing from last chapter, everyone still feels uncomfortable around the large video chat screen of Shirogane, whereas Kaguya remains adoring the chance she could speak with her boyfriend. Fujiwara questions why they couldn't get a smaller screen. Kaguya's reasoning: it would make his face smaller.
    • Iino is bewildered that Kaguya been visiting Shirogane every weekend by now. Believing that next door neighbors have longer distance relationship than these two.
    • Because she wasn't around last year, Iino is the only one surprised that Fujiwara is taking an overseas trip over summer break.
    • Ishigami took notice that Shirogane looks more tired than usual. It's not because of college work, but because they keep calling him at 2 in the morning for their nonsense.
    • Realizing everyone is slacking off even though the exams are coming soon, Iino steps up and force them to pay more attention to studying. What was her method to get Kaguya to focus? She might not be able to spend four more years with Shirogane if she doesn't study and join him in Stanford.
    • With her plan in motion, Iino set to invite Ishigami to a summer vacation celebration to get closer. But there is a dent in her plan. Ishigami is going to Sweden for a home study project during summer. Iino could not believe this, as it's so out of character for him.
    • Realizing this is no different how he acted around Kaguya during the early years, Shirogane could not help but feel pity that he basically pass the torch unto Iino. Cut to Shirogane image in the sky, saying:
    Shirogane: I will be watching over you from the skies of California.

    Volume 28 
  • Chapter 273: Maki enters the Student Council room, saying she is finally over Tsubasa. Ishigami states how happy he is for her...before she immediately breaks down and cries, saying it was a lie.
    • Ishigami said that it had been a long time, and she should be over Tsubasa by now. To prove her point about how hard it is to get over someone, Maki lied about Tsubame finding a boyfriend. Ishigami's grim rage reaction said it all.
    • Shirogane tries to give his support and opinion over Maki's dilemma before being silenced by Maki and Ishigami, believing that he has no right to join in as he has a happy relationship with Kaguya.
    • Maki states that Shirogane is lucky that Kaguya flies over on the weekend to see him and help "clean up his room".
    • Maki calls Kaguya a total moron for flying back and forth across the world just to see hers boyfriend. Ishigami tells Maki that she would do the same thing if Tsubasa decide to study abroad. She denies it at first but then realizes she would totally do that.
    Ishigami: Who's the total moron here.
  • Chapter 278: The end of the last chapter has Iino mustering up the courage to ask Ishigami to be her Vice-President, making it seem like a Relationship Upgrade is imminent. Well...

    Bonus Chapters 
  • The entire special chapter (64.5). Ishigami angrily commenting on what's supposed to be the Fanservice chapter of Kaguya-sama and flipping out once he was cheated out of a particularly cheeky scene.
    Screw you, Shueisha!!
  • Chapter 83.5: Shirogane and Ishigami find a porn magazine on the street while hanging-out, hilarity ensures.
  • One of Shirogane's jobs is working at a café, much to Kaguya's excitement.
  • Chapter 101.5: We finally got an answer as to why Kaguya put Shirogane to sleep and had the measuring tape in Chapter 30. She was trying to figure out Shirogane's clothing size to give him a birthday gift...while also trying to measure his ring finger. Hayasaka has no idea where to begin with that statement.
  • Chapter 172.1:
    • Shirogane awakes to find himself in a generic harem romcom scenrio where the narrator calls him "totally average and uninteresting." Shirogane could not help but feel insulted by this statement.
    • Kei, no longer being in her rebellious phase, act like a traditional little sister with a brother complex who isn't related to him. Shirogane not only consider this unpleasant but a red flag.
    • Why are Shirogane's parents aren't around? They are working oversea, leaving their kids alone. Shirogane wonder why child service haven't been called.
    • In this reality, Fujiwara is Shirogane's childhood friend who made a promise to marry each other when they were younger, something Shirogane forgot. Shirogane is mystified by the fact that she has No Infantile Amnesia.
    • Kaguya in this reality act more as a cold queen of the school who was defrost by Shirogane treating her like a normal person. Shirogane calls out on the fact if this was the first time Kaguya talked to a human being.
    • Hayasaka falls in love with Shirogane just by falling on top of her.
    • Iino is also in love with Shirogane...for no good reason. Even Shirogane calls out the laziness on this reasoning.
    • Because this is a harem romcom, Ishigami or any other major male characters, don't exist. At the end of the chapter, the whole sequence revealed to be just a Ishigami.

    Official Doujin 
  • The Mooks in Chapter 12's retelling of Momotaro are the Imagine Spot version of Kashiwagi that Maki had back in Chapter 109 of the main series, all of which have the same blank stare.

  • Shirogane tries to comes up with a plausible scenario for why he and Kaguya would start dating. He first comes up with them getting free movie tickets, only to dismiss it because they might not end up sitting together. Then he changes them to aquarium tickets, then dismisses that as well:
    Let me tell you a true story. It happened to a friend of mine, when he invited a girl to visit the aquarium, that place suddenly turned into the aquarium for some reason.
  • The role-playing game, involving Shirogane, Ishigami, Kashiwagi and her boyfriend.

    Anime exclusive 
  • The first episode begins with a long introductory spiel establishing the main duo's attitude towards love. The second episode repeats this introduction. The third looks like it would set this trend for the first few seconds... and then fast-forwards through the introduction, getting to the opening sequence almost immediately.
  • In Episode 3, Kaguya walks a girl to school. The girl explains that she was too used to walking with her friend Ienaga, whom she's nicknamed Yeti. For a split second after this explanation, an actual yeti appears on the side of the screen, and the show cuts away before any mention is made of it.
  • The 20 Questions game is framed as a Wild West showdown, making it both suspenseful and silly. The mind-game twist is extra hilarious for releasing all that tension.
    • The fact the ridiculous 20-rounds revolver Shirogane is given actually exists.
  • The credits for Episode 4 have Shinobu Nishioka listed as the "Fujiwara Rap Supervisor".
  • The extras for the Cat Ears chapter in the Manga has a cutesy Fujiwara with cat ears on. The extra scene for the equivalent Anime skit? Fujiwara puts on cat ears... then lunges at the screen hissing, with her face looking like an actual cat's face with fangs.
  • Episode 5 adds an extra Maki stalking Tsubasa and Kashiwagi from the background shot when they're doing charity work during the adaptation of Chapter 16.
  • When Kaguya is practicing answers for psychological tests in Episode 6, she dresses up two mannequins as Shirogane and Ishigami wearing what appear to be printouts of their faces, as well as having Hayasaka wear a printout of Fujiwara's face.
  • In Episode 8, they add two extra scenes of Ishigami trying to escape from Kaguya's study session. Which are him smashing through a window and Kaguya cornering him against a brick wall, complete with spotlights, black cars driving up, men in suits, and Kaguya just standing there, arms crossed.
  • In Episode 10, Fujiwara gets teary-eyed when the rest of the council plans to go to the summer festival without her (despite the fact that she has no problem doing her own thing without consulting or inviting them). Ishigami actually calls her out on her hypocrisy. Fujiwara then lets out a small cry so weird sounding that it can only be described as the sound made by a chicken having its neck twisted.
  • When the Fujiwara sisters return to Japan in Episode 11, Moeha ends up passing out in the background (presumably from jet lag).
  • After everyone comes back to school in Episode 12, there's a scene where all the characters are rendered as WWI-era planes with human faces, as if they came out of an anime adaptation of Jay Jay the Jet Plane. And Fujiwara is the only one carrying bombs.
  • The anime's second ED song. While Fujiwara's dance has certainly become quite memetic, it's the lyrics that are quite amusing. After spending an entire verse singing about how great she and the student council are, she comes to the realization that she did not think the whole song through. She then improvises the second verse and sings about...ramen.
  • The train scene in the first episode of Season 2 when all the members of the student council are debating how far Kashiwagi and her boyfriend have gone. Seeing Ishigami as Thomas the Tank Engine is funny enough, but what really pushes it to the point of hilarity is when Fujiwara speeds by as a bullet train screaming at the top of her lungs.
  • Kaguya's surprised quack when Fujiwara tells her what Ishigami might've been up to when they walked in on him putting on clothes.
    • And the sound she makes after Shirogane ditches a bravery-inducing flashback during the balloon game in Season 2, Episode 12.
  • Episode 9 of Season 2 (adapting Chapter 80) has an abrupt Art Shift to that of Peanuts, depicting Iino and Osaragi as Patty and Marcie respectively. It's a very apt comparison.
  • Chapter 110, which is full of meta-humor, gets adapted into a 10-minute long teaser for season 3.
  • The English dub's Narrator is a freakin riot and could probably have a whole folder to himself. In contrast to the straight-laced deadpan of the original, he goes full Large Ham Lemony Narrator, being just as absurd as the situations he's narrating.
    • "She instigates!" [...] "She instigates more!"
    • "If the first attempt at hanging goes well, there's talk of [high-pitched nasal voice] doing this again sometime!"
    • "Results for today's battle... [thoroughly creeped out] Chika's weird."
    • "While they carry on with these delusions... [exasperated tone] half a year goes by! Yeah, we're skipping ahead because nothing happened between then and now!"
    • "Because Kei Shirogane... is a motha-flippin' tsundere!"
    • "More drama anyone? Huh? OKAY LET'S DO IT!!"
    • "Oh my gosh! It's happening! EVERYBODY IT'S HAPPENING!! Ohhh what's she gonna say!?" [...] "OH COME ON!"
    • "Ey, ya get it? It's the title, and the POINT OF THE WHOLE STORY!"
    • "Spoken like someone who's kept her feelings locked up for the past twenty-seven episodes!" *cough*

    We Want to Talk About Kaguya 
  • The entire series runs of Dramatic Irony, so expect a lot of what Karen and Erika say and do to be hilarious. Particularly, the revelations that they caused a sizable number of the incidents happening over the course of the Manga, as well as framing them in a new light. To list a few:
    • Karen was the one who goaded Kashiwagi into asking Tsubasa about whether he had a girlfriend.
    • Karen was the one who advised Tsubasa to go to the President for love advice, as well as contributing to his idea that the President was a Love Master.
    • Karen was the one who brought the Teen's Love Bible to school, and she was using it to try and train Erika on how to act when in love. The comments they made at the beginning of Chapter 14 of the main Manga were in the context of Karen contemplating Shirogane taking her as a second wife and Erika misinterpreting Karen's training.
    • They were involved with Fujiwara setting up the Sky Burial photo and giving her the idea to put her ribbon in her skirt.
    • Erika recommended Kashiwagi to go to Kaguya for advice when she got mad with Tsubasa.
    • Karen was the one who named the Pumping game the Student Council played in Chapter 91 (because she thought Fujiwara was bringing it to the Tabletop Club) and thus was the reason the boys joined in.
    • Erika gave Hayasaka the ice cream that would go on to be smooshed into her face by Kaguya.
    • Erika's ranting about how going to a Mixer was disgraceful was the main reason why Shirogane got worried about Kaguya's reaction after he went to one.
    • Erika goaded Kashiwagi into investigating her boyfriend after Kashiwagi though he was cheating on her.
    • Karen was the one who dumped Maki on the ground for the President to step on.
  • Chapter 115: Karen starts singing the hallelujah chorus after being brought to the nurse's office following her witnessing Kaguya and Shirogane's First Kiss.
    Karen: (internally) My OTP kiiiiiiissed!
  • Chapter 127: It turns out that Karen happened to be present when Kaguya and Shirogane had their Relationship Upgrade. And it temporarily breaks her mind since she can't process the fact that they weren't already dating.
    • Erika was shocked that day as well. Was it finding out that Shirogane and Kaguya are going out? Nope, it was seeing Hayasaka trying to kiss Fujiwara. It shook her just as much as Karen finding out Shirogane and Kaguya had just started dating.