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  • Any of Enju's Precocious Crush fantasies involving Rentaro will fall into this.
  • In episode 1, when Rentaro heard about a bean sprout sale (note, the Tendo Civil Security Company is always at Perpetual Poverty), he rushes off to buy them and gave them to Kisara. Kisara's reaction is priceless.
  • A sick Miori collapses in Rentaro's apartment in episode 5. Kisara then enters, and collapses from hunger right on top of her. He tells Enju having those two girls in the same vicinity is a bad thing, as evidenced by the Cat Fight moments later when Miori teases Rentaro too much in front of Kisara.
    • As the Cat Fight starts, Rentaro and Enju nonchalantly move the dinner table to the next room.
  • Kisara's offer to hold hands with Rentaro in episode 6 is foiled when a tiny pair of hands begins to grope her breasts instead. Said hands belong to Enju, who's not happy about how big Kisara's breasts are.
    • From the same episode, Kisara's response to Rentaro having a meeting with Miori alone is to intercept Rentaro right when he arrives at the office and instruct him to fill her with bullets after she tear gasses the room. Rentaro, with a look and voice that pretty much says he expected this to happen and is tired of it all, just tells her to wait outside and deal with it.
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  • This exchange from Episode 8
    Kisara: Good morning, Satomi-kun, I'm coming in.
    (Rentaro and Enju wake up)
    Rentaro: Could you say that before you get in?
    Kisara: Shut up, I've come to take back Tina today, Huh? Where is she anyway?
    (Tina crawls out from under Rentaro's blanket)
    Tina: Good morning. Wasn't last night fun, onii-san? Though it was scary at first, I'm happy that you taught me a lot of things.
    (Cue shocked looks from Rentaro, Enju, and Kisara)
    Kisara: I-I'm calling the police...
    Enju: Tina beat me to it!
  • A meta example; the author notes in the light novel have numerous Self-Deprecation, but this one happens to be noteworthy in volume 5's author notes:
    Shiden Kanzaki: Finally, there are the readers. Using the sweet bait of "lolis, lolis here" and "boobs, boobs here" like a peepshow to entice the readers, then turning the page to show disgusting scenes like heads falling suddenly to the ground or disemboweled guts, known for underhanded marketing methods rare in recent times, the worst writer in all of history—me, Shiden Kanzaki—still energetically aiming for renewing the record for being the worst.

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