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Despite this being the darkest arc that Dragon Ball has ever seen, that doesn't stop it from having its fair share of hilarity.

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     Episodes 47-51 
Episode 47
  • Goku vs. Piccolo, lettuce picking race. Piccolo. He grumbles about his getting at-the-ready being a pure impulse reaction, but then soon gets into it, seeing that it does seem to be a kind of multi-training. Remember how this guy used to be a Demon King...?
  • Later, Krillin shows up and asked how Goku is fine with this when Vegeta is training at Beerus' place. Cue Goku teleporting instantly to Beerus' place, landing right in front of Vegeta's punch.
    • Better yet, he teleported while still holding a head of lettuce, and when Beerus asked if it's a gift, Goku promptly gave it to him.
    • Chi-Chi forces Krillin to take Goku's place in the race after he leaves.
  • All it takes is an offhand mention of Zen'o for Beerus to nearly choke on his ramen.

Episode 48

  • The incredibly hammy way Pilaf explains that in a composite operation you do the multiplication before the subtraction. It ends with an impromptu kabuki performance.
    Math teacher: "That was a needlessly complicated explanation that made you sound like an old man, but well done."
  • While it might not be funny from Kid!Trunks' POV, it's humorous to see Pilaf and the others imply to him that Bulma and Vegeta had another son named Trunks, and had been keeping his existence a secret from Kid!Trunks his whole life, especially since they treat it like the plot twist in a telenovela. Meanwhile, Kid!Trunks spends the whole conversation having a gibbering existential meltdown.
    • Pilaf is accurate in saying that the mysterious stranger is the illegitimate child of Bulma and Vegeta. They weren't married when Trunks was born.
    • When Pilaf talks about how it could be a clone and that they have a potentially illegal secret, Trunks finally goes from internally screaming to externally screaming, and Bulma has had enough:
      Pilaf gang: Yes ma'am, sorry ma'am.
  • That poor tutor, as she was severely shocked by these normal DB antics - Kid!Trunks flying, turning Super Saiyan, people appearing and disappearing via Instant Transmission - leading her to question if this is a dream, if her whole life is a dream, and/or if she really exists. She goes home with a headache from all this, while the Pilaf gang are unfazed, having gotten used to all this a long time ago.
    Shu: That's what we call the 'normal person' reaction.
    Mai: Yeah, we've gotten too used to seeing this. (Shu and Pilaf nod in agreement)
    (after the tutor has left)
    Vegeta: Wimp.
  • Pilaf and Shu are shocked when Trunks grabs Mai's hand, shocked at Trunks' sheer nerve, and Mai herself is also too shocked to say anything or protest. It's evident that their romantic values are a bit dated.
  • Beerus and Whis decide to come with Goku and Vegeta for no other reason than the fact Beerus thought the whole situation was getting pretty interesting.
  • Karin and Yajirobe limbo-ing in Karin's Tower, with the implication that they spend all their time goofing off like this.

Episode 49

  • Trunks is seconds away from starting a fight with Goku, his fist inches away and shows no sign of relenting. What finally makes him stop? A big dope slap across the back of the head courtesy of Bulma. Bonus points for Super's usual dramatic theme music getting abruptly cut off by said slap.
  • The Pilaf Gang's antics continue. Pilaf wants to use Trunks' time machine to go back in time to recover the 100 zeni he lost to a Vending Machine.
  • Continuing to derive humor from making Kid!Trunks freak out, when Beerus is figuring out the time travel shenanigans he drags Trunks into an awkward one-armed hug that clearly makes him uncomfortable. Also, his first reaction in the dub to learning that he's looking at an older version of himself is "...I'm freaking out here."
  • When Beerus and Whis reveal time travel is a serious crime punishable by the gods and Future Trunks learns gods are a thing. Trunks drops to his knees to beg "God" to spare them. He ends up begging to Whis while Beerus points to himself with an utterly confused face that screams "But, I'm the god". When Whis and Bulma points out that Beerus is the God, Trunks tells Whis he thought he was the god, to Beerus' twitching frustration.
    • The dub takes this Up to Eleven where Trunks responds with a deadpan "seriously?" upon finding out Beerus is the God. He then says that he thought Beerus was Whis's pet right in front of Beerus, entirely unaware of Beerus's capricious nature; it makes you think he seriously dodged a Hakai there.
  • The price Future Trunks has to pay to gain Beerus' forgiveness; he has to find food that is both delicious and Beerus hasn't tried yet. Bulma immediately pulls a fish sausage out of her pocket, long-prepared for this eventuality.
  • Goku saying that Goku Black sounds cooler than him when Future Trunks describes him as looking exactly like him except he wears black clothes.
  • Bulma complains about Goku Black's name, saying that whoever named him that had very poor sense.
    Trunks: But, you were the one who called him that, Mom...
    Bulma: ...It's future me, not me!
  • Goku complaining about Vegeta talking of beating Goku Black, whom he refers to as Kakarot.
  • During Goku and Trunks' sparring session, Bulma activates an energy shield to prevent damage to the surrounding areas. But it's not enough to stop the power of SSJ3.
  • When they hear what is going on, Piccolo and Krillin fly off to help. Goten tries to go with them, but Chi-Chi stops him. He protests that the world may be in danger again, but she says studying is more important.

Episode 50

  • Vegeta informs Trunks that Goku has a nasty habit of not taking fights seriously in the beginning. Trunks' reaction sells it.
    Trunks: Habit?!
  • When Goku Black powers up in the English dub, Krillin says what most people are thinking:
  • Goku gets confused when Whis explains how the Ring of Time works, and Piccolo says it's natural for Goku to be confused.
  • Pilaf's Fire Brigade. They double as a Call-Back to an early Dragonball educational short.
  • After Trunks' Time Machine is destroyed, Beerus tells the humans to just give up on time travel, telling them that sometimes there is just no winning. He then tells Whis how he ate all the Fish sausages, only for Whis to pull out the last Fish Sausage and tell Beerus that sometimes, you just can't win. Beerus' reaction of shock, then annoyance really sells it.
    • As usual, the English dub made it funnier, with Beerus kind of sounding like Fat Bastard.
    Beerus: (about the fish sausages) They're in mah belly!

Episode 51

  • Bulma says they have to be really careful around Cell's time machine since it is old and damaged, then Goku immediately starts crawling all over and poking it, wondering about the hole in the glass.
  • Goku sucking up to Whis for more training, only to get nonchalantly rejected.
  • Goku teleports to King Kai's planet to train. King Kai is still mad about how Goku damaged his planet the last time he was there and immediately kicks him out.
    Goku: Hi, King Kai!
    King Kai: Oh, it's you.
    Goku: Oh come on, I just came by so you could train me.
    King Kai: Go away!!
    Goku: What's wrong? Are you mad about something?
    *pans out to show his damaged planet*
    King Kai: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
  • Bulma orders Piccolo and Krillin to clean up her yard after Goku and Black's battle trashed it. Krillin complains, while Piccolo tells him to think of it as training.
  • Future Trunks interacting with Present Mai - Present Trunks is either feeling threatened by this, thinks it's weird note , or possibly both. That is, least till it stops being funny.
  • Pilaf and Shu ask Future Trunks what happened to their future counterparts. He replies:
    Future Trunks: (confused) I don't know who you two are.

     Episodes 52-56 
Episode 52
  • We finally see the results of Krillin and Piccolo fixing up Bulma's back yard: small mounds of earth where all the craters were, and what's more it looked like they filled it all in with shovels.
  • Any time Trunks tries to get Mai's attention.
    Trunks: (posing with a handsaw to make himself look more like Future Trunks)
    Mai: (confused) What are you doing?
  • Future Trunks' reaction to being introduced to Gohan's Great Saiyaman alter-ego. His reaction once Gohan does his goofy poses for Pan really sells it.
    Future Trunks: (mentally) I am so confused right now...
  • Trunks learns for the first time how difficult raising a baby with Saiyan blood (1/4th of it anyway) can be.
    • The first thing Pan does is squirt milk from her bottle at Trunks, then her dad and granddad Hercule. Then she kicks Trunks in the chest and pulls at his hair. By the time Gohan arrives, the den is trashed and poor Trunks is desperately pulling his sword from her.
    • And now, we can imagine what it was like for Goku (Gohan only), Chi-Chi, and Bulma, on raising their children.

Episode 53

  • Upon being transported to the World of the Kais of U10, Goku forgets to fly and comically falls to the ground.
  • Goku right off the bat runs up to Zamasu, talks about how he heard that he's really strong (by Supreme Kai standards), and trying to humbly introduce himself, similar to how his meeting with Beerus went. Beerus and Whis are both visibly amused by this too.
    • In the Latin American Spanish dub, when Goku both introduces himself to Zamasu and asks him to spar, he has many Malapropers that blatantly show he really does not like being formal, especially when it's Beerus who forces him to act that way.
      Goku: (introducing himself) Me da susto conocerle.note 
      Goku: (asking Zamasu for a spar) Si fuera usted abominable de pelear conmigo... note 
  • Upon Goku requesting a fight from Zamasu. Beerus yanks Goku by the ear and sends him swinging away proclaiming "That can wait". Goku whining like a small kid as he grabs his ear really sells the scene.
  • Goku claiming that Zamasu staring at him is making him blush.
  • In the English dub, Zamasu's long, droning "uhhh" and blank look as he is still trying to process what has happened in the past few minutes.
  • Goku's constant pestering for Zamasu to give him a fight despite Zamasu's obvious discomfort. Particularly the background event where Zamasu sees Goku coming (from off-screen), and tries to get away only for Goku to follow anyway, all while Beerus and Whis are talking to Gowasu.
  • Beerus' reactions to being compared to both Goku and Zamasu.
    Gowasu: (Regarding Goku) Who is he? He's not even a god, yet his power rivals the God of Destruction!
    Beerus: Did you say his power rivals mine?!
  • And later:
    Goku: (Regarding Zamasu) Still this trembling in my hand makes me think back to when I fought Beerus-sama.
    Beerus: What?! Don't compare him to me! I'm on a completely different level!!
    Goku: Nah, he's still got plenty of room for improvement. He might become a god as strong as you.
    Beerus: DON'T COMPARE HIM TO ME!! I'M ON A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LEVEL!!!! If you don't drop your insolence, I'll turn you into space dust!
  • Shu tripping himself so Future Trunks can see Mai's gentle side, which only ends up electing a reaction from Kid Trunks instead. Mai's a little awkward about the sudden forwardness.
  • Mai getting embarrassed and slapping Pilaf after realizing what they are trying to do. Future Trunks asks if this is all a comedic play, prompting both Pilaf and Shu to call the future warrior dense.
  • Krillin trying to explain to Trunks that Android 18 is now his wife. For that matter, 18 actually teasing Trunks for killing her future counterpart and trying to extort money for the deed. Trunks is flustered and stuttering his words before 18 replies with a warm smile, stating that she's only kidding.

Episode 54

  • Black Comedy, but even in Future Trunks' imagination, he still can't beat Goku Black who laughs and trolls him.
  • While watching Future Trunks, Shu picks up that he's image training. Mai tries the same thing, calling up her own 'death' as heard from Future Trunks, so she pretends in-image to get a last favor from him (a kiss)... and gets a little too caught up in it, to Shu's shock. Frankly, she's lucky neither version of Trunks was nearby to see that display.
    Shu: (to himself; in shock) That's not what image training's for!
  • Whis arrives back on Earth by cratering the ground at Capsule Corp, leaving Goku and Beerus in the hole while he floats without a scratch. Whis insists that their bickering threw off his landing, but Beerus is sure Whis did it on purpose.
  • Goku and Beerus fighting over a plate of food. Counts as a heartwarming moment too, since Beerus isn't throwing his usual temper tantrums over petty matters and threatening to destroy whatever planet he's on.
  • Vegeta glaring in disapproval at Future Trunks, while his mouth is filled with food.
  • Gowasu is giving Zamasu a temporary promotion to be able to use the Time Ring, and that involves wearing one of Gowasu's green Potara. Gowasu tells him to make sure on which ear he'll put it, Zamasu confirms he remembers they would fuse if he puts it on the wrong ear... And suddenly Gowasu proposes they do just that, just to enjoy Zamasu's amusingly squicked face.
  • A bit of Black Comedy, but as Gowasu observes the new mortals of Planet of Babari, we see the new species beat the hell of each other. When they go thousand years into the future to see if the mortals there will mature, Gowasu is at first pleased to see that they have created a culture for themselves and seem more civilized. That is until a fight breaks out like a hockey match, and they proceed to beat each other up again. Gowasu can only sigh in disappointment.
  • Bulma complaining about Piccolo and Krillin leaving, and not finishing filling the holes in the garden left by Goku and Black's battle. Goku, naturally, doesn't volunteer himself despite it being his mess, and Bulma never thinks to ask/make him.
  • Vegeta laughing at the idea of turning Super Saiyan 3. Can seen as a meta joke or a Take That! about how Vegeta never achieved that form officially, and doesn't need to anymore since he has a more powerful and stable transformation in SSGSS.
  • Annoyed, Beerus tells their caller that they're busy and to call back later, but Whis' staff then moves by itself and Zen'o shows up as the caller. Beerus panics as he realized he was VERY rude to his own boss, stands back up, stiffly marches to the staff, bows and ends up breaking a part of his table with his own head - Beerus doesn't even register the pain, as he's too scared out of his mind trying to please his superior. Then, Zen'o tells them he wants to see Goku, to both Beerus and Whis' horror. It's especially funny with Whis, as thus far, being "slightly surprised" was the extent of his 'freaked-out' reactions.
    • As usual, the English Dub managed to make Beerus' line even funnier:
      Beerus: May we praise you, noble person, with all our pleases and our thank yous- oh Lord, am I quoting Goku?!
      • Firstly the implication that Beerus worships some other being, and secondly, given Goku's 'Super saiyan please' comment, he probably is quoting Goku.

Episode 55

  • Beerus and and the Supreme Kai freaking out about Goku going to meet Zen'o.
    Goku: Do I look that rude to you?
    Supreme Kai, Old Kai, Kibito: Yes, you do.
  • Beerus's reaction when Whis casually drops a HUGE weakness about how his existence is tied to Supreme Kai's life. Goku is surprised that in order to defeat Beerus, he just needs to defeat the Supreme Kai, but quickly decides that wouldn't be any fun at all - Whis clearly knew this, which is why he said it.
  • When Goku gleans that the Grand Priest is a lot stronger than he looks, Whis knows where this conversation is headed and tells Goku not to ask him for a fight.
  • Goku making friends with Zen'o. Supreme Kai is so freaked out that he faints mid-way through, forcing Goku to just grab him like a luggage bag on the way out.
    • Even better when they got back and Goku revealed he promised Zen'o to bring a fun friend along just to be able to come back. The others are understandably freaked out.
    • Even funnier is the Grand Priest is the only one not freaking out, implying he knows Zen'o well enough to just enjoy the show. Even Whis is at least a little nervous.
  • Goku pressing the button that Zen'o gave him, which would instantly bring him to his side. It doesn't work since... Zen'o is already right in front of him.
  • Zen'o letting a bit of his "temper" show when he orders the Supreme Kai and his attendants to stay quiet... or else.
  • Beerus falling out of his tree stump and knocking himself out by hitting his head when he heard Goku's nickname for the illustrious Zen'o:

Episode 56

  • The resistance members fan-boying over Trunks. One of them asked for an autograph, with the other saying this isn't the time/place for that, before the first one says he wanted one too, the second reluctantly agreeing and then saying that maybe they could ask together since the subject's broached... all while the camera's focused on Trunks, who's somewhat bewildered by this before he moves past it.
  • The same resistance members comment on Goku and Vegeta, the warriors they were told Trunks would bring from the past. They didn't expect Goku to look like Black and give him the Death Glare, while they tick Vegeta off by saying he looks meaner than Black.
  • Goku grinning at Vegeta after he catches him smiling at Trunks when he was playing with kids. Vegeta quickly tries to cover it up.
  • In the dub, one refugee starts flirting with Trunks.
    Trunks: Whoa, slow down.
  • The (American) dub turns one scene into one, depending on much one can accept a bit of politically incorrect humor. The Resistance, basically the closest thing left of human law enforcement, prepare to take a shot at Goku (mistaking him for Black) before Trunks stops them, resulting in this little, ahum, gem.
    Resistance fighter: This is for everyone you've killed! Eat lead, murderer!
    Trunks: Hold your fire! This man isn't Black!
    Resistance fighter: What?!
  • Yajirobe is alive in the future! And still a coward. One of the soldiers mentions that he always disappears when the fighting starts and only shows up when there's food, which Yajirobe responds to by yelling he didn't have to say that, as it'd make him look bad.
  • Trunks and Mai denying they're in a relationship. Or for that matter, Vegeta of all people being the first to call them out on this, with Goku lampshading it.
    Vegeta: If we fall against Black, at least you can survive, and build your own future with your girlfriend. (Trunks and Mai jolt with embarrassment, blushing)
    Goku: I'm kinda shocked Vegeta would be the first one to say it, but he's right. Plus she is pretty cute.
    Trunks: B-But we're not- we're just friends! Comrades-in-arms, really!
    Mai: Uh, y-yeah!
  • Goku commenting he now knows how Vegeta felt about the Copy-Vegeta situation last arc, when he sees Goku Black beaten up by Vegeta.
  • Goku Black's speech as he marvels at his Super Saiyan Rosé form, calling it beautiful and how he transitioned the realm of mortals. Goku calls him weird.

     Episodes 57-61 
Episode 57
  • Goku calling Goku Black and Future Zamasu awful people, since they were about to double team him in an one-on-two fight.
  • After being blasted by Goku Black's Kamehameha because Future Zamasu held them in place, Goku calls foul since Future Zamasu is an immortal and wasn't hurt in the blast.
  • Future Yajirobe, of all people, telling Goku and Future Trunks to lose weight after he rescues them from Future Zamasu and Goku Black. Goku even says 'look who's talking'. Before then, Goku complains to Yajirobe about how he was hurting them (specifically, his butt) since he dragging them across the ground like sacks of flour, saying that they can walk.
  • Goku Black and Future Zamasu, two of the most powerful (villainous) beings in the universe, were chased off by tear gas.
    • Related to the above, you can actually hear Vegata choking on the tear gas released by the resistance. Since he's badly wounded, he can't escape the gas unlike Goku Black and Future Zamasu.
  • Gowasu watching 'Godtube' on his old bubble-screen television - you'd think being a god he'd spring for a flat screen. Even better, he's watching re-runs of Super, specifically Goku-vs-Hit. There is also Gowasu's joke about becoming a Godtuber.

Episode 58

  • After recovering, Goku immediately wants to have another go against Black and Zamasu, in which Bulma yells he's an idiot.
  • After Bulma scolds Goku for leaving the Senzu Beans behind, it's revealed that Goku went to the bathroom right before their trip, and left the bag of beans there.
  • While explaining what happened, Goku forgot the name of Black's Super Saiyan form and had to ask Vegeta for help.
  • Goku proposing that everyone eat a whole bowl of Senzu Beans to become immortal, while everyone calls him out on how stupid that is. It's made better by the fact that everyone treated it like such a serious moment before he revealed his actual plan.
  • Supreme Kai, Beerus, and Whis show up to discuss Zamasu's intrusion into Universe 7. They're served some ice cream sundaes. After Beerus finishes his off, he notices Supreme Kai hasn't touched his and swaps them in the blink of an eye. What makes this funnier is that the Supreme Kai doesn't know what an ice cream sundae is, and has a baffled look when it's served to him.
  • Goku surmised that Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls to create Goku Black. Everyone thinks he's being stupid, including himself, until Whis says that Goku may be right. Cues everyone's shocked/horrified expressions that he actually got it right. But what really sells it is Goku cheering afterwards, proud that he finally got something correct.
    • And the thing that really makes this one hilarious? Goku was right!
  • In the dub, Zamasu demands Zuno how to find and operate the Super Dragon Balls. When Zuno reveals that the magic word is "Peas and carrots", we get this glorious response;

Episode 59

  • Whis compared Zamasu's Killing Intent towards Gawasu as the same as one of Beerus' farts, and the latter complaining that his farts don't smell that bad.
  • Although their conversation and manner of speaking is serious enough to maintain the tone of their characters, there's something mildly amusing about the fact that Goku Black and Future Zamasu are apparently living at a quaint chalet in the woods and having tea.
  • Pilaf's love advice to Mai comes off as both creepy and funny, given all the faces he makes during the exchange. Mai herself just gets increasingly-angry at how they're Comically Missing the Point, literally going 'Are you kidding me?!' before shouting at them to go away.
  • Whis stopping Zamasu from killing Gowasu is awesome. Doing it by materializing a cat-themed oven mitt over the energy blade generated by Zamasu's hand is hilarious. Zamasu's WTF face really sells the entire scene.
  • For the second time, Whis ends up crash-landing upon Earth.
    Beerus: Again Whis?! That's definitely on purpose!
    Goku: See, this is exactly why I said Supreme Kai should take us back. (registers his bodily sensations) Ow, my butt!

Episode 60

  • For the dub, Future Trunks's line to his younger counterpart sums up everything about not only Dragon Ball's time travel arcs, but the concept itself.
    Future Trunks: (knowingly) Look, time travel's confusing. It always is.
  • Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, and Bulma getting cramped in the Time Machine. The thing's too small to fit all four of them. As they travel through the portal, Goku nearly loses consciousness and Bulma must sit on Trunks' shoulders.
    • In the dub, Goku asks why Bulma is coming along on the trip. Vegeta's reply:
    Vegeta: Don't bother, Kakarot, you won't win...
  • After Future Trunks feeds a gravely-injured Mai a senzu bean mouth-to-mouth, Goku expresses surprise at how he put his mouth directly onto hers. This prompts a predictably incredulous reaction from Vegeta.
    Vegeta: Kakarot... you've never kissed someone?
    Goku: Huh? No, of course not, why?
    Veteta: You're married, and have children!
    Goku: Yeah, duh. But what's that have to do with kissing?
    Vegeta: You...! Oh, no way.
    • The fact that Goku's statement implies that Chi-Chi also knows nothing of mouth-to-mouth kissing.

Episode 61

  • Although it leads to something far more disturbing, when Zamasu switches bodies with Goku, he only switches bodies - not their clothes so what we see is a Zamasu in a farmer's outfit. Also, since this ends up being an example of Voices Are Not Mental, we can hear Zamasu saying "Hey, that's my body!" in Goku's more laidback manner of speaking.
  • Goku's backhand to Future Zamasu. It's so casual, nonchalant, even effortless, that it instantly boils over into funny.
  • The justice hug between Black and Zamasu. In a pretty emotional episode for the heroes, this flashback of Black and Zamasu hugging after meeting for the first time caught many by surprise. A lot of internet users started to joke about the scene, with many scenes touching how creepy and hilarious it is, leading to some to call it "The Evilest Bro-Hug in the Universe."

     Episodes 62-67 
Episode 62
  • Vegeta just tossing Goku out of the time machine and telling the Pilaf Gang to take care of him. Remember, Goku has a giant hole in his chest where he was stabbed and shot. Poor Goku can only complain to Vegeta to treat him gentler.
  • Bulma continues the Running Gag of always depending on Goku to save the day, seemingly forgetting that Vegeta even exists, which continues to annoy the hell out of him. It made even funnier since the entire scene with Bulma, Goten, and Trunks is dead serious with scary music playing in the background, yet we see Vegeta slowly losing his temper every time Bulma says, 'leave things to Goku'.
  • When Chi-Chi comes to Bulma demanding to know where Goku is, the boys get caught by Vegeta trying to sneak off. When Goku recovers, he complains that he's hungry. When Chi-Chi asked why is he covered in bandages, Goku answers, 'Oh this? I got beaten up by me'.
  • While explaining about Goku Black's origins and Zamasu, the explanation is made up of really crude drawings of both of them (doubles as Mood Dissonance).
  • Upon hearing that Goten from another timeline was killed by Black, Chi-Chi immediately rushes to Present!Goten and examines him for injury, then promptly lifts him up and declares, “...Wait, he's alive!” Everyone just stares at her.
  • Piccolo brings up using the Evil Containment Wave as a way to defeat Future Zamasu and Black. He starts grinning, clearly eager and prepared to show Goku how to do it. Except Goku teleports to Kame House. The look on Piccolo's face when Goku teleports away says it all.
  • When Goku goes to Master Roshi to learn the Evil Containment Wave, poor Turtle becomes the receiving end of the practice sealing. It took Goku practicing all night before he got it right. One particularly funny moment is the first attempt where he misses the pot completely and sends Turtle flying across the ocean. Goku had to teleport to catch him.

Episode 63

  • When Trunks is given a Senzu, he briefly hallucinates that Yajirobe was Mai and freaked out, then quickly asks if he gave him that one via mouth-to-mouth.
    Yajirobe: Don't be dense! I like you man, but I don't like you that much.
  • Trunks destroying our villains' cabin-in-the-woods by complete accident. Not that he noticed (or would've cared), being busy blasting Goku Black with his Galick Gun.
  • The attack Goku Black uses to blow up the time machine, quite possibly the smallest ki blast ever seen in the franchise, which he launches by flicking his finger as if it was an afterthought.
  • Turns out the urn Vegeta and Goku were going to use to seal away Zamasu in was in the time machine, which was destroyed by Goku Black and they start bickering while Future Zamasu starts giving his evil rant, which was still going on as the two bicker on. When Vegeta says he thought Goku was carrying the urn, Goku asks just where Vegeta thought he was carrying it since he's just in his usual sleeveless gi, even raising his arms to show the lack of pockets. Then, after Goku Black points out to Future Zamasu that Goku and Vegeta aren't paying attention to him, Future Zamasu admits that all his grand speeches about why mortals suck are self-absorbed, but he doesn't care if anyone listens to him, nor does it matter really. Goku Black laughs and says "how god-like".
  • Bulma popping up from her hiding spot to put out the fire on the destroyed Time Machine, only for Black to notice something, causing Bulma to immediately hide again.
  • Gowasu arrives and tells Future Zamasu off for his batshit Knight Templar methods only for Goku to correct him as Black was the one who was his student. This causes Gowasu to back-track in confusion before giving Black the same speech.
  • When told that Whis is an Angel, Goku, thinking of a cherubim, reacts with a befuddled "Whis is an angel? But I always thought angels were cute little babies with wings and their butts hanging out!"
  • Trunks' next quest: fix the broken sealing urn with super glue.
  • Vegeta of all people insulting Black and Zamasu on the basis of height, by stating they couldn't find a coffin small enough.

Episode 64

  • After Black cut a hole between dimensions, Zamasu started one of his speeches while looking at it, then turns at Goku to continue... and gets punched in the face.
  • As Goku is busy fighting Goku Black and Zamasu is going to target Bulma, Mai, and Trunks, the latter has to learn how to use the Mafuba/Evil Containment Wave... except, no one's there to teach him how. With Bulma's "explanation", Trunks ends up pulling the Great Saiyaman and Ginyu Force poses, and the technique naturally fails. In the end, Bulma resorts to a video she recorded of Piccolo demonstrating the technique to teach Trunks how. It works.
    Trunks: That's way different from what you showed me!
    Bulma: (sheepish) Yeah, my mistake; I wasn't really paying attention.
    Trunks: (exasperated) Ah geez, Mom...
    • Trunks mimicking Great Saiyaman and Ginyu Force poses is hilarious and also a great callback in of itself, but considering that it's Bulma who tells him to try them, it becomes even more funny when you realize she probably specifically remembered them somewhere in the back of her mind due to being exposed to both Gohan's superhero persona and the Ginyu Force.
  • Bulma bringing back her old tactic from the first part of the franchise in flaunting her looks to sway the enemy. Of course, this being Zamasu, it ends as terribly as you'd imagine. This becomes a CMOA when it turns out that's exactly what she was going for.
    • Zamasu's glorious Death Glare at Bulma, after she tries to seduce him to buy time. Of course, he almost immediately tries to kill her afterwards, but it doesn't compensate for the hilarity.
    • Any Dragon Ball fan who is familiar with Bulma's track record at seducing enemies will know exactly how this scene goes down and laugh their pants off.
  • After Zamasu is sealed by the Mafuba, Bulma, Trunks and Mai immediately rejoiced... until Mai brought up that they still needed to apply the paper seal, which they forgot to bring. Master Roshi even called Bulma's place to remind them. Cue the Mass "Oh, Crap!" from the 3 of them as they try to keep the urn closed on their own as Zamasu tries to escape.

Episode 65

  • When the human group tries to decide who should check above ground for safety after seeing someone get hit by one of Merged Zamasu's stray blasts, everyone is volunteering to take the risk. When Future Yajirobe volunteers, everyone else immediately backs down and complies.
    Future Yajirobe: EH?! JUST ME?!
  • Vegeta's Dub line when he sees Merged Zamasu unharmed from their otherwise-won beam struggle?
    Vegeta: (annoyed) Oh come on! You invincible son-of-a-bitch!

Episode 66

  • Goku urgently says he and Vegeta gotta fuse quickly, to which Trunks is amazed by the idea, but Vegeta predictably blanches by saying they're not doing it again. Right until Goku asks for a Senzu Bean, Trunks looks at his father in surprise, clearly thinking 'Wait, you've done that before?!'
    • And speaking of Vegeta's reluctance, it goes on long enough that even Goku gets exasperated.
      Goku: Oh come on!
  • Vegito's response during one of Merged Zamasu's monologues. Especially funny since Goku did the exact same thing to Jeice way back on Namek (and earlier to Future Zamasu to boot), so obviously Vegito would have that trait. Also an awesome moment.
  • Merged Zamasu's astounding lack of self-awareness continues when Vegito pins him to the ground.
    Vegito: Aw, what's the matter? Your divine power's not looking so wondrous now!
  • Vegito was seriously on a roll throughout the fight.
    Vegito (After stabbing Zamasu with a Spirit Sword) Oh I'm sorry, is this hurting you? Aren't you invincible?
  • Vegito Blue reacting to Merged Zamasu's rants about how gods are perfect and mortals are flawed.
    Vegito: (exasperated) Got an answer for everything, huh?
    Merged Zamasu: Of course. That is why I do this: for the good of the cosmos. (dramatically sheds tears) For creation!
    Vegito: (priceless WTF expression) Are you seriously crying?!
    • Merged Zamasu's rants in and of themselves could be seen as funny at this point, seeming like a spoiled child that isn't getting his way.
    • That reaction is especially funny if you remember that this is a Dragon Ball series. Complex motivations for villains is not exactly something that the franchise does, and Vegito seems to be reminding Zamasu of this. He also gets bonus points for making a face just like Gotenks would.

Episode 67

  • After Merged Zamasu reveals that he's Not Quite Dead and his ugly face starts spreading across the sky, Goku has a classic response:
    Goku: What a stubborn god.
  • Future Zen'o floats down, summoned as a last ditch effort against Merged Zamasu...and Goku happily plucks him out of the air in a big hug. His blank stare and unmoving body just read "What the hell is going on?".
    Goku: Woo hoo! Zen'o, you're here!
  • Future Zen'o is called in to deal with Zamasu after his destruction of everything and turning into an ethereal form. The first thing he says about who's responsible?
    Future Zen'o: He is very nasty.
    Goku: (enthusiastically) Yep!... something this nasty should be cleaned up, right?
    Future Zen'o: Yes, it should! I'll destroy it.
    Goku: (Oh, Crap!)
  • It's black humor, but when Future Zen'o is floating up to destroy the multiverse, Merged Zamasu, who is reduced to thousands of floating laughing heads in the sky, give a visible 'Oh, Crap!' expression. Even when he's near mindless, he knew that he was screwed.
    • Also dark comedy, Goku screaming at everyone to get into the Time Machine, while everyone is just stunned and confused. They leave so fast that Vegeta and Goku don't even bother getting into the Time Machine; they grab its legs as Future Zen'o wastes Merged Zamasu.
  • When Goku and Future Trunks return to the future after Future Zen'o destroys it, he's just...floating there like he has no idea what to do now.
  • No matter if it's Present or Future Zen'o, Beerus still scares himself witless in his presence.
    • What seals it is that the Pilaf gang also kneel to Zen'o.
  • Beerus is reluctant to have Whis Set Right What Once Went Wrong by warning Future Beerus about Zamasu before he could start Project Zero Mortals. Then Whis points out for all his grumping about not creating new timelines, he also made one by destroying Present Zamasu before he could become Goku Black. Beerus suddenly doesn't have any more objections.
  • Speaking of the Pilaf gang, after the future pair leave the present for the last time to go to the new Zamasu-less future, when noticing Mai's lament of the older Trunks' departure, PILAF, of all people, tells her to forget about him and focus on the present one. Her response? Judo throws HER BOSS to the ground in embarrassment.

     Manga Only 
  • Trunks's teacher lecturing about time travel and Alternate Timelines, only to soon realize she was teaching college-level physics to elementary school students.
  • Both Trunks, Beerus, Goku, Vegeta, Mai, Pilaf, and Shu play a Mario Kart-like game together. It's as hilarious as it sounds.
    • Vegeta's competitiveness strikes again, and he manages to blow past Goku in the race, but he's going too fast for a turn and wipes out. He ends up finishing the race dead last.
    • Future Trunks, who has likely never played a video game in years, ends up winning the race with the help of Present Trunks.
    • Beerus, Sore Loser as ever, blows up the controller after the race is over. And this isn't the first time he's done that, according to Present Trunks.
  • Even though manga chapter 24 was a pretty heavy and dark chapter, Trunks mentions that (in this continuity) he become a Supreme Kai's apprentice and that Future Shin danced around Trunks for an entire day. While it isn't shown, the thought of Shin doing a dance similar to the one Elder Kai did to unlock Gohan's power is pretty humorous in its own right.
  • It's revealed that Zamasu tried to swap bodies with Monaka, thinking that he was in fact the strongest of Universe 7. However, he quickly realizes that wasn't the case, so he decided to continue his agenda to swap with Goku.
  • Fusion Zamasu's first reaction when Zeno arrives is to run like hell screaming in terror.
  • After determinating that Black may be a Kaioshin, Beerus asks Shin if he knows of any who's racist toward mortals. After a few seconds, he suggests Kibito. Who nearly gets obliterated when he shows up to report information that clearly exposes Zamasu as the culprit.
  • In episode 57 of the anime, Gowasu watches one of Goku's fights on GodTube and jokes about becoming a Godtuber. In the manga, Gowasu catches Zamasu watching Goku fighting on GodTube... And proceeds to troll Zamasu asking him if he was planning to become a Godtuber, prompting poor Zamasu to make an absolutely ridiculous face.
  • The fates of Pilaf and Shu from the future timeline are never revealed, so Pilaf plans to build his own time machine to save his future self.

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