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Despite the dark, horrific and sad nature of the series, School-Live! still manages to have many moments that'll make you burst out laughing.

  • Kurumi's first attempt at catching a pigeon in Episode 7. She tries to sneak up behind it and trap it in a basket, but her shadow gives her away. She completely misses it, and the pigeon smacks her on the head as it flies off.
  • Megumi being constantly ignored by the other girls, especially in the second episode when they make remarks about how they're still young and don't notice her discomfort with the subject. It becomes less funny once you know that the reason why they ignore her is because she isn't actually there.
  • YMMV, but the way Takahito absolutely fails to accomplish anything throughout the University arc and is utterly humiliated by the time he meets his gruesome demise could be considered darkly humorous, with special mention going to how his attempt at running Miki over results in him crashing right into a wall instead.
    • On the same note, the end of chapter 54 has Ayaka leaving the university right after murdering Takahito, ranting to herself about how the world exists for her and how she won't die, only for her car to break down on her while she's driving and leaving her stranded with several zombies pounding on the car. Made even funnier by how she almost lets out an F-bomb as it happens, and because it's the first time we see her actually show some amount of fear.

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