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"Next time, will you show me the way?"
With the way the shipping is shown in this series, you wonder if there are any straight couples on this show at all.

Examples between Kai and Aichi:

  • RAMPANT between Aichi and Kai. Gets a lampshade hung on it in episode 4 when the store manager compares Aichi looking for Kai to looking for his girlfriend.
  • Aichi even admits it early on, by noting that he became obsessed with Kai (whom he had met all of once) and picked up the game just to get a chance to fight him.
    • Kai admits to being obsessed with Aichi. It even works in context.
  • The subtext between Kai and Aichi gets taken to positively ridiculous levels with the finale of Season 3.
    • To summarize, with Kai sounding as though he's made a beeline past the despair event horizon, Aichi makes a massive You Are Not Alone speech to pull Kai out of his self-loathing before he permanently isolates himself from his friends or worse. While this sounds perfectly fine, the way some parts of the dialogue are written sound borderline romantic in tone, what with the way Aichi calls Kai his idol, and talks about how much he means to him. They even hold hands at the end of the episode.
  • This becomes even more evident in Legion Mate with Kai passionately referring to Aichi as his mate (of course, he calls a bunch of other people the same, but considering Legion Mate's plot...)
    • In a similar vein, episode 169 formally introduces one of the new skills associated with Legion: Soulmate Legion.
      Kai: This isn't just any skill.
      Kai: Soulmate's my feelings for my mate, Aichi.
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  • The theme song for the first season also contains the following line, sung over images of Aichi and Kai: "We can't hold back this feeling / Just any longer / Come on, tear off everything you've got / Get crazy way!" It's Ho Yay and an Accidental Innuendo all rolled into one!
  • During a handicapped tag match against Noa, their final action goes as follows, Kai is being attacked but Aichi throws down all of his guards to help Kai and Kai uses the rest of his hand to finish the defense, the imagery shows the two extending their hands in the Guardian Circle. Finally when Aichi is doing his drive check, without looking Kai declares that Aichi will check a Critical Trigger, and proceeds to do just that.
  • First ending theme of the Vanguard reboot is sung by Aichi and Kai's actors. If that wasn't enough, one of the first images of that theme is the all too familiar image of young Kai handing young Aichi Blaster Blade... under a rainbow with flowers around...
    • The final scene of the ending is even more blatant, with Aichi entering Card Capital and blushing when he sees Kai.

Examples between other characters:

  • Gouki mistakes Kamui's explanation of his love for Emi as one for Aichi in Episode 14. Granted Kamui Cannot Spit It Out when it comes to Emi, but still.
  • Fans have apparently taken episode 36 and ran with it. Jun and Miwa anyone?
    • Jun sounded like he really wanted Kai
      You'll both become mine.
  • Ren and Kai have their moments as well. God, their dialogue in Episode 32...
  • Kai has this all over the place. Not only does he have frequent moments with Aichi, but also Miwa and Ren.
  • Tetsu always seems incredibly devoted to Ren...
  • Overlapping with Foe Yay: Ren and Aichi. Just Ren and Aichi...
  • Now Ishida Naoki is added into the mix. Saying that Aichi looked cool, or saying that his heart was beating fast after having a duel with Aichi. He also ignores Kourin in favor for Aichi.
    • Naoki and Shingo seemed to be more than just best friends.
  • Shingo is an Aichi fanboy.
    • By this point, everyone in the Cardfight Club is gunning for Aichi. Yeah, you may call the Cardfight Club Aichi's harem.
  • Olivier Gaillard's dialogue sometimes sounds a lot like he's Aichi's new boyfriend who wants Aichi all to himself.
    I can't let you have Aichi. He shouldn't be with you!
    • 185 includes a particularly suspect line:
    Aichi's flames make my blue flames burn even hotter!
  • Misaki and Kourin are seen as this, coupling with a Love Triangle towards Aichi.
    • Add in the infamous for Les Yay play episode of Season 3 and quite a few people have concluded that even the writers ship Misaki with Kourin.
    • Aside from Aichi, Misaki's motivations in Legion Mate revolve around helping Kourin, even wearing Kourin's hair tie around her arm as a memento. Even after suffering Laser-Guided Amnesia, she begins crying when she notices the band yet can't realize why.

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