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Nightmare Fuel / Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Arc

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Yep. It's official: The universe is 100% fucked.

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     Goku Black/Zamasu 
  • Everything about Goku Black is basically this.
    • Before we see his true humanoid form, Goku Black appears as a dark shadow with red eyes. He's clearly evil, unfettered, ultimately kills Future Bulma and (seemingly) Mai, Future Trunks is on the run from him, and is a thoroughly No-Nonsense Nemesis. He's the reason why Future Earth is destroyed, and closer to an Humanoid Abomination than a person. It's bad enough he looks and sounds like Goku, but his temporary Living Shadow appearance and chilling first line to Future Trunks cement this thing as a monster in all-but-name, in all versions:
      Goku Black: (dub) It's about time, Saiyan. You've been running around making messes for too long, and now I'm going to choke the life from you. *grins* I can't wait to watch you die.
    • There's also his voice. It's different in each version; in the Japanese version, he speaks without any emotion in a slow monotone, which is extremely unsettling. In the English version, he sounds exactly like Goku, really hammering home that it seems to be Goku himself murdering his way through the universe. In the Latin American Spanish version, he speaks in a growling, guttural way, denoting how much of an unhinged madman is wearing Goku's face.
      • Special mention goes to Sean Schemmel for taking a voice that many DBZ fans know and love, grew up with, and always associated with justice, peace, and occasional absent-mindedness - and channeling it into one of the most sadistic, amoral monsters in the entire series.
      • The way Future Bulma dies she's consumed by Black's ki blast - she seems to slowly turn to ash in Black's grip, then suddenly disintegrates before the whole lab explodes. Though it's all in silhouette, her head is clearly the last piece of her to go - for a moment, Black seems to still be holding onto it before it too falls apart. It's the kind of shot the series primarily used for villains' deaths before now, which makes it even more jarring.
      • When Black catches up to them, Future Trunks' first instinct is to tell Future Mai to run and use the time machine, while he acts as a decoy. It's clear that he's had so many friends and family die on him, that he's willing to sacrifice his own life against a superior foe if he can just save one.
    • After Black thinks he's killed Future Mai, he taunts Trunks over her apparent death, sending Trunks into a literal Super Saiyan rage, with Black allowing Trunks to land a solid hit on him. The look of evil glee on Black's face as Trunks hits him is disturbing, and it's later confirmed that he enjoys the pain that's dealt to him, saying it only makes him stronger.
    • We see the day Goku Black came to Earth, as described by Future Trunks. He attacks a city still under repair from the androids, and lays waste to it and its people. And he had done this before to countless other worlds; Earth is just his latest stop.
    • When next they face Black in Trunk's timeline, Vegeta goes first, pounding at him and pounding at him with ease - but Black takes the beating like it's normal, even subtly unnerving Vegeta that's something wrong. Then suddenly, Black pushes Vegeta away with a single force blow (though he's overall unharmed), showing that he's become even stronger in the short amount of time since facing off against Goku, now able to face Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan in his base form. Yet being a No-Nonsense Nemesis, he doesn't even bother with that anymore and goes straight to Super Saiyan Rose... and swiftly impales Vegeta through the chest.
    • Goku Black's Super Saiyan Rose form is a key reminder just how otherworldly he is. Outside of the usual spiked-up hair, his battle aura is a combination of purple flames and a pinkish-red aura that looks like it distorts everything around it. Heck, even the music does so, as it's same godly tune that accompanied the SSJG Ritual and summoning of Super Shenron, but this time it's in favor of the villain's godly power. The episode also reveals that Zamasu is in fact in league with Goku Black.
    • Episode 60 finally reveals the true identity of Goku Black. It's the true Goku's body...and Zamasu's soul. All the power of our hero, in the hands of a Knight Templar turned Omnicidal Maniac. Let that sink in. It gets drastically worse. After making the wish on the Super Dragon Balls that let him switch bodies with Goku, Zamasu outright murdered him. He even brags to Goku that he killed him with Goku's own hands, and in Episode 61 we see the aftermath of the deed... including when he turned on Goku's family next. The screen goes black before impact, but the screams are blood-curling. The delivery in the English dub when his identity gets revealed is especially noteworthy, as Sean Schemmel draws upon his infamous Xenoverse 2 performance of Black's base form, but this time it sounds completely terrifying.
      "Can't you guess...? Then I killed you."
    • The transformation of his ki sword into a ki scythe in Episode 64. Goku Black mutilates himself in order to make this happen. He taps into his anger to fully draw upon his Saiyan body's power, and thrusts his bladed hand directly into his other palm, claiming that he is directing his rage towards himself for allowing Vegeta to gain the advantage. Smoke can be seen rising from his punctured palm, meaning he is burning himself to become stronger. This is especially bad in the English dub, where he is not only growling in rage and pain, but also laughing like a maniac while cutting himself.
  • His counterpart/future self, Zamasu is just as bad. A Kai from Universe 10 who considers mortals to be nothing but defiling, insignificant bugs who must be exterminated and the gods to be useless for tolerating such "defiance", Zamasu took it upon himself to become an embodiment of justice and kill everything that stood in the way of his justice. And by everything, we mean every living creature, mortal and god. But as the saga progresses, Zamasu loses his composure and by the end of it all, he's reduced to being a psychopathic monster who no longer cares about justice and order, but about having all life in existence dead until only he remains. In short, in his arrogance and insanity, he came to believe that the multiverse exsisted only for himself.
    • And the reason he stole Goku's body for his own and became Goku Black? He considers Goku to be the living embodiment of all the gods' mistakes, and that by taking his body, he would never forget those mistakes. Now why did he come to this conclusion? Because he couldn't stand the idea of a mortal like Goku gaining godlike powers and even defeating a god like him in a sparring match.

     Episodes 47-56 
  • Whis reveals that there used to be 18 universes, but Zen'o wiped out 6 of them, during an unspecified event where his mood was... "a little bit spoiled". And he's reconfirmed to be the strongest in the multiverse. No wonder Beerus and Champa are really terrified of him.
  • The apocalyptic Earth is even worse now than it was at the mercy of the androids: all buildings are in ruin, the atmosphere is dark, and the desolate music accompanying the scenes makes is quite terrifying.
  • Vegeta's reaction when he finds Future Trunks near-death is both a Heartwarming Moment and this when you comprehend the Adult Fear he's experiencing, seeing his son in pain and at death's door. The fury present in Vegeta's face was... chilling.
  • It seemed impossible, but Goku Black did it. He traumatized Trunks even more than the androids ever could. When Trunks wakes up in the past, the face of normal Goku is all he needs to send him into a blind rage and try to attack. The flashing between Goku and Black's rampage is particularly unsettling. It makes sense, though: the last time Trunks was in the past, Goku was killed and refused to be resurrected by Shenron. As far as he knew, Goku was permanently deceased. If Black is a being controlling Goku's body, it's a safe bet that, as soon as he saw Goku alive, he assumed that Black had taken over Goku in this timeline as well.
  • Vegeta's reaction to his future wife's death is utterly chilling. It's an obvious lesson that his wife or kids being simply hurt sends him into an utterly terrifying Unstoppable Rage. But now his loved ones are tragically killed and being targeted. He's so utterly furious that he makes the outburst against Beerus look like he was playing with him and he isn't even emoting. One will get the feeling that he will utterly murder Goku Black when it's his turn to fight.
  • Zamasu's underlying hatred for mortal beings. Despite his mentor Gowasu's attempts to teach him about respecting humanity and guiding their race despite their shortcomings, Zamasu just can't let go of his ire towards them. Meeting Goku only served to make it worse and now he thinks of humanity as not only flawed but extremely dangerous. He also comes to believe the gods don't deserve to live either, since they do nothing about mortal affairs. It doesn't help when Goku mentions that given enough time and training, Zamasu could equal Beerus in power. Now imagine a being who is supposed to respect and maintain life itself start to go on a rampage and potentially wipe away a race clean from existence. A being who isn't as lazy and forgiving as Beerus is...
    • It looks like Beerus, Whis and Goku's attempts to find out Black's mysterious identity may have potentially pushed Zamasu down a dark path. Earlier in the episode, his mentor taught Zamasu that making good tea required a strong, pure and calm heart. Whenever Zamasu grew upset, the tea would darken a little. After meeting Goku, Zamasu's next attempts at making tea resulted in the drink starting to darken right away...
    • His future self working with Black Goku is... unhinged, to say the least, absolutely delighting in the opportunity to beat down on Goku and Trunks. And then to make matters worse, when Trunks manages to stab him through the abdomen, he's completely unfazed... and the wound disappears once he pulls it out, clothes repaired and all. Not regeneration like Cell or Buu, because that at least causes pain - no, this is immortality, where he cannot be harmed, period.
  • During Goku's visit to Zen-O's castle, it quickly becomes clear why Zen-O is so feared. While he's extremely polite and almost child-like in his enthusiasm towards Goku, he quickly tells Supreme Kai in no uncertain terms to keep his mouth shut when the latter tries to explain Goku's behavior. When his own attendants get mad at Goku for nicknaming Zen-O "All-chan/Zenny", Zen-O's vocal tone quickly takes a turn for the worse.
    Zen-O: You will go back, or bye-bye.
    • There's a reason why everyone's afraid of Zen-O's potential temper: He can wipe out a universe in an instant and all remaining 12 universes at that. Imagine just going about your day minding your own business when suddenly, your entire reality is wiped from existence without warning. It doesn't even have to be the universe itself; if he wanted, Zen-O can just wipe out you if pushed enough.
    • Goku is treating this as a joke now, but if he can't fulfill his promise to Zen-O about bringing someone who's "better" at being a friend than himself, the consequences...are going to be nightmarish.
  • Zamasu calmly telling Gowasu that they should exterminate the entire barbarian race. Made much more terrifying in the dub through his nonchalant, almost happy, delivery, as if genocide is a perfectly acceptable topic for tea time. And this is before he went Jumping Off the Slippery Slope.
  • Zamasu murdering a Babarian in cold blood, splitting him in half. Gowasu calls him out on this, simply stating that they could have left, or that that life could've had a big influence. Zamasu doesn't appear to have heard him, and later, his opinion of mankind is getting worse and worse, unjustifiable arrogance also becoming bigger and more haughty.
  • Goku, Vegeta and Trunks travel to the future and see the devastation that Black has wrought. It doesn't help matters when Goku is attacked by the vestiges of humanity, simply because he looks like Earth's greatest enemy.
  • Beerus and the Supreme Kai's lives are tied together. If one dies, so does the other. Imagine knowing you could die at any moment if something happened to someone ELSE. To further bring the point home in episode 63 it is revealed that if their assigned Gods of Destruction die the attendants 'cease functioning', so if either the Supreme Kai or Beerus were to be killed it would mean that Whis would be unable to do anything.

     Episodes 57-61 
Episode 57
  • Remember when Frieza wanted immortality way back in the Namek Arc? Well, Future Zamasu is a clear example of why immortality and a strong fighter with an evil nature is a horrific mix. No matter how many times you beat into your opponent, they are never phased, bruised or tired out in the slightest, while you continue to lose energy. Not even Final Flash does anything, a move that has previously been shown to blow Perfect Cell's arm clean off.
  • There's also the fact that Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks had to make a tactical withdrawal from their fight with Black and Future Zamasu, as despite being effectively the strongest mortal warriors in their universes, they couldn't really make any actual progress against their enemies and could only barely stay alive. For the first time in their lives, they were outright fleeing.

Episode 58

  • The ending. Zamasu is there. Goku, Supreme Kai, Beerus and Whis know he is guilty, but they can't prove it just yet. Not until they witness Zamasu kill Gowasu firsthand.

Episode 59

  • "Hakai."
    • To elaborate, this episode shows us the lovely picture of what happens when Beerus decides he wants someone dead NOW. He overpowers Present Zamasu with ease, holds a hand near his face, and says "Destroy". There is no usual "blown away by an energy blast" or "punched so hard he explodes" involved; the word itself just ATOMIZES Zamasu. It's made abundantly clear that when Beerus WANTS someone dead, they're dead; no questions asked.
    • What's even more chilling is that there's no bravado from Beerus: no gloating, no speech about what happens when you royally piss off the God of Destruction. He simply grabs Present!Zamasu by the hand and kills him with a small word.
    • What's worse is that isn't a quick or painless death either. While victims being vaporized by ki blasts are commonplace in this reality, the victim usually dies instantly and doesn't feel much pain. In fact, that's what Beerus does when he destroys planets as part of his job. But not this time. Oh no, Present!Zamasu doesn't get that luxury. Instead, he is slowly and painfully erased from existence bit by bit, screaming in agony the entire time, despite his head being the first thing that was erased. Bastard definitely had it coming, to be sure, but it doesn't diminish the fact that it's a horrendous way to die.
    • The ability's also a chilling indicator of what it'd probably look like if Zen'o decided he wanted someone/something destroyed. Imagine being able to disintegrate a universe with a single spoken word...
  • The entire build up to Zamasu's murder of Gowasu is like something straight out of a slasher film, where the unassuming victim is Alone with the Psycho. You know who the killer is, you know what's gonna happen, and you're practically screaming for him to get the hell out of there. (Goku, who's watching the scene with Beerus and Whis, basically has those exact same reactions, practically begging Beerus and Whis to do something.) The close calls like Gowasu drinking tea made by Zamasu (which Shin notes could have easily been poisoned), and choking on his candy only add to the building suspense. And then there's the chilling Psychotic Smirk Zamasu flashes when he finally kills him. Thank God Whis can rewind time.

Episode 60

  • What Beerus did to Zamasu did nothing. Goku Black still exists. Why? He is the Zamasu from an alternate present who killed Goku after swapping bodies with him. He wears a time ring so that he doesn't get erased even if his timeline is gone.

Episode 61

  • Goku Black's birth. Present Zamasu from an alternative timeline switches bodies with Goku with the Super Dragon Balls, creating Goku Black. Goku ends up with Zamasu's body, to Goten's horror. Chichi comes and they start wondering what happened. Goku Black appears, murders the now powerless and clueless Goku in front of Chichi and Goten, before bisecting both of them. Goku Black outright killed SON GOKU, and it wasn't even a result of sacrificing himself this time. And that's to say nothing about what the Gohan of this timeline, as well as Goku's friends, thought about why Goku, Chichi and Goten suddenly vanished off the face of the Earth, or wound up dead. Furthermore, if they used the dragon balls in this timeline to wish Chichi and Goten back, they would be confused about what the hell happened since the two could likely only say Goku killed his family. And if they tried to wish Goku back to life, possibly via the Namekian dragon balls (via telepathy with King Kai), he'd likely come back in Zamasu's body because his own is off in another timeline out of reach, or later, completely obliterated. That's to say nothing of the gods themselves trying to figure out what the hell happened, especially to Gowasu.
    • The utterly smooth way Future Zamasu asks of Black "Tell him what you did to his loved ones." in the Funimation dub. The way he says it betrays the slightest hint of pleasure at getting the chance to tell and break Goku down.
    • And then there's Zamasu deciding to be a vicious little sadist as Goku Black runs through the hero with his Aura Slide, both telling Goku this and rubbing the latter in his face. Then there's Goku's reaction. He proceeds to flip out and boost his power to previously unknown heights, and then just glare at Goku Black before proceeding to spend the next few minutes trying to tear him apart.
    • Goku's own rage here, as awesome as it is to behold, is brought to a halt on a very unsettling note: the reason Black gets his second wind is because Goku hesitates for a moment. Why? Because Black was already down, and as we know, Goku absolutely sticks to his warrior's honor; he never pursues a fallen opponent. He always pursues to end a fight without a life lost if it can be helped. With Black, this changes. Goku hesitates, clearly struggling internally, before hauling back and swinging at Black's head. Goku was so taken by rage that he was resolved to physically murder his foe.
    • Unfortunately for Goku, the hesitation only proved to be a bad idea as Black, in turn, becomes even stronger, catching Goku's punch and blasting a hole straight through Goku's chest. But he's hardly done: he then proceeds to use his Energy Weapon to run several energy needles through Goku's body, resulting in an incredibly pained scream in the dub, which then proceed to blow up inside him and knock him out of his Super Saiyan Blue form!
  • As awesome as it is to see in the episode, the sheer amount of rage in Trunks' transformation is terrifying. From the blank white eyes to how he stomps toward Zamasu and Black... It's akin to Broly. Which is full circle, since Broly's Legendary Super Saiyan form was based on Trunks' Ultra Super Saiyan form, but without the loss of speed.
    • What triggers the transformation? Goku Black and Zamasu blaming Bulma for creating the time machine and Trunks for going back in time and altering history by killing Frieza, his father and his army and saving Goku's life from the heart disease. They are basically saying that none of this would have happened if Trunks and Bulma did nothing to stop the Androids in the first place. What makes it more creepy is when Black and Zamasu start talking as one, reminding us that they are both literally the same person: a mad god who thinks the only person worth living in all realities is himself.

     Episodes 62-67 
Episode 62
  • Even after Goku has been taken back to the present, he's still fuming over alternate timeline's Goten and Chi Chi being murdered in cold blood. Seems that Goku isn't going to calm down about that anytime soon.

Episode 63

  • Vegeta's much more successful rematch against Goku Black is this when you think about it. Ever since Future Trunks arrived from the past and Vegeta heard about what Goku Black did to his wife and son, he's been itching to kill the irredeemable son of a bitch himself, and training near-nonstop for such an opportunity to arise. In this case, he has finally gained enough power to accomplish this, and while he's doing it, there's no in-character Unstoppable Rage in this fight. Just nothing but a Tranquil Fury as he beats Black within an inch of his life, only faltering to hammer in Black's skull that this fight will be his last. This has been noticed repeatedly, but here, it stands out like a sore thumb.
  • Revealed in the episode is we have that Whis, and therefore all the attendants of Gods of Destruction, 'cease to function' if their respective God of Destruction dies. What do they mean with that? The worst part about this one is that we might find out. Supreme Kai is still there. Even when Black and Zamasu knee-jerk respond with an instant coordinated blast to wipe out both he and Gowasu, with Goku and Vegeta barely saving them, he refuses to just leave, already. What is he thinking?! Every additional second he stays there he could get offhandedly slaughtered by either or both of the villains in a literal blink, and if he dies, Beerus and Whis go with him! And the future's Dragon Balls are all gone!
    • Later on, it's revealed that the angels do survive, they're simply put out of commission until a new god is assigned.

Episode 64

  • After recovering from his savage beating from Vegeta, Goku Black realizes anger can become a source of power, so he uses his own anger and hate toward mortals, toward the gods and toward himself for losing to a mortal to create a Ki scythe. Vegeta dodges its attack, only to realize it's tore a hole in the fabric of reality itself. And from this hole comes an army of Goku Black clones!
  • Getting hit with the Evil Containment Wave is actually quite a terrifying experience, especially for Future Zamasu. Imagine your body twisting and bending to someone else's will as they prepare to seal you away in a tiny prison. Zamasu's shrill screams clearly convey how terrified he is as the realization that his immortality won't save him from being sealed away in a jar by the mere mortals he despises. Even after escaping (no thanks to Goku and Bulma forgetting the special seal that's supposed to keep him sealed in the jar), Zamasu is still pretty shook up from what happened.
    • Thinking back to the original series, this is definitely how King Piccolo felt the first time he was sealed away in a rice cooker, the trauma of which still lingered after he was released, to the point where he nearly crapped himself and tried to flee for his life as soon as Master Roshi tried to use the technique on him again.
    • In the English Dub, James Marsters' scream as Zamasu is even more impressively chilling. Especially towards the end while he's being sealed inside the jar; his tone is nothing short of abject terror.
  • As the post-credits preview for Episode 64 shows, Vegeta's beatdown of Black ultimately doesn't matter, because he and Zamasu fuse with the Potara Earrings. We get a good look at Future Zamasu and Goku Black's fusion, and it is horrifying. What we have is two Knight Templar Ax-Crazy lunatics with implacable amounts of power which is bad as is, but now we have an opponent both with Future Zamasu's immortality and Goku Black's strength. Looks like Goku and Vegeta have got some seriously nasty times ahead. And the Potara Fusion creates a being with drastically augmented power compared to the original two fusees. Case in point, Vegito was powerful enough to completely humiliate a Gohan-Absorbed Super Buu. Now apply that to a former Kai strong enough to challenge non-SSJ Blue Goku, and Goku Black, a Zamasu possessing Goku's body and the same godly level of power as Goku and Vegeta.

Episode 65

  • The survivors flee the bunker after Merged Zamasu launches his first attack (which completely leveled an entire portion of the city with zero effort). One of them rushes out...and is instantly reduced to atoms by a stray blast.
  • From the preview: Merged Zamasu is fighting Super Saiyan Blue Vegito. As in 'not being completely annihilated' but strong enough to fight back. The fact he's going up against the most powerful canon character in Z who's only become leagues stronger in his rebirth and fairing much better than Super Buu is terrifying.

Episode 66

  • Merged Zamasu becomes this full-time once Goku knocks him on the ground after reflecting his attack back at him. He screams his name in sheer rage, invokes more power from the heavens, which causes him to deform the entire right half of his body into a purple abomination, and whatever remains of his sanity goes down the toilet, leaving Merged Zamasu to become what he truly is; a raving lunatic with incomprehensible levels of power hellbent on killing absolutely everyone, god and mortal; fighting more like a savage monster than the once refined and calm, if misguided, Kai he once was. At this point, it's not about "justice" and "order" anymore, it's about killing everyone until only he remains.
  • When Future Trunks rushes in to fight Merged Zamasu after Vegito defuses, Merged Zamasu's "calm" demeanor is completely gone and he sounds like a psychopath. He even talks to Future Trunks as a persistent bug that he has failed to kill many times. When Future Trunks is trying to hold off Merged Zamasu, we get this unsettling close-up of Merged Zamasu taunting Future Trunks on how nobody can help him and his mortal weakness.
  • Zamasu's completely psychotic behavior throughout the episode must be mentioned even with the above bullet point in place. The total shift from a smug and self-righteous narcissist to damn near KID BUU/BROLY level batshit insane monster of a god from beginning to end is only complemented by the unsettling voice talent from both the Japanese and English dubs; the English Dub in particular having James Marsters go completely ballistic with the voice of Zamasu and fully capturing just what kind of fall Zamasu has gone through.
  • How Future Trunks finishes Merged Zamasu off. It's probably one of the most brutal ways anyone in Dragon Ball has ever died (and that's saying something). Trunks buries his BFS Laser Blade into Merged Zamasu's groin up to his stomach, then slowly forces it up through his body until we get to see his face being cut in half, all the while Zamasu is screaming in agony. Yeah, Merged Zamasu deserved every second of it, but what a way to go...

Episode 67

  • You thought last episode had the worst of it? In this episode, just before his physical form's death, Zamasu, insane and outraged that a mortal can kill a god, started laughing...then shortly after he was stripped of his physical form, he goes FULL GIYGAS MODE on the heroes, becoming an all-encompassing smog that proceeds to rain absolute death for everything on Future Earth save for our protagonists, and threatening to expand to the whole future multiverse and even the present timeline in order to become "justice and order itself", all with no dialogue other than echoed maniacal laughter, losing all his sentience until only his unadulterated malice was left. In short, Zamasu, robbed off all sanity and sentience, decided the only way to ensure he would create a multiverse with only him as its sole inhabitant is to BECOME the multiverse itself!
    • Speaking of the laughter, the English dub somehow made it worse. For the sub, the effect was the same as that of Merged Zamasu: a single voice with an echo effect (except crazier and more projected). The dub has dozens of individual echoing Zamasu voices, as if each grinning image is a separate entity that's part of the whole... and creepier still, this Voice of the Legion regularly switches between laughing in-sync and completely out-of-sync with itself, creating the most unholy of cacophonies.
  • When Zamasu is done reshaping the Earth and wiping out all life, it's just a big, flattened wasteland, where the sky has a sickly dark green color and is adorned with an endless amount of visages of Zamasu's face, with his Evil Laugh endlessly echoing. It makes for a more appropriate hell than Z's filler version, and save for during Mai's Heroic BSoD, there is no music at all. Just the sounds of Zamasu's Laughing Mad.
    • Then Goku summons Zen'o, and he doesn't look happy at what's happened! He ends up one-shotting Zamasu and the rest of the dead timeline, multiverse and all, effortlessly - when Goku and Trunks briefly come back, there's absolutely nothing but a featureless shiny void left, without even the vacuum of space. Given Merged Zamasu has basically become an Eldritch Abomination capable of spreading across TIMELINES, this was not a Disproportionate Retribution.

  • Manga chapter 16 reveals that Black killed all of the Future Supreme Kais in the multiverse, inevitably killing the Gods of Destructions as well (excluding U7's, who was killed by Future Dabura and Future Babidi before). What makes this even more frightening is how Black puts the Gods on a pedestal and talks about how wiping the mortals out would make the universe the Gods created a paradise. For someone who thinks so highly of the Gods he sure has little qualms about killing them or watching them get killed by the mortals he hates. Episode 61 reveals this holds true for the anime.
  • You would think the manga version couldn't beat the Future Trunks saga ending, where Zamasu leaves his body to become one with the Multiverse, but then it throws up a chilling scene about the Dark Side of the Potara fusion when Black and Zamasu refuse to leave their fusion state, having merged on a cellular level. They split partially, each occupying half a body, and try to recombine. When Trunks slashes them in two, successfully splitting the fusion and stabs the unconscious Black, you would think it's over, but then Black, impaled as he is, suddenly wakes up and attacks Trunks from behind, feeling no pain, with an absolutely psychotic Slasher Smile on his face as he pulls the sword out of his body. But not only has Black become immortal, his face suddenly MELTS down like molten wax and reforms into that of Fusion Zamasu, which absolutely freaks everyone out. As a shocked Goku staggers back, he bumps into a madly grinning Future Zamasu, whose face also suddenly melts and reforms into another copy of Fusion Zamasu, with the same psychotic Slasher Smile to boot! Now the heroes are facing 2 copies of Fusion Zamasu, both at full power, laughing creepily at them. Toyatoru's art really sells this scene. It's so downright spooky that everyone is absolutely scared speechless. Far from being over, Zamasu just got a lot, lot worse. It doesn't end there. Any attempt to blow him up now results in the pieces forming into many more Infinite Zamasu clones. Zamasu has now surpassed Cell and Majin Buu's regeneration and any attempt to destroy him only makes it worse.
  • His death in the manga is just as chilling, as satisfying as it is. As Future Zen'O erases the universe, each Infinite Zamasu clone ends up screaming in horror as they are being erased...and then there's nothing but blank white panels.

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