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As a moments subpage, this page is Spoilers Off.

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     Episodes 77-84 
Episode 77
  • The new opening debuts here and when they show the Universe 7 warriors walking together, look at Vegeta. He's on his tip toes so he doesn't look like he's the shortest of the bunch... even though Krillin and Master Roshi are the ones closest to having that 'honor'.
  • The ending credits, done in manga panels. Of particular note are the panels where Beerus and Champa nearly come to blows and everyone nearby rightfully flees in terror...except for the Grand Priest who just casually walks away.
  • Goku telling the robbers who tried to rob him to get a job. Goku. Even he realized how silly that sounds coming from himself.
  • Goku sitting in a cafe with a cellphone, talking to Krillin about training. Normally, these things are not funny since it's so normal, but this is Goku. It's even funnier when you remember that it's the same cellphone Bulma bought him because he wouldn't stop Instant Transmissioning into her house to pester her about when Whis would be there to ask him to train him. Goku learned how to use a phone just so he could annoy people when he wants to train.
  • Goku and Goten sneaking away during Chi-Chi's rant when Goten commented that it's going to be a long one.
    • Chi-Chi's reaction once she finishes the rant and notices they aren't there anymore.
  • When Vegeta notes that Bulma wouldn't forgive him for training during her pregnancy, Goku says that's a little silly, seeing as she's the one giving birth, not him; Vegeta still isn't going. A little later, Whis shows up and not only mistakenly thinks Vegeta was the one giving birth, but when corrected and informed that he's not going with Goku, also says that Bulma's giving birth and not him, so he should be fine.
  • Upon hearing Vegeta's desire to be with Bulma when she gives birth, Goku basically says that's dumb and casually points out that he wasn't even alive when Goten was born. The annoyed glare Vegeta gives Goku for that comment is a real treat.
    • His english dub reaction is also priceless:
      Vegeta: I have no idea how you're still married...
  • In the absence of an actually equal opponent, Trunks has evidently been sparring with Pilaf and Shu. Who, let us not forget, were comically incapable of matching any of the protagonists (even Yamcha) in a fight well at the very beginning of Dragonball. The two are very insistent that this never happen again.
  • Apparently the two Zen'os forgot who is who, somehow.

Episode 78

  • The Grand Priest and the Zenos had already gathered the Super Dragon Balls for the Tournament of Power. It's revealed that Champa helped out by giving them the three he found first. Beerus is less than pleased about that.
  • Beerus demands Goku to take responsibility for what happened, and Goku is shocked like he hasn't ever heard the word before. Goku has to double facepalm to see the light.
  • Vegeta refuses to leave Bulma's side, and suggest Goku's son. Goku replies that his youngest Goten probably isn't ready yet...
    Goku: Wait! My other son!
  • Beerus has a completely unimpressed expression while sitting with one hand on his chin (:3c), when Goku brings Gohan and Buu for the preliminaries. The Kais all look similarly disheartened.
  • Mr. Satan tags along with Goku, Gohan, and Majin Buu, because Buu will only listen to him. When Buu falls asleep as the prelims are about to begin, Mr. Satan uses a chocolate bar to wake him up.
  • Goku, being as informal as ever, gets reprimanded by the Grand Minister for saying 'hi' to Champa. When he's at it again, this time with Zeno, Beerus is quick to toss him back to their group, apologizing to Zeno soon after. Even Mr. Satan knows better than to speak informally in front of a pack of deities, especially after the warning Beerus gave him.
  • The Mass "Oh, Crap!" from all Angels, Supreme Kais, and Gods of Destruction upon seeing Goku called Zeno with Zen-chan/Zenny. Vados' ":o" expression is especially priceless!

Episode 79

  • Everyone's extremely unimpressed reaction that the Universe 9's Supreme Kai's participants named themselves "Trio of Danger", even saying it sounds ridiculous.
    Elder Kai: That's a lame name, alright.
  • Buu survives Basil's Shining Blaster no problem, but soon notices the gaping hole in his stomach. While many fans know this is no problem for Buu at all, since he can heal it almost instantly, his reaction to it is pretty humorous.
    • Then of course there's the shocked looks from Universe 9 when Buu heals the wound no problem, as if they're just now realizing that Basil hasn't truly hurt Buu at all since the fight began.
  • Beerus and Supreme Kai sharing a happy hug. Two normally very serious people are hugging each other and smiling like giddy kids.
    • And why are they hugging each other? Because of Majin Buu.
  • Once Buu is done healing Mr. Satan/Hercule, Buu tells him that he won. Mixed with Heartwarming, Mr. Satan/Hercule then starts to congratulate Buu and it sounds like he is congratulating a pet for doing a good job. And then Buu's answer seems what a pet would say while being congratulated.
  • After's Buu's victory over Basil, you can see Buu pigging out over a very large pile of food. You gotta wonder if Whis was hiding all that from Beerus.

Episode 80

  • Ro, Universe 9's Supreme Kai, finds out exactly how misplaced his smugness is when he's told that their Universe is literally dead-last in overall 'mortal level'. And for added insult, Universe 7, who he's been mocking till proven otherwise, has an overall 'mortal level' about twice as high as theirs.

Episode 81

  • Ro states because of Bergamo's Energy Absorption, he is a man without limits which Goku happily states he's been wanting to fight someone like that. That line becomes hilarious in a meta sense when you remember how Death Battle also describes Superman as a man without limits.
  • When Goku completely transforms into Super Saiyan Blue, all the Gods (except Beerus and Champa, who have seen it before) are either freaked out or confused by the fact that Goku has God Ki. The looks on their faces can best be described as a collective: "What the hell is this guy?"

Episode 82

  • Basically everything to do with Top. From him formally introducing himself to everyone present in a stereotypical superhero fashion, complete with justice speech and super sentai poses to him refusing to shake Goku's hand on the grounds that he's "evil". This even extends to his techniques where he has the word "justice" in all of them.
    • Gohan fanboying over Top, a DEFENDER OF JUSTICE! To Beerus' chagrin.
  • Top and Goku are about to go at each other full power, the fiery red aura of Toppo matching the red/blue Kaioken/God aura...and then the Grand Priest asks them to stop, to the squawking disappointment of the twin Zenos.
    Zenos: Awww!
  • Beerus's terror at the approaching tournament and Goku's lackadaisical attitude makes for a great contrast.
  • The Grand Priest declares that the construction of the Tournament of Power arena will take five tiks, which by Earth standards is 40 hours. Goku and the other Universes only have a short time to recuperate, choose 10 warriors to participate in the tournament, strategize, and get ready. Basically, Goku and co. have a little less than two days to prepare to save their universe, right after a match they just participated in. What makes this funny is how caught off guard everyone is and their reactions.
  • After the Grand Priest announces how much time each Universe has to choose their 10 fighters, Champa wonders if Hit has nine brothers.

Episode 83

  • Goku suggesting that they should get Monaka to join, and Beerus's reaction to that.
  • Vegeta insists that he won't join the tournament since he has to wait for Bra to be born. Whis solves this problem by magicking the baby right out of her in about twenty seconds, not even bothering to ask. And at this point, everyone is so jaded by this stuff that Bulma's reaction amounts to 'That was convenient'.
  • Vegeta going Super Saiyan Blue whenever someone (Satan and Yamcha) unintentionally upsets Bra.
  • Vegeta spends the first half of the episode trying to think up a good name for Saiyan royalty, but when he has a chance to actually name her, Bulma pipes in with "Bulla". Vegeta grudgingly admits to himself that it's not a bad name.
  • Yamcha gets psyched when he hears there's an open spot on the tournament, and quickly excuses himself because he thinks he'll be picked, so he wants to play it cool. Too bad for him, the series already spoiled who's getting that spot.
  • As it turns out, the total number of planets in Universe 7 that support mortal life is... 28.
  • When trying to decide who the 10 fighters for their universe will be, they decide to get 18 and 17 to join. Supreme Kai is concerned about whether that would be allowed since they're androids. Gohan reasons that it should be okay since they're "human based, just modified at the cellular level to be superhuman". This causes some confusion for Supreme Kai and Beerus, not unlike how some fans get confused with the terms "android" and "cyborg" in the Dragon Ball universe.
    Beerus: (covering his ears) I'm going to have to pretend I didn't hear any of that!
  • Goku and Gohan do a mental battle to see how Krillin would fare against Basil, the weakest opponent they had seen so far for the Universal Tournament. Based on Gohan's idea of how strong he is now, without knowing of events/training Krillin's gone through recently, Krillin loses.

Episode 84

  • 18 doesn't see any use in going to the tournament if there's no money involved, as per usual. Goku quickly makes up a lie about there being a 10 million Zeni reward per person. Being a terrible liar, 18 barely seems convinced and knows he's hiding something, while Goku can barely keep his pretense up under her piercing icy-blue eyes.
    • Then a little later, he slips up by saying it was 100 million Zeni, making 18 even more suspicious as she points this out. Goku sheepishly tries to cover this by cheering for Krillin in his practice match with Gohan, before Marron asks her uncle why he's not cheering for his own son first.
  • After Goku decides to end the match with Krillin and 18, Marron asks if that means her dad won (since Goku technically forfeited). Goku lamely tries to protest that while Gohan backs Marron up.
    Gohan: I think you've got a point there, Marron.
    Marron: (cheerfully) Uncle Goku is a loser! Hurray!
    Goku: What!? You little stinker, they didn't defeat me!
    Gohan: (knowingly) It's okay dad, just go with it.
  • 18 knows Krillin and Marron so well that she's Crazy-Prepared. She pulls out sunglasses for herself and Marron (and even has a spare one for Goku) when Krillin shows off Solar Flare x 100.

     Episodes 85-96 

Episode 85

  • Champa calling up Cabba and demanding more Saiyans for Universe 6's team.
    • Even before that, Universe 6's Supreme Kai is relieved that Champa is handling the gathering of tournament-fighters, to which Champa says he should shape up as a Supreme Kai. This from the God of Destruction who can't even be bothered to blow up his own planets.
  • At one point during the Supreme Kai meeting, two of them start discussing whether power or smarts are more important, in a meta-moment that reflects the fan debate of Power Levels VS Martial Arts tactics.
    • Ro calls this meeting a waste of time, since he needs to gather more warriors. His call is promptly hung up for him by the others.
  • In the dub, the invading warlord the Pride Troopers defeat together talks like a throwback Silver Age supervillain, complete with excessive alliteration and silly dialogue. At one point, he actually calls the Troopers "party poopers!"
    "You bumbling batch of bush-league brawlers!"

Episode 86

  • Possibly unintentional, but when viewed from above, the island on which Dende finds 17 looks suspiciously... phallic.

Episode 87

  • At first, the whole self-destruct bomb thing appears to go badly, for the villain presses the button and the ship explodes... only to cut to Beerus waking from his Catapult Nightmare, wondering if it's a bad omen, and then it shows that the scene didn't actually happen (and doesn't). It's probably about then that you remember Whis mentioning how many of Beerus' dreams never came true.
  • King Kai just can't catch a break. When the alien poacher claims to have a bomb in his body, Goku teleports him right to King Kai's planet, even recalling how he did this with Cell - King Kai is understandably annoyed. Lucky for King Kai, this villain's lying about the bomb and is a weakling who can't take the gravity.
    • And what was the "self-destruct switch" actually for? Confetti fireworks for a surprise birthday party he was supposed to attend later.
    • Goku's after-the-fact response in the dub is worth several laughs, due to sheer Call-Back irony:
      Goku: Huh, well I'll be a giant monkey...
  • Jaco being a Glory Seeker, taking the credit for stopping the poaching ring but doing none of the work. In the dub, Goku even throws shade about Mr. 'Super Elite' being super lazy.
    • Even better. In the dub Jaco then promises to send them a thank you card, provided it wouldn't be harder than simply not doing anything at all. Immediately after, he decides he isn't actually going to.
  • The combination of Goku's obliviousness and 17's snark lends to a lot of fun moments, particularly this exchange:
    Goku: (about Krillin being 17's brother-in-law) Believe it or not, I never thought of that before.
    17: (bluntly) I believe.

Episode 88

  • After Gohan and Piccolo's training, we're shown them cooking a dinosaur tail steak... then then dinosaur wakes up, sees his missing tail and runs off in a crying panic.
  • Trunks and Goten can't figure out a diaper. Vegeta notices, there's a wide shot with some swish noises, and the diaper is on.
  • Krillin and Android 18 are shown sparring for the tournament outside of their home, and a few passerby comment on how couples have taken their quarrels Up to Eleven.
    • Even better is Marron cheering her parents on to "kick each other's butts!", much to their neighbors' shocked confusion.
  • Beerus is annoyed by Bulma and her family being so carefree and thinks about telling them the truth. Whis discourages this by aiding in an Imagine Spot where Bulma berates Beerus for not stopping Goku from being an idiot. Beerus quickly thinks better of facing, in Whis's own (dub) words, "Hurricane Bulma".
  • The episode ends up Yamcha still waiting for Goku to invite him to the Tournament of Power, and Puar looking at him like he knows he's not getting invited.
  • During their sparring session, Gohan cuts off Piccolo's right arm and it goes flying away, only for it to come back and blast Gohan in the back.

Episdoe 89

  • Yurin, who we're introduced to in the episode, tries to be a threat. Key word being 'tries' to, as her efforts may have been more successful if Master Roshi hadn't been around. Upon seeing her he oogles her body in his usual way, much to her annoyance and when she tries to join Tien's school he easily carries her off over his shoulder, much to her protests.
    • She's then seen in a highly revealing fighting outfit that Roshi selected for her to wear, which she's not happy about, especially when this results in flashing him later. She gets back at him by delivering a Groin Attack.
    • And how is she defeated in the end? Chiaotzu uses his psychic powers to lift up her skirt and break her concentration as she tries to cover herself up.

Episdoe 90

Episode 91

  • At the beginning of the episode, Vegeta goes to Kami's Lookout to train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber when Mr. Popo warns him that if he breaks it again, he's banned. This includes an extreme close-up on Popo's face, as if it was part of Dragon Ball Z Abridged!
    • And then Popo admits "[Vegeta]'s definitely going to break it again; I just know it." He's proven right come next episode.
  • Roshi trying to overcome his weakness of women by having Puar turn into a pretty goes about how you expect; poor Puar. Yamcha even privately expresses his doubts that Roshi overcoming this is even possible, likely mirroring what a lot of people watching might be thinking.
    • When asked why Oolong doesn't help Roshi instead, Oolong answers that it got out of hand last time and left him traumatized.
    • It's possibly even better: Oolong mentions that once he let the old man go 'pafu pafu' note . If you remember the original DB, that actually happened on-screen during the first Tenkaichi, when Bulma asked Oolong to take her place after striking an indecent deal with Roshi. Considering that Super has already referenced the original show multiple times, Oolong's probably referring to that incident.
  • While training with Whis, he puts Goku in a choke hold similar to what Toppo did back in Episode 82. Determined not to be crushed again, Goku escapes the hold by biting Whis, completely shocking him.
    Whis: My goodness, is nothing beneath you?
    • This becomes even funnier when you realize that he did the exact same thing to Frieza on Namek, and then later on Earth. And he bit Beerus too during their fight. Maybe Whis shouldn't have been so surprised...
  • Brianne from Universe 2 is a straight-up parody to magical girls. She has a transformation similar to Sailor Moon, and an attack that looks like Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack from the anime's third season... except it turns her into what looks like a female Buu instead of making her prettier.
  • Gowasu recording the U10 team dancing with Cus leading them. He comments to himself about how this will get lots of views.
    • Just the fact Gowasu is recording for Godtube is amusing, considering that last time he mentioned that, he was only kidding of becoming a Godtuber.

Episode 92

  • Mr. Satan offering to take Buu's place in the Tournament of Power after he falls asleep. Goku asked if that's okay given that they will be powerful people in the tournament. We then get a flashback of the Exhibition matches, namely the heroes being beating up by the Trio De Dangers and Toppo. Mr. Satan sweats so much that he leaves a giant pool of water on the ground and quickly backs down. Even more amusingly, Goku doesn't turn down his offer. He's actually doesn't mind Mr. Satan entering.
    • The implications of this are even funnier. If Goku is so desperate for recruits he'd accept Mr Satan, then it's clear he's well and truly forgotten about Yamcha. Or alternatively, he's just that chill about things.
  • Beerus being mad that Buu dares to fall asleep on him before the tournament. Beerus quickly shuts up when Whis points out Beerus's own sleeping habits.
  • Cabba trying to get Caulifla mad by insulting her. Problem is, Cabba's such a Nice Guy that his insults are schoolyard insults like calling her blockhead and a dummy, all while sweating heavily and looking extremely uncomfortable.
    • Then we have Caulifla actually getting mad at Cabba because his attempts at insults are so bad, while Kale smirks and chuckles to herself as she watches on from where she's hiding.
  • A Brick Joke from the previous episode is concluded when everyone can sense Vegeta's power spiking, and Piccolo correctly guesses he blew up the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to get out again.
  • Goku asking Bulma to give him a loan to pay off the people who wanted money for the Tournament of Power. Bulma says no. Goku then points out that ten million zeni is like leaking a little pee for her. Bulma doesn't like the analogy, but what makes this funny is that Goku isn't wrong.
  • Beerus growing sick of Krillin giving Goku the runaway after he learns there was no prize money for the Tournament of Power. Krillin threatened to quit and Beerus threatened to destroy him. Krillin quickly rejoins the team.
    • Even more, when Beerus gets Krillin's attention, he calls him "Turillin". In the English dub, he calls him "Curly".

Episode 93

  • Cabba and Caulifla's attempts to get Kale to transform into a Super Saiyan are just as hilarious as Cabba's earlier attempts on Caulifla. He tries the insults again, only for Caulifla to yell at him for making her cry.
  • Cabba getting slightly offended when Caulifla assures Kale that she'd never go out with someone like Cabba.
  • In Hell, Frieza senses something's up when Goku offers him a chance to be resurrected for 24 hours and asks him if it would be a problem if he refused, which Goku confirms. In an attempt to troll Goku, Frieza proudly proclaims "I refuse", to which Goku responds with "Oh, okay. See ya." and begins to walk away as Frieza stammers "No, I was joking! Come back!".
  • When Goku goes to let Fortuneteller Baba know about reviving Frieza, she asks for a gift. Goku tries to hand her the device that summons/brings you to Zen'O, but she freaks out and doesn't want it.

Episode 94

  • Within seconds of being revived, Frieza gut punches Goku.
    Frieza: (mildly) How rude of me. My fist slipped right into your chest.
    Goku: (equally so) Yeah, I hate it when that happens. (gut punches Frieza) Oh, sorry, mine just slipped too.
    • They then share a chuckle about it too.
  • Immediately afterwards, Goku asks Frieza to grab his hand so he can use Instant Transmission to get them to Capsule Corp. The look on Frieza's face is a big, visual Flat "What".
  • It's 17 and 18's first reunion in a while and yet their first instinct is to snark at each other. They really are siblings, through and through.
    18: At least try to pretend that you're happy to see me.
    17: I did try.
  • 17's sub joke is so bad that 18, Krillin, and even the island's ocean waves freeze to let it sink in.
    Marron: How old are you Uncle?
    17: I'm 17.
    • And there's Krillin's desperate attempt to pass it as funny. And in the dub, just before that, 18 asks if things are going to be this awkward the whole time, and 17 just says 'Probably'.
    • 17 mistakenly calling Marron "Maron", like Krillin's (filler) ex-girlfriend, is what takes the cake. 18's Death Glare is a sight to behold, as is her threat that if he gets it wrong again, he's dead, which amuses 17 as he good-naturedly says to Marron that "you've got a scary mom". Makes you wonder if 18 and Maron have actually met before.
  • Just the fact U9's Ro searched for Frieza's name in Godtube, and managed to find something, is worth a chuckle due to how exploitable the joke can be.
    An anonymous user:Planet Destruction Prank (Prank Gone Wrong) [Prank Gone Sexual] #Galactic Patrol Called!
  • When Bulma tries to cover the tournament contests as those invited to celebrate Bra/Bulla's birth, Trunks asks why Frieza is invited. Vegeta has to cover for her, saying (almost through his teeth) that Frieza's turned over a new leaf... he could barely keep it up, and mentally is hardly any better.
    Vegeta: Of all the rotten villains in the cosmos, why do I have to pretend to like Frieza!? Damn it all!!
    Next scene: Vegeta is seated at a table, back turned to everyone, almost as if depressed/sulking.

Episode 95

  • With the Tournament of Power stage finally complete, the Zen-Ohs go to see how it is. They give their approval of it by rolling around on the stage.
    • What's funnier is that they give the Grand Priest a small thing of candy in appreciation of his efforts. Since they basically have the attitude of 5-year-olds, this is kinda cute as well.
  • This epic face that Frieza makes when Ro and Sidra are arguing over whether Frieza's proposition (for him to join Universe 9) is a good idea or not. Even more surprising that it's in his Golden form of all things. It's not hard to picture Frieza thinking "Good lord I traded Goku for this." with that expression.

Episode 96

  • The exempt universes arrive for the tournament first, which leads to a couple funny moments.
    • They wonder if the stage will hold up to the fighting, so the Grand Priest lets the Gods of Destruction go at it as a test. Once they've thoroughly trashed it, he makes them fix it.
    • One God of Destruction refuses to take part... and when the others are forced to fix the arena they trashed, he's standing off to the side with a smirk on his face, suggesting he saw that coming and that's why he opted out.
    • They decided to fight in the first place to get praise from the Zen-Ohs. The two fell asleep during the match, and it's likely they never even knew the match was happening in the first place (as otherwise they'd have come out to see).
  • Vegeta and Frieza throw some amazing shade at each-other.
    Vegeta: That angel's halo suits you well, Frieza.
    Frieza: (Pissed, but trying extremely hard not to show it) It'd look better on you. I could give you one as a present.
  • Whis makes everyone hold hands to they can transport to the stage. Vegeta, as always, finds this appalling, especially when it seems like he'll have to hold hands with Frieza, least before Beerus ends up taking his place. Later, when the other universes show up not holding hands, Beerus realizes Whis was just messing with them.
    Whis: (cheerfully) I thought it would help the team unite.
    Beerus: Unite them? This hand holding nearly tore the team apart!
    • In a blink and you'll miss it moment, when Vegeta first realizes he might be stuck holding Frieza's hand, we see Frieza in the back refusing to grab Goku's, instead settling to clutch his wrist. He does the same with Beerus's hand.
  • Frieza and Frost notice each other almost immediately, and seemingly become best friends within minutes. It's just rather humorous to see the ultimate irredeemable villain of Dragonball seeming to actually find common ground with someone else. Doubly funny when you remember they're basically alternate versions of the same person. Like Zamasu, Frieza is so narcissistic and egotistical that literally the only person he can have any sense of camaraderie with is himself, or so close it might as well be.
  • Champa making an Eyelid Pull Taunt at Goku when he greets Hit.
  • Master Roshi claiming that he has overcome his desires when Krillin points out Caulifla and Kale. Krillin and Tien are genuinely impressed by his restraint. Of course, that remains to be seen.
  • Gohan notes that Universe 4 seems to have only eight fighters.
    Goku: Really? Let's see... one, two, three...
    Piccolo: (exasperated) Goku, stop. He's right.

     Episodes 97-111 
Episode 97
  • Gohan says since the winner is the team with the most survivors at the end of the time limit, their plan is to stand back to back in one place and work together against anyone who attacks them. As soon as the battle royale begins, Goku excitedly charges into the fray. Gohan yells at him to come back and stick to the plan, but Vegeta, 17, 18, and Frieza charge in as well.
    • The reactions: Gohan is dismayed, Beerus Face Palms in rage... And everyone else from Universe 7 doesn't care because they knew they'd do that.
      Beerus: These mortals will be the death of me. Literally.
  • Riribeu was the first to get a ring-out, despite the fact that she has wings, because Basil's attack stunned her so much that she forgot to fly until too late.
  • When the Grand Priest tells the Zeno twins about Napapa's status in his own world, it's clear that they don't understand any of the terminology being used, but they act impressed anyway.
  • Master Roshi states that he'll take on the female fighters, believing that he's overcome his lust. Even if true, it's still suspicious for an old man.
  • The aftermath of Nink's failure at taking Goku down with himself.
    Nink: (after appearing on the bench) That didn't go the way I saw it going.
    (Quitela starts shouting insults and kicking his head, though Nink barely notices)
  • The two Zen-O happily counting out the eliminated warriors on their godpads.

Episode 98

  • Supreme Kai wonders why Goku isn't using Super Saiyan Blue to instantly beat the Trio de Dangers, so Whis points out that he's pacing himself, something everyone else knew already. He lamely tries to cover his ignorance.
  • Vegeta steps in to help Goku, and it looks like they'll do better as a team. Whis confirms that they would... if they were actually willing to work together, which everyone present knows isn't gonna happen easily, and that's if they're lucky.
  • Sorel is taken out so anti-climatically that Rō only notices once it's announced that they have only three fighters remaining. He is not happy, especially when her reaction is pretty much 'my bad'.
  • Frieza observes Goku's fight with the trio (while crushing Napapa under his heel), and comments in the most mundane tone that Goku-san is enjoying himself, and that he should probably do so too. He then shoots Roselle without even looking, and proceeds to terrify the poor sap so badly that the latter willingly rings himself out. When Roselle gets an earful from Sidra later on, he initially seems to have actually forgotten about the universal destruction just because he wanted to get away from Frieza so badly.
  • The Elder Kai being completely unimpressed by Ro's tendency to come up with "tacky names" for everything. He starts by getting "Danger Triangle", to Beerus annoyance, and after he announces Hyssop's nickname he openly questions if he has to name everything. Funnier because Zen-O seems to like the "tacky names" instead.

Episode 99

  • Vegeta faces Botamo and finds a way to neutralize his energy absorbing. By tying his limbs up in knots and prevent him from being able to fight back.
  • Magetta overcomes his weakness to insults... by having Botamo piggyback on him and cover his ears. Made even better by how the two treat it like a genuine fusion.
    Botamo: An invincible body and a steel psyche. Our invincible Bota Magetta!
    Vegeta: You're just covering his ears!
    Botamo no-sells an attack by Vegeta
    Botamo: The invincible Bota Magetta.
    • Made even funnier by how smug Vegeta looked while insulting Auta, and then Vegeta and Beerus' shocked facial expressions when their plan to hurt Magetta's feelings doesn't work.
  • While on the sidelines, Beerus continuously cheers for his team, all while pulling Old Kai's hair and strangling him.
  • Krillin finds a way to get past Majora who's sense of smell enables him to fight and track opponents. The solution? A smelly shoe.
    • Gets better when one realizes that that, of almost sixty opponents, Majora picked the one with experience in weaponized stench-both as the attacker and the victim.
  • After Krillin gets knocked out, Beerus and Shin were tuning each other in a serious tone with a false reassurance, scaring the poor guy.
    • What's funny about the scene is Shin, out of all people, being visibly annoyed with Krillin. It's like a family reunion where both the dad and the mom are equally disappointed, but the mom is trying her best to put a good facade.
    Krillin:: Y-your eyes are scary!
  • Vados trolling Champa by saying it pains her to say farewell to him. Naturally, Champa is less than amused knowing that she won't get erased should Universe 6 lose.

Episode 100

  • Everyone ragging on Krillin for being the first one on the team to be eliminated, especially 18.
  • When Super Saiyan Berserker Kale begins menacingly approaching Vuon, the camera smash cuts to Zen'o-sama eliminating him, as if to say "Yeah, he's done. Good night."
  • Hit taking down Narirama is a pretty serious moment. Until you remember than he was incapacitated back in episode 97, at the very start of the tournament, and other episodes showed him walking around. Meaning he stopped his arm, then ignored him for a couple of minutes, and then he went back to finish the job.
  • Caulifla demands to Goku to show her how to turn Blue, and as a thank you she'll beat him up with that form. Kale quickly objects that it's not much of a thanks.
  • When Kale at first fails to transform, an unimpressed Goku asks if he can go fight someone else now.
    • Later, when Goku and Caulifla are fighting, Kale (still in base form) tries to attack Goku with a Ki blast. Goku easily stops the attack and then ask Kale to not disturb them. Kale can only mutter a "sorry".

Episode 101

  • Vegeta accuses Frieza of stealing Murichim's elimination.
  • Cocotte thinks she's safe in her dimension ball and starts taunting everyone, only for 18 to pick it up and toss her out of the ring.
    • After Cocotte gets eliminated, she crash lands directly upon some of the other Pride Troopers on the bench, leaving them in a heap.

Episode 102

  • The Maiden Squadron prepare to transform into their more powerful forms... when 17 decides to avert Transformation Is a Free Action and blasts them in the middle of it. They emerge covered in soot and dirt and charge at him, Ribrianne yelling that their transformations are Serious Business, and he gets admonished by them for attacking before they could — including by Goku and even Toppo, who literally sprints from out of the dust solely to complain about this, and then runs right back in afterward. 17 silently decides 'Whatever', letting them transform again.
    • Then the Maiden Squadron proceed to redo the entire sequence. The moment they realize this, Beerus and Champa both complain that they're starting from the very top.
    • There's a brief moment when the three realized that an attack is coming at them. Their expressions range from "What the hell is that" to "this is going to suck".
    • It's easy to miss, but thanks to this incident, Toppo actually agrees with Goku for once, despite considering the latter evil. If he'd realized this in-episode, no doubt we'd have been treated to another grand speech about the development, no matter how he spun it.
    • He does more than agree, he backs him up: when Goku is lecturing 17 about letting the opponents transform, Toppo bursts in saying "I've got this covered", and then he starts lecturing 17 as well.
    • There's also something hilarious in realizing that people like Frieza, Frost and Hit actually did nothing to stop that transformation.
  • After they have transformed, Elder Supreme Kai is quite happy while Shin is eyeballing him, and Krillin comments that they looked prettier in their human forms. It then pans over to Universe 10's bench where all the fighters (except Lilibeu) are smiling at them. It even cuts to Toppo who compliments them and he and Dyspo can be seen blushing! Heck even Beerus is smiling along with Elder Supreme Kai despite complaining about it earlier.
  • Frieza's characteristic disdain for the smell of the love attack by Universe 2's fighters.
    Frieza: What a foul odor.
  • Vegeta is about to punch Ribrianne during her Rolling Attack, but pulls back at the last second because she's too gross to punch. We even see his cringe form in slow motion. The first time he dodged by instinct, and it was because her very appearance disturbed him so much.
    Vegeta: (grossed out) What was that wretched feeling!? I hate to bail out but, ewww!
  • Rumsshi is still smacking his losing fighters with his trunk, with Jirasen being the latest victim after his embarrassing knockout by Ribrianne.
  • Thoughout the entire episode, 17 is completely blunt, even when being attacked. This is a hilarious contrast to how he was back in the Cell Saga, as he was considerably more emotive then, whereas now he seems more like Saitama.
  • When 17 decides to get serious, he first targets Vikal and rings her out by literally knocking her out into her universe's seating area. And by literally, he knocks her out of the ring, and out-cold.
  • A very quick moment, but when Brianne is firing her hearts everywhere in the field, there's a very quick shot of Ganos humorously running away from the explosions.
  • There's something inherently funny when you realize that the Maiden Squadron had basically been standing in a warzone in what amounts to fancy evening wear for the entire duration of the tournament. The fact that you can hear their heels clanking as they run just makes it funnier.
    • It's funnier the more you think about it. The transformation is implied to be that long for purely aesthetic reasons (confirmed in episode 118; they can instantly transform). And, if it weren't enough, they do it while standing on the most exposed point in said warzone - which they specifically looked for - and calling for everyone's attention. It's amazing that 17 is the only one who attacked them, really.
  • Beerus finally gets fed up with Universe 2's "love" schtick and yells at Helles to "quit with the love stuff already!"

Episode 103

  • When 17 faces off Ribrianne, the two of then start spouting dialogue not far off from your typical Magical Girl anime, and 17 seems to be enjoying himself.
    Krillin: Well, despite appearances, 17 seems to enjoy a good joke.
  • Ribrianne and Rozie are just in love with the Yardat Jimeze, like he's friggin' Tuxedo Mask!
  • Botamo is the first warrior of Universe 6 to be defeated and dropped out. Again.
    • Champa even chews him out afterwards, with him just sheepishly saying "I'm sorry" in a tone that completely contrasted his arrogant tone he had when facing Vegeta earlier.

Episode 104

  • When Champa learns that Dyspo is reading Hit's movements through his sensitive hearing, he demands a vuvuzela to mess with him. Vados points out this won't work, embarrassing him, but in later scenes he's swinging the vuvuzela around/blowing on it anyway. Meaning that, despite it being useless, Vados complied with the request anyway.
    • Well she is Whis's sister. He puts up with a lot of Beerus's sillier requests and does seem to enjoy himself. Perhaps she finds him more amusing than she lets on.
    • Champa complaining that not only is Hit getting beaten up by Dyspo, but Dyspo looks similar to Beerus to make matters worse. Vados points out since Beerus is his twin brother, all the three of them look similar, going by that logic.
  • Hit tricking Dyspo to fall of the stage is an awesome moment, but Dyspo's long scream while falling is quite amusing to hear.
  • In the English dub Goku taunts Dyspo with "I've got my own Tricks, Silly Rabbit!"

Episode 105

  • One of Master Roshi's opponents is, of course, a U4 girl named Cawey. Unfortunately for her, because of how much of an Dirty Old Man Roshi is, he also scares her off the ring in which Quitela berates her for doing so.
    • The best part is that Master Roshi was faking his usual antics, as at first he didn't react at all, then playing along with her seduction technique for a bit before catching her attack easily. Then he plays it up to the max to scare her, knowing that even though he's suppressed his desires, it's still a potential weapon against female opponents.
    • When she first pulls her act, Roshi, blurts out "Choo-po" as he jumps down. Cut to a reaction short of Magetta repeating that in confusion, as it's his line.
      • Shortly before the fight with Cawey, Roshi actually briefly run into Magetta saying that line. Meaning he might have purposefully copied it.
  • When Roshi faces against Darkori, he realises she's using illusions on him. What does he do? Use the Mafuba on her and casually flings the seal off the ring.
    • After this, Quitela and Beerus argue about using items on the battlefield. Zen'O, in his Kubrick Stare glory, allows it, scaring both Gods of Destruction. It's pretty clear he just wanted the two to shut up.
  • When Roshi faces off against the transformed Ganos, he recites the Konami Code in reference to how predictable Ganos's attacks are.
  • When Cawey begins taking off her clothes, Krillin boasts that it won't work as Roshi has tamed his weaknesses. But when she starts doing sexy poses and Roshi looks like he's falling for it, Krillin can only scream in frustration as that he's seemingly reverting back to his old habits. And then of course later, when Roshi handles things, kinda sheepishly says he 'knew' that his master was just acting.
    • While that's going on, Elder Kai is cheering for Cawey to take more clothes off while Shin tries to get him to control himself. All that was missing was him throwing Zenni bills at her!

Episode 106

  • When Vegeta and Goku approach Piccolo and Gohan, Piccolo tells them to get down, since they are being sniped at. Vegeta retorts that it's stupid, and dodging will suffice. Cue an energy beam taking them by surprise, scratching Vegeta, who gets down immediately.
  • Vegeta's solution to defeat Prum, who reflects energy attacks? Hurl giant pieces of the arena floor. Cue Prum barely avoiding the incoming debris aimed at him by Goku and Vegeta.
  • When Prum is at the mercy of Vegeta and Goku (still holding some debris), he begs for his life until Dr. Rota comes out of nowhere to defeat him after sniping him earlier. Before Rota could do anything though, Vegeta blasts both opponents out of the ring.
    Dr Rota: They call me 'Doctor' because I'm able to-
    Vegeta: (blasts them with his Galick Gun) NOBODY CARES!!
    • You can even see Vegeta's eye twitching afterwards. That's how much he was annoyed.
  • Dr Rota tries to show off his ability, only to get stopped mid-sentence twice (Once by getting shot by Hermila and then getting blasted by Vegeta's Galick Gun)

Episode 107

  • Maji Kayo's elimination at the hands of Jiren is either awesome or this.
  • When Roshi is surprised Vegeta stepped in, the latter makes a comment that he only came because Frost pissed him off. Roshi's expression then changes to something along the lines of 'Figures he'd say something like that.'
  • Vegeta literally kicking Magetta off the arena like a soccer ball, after Magetta curls up because Vegeta insulted him.
  • After Roshi eliminates himself, Beerus makes a funny quip about how everyone eliminated so far are bald, but then he still praises Roshi for his gutsy performance in the tournament.

Episode 108

  • Probably unintentional, but the fact that an episode that's about Frieza literally lasted one minute in-universe, considering all of the events that happened in the episode, is funny considering the whole "five minutes" incident with Namek.
  • Likewise probably unintentional, but since this episode where Frost is erased from existence aired in Japan on the same day as the dubbed episode where Frost is unmasked as having been a villain all along and beaten by Vegeta in the U7 vs. U6 tournament, many fans joked that it was "Frost gets his ass kicked" Day.
  • The face Frost has the moment he realizes he's in the stands after Frieza betrays him and has ringed him out.
  • Frieza continues to put on a "chummy team player" act... without actually changing his normal Smug Snake tone or expression at all. Given Gohan's reaction, and his obvious enjoyment of it, one gets the feeling he's mostly here to skeev everyone out at this point.

Episode 109

  • Ribrianne's goal for obtaining the Super Dragon Balls is to become a goddess and spread love throughout all the universes, with Helles' loving approval.
  • After being kicked by Goku, Ribrianne rolls straight into Jiren, who has had his ever-steely sights dead set on Goku. Ribrianne quickly runs behind a rock, and asks him if he's fallen in love with her. With no dignified response from Jiren, she rants that even if he does confess later, she'll just ignore it and leaves... before briefly popping back with a pouting expression, in a manner that almost makes her seem like a love-struck Tsundere.
  • When Goku starts charging his Spirit Bomb, the rest of his team immediately send him their energy. Even Frieza of all people joins in, despite a comment about how it gives him bad memories. However, Vegeta refuses to help. (Although he does take out Ribrianne who was trying to backstab Goku)

Episode 110

  • While Beerus and the other gods are freaking out, Whis gets hyped up over Goku's new transformation after surviving the Spirit Bomb getting thrown back at him.
  • After Goku and Jiren seem evenly matched, Goku actually gets a strong move in by kicking Jiren in the dick. The look of pain of Jiren's face lasts only for a second but it is still hilarious.

Episode 111

  • Although unintentional, after Hit motivates Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale to take on other fighters, we get this dialogue in the sub.
    Cabba: Caulifla, Kale, let's do the job we were intended to do.
    Caulifla: Job?
    • Still funny in the dub, but for a different reason:
      Cabba: Let's seize this opportunity and do our job.
      Caulifla: Say what now?
      Cabba: I'm saying that it's time to kick some butt and win this for the 6th Universe.
      Caulifla: (grinning; eager) Why didn't you say that in the first place!?

     Episodes 112-121 
Episode 112
  • Vegeta seeks out Jiren, but is stopped and challenged by Toppo, and Vegeta states his disinterest in fighting the "second string". Toppo's response?
    Toppo: Yet you're second on your own team, aren't you?
    Vegeta: (pissed) Oh shut it, moostache!

Episode 113

  • Caulifla and Kale are tag teaming Goku as Super Saiyan 2. In response, Goku unleashes Super Saiyan 3, and everybody expects the fight to continue more intensely... only for Goku to immediately fizzle out of the form, claiming that he still hasn't regained enough strength to maintain it, trolling not only the two, but the entire fanbase.
    Caulifla: You gotta be kidding; that's a total tease!!
  • While Kale is transforming into her Berserk state, one of the flying rock's is about to hit Goku, only for him to casually and nonchalantly smack it away.

Episode 114

  • Katopesla vs. Frieza. Or rather, Katopesla attempting to get Frieza to fight him. First time, he is interrupted by Kale smashing Goku through the wall next to them. Later, he turns into a super fast form (with plenty of ham mimicking Kamen Rider) to make Frieza chase after him, but Frieza would rather watch Saiyans beat each other up.
    Frieza: I think I'll leave him be.

Episode 115

  • In the Japanese (and to an extent, Crunchyroll) version, the "Highlight of this Week" segment right before the opening ... features Kiyoshi Hikawa, the singer of the Dragon Ball Super opening (the second one in particular), narrating the summary. The fact he's in a very chaotic arena setting is hilarious itself, and he even does a Kamehameha afterwards.
  • After Potara fusion is legalized, Beerus then frantically proceeds to yank the earrings off Shin's ears, to the Supreme Kai's understandable pained protests.
  • Shin suggests getting 17 and 18 to fuse, which Beerus agrees is a good idea due to their already good teamwork as twin siblings, but Krillin (18's husband) immediately protests. Shin suggests naming the potential fusion "35" (as in, 17 + 18).
  • Whis then unceremoniously kills the enthusiasm for the idea of utilizing fusion when he notes that fusing two fighters into one creates the risk of losing two fighters at once should the fused being get knocked out of the ring.
  • Meanwhile Heles tells Pell to send his earrings for their fighters, Zarbuto and Rabanra, only for Zarbuto having trouble and Rabanra telling him to take his helmet off. Then Kelfa crashes into the two while fighting Goku, and shatters the earrings. Poor Pell did that for nothing. What sells it is Heles' comment after it's destroyed.

Episode 116

  • The Zenos describing Goku's Ultra Instinct form as Goku "going all 'BWAAAAH!'". Then the Grand Priest calmly says "It most certainly is 'BWAAAH'."
  • While it also counts as a Moment of Awesome, Goku casually dodging every single one of Kefla's attacks, as if he didn't care. There's a moment in which there's no music, an the only sounds are Kefla's punches missing her target, which increases the hilarity.
  • Everyone gets weirded out when Fuwa suddenly becomes Hot-Blooded while cheering for Kefla. What makes it even funnier is when Beerus asks if he's always been like that, Champa just casually tells him not to worry about it. Apparently, not only is Champa used to his Supreme Kai flipping out like this every so often, but for a brief moment, he seems to have forgotten about his hatred for his brother.
  • When Caulifla and Kale are eliminated simultaneously as a result of Kefla, their fusion, being eliminated and Goku's Kamehameha shattering the Potara earrings, rather than materializing seated on the stands as the rest of the eliminated fighters do, they materialize comically piled up one over another, and they fell on the ground.

Episode 117

  • Vegeta and Ultra Instinct:
    • Vegeta attempts to reach Ultra Instinct (Keyword: attempts) by letting Katopesla pummel him continuously. Predictably, Vegeta soon runs out of patience and pummels Katopesla back.
    • A bit of a fridge funny. Vegeta likely came to this conclusion because he himself dodged Ribrianne on reflex due seeing her distorted face. He must have falsely assumed he somehow did it too (just like way back in Z where he thought he attained Super Saiyan just before being pummeled by Frieza) and just need to trigger it by going limp. Fortunately his lack of patience snapped him out of it.
  • As 18 and 17 take on their opponents, both Zen'O do a really cute play Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs on each other.
  • Ribrianne gets some comedic damage in this one, after getting kicked in the face by 18, her face is collapsed in on itself and she pops it out like a Looney Tunes character. She then charges at 18, who dodges out of the way, leaving her head comically embedded in a rock.
  • After being told by 18 that she has a husband/daughter as her reason for fighting in this tournament, and after seeing Krillin cheer for 18, Ribrianne puts two and two together and asks if he's her husband.
    18: So what if he is?
    Ribrianne: (with a completely-blank look, shaking her head repeatedly) He's not handsome at all! H-He doesn't even have a nose!
  • After Ribrianne's elimination, Supreme Kai waxes poetic about 18 and Krillin's love... right until 18 fires a glancing shot to his cheek.
    18: (wearing a Death Glare) That's enough.
    Supreme Kai: (very meekly) Okay, sorry! I just got carried away...
  • A brief moment that is overlooked: Champa's on top of Magetta asking the Namekians to win. He then asks Magetta to cheer harder, which he does by releasing smoke, turning Champa dizzy.

Episode 118

  • The last three Universe 2 Fighters being granted the powers of the Love Trio. Complete with outfits, love catchphrases and techniques. Good luck getting the image of a burly man performing the Ass Kicks You technique of Ribrianne out of your head.
    • In response, 17 acts out the part of villain again. The kicker? 18 joins in, and then they both try to get Goku to do it too.
      17: I am Android 17! The great warrior of Universe 7 who defeated Kakunsa and Sankaku!
      18: I am Android 18, the goddess of Universe 7 who defeated Ribrianne, Universe 2's goddess of love!
      [both look pointedly at Goku]
      Goku: Uh, me? Um... I'm Goku.
    • As the three charge into battle, Goku says he had no idea what they were doing in that scene.
  • Vados trolling Champa.
    • First she doesn't even have to say anything to get Champa screaming about their situation, he can just tell from her amused expression.
    • Then she starts bursting his bubble when pointing out exactly how bad their situation is despite how strong their last two fighters are.
    • When Universe 6 is about to be erased, she's shown crying over the situation before a pan out reveals she's over with the Universe 7 team. Champa calls her out on this.
  • Earlier in the episode, Caulifla tells their Namekian fighters if they were to lose, she would pound the both of them. After they're eliminated by Piccolo and Gohan, she says that they had a good fight and seems to forgive them because of it... until she playfully says that a promise is a promise, turns Super Saiyan, and starts chasing them around. Kale is seen holding onto her arm as she chases after them, and she appears to be laughing at Caulifla's antics.
  • Vegeta being upset over Cabba and the rest of the Universe 6 Saiyans being erased alongside Universe 6 making him tell his opponent that he's going to take it out on him would sound like a mix of Tear Jerker and Awesome, but then you remember that his opponent is Catpesra.

Episode 119

  • Vegeta attacks Katopesla while he is explaining his powers. Katopesla complains that isn't fair, but Vegeta says he doesn't care.
  • While Gohan is fighting the invisible fighter Gamisaras, Master Roshi suggests Gohan get a nosebleed and spill the blood over him, a Call-Back to when Krillin made Roshi have one to reveal Yamcha's opponent See-Through the Invisible Man in the fights against Baba's warriors back in Dragon Ball. Gohan refuses.
  • Quitela, after Damom is eliminated, angrily tries to stomp the bug who is frantically dodging.

Episode 120

  • #17 and #18 vs Viara. Viara is stated to have near-impenetrable defenses, but unfortunately he's up against two androids with infinite stamina. Once again, the heroes in Dragon Ball beat a foe by simply hitting him really hard!
    • Even better is that, after defeating Viara, 17 comments on how stupid Viara's strategy of standing there and letting his opponents attack him is.

Episode 121

  • When Goku is about to get eliminated Frieza saves him by literally kicking him back to the arena.

     Episode 122-131 
Episode 122
  • Noticing the stands have gotten a lot less crowded with only two universes left, the Grand Priest solves the problem by shoving everyone together without warning. Their reactions are priceless.
    • Special mention goes to the losers from Universes 7 and 11 being forced to sit beside each other. Shin also awkwardly tries to greet the Kai of Universe 11, only to be ignored.
  • Freeza tries to counter Dyspo's speed the same way he countered Jimizu's instant transmission ability (grab him with his tail). Dyspo responds by running with Freeza still clinging to him.
  • Freeza also gets a good burn in when Dyspo is bragging about his speed. All Dyspo can say in response is a death threat and a glare.
    Dyspo: I am the fastest in all universes!
    Freeza: So your specialty is running away?
    • Dyspo boast of Frieza wanting to die a second time. Oh Dyspo, if only you knew he already died twice.

Episode 123

  • When Jiren gives turns his back on Vegeta and says: "Warrior, sleep", you can see one of the Zen'os mimic him a few scenes later.

Episode 125

  • Toppo achieves his potential as a God of Destruction and fires a blast of the Power of Destruction at Frieza. Recalling how he had earlier survived a blast of that, Frieza declares it is nothing to him and tries to catch it with one hand. Except it is a lot more powerful and overwhelms him, and Frieza repeatedly screams it is nothing to him until the blast gets him.
  • The beatdown Frieza receives from Toppo would be horrifying if it were happening to any other character, but since it's happening to Frieza who's done nothing but be smug and go after small fry the entire tournament, it's hard to not find it a little amusing.
    • Case in point, when Frieza launches a planet destroying death ball, Toppo counters by flicking a mere speck of destructive energy, which completely atomizes Frieza's death ball and leaves the latter complete stupefied, before proceeding to beat the ever-loving shit out of Frieza with his barehands. Again, horrifying if it were happening to any other character, but since it's Frieza, it's darkly comic to see just how real the situation has become to him.
  • When Toppo nearly rings out Frieza, #17 saves him by hurling a piece of rubble to knock him out of the air before he went over the edge.
    • He doesn't even say that to Frieza, he says it to Toppo, apologizing by pretending he was trying to hit him.

Episode 126

  • While Vegeta's fight with Toppo is not overtly funny, the english dub gives us this exchange as Piccolo realizes that Vegeta is planning to use the Final Explosion, curtesy of a Mondegreen on Vegeta's kiai.
    Piccolo: You're not really gonna use that suicidal move are you??

Episode 127

  • Frieza's humiliation continues, as his only appearance in the episode can be summed up as a repeat of what happened to him in the previous episode: Arrives, attacks Jiren head on while screaming ineffectual death threats, promptly gets pounded into dirt by Jiren.

Episode 128

  • Vegeta attempts to transform into Super Saiyan but is out of energy. Jiren actually looks displeased and answers with this.
  • When Vegeta gets knocked out, he sees a vision of Bulma begging him not to give up. He wakes up and complains about why she always has to wake him up so early.
  • In the English Dub during Goku's reawakening of Ultra Instinct, he has visions of his teammates encouraging him. Then it gets to Freeza:
    Frieza: Dance for us, monkey.
  • Jiren's shocked face when Goku reawakens Ultra Instinct and dodges his final punch, and the pained one when Goku hits back. Just that. While he has been shown to react to getting punched in the stomach, this time he makes the biggest bug-eyed expression.
  • When Goku first awakened Ultra Instinct and fought evenly with Jiren, Belmod was horrified at such a thing happening. The second time he does so in front of Jiren (and third overall)? Belmod gets annoyed at the amount of times Goku gets past his limits at his worst moment.
  • In a case of Dramatic Irony, everyone is so focused on Jiren and Goku's fight they speak as if they are the only two fighters remaining, with even the narrator asking if either Jiren or Goku will be the last one standing in the ring... then one realizes that Frieza hasn't been eliminated yet, which makes one wonder if everyone has forgotten about Frieza.

Episode 131

  • When Goku and Frieza begin their all-out last ditch attack to take down Jiren, the spectators comment on how they've started fighting in almost perfect sync to take the juggernaut down. Cut to Vegeta with an absolutely shocked expression on his face. Not only are Goku and Frieza fighting together, but they're also doing it in perfect sync while Goku and him did it out of sync, and Vegeta takes it like a computer does paradoxes. Note that up until this point in the fight, nothing else phased him.
  • After Android 17 performs a risky maneuver to deal a powerful blow to Jiren, he and Frieza have a bit of dialogue:
    Frieza: Not too shabby, Android. You didn't just slow him down, you brought him to his knees.
    17: It was a risk I could take, 'cause if I failed, I knew you'd be here to do the rest. Now go finish the job.
    Frieza: [postively dripping with sarcasm] I've earned the trust of a robot. How'd I get so lucky?
  • A bit of dark humor, but when Jiren begins to overpower Android 17 and Golden Frieza, we get this exchange:
    Android 17: Increase your energy!
    Frieza: Don't tell me what to do!
    [17's energy shield begins cracking]
    Android 17: Increase your energy more!
    Frieza: DON'T TELL ME... [Frieza's Golden form evaporates] ...WHAT TO DO!
    • And given the timing of his second line, it almost feels as if Frieza is powering down just to spite 17.
  • After Frieza and Goku resolve to work together against Jiren, Android 17 asks if they are done making up, to which Frieza replies that they will make up over his dead body. Remember, Frieza is dead at this point.
    • The english version has 17 say it in a much more teasing voice.
    Android 17: You guys done yet, or do you want to hug, too?
    Frieza: Nothing would repulse me more!
  • There is a bit of irony to be had here. Jiren learns about the true power of trust from Goku and Frieza, the main hero and his tyrannical arch-nemesis.
  • After all the universes are restored, we're given glimpses of the fighters happily reunited on the planets they set off from... including Universe 9's fighters who are happily gathered on a planet that looks like it's on fire.
  • The two Zenos go down to Goku and tell them what a wonderful event that was, and how they had so much fun. So much fun that they begin to ask Goku if he had any other "brilliant" ideas. Beerus realizing how bad this could get, zooms to Goku, clamps onto him from behind and wraps both of his arms around his mouth in a desperate attempt to not give the Zenos any more reason to start this mess all over again.
    Zenos: Hey, Goku! So what should we play next?
    • And Supreme Kai and Old Kai are right behind him, and while Beerus has Goku muzzled, they both quickly grovel in front of the Zenos and say basically "ThankyouGrandZenosWe'llbegoingnowBye!"
    • Grand Priest revealed that had any other wish been made, the Grand Zenos would have erased everything. Remember back when Goku and co were discussing what they wanted, and Goku hadn't even given a thought to what his wish would be since he just wanted to fight? Beerus remembers and promptly shits a log when he realizes that had Goku won he would have caused everything else to be destroyed out of ignorant apathy.
  • We then jump to the credits where after everything is said and done, Chi-Chi yells at Goku as usual, Pan playing with Piccolo's antennae (and Piccolo being very stoic about that), Goten, Trunks, and Marron took care of the poachers, the Pilaf gang fainting at the sight of the empty dishes by the Saiyans, Buu, Whis, and Beerus; Pan bumps into Vegeta, and Vegeta challenging Goku to a fight; to their wives' irritation.
    • Vegeta's in particular is humorous in itself as his body language at the sight of Pan flying around before bumping into him is pretty much "You dare surpass my daughter, you little runt!?"
      • Which culminates in Vegeta turning to Goku, scowling, and pointing away in a "Battlefield, NOW!" way. To which Goku non-verbally replies with what can only be described as Bring It.

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