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Nightmare Fuel / Cardfight!! Vanguard G

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  • From G season 3 (Stride Gate), Hiroki Moriyama's flashback to him being bullied to the point of him bleeding. It's done in a very jarring red-tinted view with silhouettes and Hiroki's eyes in shockingly bright contrast to everything else, along with the callous laughing of his classmates.
    • And it gets worse, with the blood first streaking down his forehead, then flooding from the top of the screen, blacking out everything that isn't his eye. In profile, he turns his head sideways, his eyes bright white among the black and red, and then the black silhouettes stop laughing and turn back into normal kids, who start crying out in fear, and the final shot is of Hiroki's mouth changing from hanging open in surprise at himself to a victorious grin.
  • One thing that G does that the original series never did is having the units physically appear on Earth. Unlike certain other card game anime, though, Reality Ensues and it's shown just how destructive they can be, with the Zodiac Time Beasts causing vast amounts of destruction and injury.
    • G Z takes this even further with the Zeroth Dragons. When an Apostle says the words "The world will be silent!", it means they're summoning their Zeroth Dragon directly to Earth, unleashing one of Gyze's super weapons for just a short while. The first time this happens, Megiddo flat-out almost kills Shion and his butler by shattering the ground around them into fissures. Then, Drachma is shown boiling a river with its mere presence, Zoa and Stark rip buildings to shreds just by appearing, and finally Ultima almost kills Chrono.

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