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Nightmare Fuel / Cardfight!! Vanguard

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  • Aichi on PSY Qualia. It starts in episode 41 and then gets worse. As he gets more corrupted by it, his Dissonant Serenity begins to reach Psychopathic Manchild levels, complete with Slasher Smile and Madness Mantra. Followed immediately by an Ominous Latin Chanting.
    Aichi: I'm strong...I've gotten stronger...
  • Suiko's smile with the weird glowing cards reflected in her eyes at the end of episode 58 is pretty unsettling...
  • Ren's extreme Slasher Smiles in episode 63 are rather creepy.
  • Void. It's got an entire planet at its knees, reducing it to a shadow of its former self and, as a power of nothingness, it seems to be erasing things as it goes. Worse, it can get to Earth once it's finished with Cray. In Episode 103, its made clear that it's poisoning Aichi, who notices that his strength and even his drive to win the fight against Leon is draining. By the time the toll becomes great enough that he collapses, he can't even move. It's a power that saps others of everything and leaves them hollow. Seeing as this came from space, how many other planets could it have drained before touching down on Cray?
    • What's even worse is, it did that while in Fog of Doom form. Now Link Joker have appeared, its physical avatars who seem to exist solely to conquer in Void's name. Once they do conquer you, they separate the strong from the weak, killing the latter and assimilating the former into more Link Joker forces. Their lore explicitly notes they've already conquered half of Star Gate, with emphasis on the fact that it was their target due to having areas which could be used to contain large numbers of civilians. In other words, take The Borg, make them the servants of an As Long as There is Evil Straw Nihilist Eldritch Abomination and you'll have something like Link Joker.
  • Warning: Contrasting with Void may result in side-effects, including Psyqualia, insanity and looking like you've been burned horrifically.
    • It gets worse. By the late stages of the game, Leon loses the use of his right arm, which becomes black from how far Void's corruption has gone. If he wasn't stopped when he was, things could have ended so much nastier.
    • One very chilling thing in Link Joker is Kai's descent. Mind Rape and his fears aside, his fall reaches its horrifying climax when he stabs a copy he deems his former self. And the whole time, he is just as horrified, like he's not in control of himself.
    • Reverse Koutei. The other Reverse fighters were either mindless drones or just had their desires warped and amplified. But Koutei has basically been turned into an exact opposite of his regular self, with the shy, kind Nice Guy becoming a cruel, ruthless tyrant. Vanguard's villains have never avoided the Evil Laugh or the Slasher Smile, but seeing them on Koutei is all the more terrible because they're just so opposite to his normal self. This is without mentioning his ace card, Reverse Daiyusha. A Fallen Hero version of Great Daiyusha which has been corrupted by Link Joker, and imprisons its own allies to drain the opponent's power.
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  • This image. You'll never look at a loli the same way ever again.
  • The fact that when Aichi loses to Reverse Kai, he's left in such a terrible state that he's fighting off the Reverse, while clutching his chest, screaming his head off and unable to even stand afterwards. The kicker of the whole thing? Takuto tells him that despite having escaped, he's suffered horrendous damage to his body and psyche and fighting Kai again will put his life in danger or even kill him.
    • It's not just fighting Kai that will kill him. Even getting into a cardfight with a normal person will make the reverse aura in his body take over and kill him. Serious Business indeed.
  • The ending of Episode 160. The black ring above the Tatsunagi building is fully open as Chaos Breaker Dragon slowly descends with numerous other Link Joker units storming the city.
  • Gaillard burning Kai with his blue flames. The last time we ever see such serious burns in a card game anime was when Evil Marik sacked The Winged Dragon of Ra on Joey.
    • It gets worse. The damage isn't gone by the next episode, and Kai is clearly in pain. And Gaillard isn't the only one who can use Judgement. All the Quatre Knights can, as seen with Naoki and Miwa.
  • The Deletors in Neon Messiah are all sorts of scary. They're all rendered in CG, making clear how weird and alien they are. Then you have Oksizz ripping out what's implied to be a unit's soul and crushing it in its hand, erasing that unit from existence.
    • Even worse is the backstory how the Deletors came into existence. They were originally a force of billions of Link Joker soldiers that got devoured when they got in the path of the moving devouring planet "Brandt". The Link Joker soldiers that survived were forced to survive for ages until they became the Eldritch Abominations they are as we know. Just think about it the force that threatened the entire safety of Cray and Earth were defeated easily, because they were just unlucky enough to be in the way of "Brandt". And just like how they reverse units, they got turned into the monstrosities instead.

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