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All-Loving Heroine Sakura Kinomoto
  • Episode 1: What does Kero do the moment he sees Sakura after waking up? Call out, "Hidee-hodee-howdee!" Sakura's face at the sight before her is priceless.
    • That is in the dub/subs. The actual wording is to burst into loud Osaka dialect which catches Sakura off guard as much as the plush toy talking!
    • What's our very first impression of our protagonist? Having an Imagine Spot where she grows large enough to stomp her Big Brother Bully underfoot.
  • Episode 2: Surprisingly Realistic Outcome from Sakura's midnight flight last episode, as Tomoyo reveals she caught the whole thing on camera. Sakura has a slowly growing Oh, Crap! look on her face the whole time and when it finally hits her she jumps from her chair and screams in surprise. Kero then flies out from her bag thinking a Clow Card appeared, leaving Tomoyo momentarily dumbstruck for pretty much the only time in the series.
  • Episode 3, a little comic relief. Touya steals a bite of Sakura's homemade pancakes, and Sakura complains while comically flailing her arms at him (the sound effect here helps with the moment). The flailing immediately stops, though, when Touya calls out into the hallway, revealing Sakura's Precocious Crush Yukito was here, too.
  • Episode 5: Sakura locates the Jump Card in a toy store, and it decides to fight back by taking control of all the toys to make a giant version of itself. Now imagine the juxtaposition of such a huge creature and the giant "BOINNG!" it makes as it tries to roar. Furthermore, the whole fight ends rather anticlimactically when the giant Jump Card stumbles and falls, causing all the toys to fly free, and opening it for capture. As Kero noted after Sakura reseals it, "Powerful...but not too bright..."
    • Earlier when Sakura and Kero are searching the store for the Clow Card, Kero hits on a cat plush. Made even better by Sakura chewing him out for goofing off, as the page image shows.
  • Episode 9: Syaoran uses one of his Paper Talismans to set Touya's jacket on fire, and then they enter a Death Glare staring contest.
    • Sakura's horrified reaction once Tomoyo points out Syaoran is her rival in romance as well as card capturing.
    • The "Leave it to Kero-chan" segment this episode focuses on Syaoran's ceremonial outfit, only Kero doesn't like the kid, so he speeds through the entire segment in about thirty seconds.
  • Episode 10: Sakura encounters the Flower Card on the roof of a building near the school. She prepares to do battle with it. It springs forward, grabs her and... starts dancing with her, proving it to only be unintentionally dangerous.
    • Yukito deserves a nod for his hilarious Big Eater habit stunning Sakura and Syaoran, particularly when he downs a dozen or so pieces of food without taking a breath.
    • When Sakura and Tomoyo first fly above the sports festival Tomoyo pulls out their special phone to call Kero, prompting Sakura to question where she was hiding it. Especially because the camera angle makes it look like she pulled it from Sakura's uniform.
  • In episode 11, Sonomi tells Sakura about her memories of her mom Nadeshiko...who turns out to have been a massive Cute Clumsy Girl. First, she recalls a day when they were walking to school and Nadeshiko suddenly fell flat on her face. Then, she mentions Nadeshiko crashing into a tree when they go out skiing (complete with her being buried in the snow). Then she remembers the time they were in P.E class and Nadeshiko crashed into the gym props...
    • Her story eventually delves into how much she hates Sakura's dad. Sakura just looks perplexed as to how they arrived at that topic.
    • Sakura's reactions to Tomoyo and her various moments of gushing about her throughout the episode, especially when Tomoyo reveals she has a private theater in her room where she rewatches all her footage of Sakura capturing the Clow Cards.
  • In episode 13, the Power Card is a game of tug-o-war. And Sakura is helped by elephants.
  • Pretty much all of episode 14 is one funny moment after the next:
    • Sakura's (lack of) reaction after Tomoyo films her when she was lost in thought. She just awkwardly smiles for a solid five seconds without changing expression.
      Tomoyo: You were just too lovely while you were happily lost in your memories, Sakura-chan!
      Sakura: (with an incredibly stiff smile) Ah...
    • Sakura's face when she notices the piles of bottles at Syaoran's feet from staking out Yukito's station.
    • Yukito effortlessly beating the basketball team's station three times to win the kids stuffed animals.
    • The kids' not knowing how to respond when Yukito says he'll be a can of mackerel in the school play.
    • The reveal of the school play: Cinderella, only with boys playing the female roles and girls playing the male roles, staring a very unconvincing Touya as the titular princess. Even the ever chipper Tomoyo is at a loss for words at the play's absurdity.
    • Sakura is so shocked by her brother playing the main role she literally falls out of her chair.
    • Then Yukito shows up as a "sorcerer" (i.e. the fairy godmother) who wears a can of mackerel that gained magical powers as time passed, which causes Sakura and Syaoran to fall out of their chairs.
  • Episode 15: Who could forget the scene that (in)famously managed to slip in where Kero gets drunk off some liquor chocolates? He's later seen in an alleyway drunkenly pouring his heart out to a cartoon alligator statue before passing out on a couch someone threw out.
    • While most of his interactions with Akane are very sweet, his initial confusion on where he is and the little dance he does to cheer her up are both rather amusing.
  • Episode 19: Sakura masters sensing Clow Cards, managing to catch the week's card, the Move. Her euphoria fades as she realises she's jumped straight onto the riverbed and teeters wildly. Syaoran tries to help her but ends up with her into the water. Capped off with his reference to his fortune from earlier in the episode ("bad things will happen if I deal with women") while Sakura smiles sheepishly:
    Syaoran: The fortune was warning me about this...
    • Another moment from this episode, where Yukito pops up as Sakura is trying to construct a birdbox with a hammer. She is so blindly happy to see him, she smashes the box to pieces with the hammer. Toya offers to build for her in exchange for five days worth of chores. He also reveals that the year before, Sakura made a penguin-shaped money box but couldn't put money in it because the beak was too thin.
    • From the same episode, Meiling's whole introduction scene.
  • Episode 23: Poor, poor Sakura spends a good portion of the episode scared out of her wits at the prospect of a ghost in the music room, at one point even jumping out of her seat with a scream at the prospect of investigating the rumor at night... right in the middle of class. When Syaoran and Meiling accidently suprise her later that night she flips out, startling them in the process. All while Tomoyo's just happily filming away.
    • The Running Gag of Meiling offering to use her self-proclaimed excellent singing only for Kero to interrupt with "putting that idea aside..."
  • Episode 24: Tomoyo demonstrating her outstanding acting skills to sneak Kero out from the living room in front of Touya and Yukito. She feigns a dizzy spell and spins all the way around room until she dramatically falls down behind the couch, only to pop back up saying she's perfectly fine a split second later and edges her way out the room while facing them, hiding Kero behind her and laughing awkwardly the whole way. The two teens share a look the just screams "What the hell was that about?"
  • Episode 31 has a number of funny moments:
  • In episode 32, Kero and Syaoran have a "Freaky Friday" Flip as a result of The Change card. Despite trying to impersonate the other in the crowd in their original owner's voice, their natural instincts get the best of them and lots of Hilarity Ensues at their ineffective attempts at acting like the other person.
  • In Episode 38, Kero behaves for once and asks Sakura where's his sweets. Sakura gets petrified, and then Kero asks if she gave it all to "that snow rabbit" (Yukito). The music stops, they laugh, and Sakura ends up admitting she did. Hilarity Ensues.
    • It's even funnier in the Brazilian Dub, where Kero calls Yukito a G-Rated F-word:
      Kero: Don't tell me you've used all the strawberries to make a cake for that freaky little pansy.
  • In Episode 47, Sakura arrives early to class and begins singing to herself in happiness at getting everything done during the summer...not realising Syaoran is right in front of her. The two very meekly say hello.
  • In Episode 58, when Yue and Kero are stuck and unable to transform into their false forms, Sakura needs to finish her chores so she can devote her time to changing them back. She sets Kero to doing the laundry, and Kero starts whining about how she better make Yue help, too. Sakura walks up to Yue, and... asks him to go ahead and rest where he is. Kerberos is livid. "You and Clow Reed both always spoil Yue!" Later, when Sakura has to give Kero a bath because he spilled flour everywhere, Yue cleans it up while she (and the camera) isn't looking.
  • In Episode 63, Kero is revealed to have snuck into Sakura's backpack to eat her cream soda. Emerging from his hiding place in the bag, he begins to laugh maniacally — cutting to outside, revealing Kero is in a locker with a little girl nearby hearing his cackle and runs off in terror.
  • In Episode 65, Touya's reaction when Nakuru asks Sakura to be in her movie: he freaks out and shouts "Hoeee?!!" in unison with his sister.
  • Meiling is full of these. Choice moments:
    • When Syaoran tells her she shouldn't come with them on one occasion because it's too dangerous, she points out Tomoyo, who happens to be videotaping the whole thing. She then whines that she could have brought a camera too.
    • "How can I be so perfect at everything else yet I am lousy at baking a stupid cake?" Made even funnier when later on, she whines in the first movie about not getting straight A's.
    • "Is hypothermia part of the curriculum?"
    • And when she returns for one episode in the last season, she asks Sakura what she's smiling about. Sakura says she's just happy to see her again. Her response: "Really? You mean that's it?"
    • Just about any moment where her Genkiness goes overboard. Made even funnier because all the consequences that poor Syaoran has to face as a result. Just observe the look on his face in Episode 19 and then see it again at the beginning of Episode 20 — from there on he just went from Jerkass to an adorable Butt-Monkey.
    • Sakura spends most of Episode 20 earning Death Glares from her due to accidentally upstaging her or getting too close to Syaoran. Sakura is left absolutely terrified of her. Essentially Syaoran's debut Played for Laughs.
    • Any time Kero argues with "Girl Punk/Brat", especially in regards to their cheerleader duties with Sakura or Syaoran. Special case for Episode 31 when they get in a heated row over which rival sensed the card's presence first. Sakura and Syaoran just stand silent, bewildered.
    • In Episode 35, Sakura approaches Meiling with the intention of asking for romantic advice on what gift she should present Yukito with for Christmas. Meiling's response is to back down in absolute fear and accuse Sakura of plotting to kidnap her, hold her for ransom and steal Syaoran's Clow Cards, complete with Imagine Spot. And even after everything's clear, we get this:
      Meiling: It doesn't matter how much the gift costs or what it is, it's the feelings behind it that matter, right?
      Tomoyo: (smiles and nods in agreement)
      Meiling: Whether it's something you worked hard to make or something you've picked for him, it should be okay either way, right?
      Sakura: (smiling) Oh, Meiling-chan...
      Meiling: And if he hates you, anything you give him is going to be horrible, anyway.
      Sakura: (faceplants)
      Meiling: ...does he hate you?
  • Some of the funniest moments in the entire series happen whenever Syaoran falls victim to the Luminescent Blush. We're not kidding, this guy could give lessons to tomatoes and beetroots in turning red.
    • One of the most hilarious moments of all was his very first blush in Episode 27 when Sakura hugged him for the first time. He never managed to pull anything quite like that again.
    • Even more funny was that he was already totally exhausted and the shock of realization proved to be too much for him.
    • After he and Sakura upgrade to First-Name Basis. He sweats and blushes mortified as she gleefully explains the whole thing to Tomoyo and continuously refers to him affectionately by "Syaoran-kun".
  • Kero and his Big Eater tendencies.
  • Whenever Syaoran's serious mystique gets broken by Butt-Monkey moments and Luminescent Blushes.
    • Episode 31 is a good example. Poor Li is accosted by a cat that's been made giant sized thanks to the Big Card.
    Li: (cat starts liking him affectionately) Stop it cat! I'm armed here!
  • Any Moment Killer, but the one where Yamazaki interrupts Syaoran in Episode 61 was so sudden he experiences a complete brain shutdown on that occasion.
  • Tomoyo trying to record Sakura on her camera. There's this scene where the Snow Card creates an incredibly powerful blizzard threatening to bury the whole town. Our heroes are barely struggling to stand, and all she can say is "At this rate...I can't film Sakura!". Cue Sakura passing out in sheer shock.
    • In Episode 53, she's horrified seeing Sakura passed out in Syaoran's arms. Guess what? She realized she missed out all the action on Sakura converting the Dash card... Not to mention the following moment where her camera's batteries ran out.
    • In one chapter of the manga, she gets lost inside Tomoeda Elementary School when its interior is turned into a nondeterministic maze. When Sakura finally manages to find her with the Shadow card after a lot of panicking, Tomoyo's to lament that she wasn't able film Sakura's conversion of the Shadow.
    • She also couldn't capture Sakura and Syaoran's hug at the end in both the manga and anime — now just try to imagine her horrified reaction for having missed that moment.
  • Kero is busy trying to break the record score of 400 million points when he gets distracted by Sakura calling him for help. He desperately juggles between talking and playing. Just as Sakura is about to put the phone down we hear a Big "NO!" at Kero's end. Reason? The screen reads, "Game Over. Points: 399,999,999."
    • Noteworthy is the completely mortified face Kero gives. The teaser for the episode actually uses the shot as Sakura explains Meiling is coming back. Given Kero's usual relationship with Meiling this comes off as hilariously fitting.
  • The scene where Kero meets Suppie for the first time will make you die laughing — it elevates The Ditz trope to a different dimension altogether.
    • A drunk Suppie, and his general reaction to sweets, is a cute Suppie.
  • Yamazaki, whether he's telling a far fetched story or starring as the evil witch in the school play.
    • Doubled in the third season where Eriol starts joining in on Yamazaki's stories, to the point they are so in line with each other they even know how to finish each other's deranged plot points.
  • Any time Eriol teams up with Yamazaki to tell some absurd story (to Chiharu's dismay) and any time Eriol (and sometimes Tomoyo making things worse, too) screws with Syaoran regarding Sakura. For instance, in Episode 55, when Eriol promises to take Sakura to "Alice's kingdom" and Tomoyo starts talking very casually about how this means England, which means Eriol wants to introduce Sakura to his parents, all while watching Syaoran out of the corner of her eye for a reaction.
    • When Sakura winds up in Wonderland, she of course imagines Yukito as the white rabbit. But as he's running to make his appointment, he stops, suddenly, and realizes flying would be faster. So he transforms into Yue, still with bright pink clothes and bunny ears. Yue. With bunny ears. Image here for your viewing pleasure.
  • The opening to the 2nd movie becomes this as much as awesome once Fridge Brilliance kicks in. The entire thing was staged by Tomoyo and the BGM is heard in-universe as Tomoyo added it in during editing. Also, for reasons that are not clear, Yue apparently agreed to it, seeing as he's there in the video.
  • The entirety of the Omake that follows Tomoyo and Sakura filming the original intro, and then later suggests she's the one who filmed the first season of the anime and says she'll broadcast it on TV.


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