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  • G season. Every time people commented about Chrono's swirling hair. Even better that Kanzaki's horse mistaken it for food and started chewing on his hair.
  • Kanzaki telling Chrono, Taiyou and later Kazuma to stop coming to his place in the mountain.
    • What makes this hilarious is that Kanzaki accept Chrono and his friends' bribe, by cooking food.
  • Vanguard G Episode 1 where during Chrono's first attack, his Vanguard only shoots out a small ball, which only whacks Kamui's Vanguard rather than damaging it.
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  • Vanguard G Episode 2, everything regarding Team Trinity Dragon, which fans say is an expy of Team Rocket and the Ginyu Force.
  • Vanguard G Episode 8, Nagisa's debut in G and Kamui's reaction when he became aware of her presence. The whole thing become hilarious when both Nagisa and Kamui puts on a quest for fighters in respectively get closer and get away from each other. One thing for sure, Chrono is easily tricked by both Nagisa and Kamui, who respectively told him about her love story with Kamui as well as the manly hot-blooded encounter. Team Trinity Dragon at first assist Nagisa while Chrono assist Kamui. They then switched side, with Chrono being deceived by Nagisa while Kamui claimed that he had activate another quest which Trinity Dragon apply for. Kamui's reward is a week free of meat buns but Chrono pointed out that he was actually bribing rather than making an official quest. Kamui gave up in getting away and easily distracted with Nagisa serving him lunch while he subconsciously act like both were very close. He gets annoyed by Chrono and the others for teasing his not so true romance with Nagisa and told them to leave while leaving him alone with the said girlfriend before begging them to come back.
    • Nagisa's ignorance and calling Tsuneto, Carl and Kei nameless vanguard fighter despite being classmates.
  • The end of the first season of Vanguard G, The reveal that Ibuki was the one who gave Chrono the Gear Chronicle deck and the cards at the end, by them accidentally catching him putting them into Chrono's Shoebox. And Ibuki being stoic as usual about it.
    Ibuki: Caught in the act.
    Chrono: So it was you!?
  • The fact that some of his Gear Chronicle units, particularly Chrono Dran and Chronojet Dragon shares the name 'Chrono', causing Tsuneto and his team to make fun of Chrono that he likes units with his name in it and said it must be embarrassing to have units with his name on it. Chrono is not amused and said he is not. When he battle against Tsuneto for the first time in G Episode 2 and at the sixth turn, it was Chrono's turn to ride a grade 3. Well, we know he will use Chronojet Dragon but what makes it funny is that he was embarrassed to be passionate about it, with these exchange:
    Chrono: Ride... Chrono...Jet Dragon.
    Afterwards Tsuneto began teasing him, causing Chrono to get angry and had Chronojet punches his avatar in a hilarious manner.
    • Even better that after the even of Stride gates, Chrono's deck contain the Zodiac Time Beast (most of them are Depend Cards) where almost all of them had the name 'Chrono' in it.
  • Episode 10 of GIRS about TRY 3 being force to choose wear ridiculous ranger costumes and continue or disqualified with losing their championships points. They choose to be disqualified, which upset the Zoo Branch Chief.
    (TRY 3 giving up)
    Zoo Branch Chief: WAIT! HOLD ON! YOU GIVING UP TOO EASILY! (Dub)
  • Episode 10 of GIRS, Whent TRY 3 thinks the battle is about Cardfight. It turns out to be Riddle Game. Which means the transformation was for the show sake. And they have to answer question giving by Trinity Dragon. What kind of fruit is 10 meters tall?
    • Shion answer fruits which normal people don't know because the fruits are foreign (from another country).
      Shion: Sapodilla! Jabuticaba! Buddha's Hand! Jackfruit! Uzbekistan Melon!
      Tsuneto & Karl: What the heck is that?!
  • When Chrono say the correct answer: Pear, Trinity Dragon looks back and say "Tch!"
  • Episode 13 of GIRS is pretty much both Chrono AND Ibuki throwing rants at each other, including Chrono calling Ibuki a stalker and an old man.
    Ibuki: I'm only 20!
    • In the dub, Chrono calls Ibuki an "old fart." Fans have said this is even funnier.
  • Episode 14 of GIRS Crisis features the return of Morikawa, and leave it to him to introduce the G-Assist mechanic to the show. Even funnier is how serious Chrono took him and his dumbfounded look when he didn't guard his attacks.
  • Episode 39 of Vanguard G: Ibuki vs. pancake. Winner: pancake.
  • In the final scene of Episode 50 of Vanguard G Stride Gate: Chrono is taking the qualification test to become a clan leader and rolls his pencil to answer one of the questions. Ibuki and Mamoru watch him from the front of the class with smiles, then we hear Mamoru's thoughts on Chromo's chances.
    Mamoru: (thinking) He's gonna fail this.
  • GIRS Crisis EP 14, A shop tournament is held at Card Capital 1. Kamui was fighting normally until Emi comes in and greet him. This causes him to lose focus and be in his Imagine Spot of fighting against Emi, not realising he is still fighting Tsuneto. He accidentally say no guard against Tsuneto's attack, causing his victory. He started yelling like crazy when he realised that he just lost his chance to fight against Emi. Later, when Tsuneto fights against Emi, Kamui glared at the former for fighting his beloved goddess, causing Tsuneto to felt frighteningly uncomfortable and ask Kamui if he wants to switch place with him. Emi opposed the idea, causing Kamui to continue glaring at Tsuneto again.
    • Morikawa doing G Assist and Chrono's unbelievably Jaw Drop reaction when the former declares no guard and his cards were all grade 3. Cue Izaki smacking Morikawa with a paper fan and pointing out that Morikawa is not to be trusted with his words.
    • When Chrono wins against Emi, Kamui congratulate him, with a headlock for getting to fight his goddess. When asked and being explained about what Emi's relationship with Kamui, Chrono asked what he will do with Nagisa, causing the headlock to get tighter and tighter before Tsuneto and even Emi saying that Kamui and Nagisa are perfect pair or so. Poor Chrono almost die from that.
    • Miwa went ballistic when he only said that he wants to treat a sad Kamui for dinner, following up with Morikawa, Izaki, and Trinity Dragon said yes (as if he asked them). He yelled that everyone one meal each ONLY.
    • A funny moment meta wise is that weeks after this episode aired, Chrono and Emi's voice actors declared that they are getting married. Even funnier is that it was Kamui's voice actress that played the cupid. Cue the internet's Vanguard community mourning for Kamui.
    • Due to said marriage, fans nicknamed this episode Vanguard's version of "How I met your Mother."
  • Chrono and his friends meet again at Dragon Empire Branch for Under 20 qualification. Chrono named his team 'Striders', not knowing the definition of it before Tokoha pointed it out. When asked by Chrono, what is her team's name? She looks embarrassed before pointing to the screen that displays Jaime Flowers. Chrono was about to burst into laughter though disgusted that she is in no place to say about his team's name. Poor Enishi remorsing since he is the only guy in the team while the name was specify to girls.
  • Z Episode 21, Chrono was about to declare war against Gyze only for Jaime to interrupt by pinching Chrono's cheeks. On top of that, Kumi entrusting her fighting spirits to Chrono with a strong slap that cause him to fall while for Tokoha and Shion, she gently punched their chest.
  • Z Episode 22, A bunch of slime monsters are attacking fighters all over the world. While they are weak enough for each fighter to take them out, there's just too many of them. When the Dragon Empire Branch was about to get overrun, Kanzaki simply comes in with his horse and just runs a good many of them over. Contrast that with everyone taking them out by playing Vanguard and you have one of the last epic scenes of Kanzaki
  • Z Extra turn. Most of this episode are made for laugh. Some of them are:
    1. Kazuma, Kumi and Chrono as a team, not a good combination. They messed up.
    2. Iwakura is the third member with Shion and Henri. Shion was puzzled. Henri keep getting clobber by all Dragonic Overlords. Iwakura, with confidence then challenged Kai and Ibuki
    3. Remember the Call-Back where usually Branch Chief Ryotarou was dragged away by Mamoru for skipping on jobs. This time the opposite happen as below:
    Mamoru: Onore, Branch Chief! rather than Ryoutarou: Onore, Mamoru-kun!
    4. People are invited to battle against Tokoha or Rin but it is more like Tokoha and Rin wants to battle against each other instead. Talk about Scary Ladies.
    5. The quest ended. Who's the winner? No one. Because neither the Branch Chief nor Mamoru nor the staffs are counting. Talk about wasting time.
    6. The whole thing with Satoru, Jaime, Kamui and Christ trying to make Ibuki relax. It's all Epic Fail.
    7. The fact that Kanzaki appear really does a mystery? Why did he come? Because Ibuki and the others are using his place of training without his permission. Ibuki tried to invite him. It did not work.
    8. Chrono's dream is to be an astronaut but... he was lagging behind in study. Even Taiyou can do maths like Kazuma but not Chrono. Not even he has Gratuitous English with himself when Tokoha started the lesson from abroad.
    9. We thought that it was already some years when we see Chrono actually becomes an astronaut to go to Cray but no. Chrono was just dreaming.
  • A meta example, but when they the Bermuda Triangle Booster Divas' Festa got out, they announced that "Zeroth Dragon of Distant Sea, Megiddo" would get a reprint and new artwork in that booster. They turned a Zeroth Dragon on of the most powerful and dangerous beings on cray from a fearsome looking Leviathan into a cute idol.

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