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Trivia / Cardfight!! Vanguard G

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  • Actor Allusion: The third episode of Vanguard G can be summed up by "Setsuna schooling the newest Gundam Protagonist, Bellri."
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Team Traffic Light, acknowledged in universe, for Team Try 3, due to their hair colours which resembles that of a traffic light.
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    • Zeroth Dragon of Distant Sea, Megiddo new art for the Bermuda Triangle Booster is nicknamed "Moegiddo" or "Megiddo-Chan" to differentiate her from her original art.
  • No Export for You: All 3 3DS games, Ride to Victory, Lock On Victory and Stride To Victory. The company that produced the games, FuRyu has said that they have no intentions of translating the games. The 3DS region lock doesn't help the matter either. So if you want to play the game, you have to buy a Japanese 3DS just to play it. This has prompted fans to send petitions to Nintendo to localize the games.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: In the English dub of Cardfight Vanguard G, the voice actors for Chrono Shindou (Sam Duke) and Tokoha Anjou (Emma Duke), at least for the first three seasons,are siblings in real-life.
  • Studio Hop: Animation duties switch over from TMS Entertainment to OLM Incorporated starting with G NEXT. Wich Bridge joining for GZ

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