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Nightmare Fuel / Cardcaptor Sakura

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Believe it or not, even a cutesy Magical Girl series like Cardcaptor Sakura has its creepy, scary moments.

  • Chapter 5 / Episode 6: The Illusion Card, particularly when Sakura first encounters it. In both the manga and the anime, it poses as Sakura's late mother, and nearly lures her to her demise; had Yukito not shown up and saved her, Sakura would have died.
    • The anime actually tones it down; the Illusion simply lures Sakura into walking off a cliff, and the actual spirit of Sakura's mother appears and slows her fall down enough so Yukito can safely catch her. In the manga, the Illusion actually lures Sakura to a lake and tries to drown her.
  • Episode 9: The Sword Card is one of the first cards to target and attack Sakura directly. And by directly, we mean disguise itself as a brooch, brainwash Rika, one of Sakura's friends, and then attack. Sakura tells Kero that Rika is in the fourth grade, same as her, and had never even touched a sword before. Thanks to the Card's power, Rika now has all the skill of a Master Swordsman and is slashing and thrusting to kill. In short order, Sakura's Brainwashed and Crazy friend has given her a Close-Call Haircut, punched a hole through a solid wood wall, and nearly broke down the front door when Sakura tried to escape. It's only thanks to Sakura's natural athleticism and usage of the Jump Card that she wasn't killed multiple times during the fight.
  • Episode 17: The Erase Card is encountered when it started erasing the students during the Test of Courage in the cave. If Sakura hadn't captured it in time, the people erased by it would have been erased permanently.
  • Episode 28: The Shot Card adds a healthy amount of concerns into the show as everyone talks about a student having the Shot Card as if it were a kid who got their hands on their dad's gun. And when Meiling accidentally uses it on Syaoran — believing it to be a "Cupid's Arrow" type card — it proves the panic to be well founded when it almost kills him.
  • Episode 31: The Create Card, which in Naoko's hands creates a colossal dragon that normal magic has no effect on and is only stopped because Naoko closed the book the Card manifests as. Seriously, take a look at this. Keep in mind that not even Sakura using the Big Card on herself was enough to defeat it.
  • Episode 33: The Freeze Card makes its entrance by slowly lowering the temperature (indoors) to below zero before encasing everyone in ice. Sakura and Syaoran are protected by their magic, but it still comes dangerously close to freezing over Sakura and the Sealing Wand. The only silver lining is that Harmless Freezing was in full effect and no one was harmed.
  • Episode 46: The unusual take on It's a Wonderful Plot that Yue subjects Sakura to when she nearly loses the Final Judgement. She awakens in a world where the strongest relationships of her loved ones have been removed as compensation for her failure. Kero and Yukito are both absent, Nadeshiko's photograph is not on display in the Kinomoto household, Tomoyo acts more like a casual schoolmate than Sakura's devoted friend, Syaoran is cold and distant, and Toya is open and straightforward with Sakura, minus his usual teasing. During all this, Sakura grows increasingly puzzled by what is happening around her, noting the change in relationships, the increasing lack of care and concern others have for one another, and feels increasingly isolated. Tomoyo walks off at the end of the school day without sticking around to film Sakura whilst cheerleading. Sakura wanders off, finding herself outside the ruins of Yukito's house, exploring them, and bursts into tears without understanding why. Imagine going through something like this, waking up in a world that feels different, where your relationships feel colder and distant, and you don't understand why, as this has (in your altered memory) always been how it is.
  • Some of Eriol's tests in an attempt to help make Sakura stronger would have been fatal or at least badly injured people, like Rika almost drowning during Episode 63 and Sakura and Eriol nearly being killed by an avalanche during Episode 64. Fortunately, Eriol would have stopped the events if they got out of hand, but Sakura and her friends don't know that.
  • The Nothing Card in The Sealed Card movie. She may be cute as a doll and somewhat justified in her reasoning, but she also came across a Creepy Child Stalker with a Crush. The perfectly stoic expression she has as she essentially commits mass genocide probably doesn't help.