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Aichi being jerk from Psyqualia was due to Kai being his role model
Psyqualia doesn't really turn everyone into a jerk like Ren, but exacerbates internalized feelings. Aichi acted the way he believes Kai acts, such as calling his teammates weak, and other acts of rudeness not too far off from Kai's actions in previous episodes. Made all the more obvious when Aichi invoked Kai's "Final Turn" flair. It just snowballs into a sense of cockyness that has taken on a life of its own.
  • And Ren has Psyqualia too, but who was Ren's friend? Kai.
  • Aichi and Ren's personalities grew more extreme when Kai pretty much dumped them.
  • Kai is a Yandere factory.

Aichi is the Big Bad and a Villain Protagonist.
As of Ride 40, we know three things;
  • Ren has PSY Qualia/PSY Powers
  • Aichi has these same powers, activated by Ren's presence in Ride 23
  • Kai is concerned that Aichi is being overtaken by his powers, as Ren had been overtaken beforehand. From his brief flashback, we saw Ren collapsing into Kai, mirroring the way Aichi had into Misaki from overexertion.
The theory is this; Aichi will become lost in his own powers just as Ren is now, but Ren will be saved and redeemed by Kai. As Aichi and Ren are parallel characters, Ren will finally succeed in getting Kai back—by going over to Kai's side—where Aichi will fail by deserting to become the leader of the team Kai used to serve. Aichi will still be the main character, but season 1 is his
Start of Darkness and season 2 will focus on his defeat by Kai and Ren.

Cray is real and PSY Qualia allows its users to connect to it
There have been a few hints so far as to this. Firstly, the marketing fluff for the Vanguard Gloves states that the crystals on them were 'mined from the Planet Cray'. Secondly, whenever Aichi uses PSY Qualia, he seems to actually spiritually appear on Cray, more than 'image it', he actually seems to astral project himself onto Cray. And thirdly, Kai's line from Episode 40: 'you're the one who's doing the fighting'. The implication being that PSY Qualia actually allows something else to fight the game for you, like your Vanguard.
  • If Cray is real, PSY Qualia is then like an enhanced 'image it'. More than imagining Cray, you're actually there in astral form, which is how Aichi has had 'winning image' of his upcoming fights with Miwa and Team Fragrance. The 'possessed by the Vanguard' point also explains how Aichi put together his new deck at the Caesar Training Camp without being aware of it, he wasn't in control at the time, one of his Units was.
  • And, this could also explain something about why Ren went off the deep end. If PSY Qualia is basically Demonic Possession by the Vanguard, then who's to say that the Vanguard can't stay like that? Ren runs Shadow Paladins, which are canonically an Anti-Hero type faction. What if Ren used his PSY Qualia so much that in the end he couldn't come back, and this whole time 'Ren' has actually been a Shadow Paladin Unit maintaining control of a human body?
    • It seems more likely that PSY Qualia warps someone's personality. In Turn 41, Aichi's personality begins to match that of Ren, but he still has some actions that don't match. (Like his look of confusion when Crusher asks him if he took out the wrong card.) Also, "being possessed by the Vanguard" is the opposite of what Riding does according to the first two episodes. (Kai says that it involves possessing the unit that you Ride.) If they were being controlled by one of their units, it would make no sense for Aichi and Ren to act the same way when they don't play the same type of decks. (And their behavior should change when they change their Vanguards, which it clearly doesn't.)
      • It should also be noted that none of the Royal Paladins, and especially Units like Blaster Blade and King of Knights, Alfred, are in any way evil if the Character Development the Royal Paladins have had is to be believed. None of them would likely exhibit any of the evil personality traits that Aichi has shown in Episode 41, further discrediting the theory of the Vanguard possessing the player.

After the tournament is over, Morikawa will "power up" the structure deck Shin gave him by adding a bunch of Grade 3 units
... and in so doing bring his winning streak to a crashing halt
  • Confirmed

Gold Rutile is Morikawa's Avatar
This theory assumes that most, if not all Vanguard players have one particular card/unit they resonate particularly well with, this being their 'Avatar' [as opposed to it simply being a term Aichi likes using]. Using one's Avatar improves the connection to Cray, even for a non-Psyqualia user, and thus improves your game. Morikawa's horrible record at Vanguard is because not only has he not found his Avatar, but he's too thickheaded to recognise it when he does find it. Gold Rutile helps him out as much as it can when he first uses the deck, but there's only so much it can do.

Aichi let Morikawa beat him in Episode 51.
The anime was careful not to show his hand and with his deck, it's unlikely that neither of the two cards remaining in it could block. In addition, he still had another Galatin to intercept, so even the weakest shield possible (5000) would have been sufficient. Combine that with the episode's lesson being that winning wasn't all that mattered, his shy smile and Morikawa's obvious joy at winning for once, it's likely that Aichi decided to let him enjoy it.
  • Well, I'm not denying your theory, but the anime actually did show Aichi's hand - it was Akane and Soul Saver Dragon. As a Grade 2 and a Grade 3, neither of them could've blocked.
  • This actually confirms the theory. Akane has a shield of 5000. Grade doesn't determine if a card can block or not, only Grade 3 can't block.
  • Nope, you need to do your math again. After rewatching, King of Sword was at 15000 after Morikawa's Heal Trigger, and was boosted by Shout to 22000. All Aichi had to guard with was High Dog Breeder Akane (5000) and Gallatin's intercept (5000) so even if he used both King of Sword would be at 12000 to Alfred's 10000, and Aichi would have lost anyway.

Aichi will integrate this card into his deck at some point.
Almost seems like a no-brainer; I mean, just look at its abilities. It's like the card was created specifically for the plot...Or maybe the plot for the card...Not to mention the plot seems to be having Aichi hold onto the Shadow Paladins as of episode 53. Considering it was announced just as the anime is heading into its climax arc...The timing is just too good. Plus, it would just be really cool.
  • Confirmed.

Due to unexpected circumstances, Ren will fight Aichi instead of Kai
Aichi will use his PSY Qualia to cancel out Ren's and after he wins, Kai will acknowledge that Aichi has become stronger, leading into their long-awaited rematch which will finish out the series.
  • Kai has specifically stated that he wouldn't participate in the tournament and Aichi more or less said that he would overcome Ren. So the circumstances can't really be said to be 'unexpected'.

Ren will somehow incapacitate Kai after the upcoming fight Kai's bound to lose
He's bound to lose the fight anyhow, to add extra weight to the fight between Ren and Aichi. It would get Ren evil-points and Aichi would have even more of a drive to win the nationals. Furthermore, the episode previews mentioned how psyqualia 'locks people into an image of solitude'(very paraphrased), so my guess is that Kai is going to experience a more permanent version of the image psyqualia users show their opponents after they win a battle.
  • Like what Aichi did to Kyou in episode 42?
  • Jossed. Kai lost, but nothing happened to him beyond that.

Ren and Kai will become so engrossed in the fight that PSY Qualia will cause a catastrophe and force a Draw
The fight is already played up as spectacular with a ring of fire encircling the field, and Ren used PSY Qualia to create a mass vision before they even began. It's not unlikely that as the fight continues Ren will become furious and ramp it up. Aichi's presence may begin to affect it as well, seeing as Ren was able to influence Aichi's before he had even discovered it. It seems that a twist like this would be a good way to lauch a second season and manage to keep both undefeated characters undefeated.
  • Jossed. Kai loses.

Aichi will be overtaken by PSY Qualia again.
Not necessarily during his eventual fight with Ren, but maybe some point in the second season. Aichi was only under its control for a (surprisingly) short time. After all, he still has the Shadow Palladin Deck. Who's to say he won't be tempted by the power again?
  • More likely is that he'll use the power without being corrupted. He told the Royal Paladins that he wasn't rejecting Psyqualia and fully accepted the responsibilities that came with it; he just wanted to become stronger by himself before using it again to avoid corruption.
  • Confirmed in episode 64. He gets over it pretty quickly, though.

The reason for Aichi's switch in Asia Circuit is because his old cards have too much emotional weight attached to them.
There's too much at stake with these decks—many of the cards are extremely important to somebody, and with all that pretense attached to them, Aichi would have no more room to grow because he wouldn't feel free to edit his deck or change tactics. Blaster Blade is attached to Kai and is his first card, Blaster Dark is attached to Ren and PSY Qualia, Majesty will bring up unpleasant memories of season 1's final battle, and Alfred is attached to Suiko and his involvement with Ultra-Rare. By putting away his old decks and using the Gold Paladins instead, Aichi can get a fresh start and be free of being tied up by the past, which gives him more room to grow as a fighter.
  • As well as the above makes sense, it's Jossed. Takuto steals Aichi's Royal Paladin deck during a vision of the Paladins and Kageros being sealed, then manipulates everyone's memories with the exception of Aichi and Kai to believe he's always played them.

Ren is unaffected by the memory change caused by Takuto.
The idea that Aichi is able to remember his previous deck while no one else does (outside of the brief flash Kai experienced), is because Aichi was a user of Psyqualia. Thus, Ren, who also used one of the Clans that were sealed and was also a Psyqualia user, can remember what things were like before. Also, like how Aichi is experiencing confusion from everyone believing that he's always used Gold Paladins, Ren has experienced this, but was able to adjust, thus being as skilled with the Gold Paladins as Kai is with Narukami, but able to recall the same things as Aichi.
  • And Ren was able to adjust so easily because of how spacey he is.
  • Jossed. In Episode 80, Aichi asks Ren how long he's been playing Gold Paladins, and Ren's reply suggests he doesn't remember Shadow Paladins. Also in the same episode when Takuto gives him PSY Qualia again, Ren doesn't show any sign that he remembers being under its influence previously.

Takuto has some connection to Incadecescent Lion, Blond Ezel.
The green mark on his forehead is also on Ezel. Also, when Aichi first played Ezel and activated Limit Break, Takuto's face lit up. It's not much to go on, but there's next to nothing known of him at the moment.

Blond Ezel was Evil All Along
What appears to be a new form of Ezel is the cover card of Set 9. Said new form features darker shades of color overall, redesigned armor, and a colder, sadistic expression. Blond Ezel's lore is also very sketchy regarding his origins, or indeed anything beyond his role in Gold Paladins. Therefore, this new Ezel could be his true form, taken on when he reveals his true colors. Ezel could in fact be working for the Mysterious Force, and be the one who sealed away Royal Paladins, Shadow Paladins and Kagero, doing so as a pretext to form Golds for his own purposes.
  • Jossed. It's Blond Ezel's crossride form Blazing Lion, Platina Ezel.

Morikawa and Kamui are from Mishima clan
Look at their hair. It resembles a young Heihachi and a Kazuya-wannabe, respectively.

Miyaji Academy will lose after half a season of remaining undefeated
... by losing against Ren's shcool. Aichi will lose to Ren, Misaki will lose to Asaka, and certainly Naoki will provide the third loss in some way. This triggers two things. First, it annoys the Absurdly Powerful Student Council, who see their school as overly competitive, meaning they will decide to forcibly disband the Cardfight Club. However, other clubs to be screwed over by the student council will rally around the Cardfight club, directing the plot to screwed-over clubs vs. student council.
  • Confirmed, although Naoki won his fight and it was Kourin who lost to Asaka. However, even though they lost, the club hasn't been disbanded and it looks like the plot will be more about Kai and Link Joker, than the Student Council.

Nubatama getting support in Booster set 13 means that Mark Sensei/Ninja Master M is getting a serious fight sometime in season 3.
He's the only major character in the entire series who uses the clan, after all. The support is simply there to pimp out his deck with new units for said fight. Note how the clan has almost entirely been abandoned by Bushi up until now, and has only reappeared after Mr Mark was brought back into the series.
  • Since it's practically a given that most of Hitsue's cardfight club will be reversed, seeing as they're closest in proximity to Link Joker Kai, Mr Mark will probably attempt to go on a crusade to save his students. The matchup that will get the most focus is him vs Morikawa, because of the whole idol and fan dynamic, both of them wielding the Ninja Master M title, and also reversed Morikawa with a balanced LJ deck is a scary thought. Also, Izaki has already had his focus episode in ep 121, so it makes sense to have one with Morikawa as well.
    • Confirmed: He fights Nagisa, and wins.

The current/first 7 Reverse units correspond to the Seven Deadly Sins
(This is a theory that someone on the Cardfight Wikia proposed, and it's currently holding water)The lores of the four Reverse units currently shown can each correspond to one of the sins so far.
  • Vowing Saber corresponds to Wrath because of his desire to destroy everything.
  • Luquier corresponds to Lust due to her charm ability, causing those affected by it to become loyal to her.
  • Amon corresponds to Greed, as he desired power greedily so he could expand the reign of Dark Irregulars.
  • Daiyusha corresponds to Pride. He used to be a proud defender, but the invasion of Link Joker caused his pride to waver which is what allowed him to be reversed. Additionally, Daiyusha was a humble hero, and Humility is the opposite of Pride.
  • Cocytus corresponds to Envy, due to his desire to imprison the world and claim everything.
  • Leo-pald corresponds to Sloth, due to his tyrannical nature preventing himself and others from seeking the truth.
  • Ethics Buster corresponds to Gluttony, desiring to become stronger than everyone else.
    • What about Ramiel Reverse then?

Cray is the equivalent of Earth in a dimension parallel to Earth
This theory is likely due to the only connection between cray and earth is some sort of portal.

Unreversing Takuto will cut off Void from Earth, sapping their power.
Because there are only a few episodes left this season, and not enough time to unreverse everyone. However, we might have time for the five most important reversed character.
  • Confirmed. Unreversing Takuto stopped Link Joker entirely, causing the Reverse phenomenon to completely stop and unreversing everyone instantly except for Kai, who was unreversed as well but more slowly.

Aichi and Kai have one more match on the way to Unreversing Takuto.
Because we all know that Aichi's gonna do everything in his power and save Kai. Consequently, whether Aichi wins or not, he succumbs to Reverse.

That silhouette we saw in Season 4 that we think is Aichi is not Aichi at all. The real Aichi became a Vanguard card in Season 4.
This card kinda confirms it all.

Aichi sealed Void within himself and is going to die by the end of the season.
My friend brought this up in a conversation about how Aichi can survive being sealed in season 4. It doesn't really look like he's receiving nutrients, and how does he go to the bathroom? He doesn't need to because Void is slowly killing him from the inside. Just remember what was being done to the poor boy's body last season. Aichi didn't want his loved ones to be sad, so he found a way to erase himself from their memory.

Olivier and Tasuku are brothers.
Or at the very least somehow related. I mean, they do look kinda alike...

Aichi may have forgiven Kai for his role in the spread of Link Joker with no hassle due to their friendship, but perhaps Kourin and the other mysterious forces who made him recruit the Quatre Knights for his necessary sealing are only grudgingly allowing Kai to be let off so lightly.
at the very least it would explain why Aichi would approach Leon and Ren to be recruited instead of asking Kai and the other members of Q4.

How so? because their shared histroy with Kai would certainly cloud their judgement regarding certain things which in the long run would make Kai and by extension Misaki, Kamui and the others bad choices for recruits due to their blatantly biased positions. in other words this arc will lead to A "Nice job breaking it Hero" moment.

Percival is an Expy of Mordred Phantom
Percival is presented as a knight with a Mysterious Past who appeared in the altered timeline after Blaster Blade was abducted, becoming a high-ranking figure in the Liberators and trusted by Alfred. This is a lot like how Mordred Phantom became leader of the Revengers and trusted by Blaster Dark despite his own Mysterious Past and hidden identity. Not to mention that judging by Bluish Flame Liberator, Prominence Core, it looks like Percival's true form is a dragon, just like how Mordred turned out to be a reincarnated Phantom Blaster.
  • Percival is one of the Blaze Paladins, a group of warriors belonging to the Sanctuary. His group was summoned from the past by Zenon to take the place of the captured Blaster Blade. His dragon form is the result of receiving power from Seeker, Sing Saver Dragon.

Link Joker will be defeated once and for all by sealing it's power within thousands of cards.
giving Kourin enough of his power to give her a deck seemed to ease his suffering, so why not do that hundreds of more times? if every Link Joker card only has a small sliver of the power, it shouldn't affect anyone too bad. Plus, on cray, they seemed to have been under going a sort of unwilling Pinocchio Syndrome, every improvement to the Dummy Emotion System giving the units with it more of a personality, until Photon has mind and will enough to be an individual antagonist, and even lowly soldiers like Robin Knight can be said to have a personality.
  • Jossed, but close. They divide the seed into many pieces and seal it within the mates and Quatre Knights so that Link Joker can become a part of Cray rather than an invader.

Star-Vader Blaster Joker is a symbol of Aichi's journey
  • In Tarot, the Fool (also known as the Joker) is generally assumed as the protagonist of the story, just as Aichi is the protagonist of his story. Since Blaster Blade is his avatar, both of them represent the Fool together. When face down (or 'reversed') the Fool represents reckless actions and dangerous innocence, as well as making foolish mistakes, taking on the role of Aichi from both season 1 and season 4. In season 1, Aichi is a beginner and makes many mistakes, and in season 4 he takes Link Joker into his body to bear the responsibility of sealing it himself, an action that can be seen as reckless. When face up, the Fool represents the need for courage and risk taking, something that Vanguard allowed Aichi to get, and also represents the need to believe in yourself and your own strength, which was the major plot point of season 1. The Fool most importantly represents a new beginning and a long journey for personal growth and adventure. In this sense, Aichi and Blaster Blade both represent the Fool, and through their journey allow Link Joker itself to have a new beginning as one of the clans of Cray.

The Dimension Police came from Hero World.
The Dimension Police came from a different dimension. Knowing this, compare Kaizard to Card Burn. They look almost identical. As an extension, both groups have similar theming (Super Robots and Henshin Heroes).

Morikawa purposefully makes himself weak by intentionally putting too many Grade 3s in his deck
In the first episodes, Morikawa didn't have the focus on Grade 3s (remember he stole Blaster Blade, a Grade 2) And didn't begin focusing on them until after Aichi started playing, because he knew that if he used his awesome, unbeatable real deck, Aichi would never really improve his skills if The Great Morikawa would keep pounding him into the dust in a few turns. He simply weakens his own deck on purpose knowing that if he didn't none of the other characters would ever get a chance to become stronger because The Great Morikawa would effortlessly defeat every antagonist without taking a single damage.

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