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Its Strictly Formula, and its hilarious!

  • In Episode 3, where Yoshii spills his crepe bites on Kubo's face while running away from Miharu. Kubo's face still has some white cream on it when...
    Kubo: My dear Yoshii, you've made a mess of my face. [licks some]
    • Also in Episode 3, three characters have a conversation in front of a fountain in the shape of a cherub... with water coming out of its butt. And the water pressure keeps changing, from a dribble to a spray.
    • In the same conversation, when Shimada mentions that she hasn't needed to buy a new blouse in over a year, Yoshii automatically says (by way of voicing his thoughts emotionlessly) "In other words your development has ceased and my knee joints are being forcefully twisted OW!"
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    • Also in Episode 3, Yuuji appears at the movie theater being dragged by his (hitherto Stalker with a Crush) girlfriend in shackles. She calmly informs him that they'll be watching Apocalypse Now Redux, which runs three hours and twenty-three minutes. Twice. And if he gets bored he can "sleep on her shoulder"—and she holds up a taser. And tases him mercilessly. And proceeds to buy "one student ticket and another unconscious student ticket for two runs." Slapstick is funny!
  • How about in Episode 4, "Love, Spice and Boxed Lunches," where the main boys of Class F each try Mizuki Himeji's cooking only to suddenly collapse in horrible pain? Of course, they can't bring themselves to tell her how bad her cooking really is, so Yoshii tries to convince himself with Yuuji's help that Love is the greatest spice of all. Then when he collapses from eating it.
    Yuuji: Love doesn't protect against poison. Check.
    • And in Episode 5, when the boys accidentally uncover a basket of small chiffon cakes that Himeji made, except that there are four boys and only three cakes at the time. After engaging in "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to determine the survivor, Kouta is gagging on a cake, Yoshii and Yuuji are trying to shove a cake down each other's throat, and Hideyoshi is curled up near a wall, traumatized by the whole event.
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  • In the manga, instead of eating said lunch after everyone collapsed he shoved it down an weakly struggling Yuuji because of the things he sent him through as revenge. Of course Himeji is none the wiser when coming back.
  • A better question would be to ask which moments aren't funny in this show.
  • In Episode 10, the Smug Snake from class B gets his comeuppance when Yoshii leaves Himeji's cookies in his shoebox.
    Fukuhara: That's the sound of his soul being taken away...
  • The FFF holds an "inquisition" for Akihisa when Himeji offers him some of her food, by literally putting him on a cross and sentencing him to death. When Himeji tries to speak up for him, all she can do stumble over her words before smiling cutely. They immediately set Akihisa on fire.
    • Shortly afterwards, in the very same episode, the FFF spot Minami trying to give her boxed lunch to Akihisa. She tries to explain the situation...only to also stumble on her words before smiling cutely. The FFF then resume their persecution of Akihisa.
  • Anytime Yuuji puts his hand on someones shoulder, seriously.
  • Anytime Hideyoshi gets confused for a girl, which is often.
    Akira: There's no way my stupid, ugly, good-for-nothing little brother would be able to get girls to be friends with him. [looks at Shimada and Himeji] Although I must say the two of you are rather strange looking boys.
    Yoshii: Why are you so rude all of a sudden! Go back to being nice, okay? All three of them are girls!
    Hideyoshi: Ugh, how many ways can I put it.
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  • At the beginning of Episode 13, Voyeur tries to look up Shimada's skirt for the first time in quite a few episodes. He then notices Himeji sitting in an even better position for an upskirt photo and desperately tries to get a look by sliding on the floor. He creates so much friction that he catches on fire. He's okay, though, because it's put out by his own nosebleed seconds later.
  • Almost all of the first half of Episode 3 of Season 2. Hideyoshi and Yuuko switch place for a day. Hilarity Ensues.
    • To start off, in the cold open, we see Yuuko pretending to be Hideyoshi. Akihisa is suspicious, not because Hideyoshi appears more feminine, but because he appears less so.
    • Yuuko's pissed because she's been asked to perform a song for a school promotional video. However, she can't sing but at the same time she wants to keep her image as a perfect student
    • Yuuko then gets the idea that Hideyoshi should sing for her in her guise.
    Yuuko: I'm thinking, you're good at impressions, correct?
    Hideyoshi: If you're referring to my skills in the thespian then...wait a minute!
    Yuuko: Come, on brother. Don't you wanna help your sister out of a bad situation? As a favor?
    Hideyoshi: A favor!? How is it a favor if you're THREATENING MY LIFE!?
  • Episode 5 of Season 2, The gang gets bored on the ride to training camp. Akihisa notices Minami reading a personality quiz book and tells her to ask him some questions.
    Minami: Among friends of the opposite sex, who do you associate with the following colors? Green, orange, and blue.
    Akihisa: Hmm... orange is Hideyoshi, blue is Himeji, green can be Minami.
    Minami (rips book in half): Could you explain why exactly you assigned green to me and blue to Mizuki?
    Akihisa (thinking): If I tell her it's cause I saw her wearing green panties before, I'm guessing she's gonna get mad.
    Minami: I'm not gonna get mad, so you can tell the truth.
    Akihisa: Because I saw you wearing green panties before.
    Minami (has Akihisa by the collar, still holding a cheery disposition): Hey, Yuuji, could you open the window, please?
    Yuuji: Sure thing.
    Akihisa: What's going on? Are you gonna throw me outta the windows!?
    • Next Minami asks the group to pick two numbers between one and ten.
    Minami: The first number you stated most likely indicates the way you present yourself to other people. Yuuji's five means he's cool and snickle, Hideyoshi's two means calm and common sense, Aki's one means he should die, and Mizuki's three means she's gentle and careful.
    Akihisa: Wait, did you just say mine means I have to die?
    Minami: The second number you stated most likely represents your true self that you don't normally reveal to other people. Yuuji's six means fairness and kindness, Hideyoshi's seven means strong feminine charms, Aki's four means he should die tragically, Mizuki's nine means a strong will.
    Akihisa: Wait, now I'm supposed to die tragically?
  • Episode 7 of Season 2, Miharu is up to her usual antics. What's Minami's counter this time? Using Sugawa as a shield to take Miharu's Glomp for her. The animation kind of makes it look like Minami pulled Sugawa right out of her pocket, too...
    • Which is later re-used by Yuuji in Episode 13 of Season 2, after Akihisa (in an attempt to affirm Yuuji's "feelings" for Shouko) tells him that she's nearby.
    Akihisa (deadpan): Yuuji, she's not actually here...
  • Episode 7 of Season 2, Kouta is peeking out from under a blanket and slowly has a nosebleed that covers the mattress as he takes photos of the girls in the room. The bloody spot keeps getting bigger and bigger and after a shot of Hideyoshi the blood covers the whole floor.
    • Later on in that scene, Yoshi becomes alarmed over Iron Man coming to their room, remarking how it would look bad since there are four half-naked girls there. Hideyoshi realizes that he was included in the four.
    • For that matter, Iron Man catching Akihisa and Yuuji struggling in the hallway, Yuuji half naked and Akihisa in drag. What clinches it is the fact that Iron Man isn't even MAD at the two of them, he just looks at them almost sympathetically and tells them that they really should just stick to doing that sort of thing behind closed doors.
  • Episode 8 of Season 2, while standing out more for it's Heartwarming Moments near the end, still had a couple of these:
    • When Hideyoshi is introducing himself to the class, Minami thinks to herself, "I wonder why that girl's wearing a guy's uniform," ultimately deciding that it's probably because "she" doesn't like wearing skirts.
    • Later, when Hideyoshi goes to the bathroom...
    Minami: So the girls' room is blue and the boys' is pink here, is it? Yes, that could have been very awkward.
    [Minami enters the "ladies' room"]
    Male Student: What the hell! Why are the girls in here!?
    Hideyoshi (as Minami is dragging him out of the bathroom): No, wait! I have to pee really bad!
  • Episode 9 of Season 2, Minami tells Miharu that she and Akihisa have started dating. The FFF is not having it but Akihisa apparently took a page from Minami's book and prepares himself this time with a flipped-up mat to shield him from their school supply projectiles.
  • In Volume 7. Yuuji represented the class to negotiate with Ironman, going on a tirade about how education is important and all sorts of stuff. Ironman's response?
    Ironman: But I won't return those Ero-books back to you.
    • Soon after, the entire class of guys (note, no Hideyoshi) went to fight Ironman. Ironman won easily.
  • Also in Volume 7. Class 2-F was going against Class 3-A (the damned Toko-Natsu pair) in a summoned beast baseball tournament. The principal had enough of the boys trying to do collateral damage to each other (as each damage would hurt each other like usual summoning battles) and set every summoned beast's damage to affect the user as well (Akihisa's probationary student ability). Yuuji promptly placed Akihisa as the catcher and HIMEJI MIZUKI AS THE PITCHER. Given that the pitch speed would be equivalent to the points of the controller, and then Mizuki doesn't know and have any control of her baseball, and that the ball would be the equivalent of a weapon in a summoning battle, the end result was that 4 people 'died' tragically as a result, the Toko-Natsu pair, the batter who was supposed to be next, and their own teammate...
    • To top it off, the reason why Mizuki agreed to pitch was that Yuuji said that the pitcher-and-catcher relationship was a husband-and-wife relationship...
  • In Volume 10, Takagi's official introduction. Top of Year 3 in grades, bishounen, and an idiot who falls in love easily. Best of all, he got fooled by all the lies 2-F gave him. Keep in mind that this is the guy who came up with the plan that corner class 2-F in volumes 8 and 9. Oh, and he kissed Akihisa at the end of the volume.
  • Any of the DVD specials. Seriously. These include: a fairytale retelling with Mizuki as Narrator (who actually acts as a Lemony Narrator in her favor) and the cast as the story's characters; a crossdressing pageant with Yuuko and Kubo as judges and the boys as contestants and the girls wearing the boys' uniform; and the King's Game, which has amazingly destructive results.
  • Episode 4, Season 2, especially the second half. The principal gets the main cast to test the trial summoning system, and Hilarity Ensues when the summoned beings act like children, speak like humans, and reveal their summoners' secrets...
  • Episode 3, Season 2, the first half while the second is more of a Heartwarming Moment: Yuuko and Hideyoshi switch identities for a day. Hilarity Ensues, as always.
  • Episode 8, Season 1, pay attention near the beginning when Akihisa is paying off Kouta. Kouta, for one brief second has a Geass.
  • In the light novels, Volume 9.5, during their first day of school in Fumizuki. Yuuji meets Akihisa for the first time. Akihisa was wearing a sailor uniform. Yuuji immediately thinks he's a pervert.
  • In the first OVA episode, when Mizuki suggests a wedding coffee-shop for the school fest, the "demo video" shows Akisha and a bunch of FFF members with Wingding Eyes chasing after……Hideyoshi in a wedding dress.
  • Episode 11, Season 2, fifth grader Yuuji and Shouko are sitting in the classroom doing errands, Shouko wants to chat, but Yuuji keeps ignoring her, so after a few attempts she drops comments that "boys are interested in" to get him to listen, causing Yuuji to Head Desk repeatedly.
    Shouko: That was mean, Yuuji.
    Yuuji: No it wasn't.
    Shouko: Was too.
    Yuuji: Was not.
    Shouko: Was too.
    Yuuji: Was not.
    Shouko: Yuuji... in our entire class, I've got the biggest of the boobies.
    Yuuji: [bumps his head into the desk] Shouko! I told you I'm not into stuff like that!
  • Volume 11 gives us a scene where class F are facing off against the third-year students and decide to fend them off by claiming their idiocy is infectious and playing this up as much as possible. The best part is when they target Hideyoshi, and the class F boys claim that "she" is just as idiotic because she's confused about her gender.


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