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Nightmare Fuel / Cardcaptor Sakura

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Believe it or not, even a cutesy Magical Girl series like Cardcaptor Sakura has its creepy, scary moments.

  • The Illusion Card, particularly when Sakura first encounters it. In both the manga and the anime, it poses as Sakura's late mother, and nearly lures her to her demise; had Yukito not shown up and saved her, Sakura would be dead.
    • The anime actually tones it down; the Illusion simply lures Sakura into walking off a cliff, and the actual spirit of Sakura's mother appears and slows her fall down enough so Yukito can safely catch her. In the manga, the Illusion actually lures Sakura to a lake and tries to drown her.
  • The Erase card is encountered when it started erasing the students during the Test of Courage in the cave. If Sakura didn't captured it in time the people erased by it would had been erased permanently.
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  • Some of Eriol's tests in an attempt to help make Sakura stronger would had been fatal or at least badly injured people, like Rika almost drowning during episode 63 and Sakura and Eriol nearly being killed by a avalanche during episode 64. Fortunately, Eriol would have stopped the events if they got out of hand, but Sakura and co don't know that.
  • The Nothing Card in the second movie. She may be cute as a doll and somewhat justified in her reasoning, but she also came across a Creepy Child Stalker with a Crush. The perfectly stoic expression she has as she essentially commits mass genocide probably doesn't help.

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