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Tear Jerker / Cardfight!! Vanguard G

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  • Episode 1 of Vanguard G NEXT, Chrono starts the episode the way he started in Season 1 of Vanguard G, lost without a goal or a purpose. He failed the Clan Leader test, Shion and Tokoha have left, and he still has not decided on a set future, something he's been looking for throughout most of the series so far. Granted, Kumi and Trinity Dragon are still around, but losing Shion and Tokoha really affected him during the last couple months.
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  • By Episode 4 of Vanguard G NEXT, the once proud Fukuhara Vanguard Club has never been able to get someone as strong as Ren, Asaka and Suiko, and is now on the verge of disbanning with its members simply going to the local card shop to play Vanguard. It's such a shame, especially considering that the whole reason Herni attends Fukuhara now is because of Ren Suzugamori.
  • Episode 7 of NEXT introduces Miguel Torres, the very unlucky friend of Jaime's who befriends Tokoha and as they hang out with each other, she starts developing feelings for him, but at the end of the episode Jaime calls Tokoha to inform her that he had died.
    • Made worse by the fact that his death ends up to be a huge catalyst for Team Diffrider's antagonism towards humanity.
  • Episode 32 of NEXT has all of the members of Team Jaime Flowers defeated by Team Diffrider, eliminating them from the U20. They do manage to get back into the tournament in a special match for the finals, but now have to face off against Team Striders
  • Episode 34 of NEXT, despite Kazuma's Character Development and resolve to stop running away and giving up, he still loses his match against his older step-brother, just like from when they were younger.
  • In episode 46 of NEXT, it's revealed that the only reason Kazumi disappeared from Kazuma's life in the first place was because he became convinced his entire existence was hurting Kazuma, and felt helpless to do anything to stop it other than leave him entirely. And then Shiranui takes a hold of him again...
    • And despite everything he does after Kazuma pours out his entire hand to make sure that this attack will bring him victory, the possessed Kazumi manages to barely guard enough, again, unable to reach out to his brother to save him. But knowing he will lose the fight, he fights on, saying that he will not give up and he will save Kazumi.
  • It's hard not to feel bad about Saori who accepted Dumjid's diffride as he though he was a cool unit, only to be repaid for his diffride by stealing his life away, being told that him and his entire race is weak by a being he admired and involving him in a plot to destroy both Cray and Earth. In the end of episode 8 of GZ, Dumjid is forcefully removed from the diffride, but Saori himself is left in a coma.

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