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Chrono got his deck from his future self.
In the future, Chrono will change his deck so much that he won't have any cards from his first deck in it. He then realizes where he got it: he got it from himself. He uses some time-related powers he got from gear Chronicle to send back his first deck, with instructions to Card Capitol 2. This makes a Stable Time Loop.
  • Jossed. Kouji has been the one giving Chrono his cards.

The United Sanctuary Branch is run like a prison camp.
Let's see...there's the freaky signature line "weakness is a sin" changed to an even MORE obvious "weakness is a crime" in the dub, the fact that fighters affiliated with the branch become downright neurotic when they're losing, and oh yeah...when they DO lose they're led away to who knows where by a staff member of some kind wearing a uniform that makes them look suspiciously like prison guards. The only thing that would make it more obvious is if Taiyo's "fighter number" was 24601.

Ibuki let Chrono win their rematch.
When he used Excelics Messiah's skill, Ibuki unlocked and retired the Gear Wolf that was in the rearguard circle behind Chronojet Dragon. There was no reason in-universe for him to do such as thing (out of universe, it was to demonstrate Excelics' skill), since keeping Wolf locked meant that Chronojet's next attack would be unboosted. However, if you consider that Ibuki did it in purpose to give Chrono a better chance to win, then it makes sense.

Ace is actually Chouno Am.
There seem to be hints throughout GIRS Crisis that imply that Ace is probably Chouno Am, or possibly related to her in some way. Hints like identical eye color, similar hairstyles, in episode 5, Am stated that being on stage is where she can be herself the most, possibly implying that outside of being an idol, she is most likely being Ace and in episode 10, Ace's main clan was revealed to be Granblue, the same clan Am uses.
  • Another possibility is that Ace is a relative of Am, possibly her sibling.
  • With The Reveal that Ace is actually Am in disguise, this is confirmed

Luna Yumizuki fading into light in the intro of Stride Gate was symbolic of Luna becoming Brainwashed and Crazy
Given that being the Peacemaker between the Company and the Zodiac Beasts, maybe Luna fading into light didn't mean she would be Killed Off for Real, but rather, that she would go through Loss of Identity because of becoming the Peacemaker. Though there's still the possibility that she would get Killed Off for Real or just disappear

Kazumi Onimaru was already possessed by a Cray unit
before Kazuma even met him, or at least by the time they played Vanguard together.Remember, Kazuma was adopted, and it's implied that Kazuma's incredible skills are greatly as a result of the situation mentioned above. It's not impossible that the "real" Kazumi was already subsumed by the unit when Kazumi was first adopted.

The ritual to reawaken Gyze requires all Six Apostles to beak the Chosen Host.
When Chrono lost to Noa in the first episode of GZ, a vanguard circle / critical symbol appeared on his hand, with one of the points of the six-pointed star lit up. No one else that lost to an Apostle got that. Since Chrono is the one chosen to be the host for Gyze, and the Apostles want to beat him, they probably all have to to bring him out, each defeat adding to the completed symbol.

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