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Examples between Luna and Am

  • Although Luna and Am are very recent introductions to the cast, both only being introduced in G season 2, the amount of Les Yay they got in the two seasons they've been around is enormous.
    • The opening's in on the ship, featuring the two of them holding hands with interlaced fingers, and dancing together.
    • The art for the real-life CD release of the ending has the two of them standing very close, cheeks almost touching, and both their hands interlaced with each other.
    • To be more precise; it starts from nearly the moment Luna's introduced, and only gets more intense as the season goes on. Her entire reason for playing Vanguard is to get closer to Am, and she develops a light, happy blush while talking about her. Luna looks up to Am in a big way, being a newbie idol where Am is a industry veteran, and she gushes about how cool and capable Am is, sounding for all the world like a fangirl with a shy crush.
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    • Episode 5. Just... the entire episode. After an important keepsake of Am's goes missing, Luna puts her all into searching for it, and after she finds it, Am pulls her into a close and tender hug. This would be unsuspicious, but Luna immediately starts stammering, trembling and blushing, until she relaxes and hugs Am back. The later part of the episode features the two of them playing a game of Vanguard and sharing their hopes and dreams for the future with each other, at which point they pause, and tenderly smile at each other, to romantic music.
    • Episode 16. Again, it's all about Luna and Am getting closer; we get Luna hesitantly asking Am on a cake-shop date, Am realising how much Luna cares about her, Tokoha and Kumi giving relationship advice to Luna regarding Am and suggesting she make Valentine's Day chocolate for her, and Am slowly opening up to Luna about herself, culminating in a subdued, tender moment where they hold hands.
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    • Chrono and crew seem to support them, judging from the way they encourage Luna to get closer to Am, help her search in episode 5 and are generally willing to be Luna's support crew.
    • You know it's real when the official Twitter account is saying things like "Have you found the Luna to your Am?"
    • Episode 21 has Luna clinging on to Am's arm while happily praising her skill, while Am looks away with an almost embarrassed expression, and Am carefully consoling her by hugging her and patting her back after Luna loses the fight against Chrono (even after dedicating the fight to Am).
    • It gets even more blatant in episode 22, where Am leans in and puts her head VERY close to Luna's (who is blushing, for added homoerotic tension), leaning into her with something that could be seen as a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kiss to the cheek, and then tenderly pulling her into a desperate hug.
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    • The Stride Gate opening features Luna tearfully smiling and disappearing into light and Am desperately snatching at her hand as it vanishes, then yelling out something with tears in her eyes.
    • After Am decides to devote herself to the Company, Luna tracks her down, ignores Am's feeble attempts to push her away, and promises to be there for her. And then they walk off holding hands.
      Am: [In a shaky voice] "...Idiot."
      Luna: "I know."
    • And this all culminates in Stride Gate EP 22 where Am states she's willing to wait for her parents to awaken (even if she knows it might never happen) and wants to grasp a future together with Luna, with her saying all the things she wants to do with her that sounds awfully a lot like a marriage proposal, better yet this even succeeds in Luna waking up from her trance with her saying she wants the same thing. And finally after Am defeats her, she dives towards Luna as the two share a tender embrace with Luna even saying "I love you."
    • Episode 9 of Vanguard G NEXT we see them in an ad promoting the U20 Championship. After their introductions, Am runs up to Luna and for the remainder of the promo, they do not let go of each other.
    • Before actually competing in the U20 with Saya, they are seen looking into each other's eyes holding each other's hands. Then Saya walks in making it look like she's interrupting something.
    • Rummy Labyrinth sing Wing of Image, the first ending theme for G NEXT. When your CD cover has Luna and Am posed like this, even the creators are clearly shipping them.

Examples between other characters:

  • Shindou Chrono seems to be taking Aichi's mantle in Vanguard G:
    • Ibuki's interest in Chrono's deck is evident, enough for fangirls to go for these two with minimal subtext. It didn't help that Ibuki is monitoring Chrono; whether for Vanguard's interest or his own is up for speculations.
    • Shion is also a candidate, especially during their recent fight. Shion crying after Chrono left doesn't help clearing things up.
    Chrono (about Shion): I didn't like him at first. But no one gets my blood racing more than he does when we fight.
    • To be fair, Tokoha doesn't have a life problem that's currently bothering her, but it's evident that Chrono's more concerned about Shion than the TRY 3, even mentioning that he does not want to be a burden to him.
  • Kai must have a soft spot for Royal Paladin users (and a sadistic streak to break them), that he even gave his coat to Shion.
  • Ibuki and Mamoru.
    • While there was some potential from the get go, episode 11 of the second season features one of the most suggestive scenes in the franchise history! To elaborate, the very end of the episode cuts away to Ibuki and Mamoru playing a Vanguard match in a SAUNA! That alone is squeeish enough but the animators went the extra mile of ensuring maximum exposure by featuring their naughty bits covered only by tiny towels draped over their laps!
    • The episode in question is called Naked Fight, and as the title suggests there is much fanservice, predominantly in the form of most of the male cast nude. Interestingly the girls (Tokoha, Luna and Kumi) are left out of the nudity entirely... Except for a very minor scene towards the end.
  • When Tokoha is doing more or less anything that isn't either hanging out with "Try-3" or talking to her brother Mamoru, odds are Kumi is either cheering her on or is standing right beside her. Less of the Heterosexual, more just a Life Partner, maybe?
    • Her motivation for fighting Ryuzu? To help Am and Luna. She even got up close to Am and begged her to say she wasn't really Ace, almost like someone begging their lover to deny having an affair.
  • The 3rd ending in Vanguard G NEXT is a literal montage of Kumi missing Tokoha as she goes away for France and when she finds out she's returning to Japan, she immediately buys up all the croquets and runs straight to her and is greeted with a hug.
  • During their Diffride, Amaruda and Verno are shown holding hands in the shared mindspace, the level of affection being unique to them among Diffridden pairs. And when Amaruda's preparing to leave and saying how glad she is to have come to Earth, she even tells Verno she loves her while gazing into her eyes.
  • Shiranui and Kazumi also have some notable scenes together, such as Kazumi offering a hand to him despite everything and managing to bring sunlight to one of Shiranui's unhappy memories. Later, when they do finally reconcile, Shiranui returns the gesture - and even when the Diffride starts to weaken and they're pulled apart, they both keep trying to reach the other.
    • In Z, Kazumi still uses Shiranui as his avatar, now with a new ride call - 'together, with our new vow' - that emphasizes their renewed closeness (and begs the question just what kind of vow they've made to each other). Kazumi's fight against Gyze also reveals that the bond between them is strong enough that they can even communicate during the fight, with Shiranui outright declaring 'their feelings are as one'. Definitely not a typical vanguard/avatar relationship.

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