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  • The existence of G-Units is a big whopping pile of Fridge Logic when applied to the original series. With flashbacks cementing their existence and usage (both strides AND G-Guardians) as far back as when Shin was part of the pro circuit, it raises the glaring question as to why G-Units were conspicuously absent throughout all of the first four seasons. The issue is never addressed, so the answer seems to be just don't think about problems in the timeline.
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  • When Leon fight Chrono during the G Quest, he uses a deck focusing on Blue Wave cards such as Tetra-Drive Dragon, his ace card during the latter half of season 3 rather than a deck focusing on Maelstrom, which not only was his ace card during season 2 but is arguably a more iconic card for the clan. However when you remember that Leon only used Maelstrom when he was an antagonist, it becomes more understandable.
  • Why unveil the G-Guardians at the Ultimate stage of the G-Quest rather than during the G-Quest? In-universe, it's a marketing reason, introducing G-Guardians with two of the top teams in an exhibition match will show its power to the fullest extent.
  • Diffriding can be seen as a derivitive of Psyqualia. With Psyqualia, it's said that it connects the fighter to their units on Cray. Diffriding goes the other way around, it allows a unit to connect with their fighter and inhabit their body as if they were their fighter.

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