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Original Series

In General

  • Anytime Kamui uses the wrong expression and stand corrected by Misaki or anyone else, causing people to chuckle.
  • Anytime Suiko and Rekka tease Kourin by hinting that she has a crush on Aichi.
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  • Morikawa is a walking Funny Moment. From his over-the-top outbursts about how destiny screwed him over, to his treatment of his horoscope as his bible, the memorable Episode 15 where he loses to Emi and any time he reacts to Kourin or ninjas, but the one massive source of comedy from Morikawa is probably anytime he gets called...
    Miwa/Kamui: Make-mi ("Lose-umi")!
  • Almost every line by Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer, Shout, especially in the English Dub version since he's one of the few units who actually talks.
    Shout: 9 out of 10 doctors recommend drive triggers!

    Season 1 
  • Ride 5:
    • Kamui at first refused to fight Aichi because he seems weak. However, he got way angered when Emi gets close to Aichi, believing that they are a couple of sort. Next day, he challenges Aichi and won but still frustrated when Emi only came at Aichi again. When Misaki points out that those two are sibling, he went from a delinquent to a polite boy, referring Aichi as 'Onii-san' or included this honorifics upon addressing him.
    • Kamui and his friends referring Morikawa Katsumi as Makemi for his losing streaks.note 
  • Ride 16: The MC getting told to get off the stage.
    MC: And now the master of ceremonies you all know and love... me, MC Miya!
    Morikawa: I don't know you! Get off the stage you two-bit MC!
    • Miwa even joins in and mocks the MC for the way he holds the mike.
      Miwa: Get that little finger down!
  • Ride 41: Miwa gets so annoyed at Morikawa that he asks Izaki if he can hit Morikawa. Too bad he didn't follow through on it...
  • Ride 52:
  • Ride 57: Ren tripping over his own feet. Where else do you find a Big Bad who falls over as The Rival comes to challenge him?
  • Ride 61:
    • Asaka's first meeting with Ren. She first went to the Foo Fighter building to get stronger at Vanguard, only to meet him in front of the building which causes this priceless exchange:
      Asaka: Um... Are you waiting for someone?
      Ren: My name isn't "Waiting for someone".
      Asaka: No, I didn't mean that...
      Ren: It's not "I didn't mean that" either.
    • Then it turns out the reason Ren waited in front of the building was because he was waiting for the door to open. Asaka then points that the door is a few meters besides him. What makes this even funnier is that Ren was the one who commissioned the building to be made during his PSYqualia corruption.

    Season 2: Asia Circuit 
  • Ride 69:
    Rekka: Kyun! Kyun!
    • Rekka vs Suitcase. Winner: Suitcase.
  • Ride 70:
    • Suiko and Rekka teasing Kourin for giving Aichi 'Blond Ezel' card, hinting that she definitely hold a crush on the young Bluenette.
    • The shop cat's exasperated expression near the end of the episode.
  • Ride 73: All of it, because team Q4's opponents this time are fortune tellers who all have their own quirks, but especially Misaki's fight.
  • Ride 74: Whenever Kamui says "Emi", Reiji and Eiji will block the TV, resulting in more hilarious yelling by Morikawa. At one point, the cat switched the television off just right before that, and Miwa praised it.
  • Ride 77: The entire ride full stop. The entire episode is so ridiculously over-the-top that it rapidly reaches Narm levels and just keeps going... In the real world this even created a meme called CARD FIGHTS!! IN AVALANCHES! Doubles as Moment of Awesome.
  • Ride 78:
    • "Card Shop Morikawa".
    • Kamui's mental image of Tetsu.
  • Ride 79: Oh God, Kamui, where did you learn the term "Booby Stars"?
  • Ride 80: Every single line by Ren until he regained PSYqualia.
  • Ride 82:
    • Ren sticking out his tongue at Koutei after losing to him.
    • Kenji is finally happy that he won against Ren. Cue to the MC saying "HOWEVER..." which leads to Yuri and Gai apologizing to him. The look on Kenji's face is priceless. And that happened right after that Testosterone Poisoning, Hot-Blooded scene of Great Daiyusha.
    • Miwa's explanation on the All Stand 3 Rear Guard rule is hilarious. Morikawa is retired in favour of the Shop Manager, WITH WINGS!!!
  • Ride 83:
  • Ride 84: Now where to start...
    • Let's start with Ren using FOODQualia in cooking
    • Kai vs. Lobster. Winner: Lobster.
    • The entire scene of the courage test, especially Misaki's and Asaka's.
    • When Kamui finds out that Ren's the one who cooked the food. Ren's response in the English version is just downright hilarious and wrong at the same time.
      Ren: *Blows a kiss* Eat up, big boy!
  • Ride 85:
    • Kamui's DRAMATIC training.
    • Kai's appropriate timing of FINAL TURN left and right is also quite funny.
    • Izaki couldn't get any fish. It's funny not because a fish leaped up right after he said that, because if you remember Morikawa had been wrestling with a variety of fishes in the background earlier on, and he caught them barehanded.
  • Ride 89:
    • Team Q4 and Team Battle Weeds. As the four players flip over their starting Vanguard, we're treated with an upbeat battle BGM, until...
      Misaki: Little Witch, Lulu!
      Kamui: Battleraizer!
      Team Battle Weeds: Dramatic Pause
    • Team Battle Weeds declare that they will defeat Q4 for betraying the name of plants, causing Kamui to snap and manage to battle normally.
    • Before this, Kamui seems to be stressed because he does not understand how Vanguard Tag Fight works, causing Aichi and Misaki to be taking over for most of the fights. You can even see he has a manual book for it and he had swollen eyes because he study it without sleeping in the night.
    • Izaki Yuuta decipher Eiji's abbreviation, 'Makemi is always a Makemi'. It hits the spot and Morikawa went ballistic on him.
  • Ride 91:
    • Sharlene breaks into Jilian's monologue, which resulted in a Boke Tsukkomi routine of the two.
    • "SUPER" Perfect Raizer, even Misaki likes the name.
    • Sharlene snaps, resulting in a Battle Aura and gave Kamui a scolding so hard until Kamui changes from using "Ore" to "Boku."
  • Ride 93: The return of "Kyun kyun RAIDO!!"
  • Ride 94: Leon and Kyou just completely ignoring the antics of their minions to go off and have a cardfight on their own.
  • Ride 95:
    • Kamui was waiting for his opponent, who was running late, cue to the sound of a carriage, and Nagisa steps out from the carriage and PROPOSE to him, in front of the audiences!!! Kamui's reaction was like...WTF!?
    • Ride 96's preview has Kamui wearing a white tuxedo which just shows how hilarious the next one is going to be.
  • Ride 96:
    • If the end of Episode 95 fails to make you laugh, Episode 96 brought it up to eleven with Team Handsome's randomness flying around following Nagisa's "proposal" and Kamui's reaction.
    Kamui: The Great, SINGLE me draws/rides/calls...
  • Ride 97: Joker X, I wonder who his identity is...
    • Morikawa's guess is Mr. Mark Whiting.
    • No one, not even Kamui till the end noticed that he is in fact Shinjou Tetsu despite being aware that he is the only one opponent most of the time who keep saying 'Soul Charge!'.
  • Ride 99: In the midst of a Wham Episode, we have this exchange.
    Kai: Ren, we're counting on your nose. Let's hurry up.
    Ren: Sure...... But I will tell you that I'm no dog!
    Asaka: Nyaa!
    Kai: Whatever, just get moving.

    Season 3: Link Joker 
  • Ride 105:
    Naoki: Stand Up...My(Boku}...
    Aichi: "My(Boku)..."?
    Naoki: M-My mistake! One more time! Strike, my(Ore) avatar!
    • Actually, if you look a little earlier, you realize he was mimicking Aichi, further increasing the funniness of this CMOF.
  • Ride 106:
    • Morikawa's reaction when he founds out that Kourin is attending Aichi's school, and even worse, shares the same class. This starts off a chain reaction of funny moments:
      • Morikawa's solution #2 - Transfer into Aichi's school.
      • Morikawa's solution #3 - Live in Aichi's school but, this is quickly shot down as only students and their guardians are allowed into the school grounds.
      • Morikawa's solution #4 - Be Aichi's father. The look on Misaki's face is PRICELESS. Kamui comments that he refused to acknowledge a guy with a weird head (weird spiky hair to be specific) as his dad. Morikawa then angrily grabbed Kamui and messes with his hair, saying that Kamui was one to talk since the latter also had weird spiky hair.
    • Naoki asking if he can re-ride Discharging Dragon, just so he can make it more Hot-Blooded.
    • Naoki's victory dance after he won against Kourin, and there are audiences around.
  • Ride 107: Shingo saying that he wasn't there for Kourin but for Aichi.
  • Ride 108: The whole thing with the Football team.
  • Ride 110 to 112.
    • Morikawa had his Imagine Spot of Kourin ditches Miyagi to enter Hitsue High School because her current school doesn't have Morikawa or a vanguard club.
    • Kourin puts on an awkward Face Palm when Naoki declares Break Time for his Break Ride, causing everyone to wonder if he wants to rest for a while and Miwa commented with an eerie grin that Naoki in Miyagi team might be Morikawa in Hitsue team (not directly of course), which Morikawa is clueless and Izaki chuckle awkwardly.
    • Morikawa's envy towards Izaki having to battle Kourin during Miyaji vs Hitsue school battle. After it's over, Miwa tells Izaki to run as Morikawa chases after him because of it.
    • Shingo being way overconfident while fighting Miwa, just because he hasn't see him in any Vanguard magazines. Not a good idea...
  • Ride 114:
    • Naoki's ways of asking Mai to teach him how to battle after he loses to an intimidating way. Until Misaki and Aichi comes in. Hilarity ensure. This becomes especially funny in the dub when you consider both Mai and Misaki have the same voice actress.
    • Shingo's match against Emi. Once again Shingo's overconfidence habit rears it head again, while at the same time he's in the dark about Aichi and Emi being siblings. He not only LOSES to her, his 'so-called' plan fails.
  • Ride 116:
    • Naoki telling Suiko that she doesn't belong in a sailor uniform. The reactions of the rest of the Vanguard club and the sound of shattered glass in the background says it all.
      In the dub: Naoki: "Hey... Aren't you a little OLD to be in a school uniform?"
    • Then comes Suiko's response in saying she wants to make Naoki her pet in a creepy manner. Cue Oh, Crap! faces from the others.
  • Ride 133: Tetsu's flashback of Ren trying to get him into Cardfight!! Vanguard. This includes: Swapping his lunch for a deck, putting a deck in his shoe locker, getting his goons into Vanguard, and stalk him when he's in the toilet.
  • Ride 139: When Misaki is told about the romantic legend of the tree by the lake, in the English dub, she compares what she heard to "being in prison".
  • Ride 140: Student Council President and Vice President of Miyaji Academy practiced their skills in vanguard to defeat Aichi and the others at their own game so that their club will be disbanded, overnight in fact. The next night, they sneaked up to battle Shingo and Naoki who was fighting each other. When Naoki declares Break Time (in his language he actually means Break Ride), he overwhelm not only Shingo but the Student Councils because they did not took that into account during their overnight practice and ended up retreating. What makes it funny is that the Student Councils forgot that Naoki has No sense in using proper vanguard terms and ended up making an example out of Naoki.
  • Ride 144: Kamui's Imagine Spot of him chasing over Emi and Mai makes the audiences Face Palm on the spot. Then he tries to do the same with Reiji and Eiji but snaps out of it because just how wrong it would be.
  • Episode 149:
    • The Student Council President and Vice President of Miyaji Academy tries to sneak up on Naoki, Solid Snake style. IT DOESN'T WORK.
    • We can see the flashback where they practiced Vanguard again. This time the President himself uses Naoki's Break Time!.
  • Episode 159: In the Japanese version, when Kai is bragging about how powerful his new Overlord is, Ren sounds somewhat impressed and scared. In the dub? Ren replies "Oh my, I'm all tingly." in a completely uncaring tone of voice. You can't watch it and not burst out laughing at the sheer audacity of Ren being flippant to Kai in that situation.

    Season 4: Legion Mate 
  • Ride 196: This exchange between Gouki and Gai during their fight
    Gouki: Your sister is quite manly/macho
    Gai: *Awkward smile* Please don't say that in front of Nee-san (Yuri)
    Gouki: My little sister is cute Attack!
    Gai: Nee-san is scary guard!

V Series


In General

  • Every single one of the Next Episode Preview is funny, because they are more like meta comments about the characters' lives and behavior rather than information about the next episode.

    Season 1: V 
  • Image 1. Kai is different than the original series. Both he Misaki and Misaki are more hotheaded.
  • Preview of Image 4. We hear Aichi asking Kai why he adds "the" before Vanguard. Kai says the person who taught him Vanguard did that and he tries to get Aichi to do it too. Aichi tries to do it, but can't, because it's to embarrassing for him to say it.
  • Image 4, Shin’s overall enthusiasm for Misaki starting a cardfight. Telling everyone to imagine Misaki as Lozenge Magus. Doing so creates a small blush for the boys in the audiencem and leads to Misaki to kick him into the wall.
    • Preview of Image 5: Emi’s admiration of Misaki down to imitating her lines trying to be like Misaki, and Aichi panicking as she does.
  • Image 7: Kenji's acting like an Hot-Blooded mecha pilot during cardfights goes on by having him do the Next Episode Preview treating the show as a Brave Series-esque series about Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha.
  • The preview of Image 11 involves Aichi speaking about how Blaster Blade was speaking to him when he was constructing a deck. Apparently he told Aichi to do things like "go to bed now, or you'll have trouble waking up tomorrow", "comb out your bedhead", and "chew properly during meals". When Miwa asks Kai what he thinks, Kai says that it wasn't Blaster Blade. It was Aichi's little sister, Emi.
  • In the preview of Image 15 Ren thinks that Kyou is a girl. It must be seen to believe.
  • Image 20: First, we have another Kamui mispronouncing PSYqualia. Second, we have Ren being lost on his way to Card Capital. Third we have Misaki grabbing Aichi away from Ren, in a way that can potentially be described as a girl protectively grabbing a boyfriend. Fourth, we have Ren nicknaming Misaki as Misa-Q/Misakyu, calling her that twice.
  • Image 22: Misaki hugging Aichi out of the blue. Miwa and Kamui were completely dumbstruck, with the former stammering while asking Misaki if she had feelings for Aichi. The lavender girl was confused with that statement and said that she was giving Aichi some encouragement. Honestly you can't deceive us.
  • Image 26: This episode is a humongous parody focusing on the units in Cray that goes around Breaking the Fourth Wall, referencing shows on Earth, all just to introduce units used by the main characters. It even confirms that Soul Saver Dragon is female, because of her assets.
  • Image 28: Many students try to join the Cardfight Club Aichi makes, because Kourin is a member, but despite being unable to defeat her, they keep trying to win against her after Aichi gives them tips on how to play better. Kourin eventually has enough of this and tells Aichi to stop giving them tips, or else this would continue forever.
  • Image 29: Naoki begins his first turn in his fight against Kourin and he begins with riding another unit while completely forgetting to ''draw'' a card at the beginning of his turn. Everyone who knows about Vanguard can't believe he forgot about drawing. Misaki's face is especially hilarious. When pointed out Naoki tries to claim he intended to, in order to break the ice. What's even more hilarious is the fact he trained a bit against Shin for this fight, but somehow still forgot about such a basic rule.
    • Also Kourin's getting pretty jealous that Aichi seems to get along with Naoki.
    "It feels like I'm the one standing between these two!"
    "He looks happier now than he did when I joined the club."
  • Image 31: Every one of Akari's thoughts about Misaki joining Cardfight Club are hilarious, because she sees many moments as situations related to love which isn't far of the thoughts towards the audiences especially since the wording the characters use doesn't help that matter.
    (Aichi asking Misaki to join the Cardfight Club)
    Aichi: "Misaki! Um, I never actually told you this yet... so now I will. When I first thought about starting the Cardfight Club, I imagined you being a part of it, Misaki. Misaki, please help me to start up the Cardfight Club. Would you?
    Akari: "Who is this boy? It's like he's confessing his love to Misaki!"

    (Kourin asking why Misaki won't join the Cardfight Club)
    Kourin: "Misaki Tokura. I challenge you to a Vanguard fight."
    Akari: "Huh?"
    Misaki: "Why?"
    Kourin: "I want to see just how good of a fighter you could possibly be, and yet turn down Aichi's invitation."
    Akari: "C-Could this situation be... some desperate kind of Love Triangle?!"
    Cue Akari imagining Aichi, Kourin and Misaki in a triangle, with Aichi being their love interest while Kourin and Misaki glared at each other as love rival to gain Aichi's affection
    Kourin and Misaki: (with Luminescent Blush) "No!"
    • Also there is this (O_O) look on Misaki's face when Akari just took out the former's deck from her own bag.
    • In the original series it was rumored that Misaki is a delinquent, but the V series ramps them up such as that she has Psychic Powers and is able to control the entire school with them. What's even more hilarious is that they said this in front of Aichi who has actual Psychic Powers.
    • They also asked why Aichi knows her and Aichi replies they are part of the same crew. This causes Naoki and Shingo to think that Aichi is part of her gang and imagine Aichi dressed up as a delinquent and saying "What're you lookin' at?! Huh?!" with a mean face in contrast to his normal appearance.
  • Preview for Image 33 at end of Image 32: Like in Season 3, the Running Gag of Naoki commenting that sailor uniform does not fit Suiko. Suiko was so amused that her tone just made her sound horny for Naoki.
  • The preview at the end of Image 34. Even Ibuki thinks that a sailor uniform does not suit Suiko and she goes ballistic instead of amused.
  • Image 40. Even though the arc is starting to get serious, There are lots of funny moments to be had.
    • Ren's Accidental Misnaming of Miwa as "Biwa" and him once again calling Misaki "Misa-Q".
    • Ren and Tetsu decides to stay at Kai's apartment because the situation was emergency. Kai immediately went ballistic all about it. Likewise, even Misaki felt awkward since Tetsu requested to put Asaka into her care and she cannot be staying with an apartment full of guys. It ends with Kai yelling Big "NO!".
    • Naoki misnamed PSYqualia as Sai (Rhino)- Cold- Lia, which once again got Kyou annoyed before a Sneeze Cut to Kamui, whom had previously done the same.
    • The next episode preview chat, Kai asked if Ren know what to buy when he suggested a type of dish that needs to be cooked manually. Ren just thought they can just get them all at frozen food section. Kai just proceeds to leave for grocery shopping.
  • Image 41.
    • Things become tense when Aichi was mad at Ibuki for erasing Kyou's bond with vanguard until Shingo arrived and intervene, Kamui, Ibuki and Aichi had this Flat "What" response from things became suddenly awkward. On top of that, there's Rekka who was scared about Ibuki's presence to delete and decides to let Shingo, who she just infected with PSYqualia Zombie and the others to handle this while she runs away..
    • Continuing from previous Image, we see Tetsu at Kai's apartment, helping Kai with making gyoza. Then Ren suddenly came and asked to borrow Kai's pajama while in a towel and still dripping wet. Kai went ballistic and berates him for not drying his body properly. Then Ren just takes off his towel and said he did, in front of Kai. Luckily, Ren's bottom part was censored throughout this moment. Kai went ballistic again when those two freeloaders acting so carefree on him.
  • Image 42. Apart from Aichi having a serious fight against Naoki, we saw Kai had Miwa tag along in shopping for grocery. Miwa had the Imagine Spot that Kai was planning to use him in carrying all the goods so his first action when Kai is distracted was ran away as far as he can. This alone is funny enough but then in mid of the episode we learn that Kai was really planning to do so like Miwa had thought. Since Miwa ran away, he called Tetsu to take over for that task, which he does not mind at all.
  • Image 47—or rather, the preview for Image 48 at the end. In a callback to the preview for Image 13, Aichi and Ren SING A SONG about having become PSYqualia Zombies. It's every bit as ridiculous as it sounds.

    Season 2: VD 
  • Dimension 1:
    • It turns out the actual reason the student council wants the Cardfight Club to disband isn't just because they don't have enough members, but also because they don't want to pay for their travel and stay expenses for the tournament which in turn forces them to eat a cheaper snack every day.
    • During the Cardfight Club's attempt to recruit a new member, Naoki tries to look friendly by smiling, but only manages to look scarier than normal. Misaki then calls him out on scaring everyone... by performing an Angry Collar Grab on him which in turn just causes more people to run away from them.
    • Just like in the original every scene with Nakagami is rather hilarious since he still is as loud and bombastic as ever:
      • In his first appearance he showcases his "powers" by guessing his cards correctly with his eyes closed and gets them all correct. However Naoki then points out that the bandage covering his left eye is probably see through.
      • His face when he learns that he needs 5 members to make his club official.
      • When he fills in his club appliance paper he starts to freak out, because he doesn't have enough members. His solution is claiming that he can't control the power sealed in his right arm which he uses to scratch a chalk board to cause everyone an Ear Ache and begging him to stop. He then uses this as an excuse to leave.
      • During the rather tense talk between the Cardfight Club and Student Council, he just suddenly appears out of nowhere to say that if the Cardfight Club loses, they have to join his Psychic Research Society. This just causes some awkwardness and confusion to their talk.
  • Dimension 5:
    • The elementary school versions of the Trinity Dragons are pretty much a crowning moment of funny in themselves, but special mention has to go to the reveal of the secret origin of their team name: Nagisa had been calling them the "3 Stooges" and when Kyou recovered fully from his Deletion, he referred to them as "third-rate dregs." Kei misinterpreted "dregs" as being short for "Dragons" and the others agreed that "three dragons" was way better than "three stooges," then made it cooler by replacing the "three" with "trinity."


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