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  • Left Hand (a.k.a. Lefty) chastises D in the original film for still trying to resist his vampiric urges, even after being given permission by the Girl of the Week to drain her. He also teases him when he uses his fangs to suck the blood from the Midwich Medusas:
    D: "I wonder, do I need two hands?"
    Left Hand: "Very well, my lips are sealed."
    • The scene where Lefty slaps D to stir him from stillness.
    Left Hand: "WAKE! UP! YOU! BIG! LUMMOX!"
    • His response once D comes to and slays the incoming mist monster.
    Left Hand: Well, we made it through that one somehow.
    • His reply in the Streamline dub in the same scene.
    Left Hand: What would you do without me??? [beat] Don't answer that.
  • Bloodlust has a few, usually involving Lefty. Of particular note is the scene after D gets knocked off of Meier Link's carriage and drags his hand on the ground to steady himself. Left Hand's response?
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  • Lefty isn't pleased that its advice is ignored:
    Lefty: Yeah, well, what's the sound of one hand yapping...
  • And, of course, the last line of the film:
    Well, that was nice. You're not so bad after all... you just dress bad.

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