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  • You know how Kenji is like a giant robot shonen hero? Why don't we just turn him into one? Episode 19 of Vanguard G is a filler episode featuring Team Ceasar in their own TV Show as a team of mech pilots fighting the invading Zeal aliens. And it's just as hammy as they are.
  • Episode 27 of Vanguard G Season 1 is the introduction of the only man that surpasses Kenji in terms of absolute testosterone inducing manliness, United Sanctuary Branch Chief Yuichirou Kanzaki who, in his first cardfight in the series, is blown to 5 against a previous champion. He then proceeds to start crying, not because he's losing badly, but because of how weak this supposed champion is. He then proceeds to ride to Claret Sword Dragon, strides to Aurageyser Dragon, acquiring to perfect guards in the process and outright stomping all over this guy. He may be the main antagonist of the first season, but damn are his cardfights so enjoyable to watch.
    • Following up on this, Kanzaki fights all of Try 3 in separate cardfights. However, he is fighting them at the same time and the three are allowed to discuss tactics with each other to expoit any holes in his formation. While he in particular takes an interest in Chrono's Gear Chronicle, he effortlessly beats all three of them at the same time.
  • In the final episodes of Vanguard G Girs Crisis, Try 3 fights Q4 (sans Aichi) in a Passing the Torch match. All three fights have their epic comeback moment.
    • The first match was Tokoha vs Misaki using Tsukuyomi, so any fan knows automatically that Misaki plans to cycle through her deck stack. During the match though, Tokoha makes glances at a heal trigger she has had since her opening hand. Then comes the moment of truth, Tokoha dumps most of her hand to prevent a triple critical trigger, which Misaki then proceeds to give all to Silent Tom. Knowing full well that Misaki plans on ending the game with Tom, she discards her Heal Trigger for the reveal of a G-Guardian, the perfect guard for blocking Tom. She then proceeds to use Katrina's bloom skill to pump her up to astronomical levels that Misaki couldn't guard, despite having a huge hand by the end of the turn. The truly amazing part was Tokoha's foresight in which Misaki knew nearly all of her cards, so she had to hold on to her heal trigger so that Misaki would not have known about it the whole game.
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    • The second match was Shion vs Kai using the Legend deck. Shion come at him out of the gate with a full formation at Grade 2. But this is Kai so he hits back with retires and a strong defense pulling trigger after trigger. Then comes a crucial moment, Shion Strides to Transcending the Heavens, Altmile and uses his skill to refill his field, only thing is, he uses Divine Knight of Rainbow Brocade, Clotenus as his cost instead of the obvious Arial Divine Knight, Altmile, which would have got him power, which Kai effortlessly blocks. Then Kai strides to Nouvelle Vague L'express forcing Shion to guard its attack using his own G-Guardian and blocking the next attack with his Perfect Guard. With everything set up, Shion declares Final Turn, strides to Clotenus to build his entire field up to full, which allowed him to utilize his skill to gain extra power and an extra critical, a very intelligent play since Kai would have just deflected Altmile anyway and he would not have enough to fill his field up. As such, Kai is being forced to guard with almost his whole hand, enough for two triggers, which Shion pulls three to finish him off.
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    • The final match is Chrono vs Kamui using the revamped Victor deck. Because Kamui knows Chrono too well, he merely shrugs off Chrono's offense and sets up for Bustard, Kamui even effortlessly stops the Nextage turn with his own G-Guardian. Kamui then proceeds to attack 6 times using Victor and Bustard skills as well as his rush abilities. Chrono just barely manages to cling on doing his final stride to create several time leaps and end the match.
  • Episode 46 of Vanguard G Stride Gate has something that many high level players were excited about. Before Shouma's Triple Drive check, Shion asks to check Shouma's open areas, something that has never been done in the show throughout all of its seasons. The idea is to check all triggers (since all decks must require 16 triggers, no more, no less) in all public areas to decide on a guard before drive check. It helps solitify Shion as one of the smartest players in the show.
    • Even more so was his thoughts during this action which produced a great payoff. Basically Shouma, after checking everything, has a Critical Trigger, Stand Trigger and a Heal trigger left and Shouma has just stacked the top cards to the bottom of the deck so there was no triggers there. He declares a no guard and the tension builds throughout each check as one trigger pretty much spells doom for him. At the end of it, Shouma pulls no triggers as Shion guards the next attack and pulls a victory next turn.
  • In Episode 27 of Vanguard G NEXT, we finally get to see one of the most anticipated fights since Vanguard G started, a fight between the two main characters appropriately titled Chrono vs Aichi. Even hearing the phrase "Stand Up, My Avatar! Blaster Blade!" will still send chills down player's spines knowing they haven't heard it in such a long time and sees Aichi's Blaster Blade Exceed fight against Chrono's Chronojet Dragon G. The match ends when Aichi effortlessly blocking Chrono's Gear Groovy turn and ends the match by Striding to Divine Knight King, Alfred Holy Saver and giving Blaster Blade Exceed a Twin Drive from Rear Guard to end the match.
  • At the tail end of Episode 45 of G NEXT, Kanzaki is confronted by the Chaos Breaker Dragon-possessed Noa Hoshizaki, who attempts to forcibly diffride him with Claret Sword Revolt. Kanzaki manages to resist the possession, in the process causing a shockwave that cracked a nearby rock sculpture and sent Noa flying into the river.

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