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"The truth is, I ain't no 'hero of justice' or anything else like that. But anyone who tries to hurt my friends... IS GONNA PAAAAYY!!"

As a moments subpage, this page is Spoilers Off.

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  • Just by a teaser picture released, we find out two amazing things - Gohan is shown donning his father's outfit from the Buu Saga and The Bus Came Back with someone else - Android 17!
    • Even more, the teaser picture reveals that those on that picture (Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Buu, Piccolo, Tienshenhan, Master Roshi, Krillin and Androids 17 and 18) are going to be the chosen warriors for the upcoming multiversal tournament!
  • A Teaser Trailer for the new arc is out, and reveals the female Legendary Super Saiyan.
    • This bears a little repeating: after years of fans clamoring for a female Super Saiyan of some sort, not only is it finally happening but she's a Legendary Super Saiyan, a level that is considered one of the most powerful.
  • Magazine scans seems to hint that the Universe 7 team will be changed up before the actual fight: Exit Majin Buu, enter Frieza?!
  • The full version of "Limit Break X Survivor" is just as awesome as the standard opening version. If "Chozetsu Dynamic" is the "CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA" of Super, then "Limit Break X Survivor" is "WE GOTTA POWER."
  • For English dub watchers, the fact that Chris Ayers, commonly considered the DEFINITIVE Frieza VA for English dubs, has recovered in time not just for the movie, but for the Tournament of Power as well. Welcome back, you magnificent bastard.

     Episodes 77-86 
Episode 77
  • For long-term fans, the new opening showing the chosen warriors for universe 7 ready to fight. We all know about the absurd levels Goku and Vegeta reached, but it's just nice to see Roshi ready to get serious again (not to mention the androids, who only got one actual fight each before being outclassed and absorbed by Cell). Also, in the last shot, Gohan is back in his ultimate outfit.
  • Both scary and awesome, the two Zen'os flicking around planets like they're simply balls as part of their game.
  • Goku flicking a bullet back at the people trying to rob him. What makes this feat stand out is how Goku did it without killing the person - he just knocks him out with the impact, showing the level of control Goku has.
    • What's more, it's a nice Continuity Nod to Raditz when he killed the farmer, only unlike his older brother, Goku didn't kill the robber.
  • A minor one, but Goku's vegetables are really popular at the local farmers market. Guess he's got an aptitude for something outside fighting after all.
  • Krillin shows that he's taking his training seriously now by effortlessly knocking out three robbers that were shooting on him and the other police officers. Not impressive per se in that universe, but two episodes ago he ended up wounded after a similar confrontation.
  • Both awesome and a little scary. Goku threatens Beerus with pushing the Zeno button, asking which side of the button he should choose (one brings Zeno to him, the other takes him to Zeno). This gets Beerus to threaten to 'Hakai' Goku just like Present Zamasu. Instead of backing down, Goku glares at Beerus without any fear and he actually tricks Beerus into thinking he tossed the button before pushing it.

Episode 78

  • The opening few minutes of Buu and Basil's fight is a good showcase of the latter's speed and strength, easily beating the crap out of an unaware Majin Buu, and the former's Nigh-Invulnerability, considering he takes a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from Basil and only smiles as he prepares his counterattack.
    • The simple fact that after being Worfed by Beerus and then losing his chance to participate in the Champa Saga, Buu's back on the battlefield and ready to remind everyone how dangerous he truly is.
    • The little smile Buu gives at the last second of the episode speaks more than a million words could, as does the giggle he gives. Every DB fan around since the Buu Saga knows exactly what those things mean. It means that, just like Gohan, just like Supreme Kai, and just like Vegeta, Buu's found a new toy to play with. Only this time, the stone-walling beatdown is going to be on the protagonists' side for a change.

Episode 79

  • Like the episode preview shows, Buu just laughs as Basil attempts to put him down, much like he did back when he first appeared. When Basil begins to show his true power, however, rubble is sent flying around the arena... and Mr. Satan is struck in the head, giving him a concussion. Buu sees this. First he beats his chest like Kid Buu, then comes the steam, and Buu's volcanic fury.
  • Basil shows himself to be a truly worthy contender, as well. After Buu's Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Basil unleashes his true power, trading rapid-fire blows with Buu on an equal footing, before gaining the advantage and pummeling Buu. For a Warm-Up Boss, he truly delivered.
    • It was due to a drug, but the howl Basil lets out upon transforming (read: bulking-up) is rather invigorating.
  • The way the fight ultimately finishes is a true Crowning Moment of Awesome that reestablishes just how amazing Buu really is. Though he takes Basil's beatdown in whole, smashed deep into the ring... he soon pops back up, his body good as new. He declares Basil to be strong... but he's beyond him. Without further ado, the Terror of the Universe unleashes an absolutely gigantic Majin Kamehameha that utterly engulfs the arena, blowing Basil away and winning Universe Seven their first match.

Episode 80

  • The Gohan vs. Lavender fight delivers on an awesome fight.
    • Gohan shows his resolve toward getting stronger in this fight, especially since he's blinded by Lavender's poison relatively early in the fight. And seeing as how Universe 9's fighters' energy can't be sensed, Gohan has to rely on his heightened senses to stand a chance, and he adapts to the situation well. Also, the first time he manages to block a punch by sensing it touch his hair and reacting to it before it actually connects. Yes, Gohan is that fast.
      Bergamo: Being blinded heightened his other senses. (grins) This is someone worth fighting.
    • Lavender is smart enough to fly around and start using ki blasts, so Gohan won't know where his attacks come from until they hit. How does Gohan turn the tables? By abusing his Super Saiyan power to throw around his ki and using it like radar.
    • Even though he accelerates the poison's spread while he's in Super Saiyan, Gohan still holds his own against Lavender, and even finishes the fight with a tie instead of a loss. Keep in mind that Gohan denied help via Senzu bean, because he wanted to try to win without any help. It's shown after the fight that the Senzu bean would have given him a full recovery against the poison, so Gohan could have easily won if he was given the chance, but he stuck with his unfavorable situation just to come out of the fight stronger than he was before. And while the match is declared a draw, Gohan was able to remain conscious for a few moments after Lavender went down. So in a way, Gohan succeeded in winning. Not bad for someone rather infamous for Badass Decay.
  • The way the Grand Minister casually throws it in Ro's face when he confirms that Universe 9 has the lowest Mortal Level among the 12 Universes is pretty awesome in of itself.

Episode 81

  • Goku's fight with Bergamo has him completely dominating the latter once he got serious. By serious, we mean he only got up to Super Saiyan.
  • Goku deliberately letting Bergamo get stronger via his own ability, by blasting him with enough power to make the latter get gigantic, and then beating him by powering up to Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken and overwhelming Bergamo with a single Kamehameha.
    • Credit to Bergamo when it's due. He doesn't hesitate to fight back with everything he's got when facing down this godly power - with an invigorating yell not unlike Basil's - and manages to briefly block Goku's Kamehameha, even firing off a full-powered ki blast that nearly overwhelms it. Even with the power he's accumulated, that's a level far above what Basil and Lavenda could handle in their battles. He's definitely the older brother and The Crusher for a reason.
    • On that note, Goku uses what was a Dangerous Forbidden Technique before, and seems no worse for wear afterward. He's either mastered it, or is very close, especially since Goku only had a 10% success rate during the Champa Saga just activating it.
  • The assembled deities were shocked to see Goku go Super Saiyan Blue. Really hammers home the point that, no, mortals with godly ki is not something that happens a lot.
  • As flippant as his reaction is, Goku not giving a damn about what Bergamo or the assembled deities think of him is pretty ballsy. He even goes on to scream out that the assembled gods better bring their A-game with all their strongest warriors from their universes... and watch as he intends to kick all their asses.
    • You really have to admire Goku keeping a cool head even before the fight began. Even as the deities have it out for him now, he stays calm, doesn't make any excuses and bears with it. Not to mention, he's cool with being labeled a "villain", so long as he can fight with everything he's got. He accepts Top's challenge with no problem at all.
  • We're given a quick summary of the rules for the Tournament of Power and just that is enough to get excited for it. Instead of it being several one on one matches as in a regular tournament, every fighter from the participating universes will fight at once. That's 80 fighters from 8 different universes all going at it in a battle royal style tournament, making teamwork a factor just as much as strength. No weapons or killing allowed. Finally, you are only eliminated when thrown out of the ring, and once 48 minutes have passed the tournament is over, whichever universe has the most fighters remaining is the winner, and of course if any universe has all its fighters eliminated then that universe is erased.

Episode 82

  • Goku vs Top. Goku first proceeds to go Super Saiyan against Top at first, and then proceeds to have his ass handed to him with ease, with his attacks easily blocked or deflected and crushed in a bear hug so intense it knocks him out of his Super Saiyan form. Just as Goku looks like he's about to bite it, he finally gets serious and pulls out Super Saiyan Blue, proceeding to briefly smack around Top like he was nothing. Top however, recovers from this quickly, and then proceeds to get dangerous himself fighting Goku on even ground and despite getting battered into the arena itself, he manages to withstand a point-blank Kamehameha with little damage. They then start ramping it up, as Top fires up more of his strength while Goku pulls out his Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken, before it is halted by the Grand Minister.
  • It's subtle, but while Goku and Beerus engage in a verbal pissing match, Goku manages to get on him about his wanton planet-destroying, a statement which clearly pisses off the God of Destruction.

Episode 83

Episode 84

  • With a first-grade showcase of why he's the most skilled purely-human fighter in Dragon Ball, Krillin was just flat out awesome in this episode.
    • Upgrading his Solar Flare to Solar Flare x100. It's enough to blind you even if you close your eyes (as Gohan found out), and may even help obscure his Ki signature.
    • Using the tournament rules, Krillin defeats base Gohan by ring-out.
  • Then there's the sparring match with Goku. He opens with three Kienzans, and as Goku dodges and charges him, makes the opening moves for another Solar Flare. But it's a fake-out, and when Goku covers his eyes, Krillin hits him with rapid-fire blasts to drive him back, then redirects the Kienzans, one of them slicing Goku's cheek as he barely dodges it. He fires three blasts to make the Kienzans explode, and Krillin flies out of one explosion to throw a punch that knocks Goku back a few meters despite him blocking it, quickly followed by an energy blast that nearly forces Goku out of the "ring" before he goes Super Saiyan. The rapid cuts make this scene even more awesome.
    • After that point, it's a pretty lopsided match, but Krillin reveals he snuck a fourth Kienzan to cut the floor under Goku, while he was distracted by the other ones Krillin threw at him. And Krillin seems to have gained greater control of his Kienzan too, as he sent the same ones at Goku twice, instead of the usual throwing and hitting (or missing).
    • Krillin noting the pressure of godly ki after Goku transforms to SSJB. Even though he's shaking from fear, he doesn't back down.
    • He initially deadlocks and then slightly pushes back SSJB Goku's Kamehameha at first with his own. The latter isn't at full power, given that he's not remotely straining, yet for Krillin to be able to match even a fraction of SSJB's power says a lot.
  • When Krillin's about to be overwhelmed by said attack, 18 jumps in and effortlessly kicks it into the stratosphere. She then reminds them both that the match is not over because the Tournament of Power isn't a one-on-one fight, so she and Krillin can face Goku together. This causes Goku to stop the match since it's only now that he starts really understanding the teamwork factor involved, to which Gohan and Marron declare Krillin and 18 victorious, although Goku denies that he lost.

Episode 85

  • Ever since the Zeno Expo, Buu's been excited to face more strong opponents, so he's been training non-stop... and managed to give himself a new look in the process, dumping 'Fat' from his name, and now looks more like a friendly closed-eyed Evil/Super Buu. Oh, and he accomplished this in roughly two hours, in-universe time; most people would kill for that kind of result.
    • Even more, in his first spar with Goku, Buu launches hundreds of ki blasts, before using them to get in close and stun him with several blows, then literally push Goku out-of-bounds using his stretchy arms.
  • We're also introduced to more of the Pride Troopers beyond Top. They look like they decided to boy-up the Pretty Cure! Or decided Star Trek could use a lot more martial arts and ki blasts.

Episode 86

  • We finally get a good look at what 17's been doing all these years and he hasn't lost his stride one bit. We first see him easily take out a squad of heavily armed poachers and then along with Goku take an even bigger group of them on, smash their armored vehicles and tanks to scrap in a literal Foe-Tossing Charge, and send the poachers on the first boat home.
    • Goku challenges 17 to a sparring match to see how strong he is. 17 is able fight evenly with a post-God Super Saiyan form Goku and manages to land several powerful hits that hurt Goku. Goku then goes SSJB to test 17 further and blast him with a Kamehameha... whereas 17 puts up his energy barrier that No Sells the Kamehameha, surprising Goku. They then trade blows again and 17 stops the match only because he didn't want to destroy the island that he's protecting. Although Goku was holding back, so was 17, which Goku notes. Needless to say, he's come a long way since we last saw him.
  • Dende gets one when he reveals that The Lookout can outright move, taking Goku to 17.

    Episodes 87-95 
Episode 87
  • Android 17 shows off his cybernetically enhanced balls when he calls the bluff of the alien poacher, not only slamming him into one of his ship's windows, but grabbing him and busting the two of them into the depths of space, counting on Goku to bail them out.
  • Dende revealing that the Poacher Boss is bluffing about his planet-destroying bomb. Just goes to remind us he's the God of the Earth; he sees all.

Episode 88

  • Piccolo shooting Gohan in the back with his severed limb during their training duel. Or for that matter, that Piccolo has become strong enough to go toe-to-toe with Gohan, even up to SSJ2 level - who not long ago tested himself against Post-God Goku, even if they were messing around.
    • Piccolo knows Gohan needs his original power to be as strong as he can be, in addition to dropping the weakness he shares with his father (i.e. that they drop their guard too easily). So to do so, he goads him into drawing out more of his power, past SSJ2... and brings back his Ultimate form in full glory. Even better, Piccolo suspects Gohan's power can go beyond even that.
    • Bonus points for the writing team, as they acknowledge Gohan's Fatal Flaw that led to Goku's death against Cell, as well as the Z-Fighters' (including himself) absorption via Super Buu, and are working to fix that. Gohan's finally getting serious, and it couldn't be any more satisfying.

Episode 89

  • Despite spending the episode being his usual lecherous self, Roshi, upon discovering what Yurin is doing, confronts her and she attacks him with multiple blows, but he reveals that they didn't even hurt (and he didn't even move from them either). She attacks again and he just effortlessly dodges them.
  • While her fighting power is rather low, Yurin's paper talismans give her an edge: upon applying them onto a person's face, they become Jiang Shi-like warriors under her control and their power is increased, as Tien's students become capable of breaking through walls and houses just by moving. When she puts one on Roshi's face, he's able to go toe-to-toe with Goku in his base form.
  • For Roshi's part, the talisman did not make him stronger — he was already strong enough that it couldn't add anything. Instead it made Roshi fight at his full strength, so his spar with Goku was all him.
  • Cabba blasts away one of Caulifla's thugs merely by transforming into a Super Saiyan.

Episode 90

  • In the double team match with Goku and Tien vs. Gohan and Piccolo, Gohan is easily able to fight off Goku and keep Tien from attacking Piccolo, who is charging the technique he used during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament in Dragon Ball to nuke an island. Once he's finishes, Piccolo unleashes it. The astounding thing is that Goku manages to withstand the blast without transforming. Keep in mind, we saw Piccolo handled Super Saiyan 2 Gohan and even manages to somewhat pressure a freshly renewed Ultimate Gohan. Yet, even with a charged blast he couldn't make Goku transform into a base Super Saiyan. Goku gets another moment when he stops to compliments Piccolo and Gohan attempts to blindside him. Showing that he learned something from Resurrection 'F', he catches Gohan's surprise attack.
    • The above also shows how much stronger base form Gohan has become. In Episode 88, Piccolo handed Super Saiyan 2 Gohan his butt, now Gohan's base form is equal to stronger with Goku's. The same base form that could tanked Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks all the way back during the events of Copy-Vegeta and Goku has gotten much stronger since then. And Gohan did this in less than a day thanks to him overcoming his mental block.
  • The long awaited fight between Goku and Gohan is as epic as everyone could hope for. After a two-against-two with Goku and Tien against Gohan and Piccolo, father and son get down to business. At first, Goku only goes up to Super Saiyan 2 while Gohan is Ultimate. The two are evenly matched until Gohan demands that Goku uses his full power. So Goku powers up to Super Saiyan Blue... then Gohan continues to trade blows with Goku, even managing to land the first one via gut-punch. Then, Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken, which he uses to beat Gohan in one attack. Yes, that's right, folks, Ultimate Gohan's full power is on the level of Super Saiyan Blue.
    • A good indicator to how powerful these combatants are is when it cuts to Capsule Corp, and we're shown the Supreme Kai, Whis, Elder Kai, and Vegeta are "watching" the battle by sensing their energies, with Vegeta smirking. Then there's the Oh, Crap! look everyone gets when they sense the final blow.
    • Keep in mind, in the beginning of their fight, Gohan says out loud that he fully intends to reach a new plateau of power, and he intends to do it without using Super Saiyan. The belief that Gohan's gonna obtain the SSGSS transformation has been shot down in the most awesome of ways, folks: Gohan says he doesn't need it.
    • Goku also has several awesome moments. During their match, Goku fires Beam Spams at Gohan who easily deflects them. This is just a distraction. Goku uses Instant Transmission and takes Gohan by surprise while he's blinded by the energy blasts. What makes this even cooler is that Goku copied this strategy from Buu who defeated him using this same trick. Then Goku and Gohan get into a beam struggle, which is just another distraction since Goku teleports again and tackles Gohan while he's off-guard.

Episode 91

  • Both Frost and Hit gain awesome moments in their encounter. As Hit noted, he was actually being serious when he dodged Frost's rapid-fire tail strikes - Frost's disgrace had forced him to toughen up just as it had with Frieza so long ago. Is it any wonder why Goku would pick up Frieza now?
  • In Universe 9, the defeat condition of the Tournament of Power got out on a planet's city, which basically rioted - something the Trio of Danger note, even as they answer that they're having difficulty gathering strong warriors in time. Frustrated at both these aspects, Sidra vents by using 'Hakai' on the entire city, leaving behind nothing but an enormous hole in the ground, all done from miles away.
  • Goku finally manages to land a hit on Whis. While training with Whis in the gravity room, Goku gets put in a chokehold, and he bites Whis's right hand. It is enough to cause a pained expression and leave a mark. A small moment, but this is the first time Goku has ever managed to harm him, even if only very slightly, during a training session.
  • The preview for Episode 92 shows Caulifla transforming into a Super Saiyan.

Episode 92

  • After decades of existing only in Fan Work, Episode 92 finally introduces the first canonical female Super Saiyan. Caulifla's awakening isn't even triggered by overwhelming rage: she simply focuses her ki to the point that the transformation is triggered through sheer brute force. This is especially impressive as Caulifla had only seen the transformation twice and been given a very vague description of how it works the second time, yet seems comfortable with the form almost immediately after achieving it. Cabba calls her a genius.
  • Cabba figured out the precise spot on a Saiyan's body where one must focus their Ki to trigger a Super Saiyan transformation, despite not having had it for too long - the area of their back right where the heart and lungs are. And despite having heard Vegeta's statement that anger is the best trigger for the transformation, he never assumed that it was the only trigger and kept his mind open for other ways, in contrast to the U7's Saiyans' (who assumed various things about the transformation for awhile).
  • Angry at their carefree attitudes of the moment, Beerus puts his foot down and threatens the Z warriors into participating in the tournament, or else be killed by him right now.

Episode 93

  • We finally see Kale's Super Saiyan Berserker form at last. After being pushed over the edge, she starts unleashing so much energy that the ground splits apart, littered with green cracks that emit yellow light; when she finally goes over the edge and transforms completely, she unleashes a wave of energy that send Cabba and Caulifla flying. Crossing over into Nightmare Fuel, the stress of the transformation turns her Ax-Crazy, where she proceeds to run amok and beat the ever-loving shit out of Super Saiyan Cabba before finally being convinced to stop.
    • Despite being slammed around, Cabba managed to trade blows with Kale for awhile, and even landed a solid hit. As another awesome moment for Kale though, she barely felt that blow.
    • Then when Kale's about to kill Cabba with an energy ball, Caulifla shields him and proceeds to pull a Goten/Trunks on us: she turns Super Saiyan 2 with no effort, and smacks aside that attack like it's nothing before calmly talking Kale back to her senses.
  • The conversation between Frieza and Goku is an understated one for the two, as they each manage to tempt each other into giving in to their respective demands while never once losing composure. Frieza in particular manages to make the audacious request that he be resurrected once more, baiting Goku with the temptation of becoming an even more powerful opponent, while Goku at one point just feigns not being interested in Frieza anymore (when the latter gets too demanding), quickly getting a desperate Frieza to retort with a "Just Joking" Justification.
    • Related to the above, Frieza comments that he can still get much more powerful. It really makes you wonder just how much latent potential this guy really has, though given the sheer increase in power 4 months of training gave him, it has to be pretty high, equaling or maybe even 'surpassing'' Goku's level.
    • There is also a small moment for Goku during their bargaining too. He mentions that the Super Dragon Balls can revive Frieza, but only if he gets them himself before anyone else on their team. Frieza decides it wouldn't be worth the hassle if there'd be no guarantee for his resurrection even if they win and says "Earth's dragon balls will be enough." Frieza doesn't know Earth's dragon balls have limits, like not being able to revive the same person twice, so Goku may be setting Frieza up for his own Loophole Abuse.
  • Whis reveals that there is a mortal in one of the universes who is even stronger than the God of Destruction, and said god is even stronger than Beerus, although Beerus refutes this saying it was only one game of arm wrestling.
    • Noticeably, Whis didn't say that it was from one of the seven other universes they are going to fight. Yes, Jiren would seem like the obvious pick, but it's could possibly be someone from one of the top four universes.
    • Episode 110 confirms that yes, it's Jiren.

Episode 94

  • Frieza's return to the living is a big one. As Goku and Frieza prepare to meet up with the others, an army of assassins make their presence known. When Goku tries to get the supposed leader to reveal why they're there and who sent them, Frieza opts to just shoot him when he won't spill. Then, he decides that it's time to warm up his body and goes Golden - the whole sequence is masterfully animated and accompanied by amazing music as well - right up until Frieza gives a Badass Boast declaring that, since they don't have a whole lot of time, he'll just get right to the killing.
    Frieza: (in his Golden Form) Gentlemen, we don't have as much time for this fight as I would prefer. So I must forgo the niceties of battle. Don't hold this breach of etiquette against me.
    • Real credit also goes to the animators here, as Frieza's Transformation Sequence was so spot-on that, in conjunction with Goku and Frieza's previous interactions, it actually won over a lot of the naysayers who opposed Frieza's return.
    • Remember how Vegeta said Goku doesn't have his usual cockiness in regards to reviving Frieza? It shows here, as he's actually mostly on-guard this time: when gut-punched, he felt it but otherwise wasn't hurt, as well as moving out of the way of Frieza's Death Beam (aimed at the assassin leader) despite it happening from behind.
  • A mild one, but when Piccolo and 17 meet for the first time since they fought in the Cell Saga - it seems like they're preparing to fight again, but instead Piccolo offers 17 a handshake and thanks him for his assistance. That the Toei staff gave a nod to what's considered one of the better fights in Dragon Ball Z is nothing short of amazing.
  • The preview for Episode 95. For the first time, Goku and Frieza had to work together in order to repel the assassins from Universe 9.

Episode 95

  • Even though he's been stuck in a cocoon, Frieza is even stronger thanks to having nothing better to do than focus on controlling his energy (by thinking about killing Goku). As a result, he is now evenly matched with Super Saiyan Blue Goku and the fight between them ends in a double KO. What's more, he mentions having vastly improved his energy control skills and has negated his golden form's stamina drain, now completely averting the Unskilled, but Strong trope that has always been an element of the character.
    • The above actually says more about Goku's growth since Golden Frieza was stronger than Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku in the Resurrection 'F' Saga, yet now Goku matched him even after he got stronger, which surprised Frieza who was thinking of all the ways he was going to kill Goku.
    • We already saw Goku getting stronger through training and fights, compare him being on the ropes against Hit despite the Kaioken to the draw in the last fight without using it, but in the previous fights Goku achieved Victory by Endurance. Despite being outmatched, he managed to tank through several hits and minutes of fighting, before getting the chance to fight. Goku was always defined by his ability to take some serious punishment, even from much stronger opponents. And despite all his power-ups Frieza manages to knock him out in one punch. To put it in perspective, the only other person who ever managed to do that in a fair fight was Hit.
    • On a similar note, Goku knocking out Frieza in one hit is impressive since Frieza is even more of a tank than him. Remember, Frieza is the same person who stood conscious even when he was cut into pieces, yet one punch from Goku took him down. In short, both Goku and Frieza are monsters. However, Goku was knocked out of Super Saiyan Blue, while Frieza remained in his Golden form.
  • Frieza also improved his finger ray technique that, just like his laser disc, he can now move instead of having it go in a straight line, and developed a new one that makes people explode by poking at them. Might mix with Nightmare Fuel when you consider that Frieza has most likely the techniques most suited for killing amongst all the mortals shown so far, including Hit (the time-skip is excellent for utility and defense, but doesn't do the damage on itself), and without any hint of the honor code and restraints shown by latter.
  • Sidra gave the lead assassin some of his Hakai energy to use on Frieza, which can destroy anything and kills down to the soul, and wouldn't leave anything unscathed. It takes him some effort, but Frieza manages to contain the energy after he's hit by it.
  • How much of an impression does Frieza make? Roh actually considers him so violent that he's more of a God of Destruction than Sidra, and actually doubts Sidra could easily destroy him. While Sidra probably could destroy him, the fact that his Supreme Kai of all people doubts it really shows how terrifying Frieza can be even to the gods.
  • Frieza's shown that he's still as evil as ever. The first thing he does when Goku puts his guard down is trap him inside of Sidra's energy blast that he overpowered moments ago. Then he tries to propose to Universe 9 to let him join their team, which is evil enough for Ro to consider repulsive, knowing his dirty nature. Then afterwards, when Beerus and Whis intervene, all Frieza can think about is how to plot his revenge ... by manipulating the gods.
    • Ro deserves more credit since he shows that despite being a Jerkass God, he is still a Supreme Kai who has a deep respect for life. Frieza is so evil that Ro doesn't want him, especially since he would betray his own universe for personal gain.
      Roh: He's a psychopath who thinks nothing of his universe being annihilated!
  • That final "quick draw" duel between Goku and Frieza that resulted in a simultaneous KO' MAY have seemed to be another "adrenaline fix" for the former, but it's true purpose was a warning.
    Goku: (as he falls unconscious from Frieza's punch while knocking the latter out) "While you were sitting around twiddling your thumbs in hell, I was busy sparring with the toughest fighters from other universes, so you're not the only one who's been getting stronger. And the next time you try to kill someone who's no real threat, I'm gonna make you regret it!"'
  • The preview for Episode 96 some new fighters for the tournament of power, including a birdman, a fairy, and ... is that a Yardrat? Yes, a Yardrat is shown as a fighter.
    • We even get to see the four Gods of Destruction from the highest leveled universes duke it out as well, giving them more of a role than the other universes that are forced to participate in the Tournament of Power.

     Episodes 96-111 
Episode 96
  • Liquir, Iwen, and Arak sparring. You can barely even see their movements and they all manage to damage an arena that was made completely out of Kachi Katchin, a material harder than regular Katchin. However, due to their sparring, the Grand Priest ordered them to repair the arena before the fighters arrive.
    • Geene gets a subtle one, but he actually anticipates the Grand Priest's true purpose for the sparring and backs off, resulting in him being the only one who doesn't have to clean up and help rebuild later.
  • We get to see a peek of Jiren's power. When Goku greets Toppo to tell him that he'll settle things in the Tournament of Power, he sees Jiren. Before Goku can even introduce himself to Jiren, Jiren literally just teleports behind him. This even freaks Goku out.
    Jiren: Get lost.
    • It's worth noting that Jiren doesn't use the "blur out of existence effect" we're use to seeing when a character teleports. No, he moves between frames. As in one second Goku (and the viewer) are staring at his back and then, in the same second, he's behind Goku and we're looking him full in the face. It's yet to be seen if it's a technique, or he's just that fast.
    • He gets another one moments later when tournament blocks are seen flying around (under the control of the Gods of Destruction), and the fighters get out of the way with even Goku dodging, but he doesn't move a muscle at all and just stands there as they fly past him.
      • According to Goku, he read the blocks movements, and there's a second that might be him actually adjusting his pose a bit to be sure to be in a safe spot. Considering the teleportation, it might even be possible that he was dodging, Goku just couldn't see it. Both possibilities are equally awesome.
  • We also get to see all of the teams for the Universes.
    • Universe 2: We see that Universe 2 has a variety of members other than magical girls, including two girls next to Ribrianne, a Yardrat, and a couple of monster fighters as well.
    • Universe 3: We get to see that there's a continued theme going on with the scientific/mechanical aspect. We even get to see a Mad Scientist with them as well!
    • Universe 4: We have a variety of people who look look like they're from a fantasy world, including the Ensemble Dark Horse "Smug Pup".
    • Universe 6: We don't get much of Universe 6 yet, as Caulifla and Kale have already been introduced, but we see an additional red boar (Dr. Rota) and two silhouettes (revealed to be the Namekians Saonel and Pirina) behind Hit.
    • Universe 7: We get a shot-by-shot of each member of the team, and all of them are ready to fight. The manga makes this shot even more awesome and badass.
    • Universe 9: We get to see even though Sidra and Roh had a really hard time picking members for Universe 9 (even thinking about getting Frieza to join them as well when he offered to join the team), they somehow managed to find seven more members other than the Trio of Danger. Really good at this time of desperation.
    • Universe 10: We see that Rumsshi and Murichim actually gave some variety to their team other than just stereotypically buff guys. We have two flyers (which gives them the advantage because the arena forbids ki-based flight) as well.
    • Universe 11: We see a very badass view of the Pride Troopers, including the other members we haven't seen yet. They even do an awesome Power Rangers pose, explosions following up. In the manga, Universe 3 does their posing instead.
  • The preview for 97 shows the fighters wasting little time going all out and fighting one another, but there's only one standing there unfazed by the battles and their chaos: Jiren.
  • An overlooked one but Tien is able to detect the hidden fighters of Universe 4.
  • The stage itself is awesome. It's very simple and without much decorations, but for the Tournament of Power it doesn't need it-and anyway, it makes up for it with its fundamental characteristics:
    • It's immensely tough. As in, three Gods of Destruction fought each other with everything they had on it and it didn't suffer much damage. It's then repaired with the "repair crew" (that is, the Gods of Destruction that thrashed it) making sure to strengthen the damaged parts.
    • The fighters would come from worlds with different gravity. To prevent anyone from having an unfair advantage, everyone feels the gravity of their world only.
    • Ki-based flight is not allowed by the rules... So the stage prevents it. But only ki-based flight, so winged fighters can still fly (something various universes took advantage of)... And only for the fighters, so the assembled gods and angels can still fly.
    • Fighters are eliminated by ring-out only, but falling from the ring would mean a slow and certain death and killing is forbidden... So those who are ringed out are immediately teleported in the spectators' area.
    • One for the Grand Priest: he created every single piece of the ring, assembled it, and placed the enchantments in less than forty hours.

Episode 97

  • Basil may have been outmatched by Buu during the exhibition match, but he makes up for it by scoring the first ring-out of the tournament, against one of Universe 10's fliers no less. He almost takes out another Universe 10 fighter, Napapa, but fortunately, he's able to hold himself, showing another awesome moment for him as well.
    • The awesomeness of Basil in this episode has to be restated. Sure most of the heavy hitters are either staying out of it or otherwise engaged with each other, but Basil is still one of the second string fighters from the least powerful universe. The fact that he dominates the early match, rings out one fighter and nearly does the same to another, teams up with Hit to disable one of Universe 3's most dangerous weapons, and ends the episode having gathered up a gang of allies to take on Goku has certainly upped his credibility a great deal.
    • By the end of the episode, one minute has passed. To reiterate, he kicked out a warrior from a higher-rank universe (since he's from the lowest-ranking one), almost did it to a second, cooperated in taking out Narirama and either assembeled or got recruited in a team to take out Goku in one minute. Considering how outmatched he is (he can't use the drug who boosted him almost to Buu's level, that's still pretty low compared to the notable participants, and unlike the warriors from Earth he doesn't have gimmicky moves or other tricks to make up for it), it's really something.
  • A shared one between Basil and Hit comes when Narirama tries to use his spinning move to clear the ring. Hit and Basil pin his arms mid-spin.
    • Speaking of which, Narirama's "super survival mode" was pretty cool too. It could also be quite effective, it just failed to account for Hit. He also attacked Brianne and her fellow teammates before they could transform, being one of the few to avert Transformation Is a Free Action
  • Goku looks like he's about to be taken out by Nink, a powerhouse of Universe 4, who has grabbed Goku in a Bear Hug and plans to jump out of the ring with Goku. However, Goku turns Super Saiyan Blue at the last minute and turns the tables on him, costing Universe 4 a warrior.
  • In the new ending, it's shown that the two other girls with Ribrianne have pretty cool Magical Girl transformations that are different enough, especially when fans were assuming that the other two girls would end up as Acrofatic fighters like Ribrianne.
  • Jiren is the only fighter who is not taking part in all of the battles as he's just standing there unfazed by the chaos and havoc surrounding the arena. One of Universe 2's fighters comes charging at him thinking to take him on only for Jiren to just look at and catch the warrior with a Death Glare that the fighter stops what he's doing and backs off intimidated and frightened by The Ace of the Pride Troopers.
  • It's a few frames; but Magetta is 1v1'ing Toppo.

Episode 98

  • The Trio of Danger actually manage to put Goku on the ropes with their teamwork (admittedly, he is holding back to pace himself). Each time Goku tries to attack one, another steps in to throw him off balance.
  • When Vegeta steps in, the rest of the Universe 9 team shows off similarly good teamwork (except Rozel, who is being tortured by Frieza). Hyssop manages to freeze Vegeta's arm while he's distracted by Lavenda and Hop's tag team attacks, while Goku can't punch his way past Chappil's iron skin.
    • By the way, Chappil is a dragon. A humanoid one, but he's reptilian, with iron skin, presumably some super-strength (he is among his universe's strongest warriors, after all) and spits fire.
  • Frieza easily defeated Napapa, not even bothering to go Golden. And the fact he actually terrifies Roselle that the latter rings out willingly is rather impressive too, considering what's at stake.
  • Goku and Vegeta get their own back when they upgrade to Super Saiyan, knocking out the entire Universe 9 team save the Trio of Danger (and Roselle, who ringed himself out to escape Frieza), then use Super Saiyan Blue to knock those three off the ring.
    • The attacks used to knock the Trio of Danger off are powerful alone, but Goku and Vegeta take it a step further to truly finish things.
      Vegeta: "Final-"
      Goku: "Kamehame-"
      Vegeta/Goku: "-Flash!"/"-ha!"
      (Both attacks launch outward, before combining, recreating Vegito's Final Kamehameha, overwhelming the Trio of Danger's attack and rings them out.)
  • Sidra deserves some credit: he's an awful God of Destruction, but he's the only one out of his entire universe to Face Death with Dignity.

Episode 99

  • Everyone takes the time to adjust their plans now that they know what to expect. That includes keeping their stamina in reserve and not just cut loose.
  • Vegeta nearly ring outs Botamo by tying up his arms and carrying him to the edge. He's only saved by Magetta.
  • Speaking of which, remember Botamo and Magetta's display of teamwork back in the Baseball Episode? They manage to top themselves, here. Botamo gets on top of Magetta to cover his ears so he's immune to his Weaksauce Weakness, insults. Sure, it sounds silly (and in fact, it totally is), but this is what happens when an unstoppable force and an immovable object join forces against a common enemy. They actually have Vegeta on the ropes this time around, without an instant ring-out field.
  • When 18 is nearly thrown out, Krillin leaps, catches her in a Bridal Carry, then fires a blast to Recoil Boost them back to the platform.
  • How does Krillin defeat a foe that can't see? Use his smelly shoe to take out his nose.
  • Krillin and 18 double teaming Shosa and eliminating him. It was great seeing them as a Battle Couple.
  • Frost takes out Krillin with a Back Stab, knocking him off the platform while Krillin was gloating. He then wisely leaves before 18 could attack him.
  • The preview for Episode 100. For the first time, Goku and Caulifla are fighting against each other in their Super Saiyan forms.
  • U7 again shows great teamwork, Jium of Universe 10 is attacking when Gohan catches his blast and throws it back at him. Using that opening, Krillin hurls multiple Destructo Discs and manages to damage his wings hindering his ability to fly. And to top it off, Roshi scores the elimination using a Kamehameha to blast him out of the ring.
  • Krillin is in top form here. He's pivotal in eliminating one of the universe 10's fliers by throwing three kienzan at him, wounding his wing, then saves 18 from a universe 10 warrior and work with her in an awesome series of attacks that knocks off the opponent, and then takes out another warrior all by himself (also, with some nice nostalgia, since the strategy he pulls off is something more like the original Dragon Ball than Z). If only he didn't let his guard down after that...

Episode 100

  • After being pushed to the breaking point once again, Kale's Super Saiyan Berserk form sees some real action the first time since it was first introduced, as Kale goes into an Unstoppable Rage against Goku for being chummy with Caulifla. Up until this point, Goku has managed to inflict something resembling injuries on opponents that outclass him, but during the time he's fighting Kale, he can't even so much as scratch her. All the while Kale proceeds to utterly wreck him.
    • Then out comes Super Saiyan Blue, which you would think would allow Goku to turn the tides of the fight, right? Wrong. She proceeds to tank a suppressed Blue Kamehameha without any sign of bother whatsoever, proceeding to resume the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, eventually unleashing a spray of blasts that demolishes half the arena as well as knocking Goku out of Blue state. Bonus points for the former being exactly what Broly did in his debut movie.
    • Goku gets a couple of minor moments, in that he manages to break her grip on him a couple of times and land a few blows, even if they did nothing, as well as using his superior agility to skirt around a few of Kale's attacks. He also doesn't take any noticeable damage throughout the whole ordeal; not even his clothes are scuffed right from the moment Kale loses it to the moment Jiren whisks her to the heavens and blows her out of the sky. Much like against Krillin, it's a clear sign that he was really only testing her, and that he's still deciding whether or not to use its full power.
    • Jiren gets to show the audience a sample of his power. Everyone is trembling when Kale transforms. She has lost control of herself. Even Caulifla can't get her to calm down. In fact, Kale is about to attack Caulifla. All of a sudden, Jiren comes in and casually fires a blast that rockets Kale into the sky before exploding. With just one blast, Jiren casually sends the beast back into her base form. To reiterate, and explain how much of a challenge Jiren will be for Goku, Goku in Suppressed!Super Saiyan Blue form was getting manhandled by Kale, and Jiren took her down with zero effort.
  • Cabba casually eliminating two fighters before he even transforms into a Super Saiyan, and one of them was supposed the best warrior from Universe 3.
  • Caulifla beating the crap out of Mechiōpu, and eliminating Napapa for hurting Kale with a suplex, breaking the part of the arena he was in the process.
  • It may be a minor one, but Hit using his Time Skip technique to save Caulifla from a potential KO after Kale accidentally knocked her away. It's great to know it can be used as a support technique as well as an offensive technique.
  • Goku teaching Caulifla how to enter Super Saiyan 2 properly. Last time, she only instinctively went 2 to stop Kale from going on a rampage. This time, she was able to manage a true transition to Super Saiyan 2 and has complete control over it. And this is after Goku casually taught her that using the bulky Ultra Super Saiyan form was a bad idea. Goku also said she might even learn how to become a Super Saiyan 3, but only if she mastered Super Saiyan 2 first.
    • Goku schooling Caulifla on how useless the bulky Super Saiyan form is. Even though Caulifla is immensely talented and can learn things quite quickly, she's clearly inexperienced and quite frankly a novice, requiring Goku's vast experience and guidance to show her the right transformation path.
    • Even though Goku's clearly holding back, Caulifla manages to put up a pretty good fight, enough so that Goku is enjoying their battle.

Episode 101

  • Universe 7 continues its fine teamwork when Master Roshi uses the Lightning Flash Surprise technique to immobilize a fighter of Universe 3 and Tien uses the Tri Beam to knock off and eliminate him.
  • Casserale feels a little bad about fighting Goku, Caulifla, and Kale three-on-five. Cue 17 kicking him in the face and 18 coming along, evening the odds. 17 then proceeds to No-Sell all his attacks.
  • Kale becomes a Super Saiyan out of concern for Caulifla, and now she has full control over her Super Sayian Berserk form, though it still tires her out. Her ordinary Super Saiyan form is still tinted slightly green and has the usual green/blue eyes, but she can power up at will to her massive, bulky Legendary form - retaining her sanity - and does so to wipe three of the five Pride Troopers attacking the Saiyans off the ring. And she did this alongside Caulifla, with both taking a page out of Goku and Vegeta's book, doing so with a combined energy wave.
  • Goku is held by Tupper, who can increase his weight at will, leaving him unable to move. When Tupper tries to crush 18 later, she lifts him with one hand and sends him rolling as if it was nothing.
  • After the rest of her group got wiped out, Cocotte retreated in her invulnerable dimension ball. 18 just tossed the dimension ball out with her inside.

Episode 102

  • You gotta give Android 17 some props for trying to be a No-Nonsense Nemesis. As the Maiden Squadron prepare to transform into their Magical Girl forms, 17 proceeds to tag them with an impressive energy wave that proceeds to explode in their faces. Of course, they aren't really affected outside of being scuffed by the blast and riled up, and Toppo also proceeds to show up and berate 17 alongside the girls for such tactics, but he more than deserves a honourable mention for giving it a shot.
  • The whole fight between 17 and Kakunsa. At first 17 starts off by effortlessly parrying Kakunsa's swipes until she gains back the advantage by using her Super Speed to hop all over the place and inflict a Speed Blitz on 17, but he catches her by triggering his energy shields just before she strikes, trapping her. 17 then proceeds to spin her around via said energy shield before detonating it and almost sending her out of the ring, only being saved by Vikal's intervention.
  • Vikal and Kakunsa get a good moment where after Kakunsa's spared from the ring-out, they then proceed to perform a Meteor Move on 17 strong enough to send him sprawling into the floor. However, after some goading by 18, 17 says something that puts the whole fight into question. It turns out he was distracted by the thoughts of the animals he takes care of.
    • First to bear the brunt of his undivided attention is Vikal, who gets outright curbstomped and is literally punted out of the ring and into the spectator stands.
    • Next up is Kakunsa, who is stammering with disbelief as she's getting pushed back by 17 despite her best efforts. 17 eventually manages to defeat her by rocketing himself out of the arena and onto the arena's light, being chased by an angry Kakunsa along the way, but as she comes closer, 17 nullifies her ki blasts and stops her dead in her tracks with his own, before blasting her with a giant energy wave out of the ring.
      Android 17: This fight has been instructive. I do appreciate the lesson.
  • Despite being parodies of Magical Girls, The Maiden Squadron are rather impressive. We saw a glimpse of Ribrianne before and its revealed she can also turn herself into a rolling ball to knock people out. Kakunsa in her cat form gains hyper speed and agility. And Rozie can rapidly fire off multiple punches and reveals she can control her energy blasts and hold her own against Goku in his base form. And upon transforming, they dowse the arena with hearts that explode forcing everyone to scatter.
  • The fact that Master Roshi is completely unaffected by the Maiden Squadron is awesome in itself. He notes that his training with Puar has definitely paid off!

Episode 103

  • Ribrianne gets a pretty good moment when she manages to smash 17's Android Barrier to pieces, something no other fighter had managed so far in the Tournament. And, if it wasn't enough, she does so in one hit, and it doesn't even look like she was putting some particular effort under that one.
  • Goku also has his moment for, despite being overwhelmed by Rozie's fireballs barrage earlier, he manages to regain some momentum by avoiding them all via Instant Transmission and uses his own variation of her flexible energy bullets, trapping her between 4 of his static energy balls before blasting her away.
    Goku: This fight has been very instructive. I appreciate the lesson.
  • When it seems that Goku and 17 are going to finish off the rest of the Maiden Squadron, their Yardat arrives and whisks them away in a Big Damn Heroes moment of its own, even if it's subdued.
  • Gohan vs Botamo. The fight starts with Gohan charging at Botamo and starting to hammer him with some base punches to the gut while Botamo stands there, smirking. At first this does nothing, but then Botamo realizes that Gohan isn't trying to hurt him he's trying to lift him. Gohan's Cherry Tapping is now holding Botamo off the ground, unable to retaliate, especially since he can't fly with the tournament rules. He starts losing composure, from frantically firing mouth blasts at Gohan to no avail to eventually looking like he's almost about to cry. Eventually, as they reach the edge of the arena, Gohan launches him into the air with an uppercut and blows him over with a Kamehameha, performing an Offhand Backhand to one of Botamo's final mouth blasts and dispersing the energy ball as if it was nothing but early morning mist.
    • Interestingly, this makes Gohan as the first and only fighter who uses Botamo's unbreakable defense against the latter, something neither Goku nor Vegeta accomplished throughout the Tournament. The secret? Goku told his son about his personal battle experience against Botamo.
  • Speaking of U6, throughout the entire Tournament until the eliminations of U2's Vidal and Kankusha from the last episode, the team itself is supposedly the only team without anyone being eliminated despite the chaos that is caused by Super Saiyan Berserker Kale's friendly fire. This streak would've lasted even longer if only Botamo hadn't been so overly proud of his rubber body and arrogantly underestimated Gohan.
  • Later, there's Gohan vs Obuni. Although first running into trouble with his feinting technique, Gohan manages to compensate by transforming into his Ultimate form and using his enhanced resistance to locate Obuni by taking his punches and nailing him. Eventually the strain of using the technique gets to Obuni and he's left defenseless against Gohan, who finishes him by shooting him off the edge with a Kamehameha.
  • While his defeat is inevitable, you gotta give credit to Obuni for trying to defeat Gohan and outlasting his own team-mates (including the captain) until his elimination. He also forces Gohan to go Ultimate (which is on Super Sayain Blue level), and even then it takes a while for Gohan to tire him out and win. And, let's admit it, Obuni's technique looked really cool.
  • Rubalt vs Piccolo. For the former, he easily overpowers one of the strongest Universe 7 fighters in a physical fight. For the latter, netting a one-hit KO once he resorts to blasts and technique. With the Hellzone Grenade, no less.
  • Credit to Universe 10, unlike Universe 9 they all face their erasure with dignity.

Episode 104

  • Hit and Dispo finally clash, and Dispo shows himself to be very capable, countering Hit's Time-Skip ability at every turn and dominating him, despite Hit trying to regain the advantage, and beating him to the edge and nearly pushing him over. But just as he is about to strike the killing blow, Hit activates his Intangible Man ability and lets Dispo soar right through him and off the ledge, almost dooming him to a ring out until fellow Pride Trooper Kunshee pulls him back onto the ring with his energy lasso, and decide to tag team Hit. As the battle rages on, Hit is faring much better against Dispo, actively parrying his blows and raining some of his own, but is ultimately subjected to a Curb-Stomp Battle once again when Kunshee ties him down and lets Dispo beat on him. All seems lost until Goku, now in a reactivated Super Saiyan God form, flies over the nearby rock and crashes into the path of Dispo's finishing punch like a fiery, godly meteorite, before punching him back so hard he barrels him straight into the other Pride Trooper.
    • Not to mention the epic reprisal of 'Birth Of A God' that accompanies Goku's arrival.
  • Even better? For the first time, Goku and Hit had to team up together to fight their common enemies, even if it was rather short-lived.
  • Just to be fair to the guy, Dispo's speed is worth mentioning, his normal one is on par (or above) to Hit and Goku's, and he can raise it for a short bursts, being fast enough to strike Hit in the short time between Dispo hearing his body tense and the time-skip activating. Hit and Goku ultimately bested him through smarts and superior technique, but just to make it clear, Dispo is faster than both the guy who can stop time and the one with instant trasmission. So far, it's by far the fastest character seen, topping even what we've seen of Jiren.
  • Goku uses Super Saiyan God in the same fashion as in the manga, using it to conserve energy while switching to Blue for short bursts of power. Dispo quickly finds himself on the ropes because while he's fast, his movements are predictable enough that Goku can read them and counter him.
  • Hit decides to switch with Goku, which Dispo thinks is to his advantage. Then Dispo gets punched in the stomach, and Hit reveals he can fake his Time Skip to mess with his senses. Cue Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • This doesn't cover it. After Goku and Hit team up, Goku deals with Dispo as mentioned above, while Hit is left fighting Kunshee. Hit then no-sells Kunshee blasts, immediately understand how his ability works (the ki-strings left on the ground will explode as soon as they are touched) and counters it with his invisible affecting-living-beings-only ki strike. Then switches places with Goku, reveals to Dispo he can fake his time-skip, leaving him unable to tell when Hit will actually use his ability and when he is faking, leaving to the aformentioned beatdown. Kunshee asks Dispo to recover while he sacrifices himself to take out Hit (which, honestly, earns this guy a mention on his own), only for it to easily counter his strategy and taking him out. After his short appearance disabling Narirama, and spending the fight only observing (and briefly teasing) the other fighters, this episode shows once again why Hit was universe 6's captain and top fighter. And remember that, in a tournament, Hit cannot use his assassination ability to the fullest.
  • After the switch, Goku has to find a solution to Kunshee's explosive ki-strings trap. He just goes Super Saiyan Blue and tanks through it.

Episode 105

  • This episode can be summed up in one sentence, Master Roshi Does Badass Stuff. To wit:
    • Master Roshi actually standing on his own and taking on three Universe 4 fighters: Caway, Darkori, and Ganos. He also manages to even not flinch when Magetta is nearby and places a punch. This guy's definitely a badass.
    • The Mafuba returns as well! Not as glorious as when Future Trunks used it against Future Zamasu, but unlike the last time Roshi used it, it didn't kill him.
    • Roshi even gives a Badass Boast before fighting Ganos, asking if everyone from Universe 4 wants to be eliminated by him.
      • Roshi dominates the first part of the fight with Ganos, until the latter gets more power and speed. The kicker is that Ganos was already both stronger and faster than Roshi at the start of their fight; he just wasn't a match for Roshi's superior experience and technique, until the gap became too much.
      • When Ganos sees Roshi, he calculates that he'll only need one hit to connect to take Roshi out. Roshi takes several punches after Ganos powers up even more, and still stands, and ultimately it's the energy from his own attacks that takes him out.
    • By the end of the episode, Roshi even gains Beerus's respect.
    • Roshi knew that he could never compete against the other fighters in pure raw strength, so he decides to hide and take notes on the fighters. This pays off when he meets two fighters who use tricks to win battles rather than raw strength, as he knew their tricks and specifically took them out so that Goku and the other strong fighters wouldn't be tripped up by them.
    • Roshi defeats Ganos with the Kamehameha. For decades, the move has been associated with Goku (and to a lesser extent his son Gohan) but now we get to see the original inventor of the move perform it in all his glory. And he does it while tanking Ganos's most powerful attack. Ganos's reaction is a voice-cracking shriek of disbelief.
      Master Roshi: Now listen to me boys! Always remember these words: work hard, study well, and eat and sleep plenty! That is the Turtle Hermit way! We must master the art of peace, in addition to the art of war! The Turtle Hermit School will be with you, always! This will be my greatest, most powerful... KAMEHAMEHA!!
  • After several embarrassing moments from Universe 3, including Narirama's quick fall and Nigrisshi's anticlimactic defeat, we see a particular fighter who's actually giving someone trouble: Maji Kayo. As a matter of fact, the liquid fighter is giving Goku a difficult time, as he has him easily held for quite a bit ... and this is for Super Saiyan Goku as well! He also doesn't get defeated, as the fight was interrupted by Roshi's Disney Death, but it's still good that we get to see a member who isn't a complete joke, although Super Saiyan Blue Goku could've easily taken him on.
  • Despite her elimination, Darkori shows herself to be capable as she's an illusionist who sends opponents to a dark realm filled with hundreds of attacks and tricks and can grow giant as well and can trap opponent leaving them unable to move. Any other fighter, she would have had a massive advantage against.
  • Cawey deserves credit as well. Pre-tournament Master Roshi would've definitely been snared by her seduction trap, and even though he was faking getting enticed after having learned to suppress and channel his desires, her energy spear still came within a split second of nailing him in the chest. Even though he was in control the entire way through, he knew that in that moment he'd cut it close.
  • The show itself should get credit. For a series where Death Is a Slap on the Wrist they treat Roshi's Disney Death as a big deal and not a minor inconvenience that can be reversed later. Episode 106 proves it further by showing Roshi still weakened and needing time to recover.
    • The significance of Roshi's death is that it was from exhaustion, not murder or inflicted injury. Shenron and Porunga do not have the power to revive someone who died from natural causes or illness; had Goku's Ki defibrillator not saved him, the Super Dragon Balls would've been needed to revive Roshi.

Episode 106

  • You have to give credit to Prum and Hermila's teamwork this episode. They had most of U7 down for a good portion of the episode.
  • Tien using the Multi-Form technique to give him 12 eyes to locate Hermila's position and to also act as shields. Even after getting knocked out of the ring, his 3 clones came in and made sure Hermila was going with him. It was enough to earn praise from Beerus.
  • Piccolo, while not contributing directly to the elimination of the sniping team, gets a good showing of his skill and stamina. He immediately identifies the technique that's being used and what's happening, and he's also the one to figure out how they are being targeted, and plan a countermeasure, giving him and Gohan time enough to be reached by the others. He also exploits his regeneration to shield Gohan, avoiding permanent damage on anyone on the team.
  • In a tournament where fighters who aren't U6/U7/Jiren are almost cannon fodder, Hermila deserves some praise for ringing out a contestant from the mighty Universe 7; even if he's also eliminated by Tien's clones, he scored it through cunning.

Episode 107

  • Dyspo and Jiren vs Maji Kayo. The fight starts off with Dyspo getting jumped by the Blob Monster, although thanks to his speed he manages to dodge and counterattack by splattering him against a rock, after which Maji Kayo starts crying and acting traumatised by the attack to lure Dyspo in, upon which he wraps around and starts constricting him. All seems to be lost for him until Jiren himself steps in to take care of him. As Maji Kayo monologues to Jiren about how his attack was a ploy to pick a fight with him, Dyspo takes this opportunity to blast himself free from his slimy prison and retreat. As Maji Kayo proceeds to enlarge his right arm and lunge at Jiren with the intent of crushing him, Jiren, without even making physical contact, unleashes a punch so hard it creates an air shockwave that outright obliterates his form almost completely, with the force making even Goku stare in awe.
  • Then there's Roshi vs. Frost, after the latter targets him because he's a weaker member - to Roshi's credit, he fared fairly well against Frost. In the end, Frost wasn't even the one that eliminated Roshi.
    • For a brief moment, Roshi in his Full Power mode managed to stop Frost in mid-blow, then go toe-to-toe with him. Bear in mind that Frost is strong enough to fight Post-God SSJ Vegeta in terms of power level and would have demolished Roshi before. While Master Roshi eventually does exhaust the rest of his strength, his boast about his students teaching him that he still had more places to go was not unfounded.
      • To his credit, Frost is holding back not to kill his opponents, and isn't actually damaged by said attacks. Doesn't make it any less impressive.
  • Master Roshi pulls off not one, not two, but THREE Evil Containment Waves in the span of just a few minutes in-universe, two of which were consecutive. This was a technique so powerful that its use could kill its user, and Roshi still had the strength to continue fighting Frost for a brief moment afterwards.
  • Frost's plan in the episode. First he goes after a weakened Roshi to make sure he can't spring some surprises on his teammates, then, after escaping the Mafuba through sheer luck (Roshi missed the bottle), he deals with Vegeta's intervention by teaming up with Magetta, that he had around specifically for that-and to push Roshi to launch another Mafuba that he hijacks to seal Vegeta. Had Roshi not expended the last of his strength to free Vegeta, Frost would have taken down one of the smartest and the second or third most powerful fighters of Universe 7 through sheer intelligence and cunning.
    • The Mafuba redirection wasn't even his original plan, he didn't even know such a technique existed before Roshi used it on him. And, in less than a minute after that, he not only managed to reflect it (it took Piccolo an unspecified amount of time in his first three years to do that), even managing to deflect it not against the user but on a third person, but to develop a plan to use it. A plan based on a double Batman Gambit on Vegeta (one of the smartest warriors, even if a bit too impulsive) and Roshi (still a smart one, and himself one that effectively tricked many opponents) with some good timing. And it worked perfectly.
  • Even though he is ringed out in a rather humorous and undignified way, similarly to Cawey and Roselle before him, Magetta deserves some credit for his excellent teamwork with Frost. During their fight with Vegeta, he shields Frost from everything Super Saiyan Vegeta throws at them, including a Big Bang Attack, without even flinching. Heck, Magetta could've been a serious and dangerous threat in the tournament were it not for his weakness to insults.
  • Universe 4's secret warriors scaring Beerus and the Old Kai by existing. Because until the Grand Priest mentioned that Universe 4 still had 4 warriors in the tournament they had no idea they were even around To put this through, Tien could only faintly sense their presence.
  • Master Roshi in general is awesome in the tournament, doing by far the most epic performance of Universe 7 fighters. The man is pushing his body to its limits to help his comrades, even if he is one of the weakest members of the team. No wonder that Beerus praises Roshi when he eliminates himself.

Episode 108

  • Top punching Cabba so hard that he is sent flying against a rock, shattering it. He may be not as strong as Jiren, but he is still a U11 top threat.
  • We finally see another U3 robotic fighter in action, Bollarator. He has a brief brush with Gohan and bombards him with strong, flashy lasers, that are strong enough to nullify a decently large ki blast from Gohan without any visible effort, forcing him to retreat. Granted, someone like Jiren could probably one-shot Bollarator, but at least it looks like that U3 have more decent fighters alongside Maji Kayo. This is especially noteworthy when you remember that Nigrisshi, the supposedly strongest warrior of the universe, was smacked by Cabba without even looking.
  • Jimeze curb-stomping base-level Gohan in a honest, one-on-one fight. Just remember that saiyans are a warrior race, half-saiyans have even higher potential, and yardrat are typically weak fighters
  • When Jimeze tries to escape with Instant Transmission, Frieza instantly catches up to him with a Flash Step before beating him down.
  • Frieza managed to back-stab Frost and planned it from the very beginning of the tournament, faking giving Gohan a serious injury in order for Frost to let his guard down. And once Gohan realized that Frieza's blows weren't serious, he played along with it himself, feigning being out while simultaneously ready to put a stop to things if needed.
  • Frieza showed us exactly why he ruled the galaxy as Emperor for so long. On top of being a mutant with extremely high natural power level, he is also a diabolical strategist; he's able to counter Jimeze's Instant Transmission when even Gohan and Goku (both of whom figured out how to counter similar abilities in other fighters) couldn't and managed to play the long game with Frost to take out one of the more potentially troublesome enemies. If the heroes are going to have to face Frieza again, they'll have to figure out something other than Goku's raw strength to defeat him this time around.
  • Frieza defiantly staring back at Jerex after his cruel beatdown on Jimizu, especially because Jerez is a God(dess) of Destruction who can atomize him right on the spot effortlessly, and she has every possible reason to do so. Except, you know, because Frost tried that and Zen'o casually zapped him out of existence for it.
  • Ribrianne is giving Goku a serious run for his money in his base form, as none of his attacks are slowing her down and her attacks are confusing him.
  • A mix of Awesome and Heartwarming: Daman Mills has done Frieza's dub voicework throughout the arc - at least prior to the home release - yet this episode brought the still-ailing Chris Ayres back to the role, purely so that his character could properly act alongside Frost (whom Greg Ayres voices).

Episode 109 & 110

  • Goku and Jiren will finally fight! With Goku, in his SSJB: Kaioken x20 level, throwing a Spirit Bomb straight at Jiren, who doesn't flinch as he stares it down.
    • And just how important and awesome will this fight be? The absolute second these two decided to fight, EVERY OTHER FIGHTER STOPS TO OBSERVE THIS FIGHT.
    • Even better, gods from top universes are VERY impressed. One even expressed disbelief that such strong warriors can come from lower ranked universes. Especially U7, which was specifically stated to be one of the lowest.
  • Jiren shows just how powerful he is, when he takes all of Goku's forms and overwhelms them with ease, even Kaio-Ken x 20. Then he proceeds to counter a Spirit Bomb filled with the energy of all of Universe 7's fighters, with the clash between him and Goku causing it to collapse into a Singularity which Goku falls into, seemingly dying. All topped off by what Vermoud confirms: Jiren is the mortal stronger than a God of Destruction!
    • One for both of them: their sheer power and force alone managed push the Spirit Bomb so hard that it pretty much imploded into a black hole!
    • That isn't to say Goku was a complete chump in the fight. He gets a good kick in with Kaio-ken SSB and evokes a minor Oh, Crap! from Jiren when he almost hits him with a kamehamaha, not to mention Jiren had to put some effort into their Spirit Bomb struggle.
    • For that matter, Goku's gathering energy for the Spirit Bomb is accompanied by an amazing orchestral version of Limit Break X Survivor.
  • Vermoud and Cae set Jiren after Goku specifically to break the will of the fighters that remain - if the supposed strongest fighter falls to Jiren, the others would become easy pickings. When Goku does fall prey to his own Spirit Bomb and it looks as though he's been outright vaporized, Universe 3's strongest robots and Paparoni, one or both of Universe 4's invisible fighters, Ribrianne (who moments before had been planning on cheap shotting Goku in the back while he gathered energy for the Spirit Bomb) converge on the crater and look intent on jumping Jiren all at once, and Hit, and possibly Gohan and Vegeta, are coming there too before Goku makes his reappearance.
  • Ultra Instinct, Goku's new power. When everyone assumes Goku died from falling into the Singularity the Spirit Bomb collapsed into as a result of the clash between Goku and Jiren, Goku erupts from the floor of the stadium in his new form, and silently goes on the offensive against Jiren. But this is not a Super Saiyan form, nor a form where Goku loses his mind. The form is the embodiment of what Whis was trying to teach Goku and Vegeta - moving their bodies without thinking. Ultra Instinct - Migatte no Goku'i, a technique awakened from the trauma of falling into the Spirit Bomb Singularity, bestowing upon Goku all the power of his Super Saiyan forms, Kaio-Ken, and even more without the need of transforming. Needless to say Whis slowly goes from suspicious to ecstatic once he's almost certain of what's happening.
    • To wit, "trauma" isn't quite the right word. Upon having the Spirit Bomb launched back at him, Goku physically couldn't withstand the power, even at Blue x20. At this point, there was only two options: die in the blast, or overcome it anyway. Pushing past his limit, Goku's force of will broke all barriers to his innermost latent potential. This is Goku's final stage.
    • During the fight we get treated to Jiren Rapid Fire Fisticuffing so fast and precisely it looks like he's standing still. Goku seems to dodge them as minor Kung Fu Sonic Booms flash seemingly from nowhere, but if you slow down the animation, you'll see that Goku isn't dodging: He's Pummel Dueling Jiren! with movements so precise that he, too, doesn't look to be doing anything - each individual clenched fist punch from Jiren is very briefly animated to be either diverted off course, caught, or blocked by Goku.
    • All the Gods were shocked when Goku attained Ultra Instinct, with some noting that it's a state that is very hard to achieve even for Gods, much less a mortal like Goku.
    • And Jiren gets to show off again despite this. Goku starts to overwhelm him in hand-to-hand combat and goes in for the finishing blow. Jiren then pulls an I Am Not Left-Handed by powering up his ki and stopping Goku cold before sending him flying with one shot, noting that Goku did not have enough stamina remaining to sustain the form.
    • During Goku's final moments in the form, his voice suddenly takes on an Oozaru roar echo that's chillingly awesome to hear, particularly since it's been a long time since it was last heard in the franchise.
  • After Jiren defeats and knocks out Goku another fighter steps in to fight and ambushes him with Jiren just catching him in the nick of time stopping his attack. Who is this fighter that has stepped up to challenge the mortal more powerful than gods? Hit.
  • In a Meta-Moment of Awesomeness, so many people were trying to watch when these two episodes first came out, that both Crunchyroll and Funimation's official website were so massively overloaded with heavy traffic of people desperate to see the episodes that both sites crashed. In short, Goku broke the Internet.

Episode 111

  • The preview video showcases what has been for many fans a dream match that many have been talking and discussing about and it's happening for real: Jiren vs Hit!
  • Jiren immediately realizes Hit isn't to be toyed around with, and actually goes on the offensive, something he explicitly didn't bother to do with Goku. Hit quickly responds and actually manages to dodge Jiren's assault using Time-Skip. He then LETS Jiren beat him up, hoping to adapt to his fighting style.
  • Once Hit manages to temporarily turn the tides and hit Jiren with some of his stronger attacks, Jiren tanks it all like a champ. Taking an invisible Ki wave to the chest area was rather painful, though.
    • In fact, Hit almost manages to ring out Jiren, with the latter actually looking vulnerable.
    • Also, Hit's sheer endurance deserves a mention. He's already a bit worn out by previous fights, and took a beating from Dyspo to study his battle style, and he manages to do once again with Jiren, still in good fighting shape (he did block to take minimum damage from each attack). Even in the end, after a more savage and brutal beating from Jiren (not blocked, this time), Hit gets ringed out but, while surely worse for wear, he is still conscious. Keep in mind that this is despite being hit by the same attack that knocked out Kale in one hit.
  • Not as awesome as the Hit vs Jiren fight, but Rozie showing up in time to save Ribrianne from getting pummeled by Vegeta is quite the feat. The magical girl effortlessly blocks the Saiyan's attack and takes her away from him right under his nose, Heles and Pell reaction makes this even sweeter.
  • Near the end of the episode, Biarra and Catopesra from U3 attempt to attack Jiren and break his ki barrier, using great teamwork to get past Toppo and Dyspo. Granted, it doesn't work, but bonus points for trying. Even Toppo admits their bravery for doing so.
  • Speaking of U3, by this episode, they still have six warriors in the arena, the second best so far, only behind the seventh, who has seven. For an universe who did such an abysmal performance at the beginning and its first entry in its folder is Butt-Monkey, it is quite the achievement

     Episodes 112-121 
Episode 112
  • Cabba vs Monna. After having a bit of difficulty in his base form getting over a Brawler Lock with her, he proceeds to go Super Saiyan and smash her into a pile of boulders. Although to his shock, she’s more pissed off by it than anything, and bulks herself up to full size and starts beating the ever-loving hell out of Cabba, also showing her mobility by dodging Cabba’s attempt to lure her into rolling off the ring, changing direction and nearly ringing him out instead. Just when it seems to be the end of Cabba, Vegeta comes in and pulls him up, and for bonus points blasts Monna over the horizon in mid-sentence.
    • Then comes Round Two. Cabba’s being stomped by Monna once more, still having little luck at his attempts to fight her off. Then Monna makes a critical mistake: she disrespects his master right to his face, and taunts him about finding and hurting Caulifla and Kale. This is the absolute final straw for Cabba, and with a soul-tearing scream and arcs of electricity shooting in every direction, Cabba reveals his ascension to Super Saiyan 2. Monna is at first underestimating him, thinking it's a mere change in hair colour, but Cabba at this point is 100% done with her antics: he shuts her up with two major blows to the stomach and face, leaving her at a loss for words, and then Monna makes a last-ditch move to crush him again, but Cabba puts an end to her shenanigans by blasting her out of the arena.
  • Just the fact Vegeta, of all people, is the first character to promise to revive an erased universe is both awesome and heartwarming. Considering how many other characters want to use the wish for a selfish desire (Ribrianne, Frieza) or simply don't know what to do with it (Goku), Vegeta having a clear unselfish motive makes you want to root for him.
    Vegeta: The Saiyans will never perish!
  • One for Toppo. He decides to fight with Vegeta, but Vegeta only calls him a "Second fiddle" to Jiren. Toppo's response? "Yet you're second on your own team, aren't you?" Damn, Justice burn!
  • Caulifla stomping the U3 robot fighters attacking Goku like it was nothing. In fact, the second one she defeated with a headbutt, without any sign of injury or pain on her part.
  • Gohan and Piccolo are taking on Saonel and Pirina when Saonel goes for a ki blade attack on Piccolo only for Gohan to appear and block the attack singlehandedly and Piccolo takes that opening to blast Saonel away.
    • Speaking of the U6 Namekians, both Saonel and Pirina are seen as formidable when Saonel gives Piccolo some trouble. Heck, even Piccolo can't help but feel impressed to see strong Namekians other than him. For reference's sake, Piccolo is many thousands of times stronger than the average Namekian in Universe 7. Nail, who was originally the strongest Namekian there, was not even one tenth as powerful as Frieza's first form. After fusing with Nail and Kami, training for a year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and training for over a year following Frieza's previous resurrection, Piccolo is even with Gohan in Super Saiyan 2, making him thousands of times stronger than Nail was. Despite all of this power, Saonel and Pirina are still able to give him trouble.
  • Although it serves to show how much of a petty asshole he is, especially since he only resolved to do it when he found out Cabba was Vegeta's student, Frieza nonetheless deserves props for absolutely destroying Cabba. Even as a Super Saiyan 2, Frieza just no-sells his attack by going golden in a split second and rings him out.

Episode 113

  • Goku vs. Caulifla and Kale. Despite not being at 100%, he still is strong enough to hold back both of these girls at Super Saiyan 2, even briefly going Super Saiyan 3 just to show it off.
    • To clarify, Goku overtakes Caulifla in base while she was at Super Saiyan 2 due to his greater skill and experience. Caulifla, however, adapts and grows as a fighter and keeps up. To reiterate, she goes from being outmatched as a street brawler against a martial artist, to matching that martial artist blow for blow, forcing Goku to go Super Saiyan 2 as well. Goku again takes the advantage at first with Caulifla growing again to match him. Eventually Goku calls in Kale to join the fight and after a brief initial struggle, manages to keep up with both of them with Super Saiyan 2, only going 3 briefly when the pair grows in power and skill.
    • Goku's performance in base form is especially amazing, as Super Saiyan 2 is a massive 100x stronger in raw power. What's more amazing is that as the fight goes on, we see that both fighters have been fighting far below the full potential of Super Saiyan 2, so like the fight between Goku and Majin Vegeta, their power continues to increase more and more over the fight.
    • Caulifla and Kale should receive props for their impressive battle synergy, as this is the first time they've properly fought together that we've seen, and possibly ever, given Kale's previous lack of confidence, and they're incredibly in sync with each other, even managing to surprise Goku at one point when Kale rushes him only to jump out of the way to reveal Caulifla preparing to blast him with her energy attack. Before he has a chance to respond, Kale appears behind him and kicks him into the blast. Goku did manage to block the blast, but he openly admits that it did hurt a little, clearly impressed with the two of them.
    • Probably the real shiner is Kale going Super Saiyan Berserk willingly.
    • And to clinch the sheer awesome of these feats, by the end of the episode, only around a minute has passed.

Episode 114

  • Yuya Takahashi's art direction and animation for this episode is universally praised for its Z Era-style shading and body proportions. The first few minutes, featuring Kale's chilling transformation into her Berserker form, already highlighted the start of an above-average looking episode.
  • Vegeta actually gets in a powerful hit on Toppo when Toppo was fully on-guard. By comparison, when Toppo gets him back later, it's because Vegeta was distracted by Kefla's power.
  • Caulifla predicting where Goku will arrive with Instant Transmission, and blasting him in the face as soon as he appears.
  • Goku ups his game to Super Saiyan God, having recovered even faster, and proceeds to turn the tables on the two women.
    • His entire performance while in Super Saiyan God deserves a special mention, as Goku proceeds to toy around with the two Saiyan girls that were giving him a run for his money before. Even whilst he's still recovering and not at full strength, him being able to play around with Caulifla and Kale with techniques like the finger beam and the Spirit Ball just further illustrates how immensely superior Goku is to these two prodigies.
    • Kale being able to somewhat keep up with Super Saiyan God Goku, after fully controlling her Super Saiyan Berserk form. While Caulifla had no choice but to try and dodge his Ki blast, Kale was able to block it and managed to throw it up (though she did struggle considerably to perform such a feat).
    • During the match, Kale blasts Goku with an energy beam…before, in a deliciously ironic reversal from Episode 100, he tanks her energy blast and kicks her in the face.
  • The birth of Kefla. Champa had given Kale and Caulifla Potara earrings as a backup plan should Goku run rampant, and SSG Goku beating the both of them was enough for them to cross the Godzilla Threshold, becoming a warrior stronger and faster than a Super Saiyan God while still in base form!
    • Credit where it's due to Champa: giving them the Potaras as a last resort was a seriously bright move on his part. Rather than banking everything on Hit like many expected him to, he kept one last ace in the hole in case something happened to Hit.

Episode 115

  • The fight between Goku and Kefla in this episode showcases the capabilities of both fighters in their element. Kefla begins by resuming her curb-stomping of Super Saiyan God Goku, tossing him around like a ragdoll before nailing him with several energy blasts. When the smoke clears, Goku’s transformed into Super Saiyan Blue and is about to go all out, an act that makes Kefla herself unleash her True Legendary Super Saiyan transformation, before clashing in a hail of energy blasts and powerful blows that start to fragment the very arena itself. Eventually, Goku ups the ante by unleashing Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken, and starts landing hits which actually start hurting Kefla, one of which knocks the breath out of her and smashes her into a pile of rubble. As Goku counters her energy balls with a Kamehameha, she uses the opportunity to Flash Step behind him and temporarily knock him out cold. As Kefla stands triumphant and is about to throw him out of the arena, Goku manages to find the strength to rouse himself and stand on his feet, and she lobs several more energy balls at him...then his body takes on an eerie whitish-blue glow, and he nonchalantly deflects/easily dodges both of her attempted attacks. Kefla begins to lose her nerve, recognizing that form from when he fought Jiren: Ultra Instinct. As Goku fully transforms, he shoots Kefla a stone-cold Death Glare, who remains intimidated yet quickly stands defiant, prepared to face him in battle yet again.
    • The fight also retroactively makes Vegito even more awesome than he already was. If Kefla (who was formed from two warriors who, at their strongest and working together, can only make Goku go SSJG) can overpower a Blue Kaio-ken Goku, how much stronger is Vegito, who was formed from two Saiyans who can go Blue?
    • The reactions of the U7 divinities also give a sense of magnitude. Where the first time it happened Whis was thrilled that his pupil managed to attain it, this time Whis seems more concerned. Beerus looks terrified before beginning to gloat, almost as though this, even more than his concern over the Kaio-ken, is how Goku can surpass him at last.
    • The first time Goku awakened Ultra Instinct, everyone save Jiren were simply in awe at his power, but once it was over no one expected to see it again so soon, not even the Gods or the Angels. Yet when Goku accomplishes the impossible again, reawakening that state, everyone's reactions aren't just awe but fear (in the case of intimidating Kefla, Champa's Oh, Crap! reaction, and more) and concern (mainly those on the U7 team, along with Beerus and Whis, though the former soon gets over it). The difference between Goku as he was before, and the nigh-unstoppable godly power he wields with Ultra Instinct, is beautifully highlighted.

Episode 116

  • Ultra Instinct Goku vs. Kefla shows that even a Fusion is no match for the power of Self Movement. Goku dances rings around Kefla the entire battle, at one point falling backwards off a ledge and leans backwards to dodge a powerful shot. Kefla is confused and flustered as Goku makes a mockery of the two girls!
    • Even before it really begins, Goku moves up to a higher rock - literally radiating heat - before he powers up with an Oozaru-echoing roar, with this energy being physically felt across the entire arena. Then he glares down at Kefla and states this:
      "You need to face the facts, Kefla. You cannot stop me now."
    • The final blow. With Kefla going all out, Goku just calmly charges up a Kamehameha and leaps at her via all of the debris. But instead of meeting her final attack head-on, he chooses to slide his way past it by grinding on the beam with the charged Kamehameha, then blasts her at point-blank range - the blow is so powerful that Kefla is sent through the arena floor and the Potara earrings shatter, defusing her into Kale and Caulifla.
    • Small credit to Kefla: when she throws all her power over the arena, her energy manages to briefly touch Goku in his Ultra Instinct transformation, twice. They weren't much, only giving him a Close-Call Haircut and grazing his elbow, respectively, but even still.
    • The real kicker? This fight was with an un-mastered Ultra Instinct form, which made Goku's blows weaker than they should be because he's still thinking when he attacks (as opposed to effortless dodging); were it mastered, Kefla likely wouldn't have even been able to withstand even one blow.
    • It was also a landmark moment in the series. Up to this point, Potara Fusion fighters had been portrayed as nigh-unstoppable forces, either requiring another Potara to fight or some flaw in the Fusion, as in Merged Zamasu's case. This is the first time ever that a Potara Fusion has been canonically defeated by a non-Fused character.
  • After Kefla is ringed out, Saonel and Pirina swear that they are going to defeat U7. They are not going to give up even if their chances of victory are pretty slim; they are going to fight until the very end.

Episode 117

  • Android #18 vs. Ribrianne. Despite being brought back down to regular old Brianne by a sneak attack by #18, Brianne shows that she's not helpless, capturing #18 in a heart-shaped trap wrapped in an energy ribbon. Then, the entire thing goes 100% Pretty Cure and Asura's Wrath at the same time: the fallen warriors of Universe 2 bring out small wands and send down The Power of Love to Brianne, allowing her to transform into a massive Ribrianne with butterfly wings. Just as #18 was ready to accept defeat, she finds her own Power of Love — Krillin, who is ready to leap out into the ring again. This gives her the power to bust out of the trap just in time to meet Ribrianne's gigantic fist and shatter it. #18, then, runs up Ribrianne's arm and, with #17's help is able to shatter Ribrianne's other arm, then shoot right through her head, taking her out of the fight. No flying, no super-awesome energy blasts, just one woman and her love for that bald man in the stands.
  • After Rozie accidentally hits Ribrianne with her attack, 17 and 18 share a look before moving to engage their opponents. During their fight, 18 jumps up into the air, which prompts Ribrianne to try and hit her with another attack. At the last second, 18 recoils herself out of its path, which leads it straight to 17 vs. Rozie, also directly in its path…except 17 immediately jumps away too, leaving Rozie to get hit by her teammate's attack. Just as Ribrianne attempts to go after her, 18 blasts her away, and 17 uses his opportunity to blast Rozie out of the ring. All-in-all, an excellent tag-team strategy from the sibling androids. In general, it's awesome to see that even though they don't see each other much, 17 and 18 are as in tune as ever with each other.
  • A special mention has to go to Universe 3's Katopesla. Despite the fact that he's from a fairly weak Universe (that is technically in the second best position due to them still having 6 fighters, which should be a crowning moment for the whole universe) and he himself is a complete Butt-Monkey, the man has managed to survive skirmishes with Universe 9's Hop, Frieza, Saonel and Pirina, Cabba, Dyspo and Toppo, Zarbuto, Android 17, and as of this episode, is still in the ring even though he's getting beat down by Vegeta. He doesn't even look all that worse for wear considering how many of his opponents seem to horribly outclass him.

Episode 118

  • In this episode we get a double-battle special with Goku, 17 and 18 vs. Zirloin, Rabanra, and Zarbuto who have managed to take on the Maiden Squadrons’ Magical Girl forms to even the odds, and Gohan and Piccolo vs a newly empowered Saonel and Pirina, who were playing it safe until their bodies, empowered by mass Namekian fusion, had finally finished stabilizing. And against all odds, with the former three being imprisoned inside a heart-shaped black hole and the latter duo being pinned down by the two fully-powered Namekians, they managed to achieve a double knockout. Even the Grand Priest sounds slightly admiring by the path Universe 7 is carving through the Tournament.
    • In a side note, Goku’s stamina is starting to get better as he can now pull off Super Saiyan Blue for more than a split-second, despite only getting a few minutes of rest from his brawl with Kefla.
  • Goku and Gohan both using the Kamehameha technique, complete with the passed-down hand motions - even if not side-by-side, it certainly evokes the spirit of the original Father-Son Kamehameha. It's also set the same theme as the FREAKING SPIRIT BOMB, which interestingly enough sounds somewhat like Limit Breaker x Survivor; words do not do it justice.
    Goku: But... Sorry for me. More than love, I prefer guts!
    Goku: But for me, there's a better path to power. It's not love... It's fury!
  • You got to give Universe 6 and 2 a pat on the back for taking their demise on the chin. Super Saiyan Caulifla and the two Namekians playfully chase each other around in the stands as well as Champa giving a begrudging and somewhat playful farewell to his brother, and the whole group belonging to Universe 2 happily fade from existence telling that while they may be gone, the love in the hearts of everyone makes sure they are not forgotten. Even Android 18 slings them a little respect for it, despite her and Ribrianne’s misgivings about their definitions of love.
  • Got to give some serious props to Zirloin, Rabanra, and Zarbuto. Despite the fact that everyone (including themselves) knew that they were weaker and less attractive than Ribrianne and the other maidens, they still were able to quickly adapt to their new abilities and were even able to perform a technique that the Maiden Squadron themselves had never performed; the ability to summon a heart-shaped Black Hole!
    • Not to mention, Goku needed SSB: Kaio-ken for his Kamehameha to break through it. Again, a considerably-weakened SSJB: Kaio-ken Goku is stronger than a black hole, or the the equivalent of one.
  • A special mention has to go to Saonel. The guy got caught in a beam struggle between a full-powered Kamehameha from Gohan plus Pirina's blast, and not only was this not enough to defeat him, he actually was able to pull himself out of it and attempt to attack Gohan. Even though as a fused Namekian he would have higher levels of stamina than most, pulling off a feat like that is still pretty crazy.
    • Props has to be given to these two for facing off Ultimate Gohan. Even though Gohan ultimately outclassed them in terms of sheer strength, their determination and creativity allowed the pair to fight him in a way that almost gave them a chance.
  • Piccolo's fight against Saonel and Pirina gives a retroactive moment of awesome; the Nameless Namek was always stated to be a prodigy among his people, something of an informed ability since Piccolo in DBZ, while powerful, was never quite enough to deal with the real threat. Here, he faces off against two Namekians who are the product of fusions of several dozen, if not hundreds or possibly more, of Namekians. All he had was Nail and Kami - Nail was a very powerful warrior, but Kami explicitly stated he was only good for his knowledge. He and Gohan fought literally two warriors with the power of an army and came out on top.
    • Yet again, Piccolo shows why his Special Beam Cannon is a force to be reckoned with. It pierced not only Saonel, but Ultimate Gohan's Kamehameha/Pirina's mouth blast, before tearing into/through Pirina himself with strength to spare. Piccolo is outclassed by Ultimate Gohan in sheer power, and yet by compressing his own, delivered a blow well above his base level.
      Saonel: So this is the power of the 7th Universe's Namekian warrior. Impressive.
    • Speaking of Saonel, he was caught in a fully charged Kamehameha from Gohan, which began a Beam-O-War with Pirina's mouth blast with him still trapped in the middle. This is a Beam-O-War between two of the strongest fighters in their respective universes; the energies should be tearing him apart, and yet he's not only able to avoid being utterly disintegrated seemingly through no additional defensive effort of his own, but also able extend an arm out from the inside of the blast, grapple Gohan's hands, and begin to pull himself free. If not for Piccolo, Saonel would have ensured Gohan lost the Beam-O-War despite being literally stuck in the middle of it!
    • Something has to be said about Christopher Sabat's delivery of the final blow:

Episode 119

  • You have got to give Katopelsa credit for surviving as long as he did. For a guy who's outclassed by a majority of fighters to hang in there until only ten minutes or so are left is very impressive. He even managed to hold his own against Super Saiyan Vegeta for a time, and if not for Gamisaras' sneak attack knocking him out would have been able to stay in the ring.
  • Goku and 17 get a joint one, since Damon is too small to hit and fight, Goku punches the ground which knocks Damon up into the air and 17 catches him in a barrier trapping him. Now unable to escape or fight back, 17 then punts Damon like a football out of the ring thus eliminating Universe 4.
  • Even though Damon's defeat was embarrassing and anti-climactic compared to other Last Stand battles like the ones for Universe 2 and 6, you have to give him some credit for his trickery. He's the only one who was able to defeat a fighter, defeating Piccolo by fooling him into thinking he was an invisible fighter like Gamisaras, and even forcing Goku and Android 17 into a defensive before the two figure out how to outsmart the little bug. He and Gamisaras were also the only ones who knocked out someone in Universe 4 as well, which is something as well.

Episode 120

  • Universe 3 shows why they've lasted this long in the Tournament of Power despite a shaky start at the beginning. Paparoni upon receiving orders has Panchia, Koitsukai and Bollarator combine themselves into a Humongous Mecha called Koichiarator, separate the three were formidable but combined they are able to hold their own against Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta as well as Gohan in his Ultimate form.
  • It's revealed that Koitsukai's cyber eye reads and analyzes his foe's movements and abilities and he can relay them to the others so they know how to fight and defend against it.

Episode 121

  • Android #18's sacrifice, selflessly throwing herself off the ring to catch a falling #17 and kick him back up to it, taking the ring-out instead.
    • 18 deserves more mention for how amazing she did in the tournament. She is the only female fighter on the team, has had little showings in Super, and hasn't been given a lot of time to shine. She enters the tournament, earning six eliminations before she willingly throws herself out to save 17. Not only did she save Goku several times in the tournament, but she knocked out several strong enemies, reaffirmed her love for Krillin, got to fight alongside her brother after years of not seeing each other, and even impressed Beerus with her skills. Much like Roshi, after years of her not being able to do much, the fact that 18 did so well in the tournament is amazing.
  • Universe 3 has unleashed its trump card: Anilaza, effectively the canon version of Hatchiyack from Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans.note  To defeat it, the remaining Universe 7 warriors — Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Android #17 and Frieza — end up being forced to use their Ultimate Forms and unleash a Combination Attack in a massive Beam-O-War struggle. When that fails, 17 envelopes himself in his barrier and tries to push back Anilaza's attack, then decides to push through it and punch the monster in the head, damaging the crystal that served as his energy reactor and giving the remaining fighters the chance to destroy Anilaza once and for all. With nine minutes left, we are now in the final stages: Universe 7 vs. Universe 11.
  • Give credit where credit is due. Anilaza was thrashing the fighters of Universe 7 despite being outnumbered and facing off against several of the strongest fighters in the entire tournament. It even came very close to accomplishing something that no one in the tournament, not even Kefla or Jiren, did in almost eliminating Goku from the ring, as without Frieza's help that would've been it for Goku.

     Episodes 122-131 
Episode 122
  • It's minor compared to the rest, but Goku and Jiren's opening stare-down after which Goku powers up till sparks emerge from his Blue aura and he and Jiren engage in a rapid, but brief trading of blows and motives is pretty cool. Seems Jiren's starting to be intrigued by his Saiyan foe.
  • The Grand Priest gets a small one early in the beginning of the episode, giving a hint why he's one of the 5 strongest beings in the multiverse. He shrinks the outside bleachers to a fraction of their size in mere seconds by casually clapping his hands, surprising everyone on them completely. Not impressed? That stunned audience included 6 Gods of Destruction/Supreme Kais and all 12 of the ANGELS!
  • Vegeta vs. Jiren. Despite the power gap, Vegeta proves his pre-Tournament training wasn't for naught, as he not only analyzes Jiren's punches so well that he effortlessly dodged them - shocking Goku in the process - he hit Jiren several times and forced the latter to actually block all his punches, tanking powerful hits throughout the whole thing.
    Vegeta: (Thinking) "Bad news for you, Jiren... I've got you figured out!"
    • Then at the end, Vegeta puts all his energy into a full-power Final Flash, which is even stronger than his earlier level... it doesn't hurt Jiren, but he felt he had to block and it still managed to knock him down, and Jiren himself stated that it wasn't half-bad. In the moment right before it hits surprise overtake's Jiren's Kubrick stare and he raises his arms in front of his face as if he's realized Vegeta is about to hit way harder than he was expecting. It's a reaction not entirely unlike Cell's back when he made the mistake of taking Final Flash head on.
    • In episode 123, we see that for it Jiren calls Vegeta "warrior", which indicates great respect for his determination and skill. Consider that previously Jiren pretty much stated that Goku and Hit were the only two worthy of his time in there.
  • Dispo fighting against Frieza, first by being able to effortlessly evade Frieza's finger blasts, and then, when Frieza has seemingly prevented a sneak attack and caught Dispo in a trap, dragging him around by the tail and grating him against a wall at high speed.
    • Dispo during the episode, really. Some episodes prior, he didn't want to fight Frieza, and now he is giving the best he got and making Frieza eat dirt (and not your average kind of dirt: the dirt made from the multiverse's strongest metal). He also made Frieza suffer the same grab he did to Cabba ten episodes prior, making this Laser-Guided Karma (although Dispo didn't intend it as such).
  • Despite their formidable teamwork and an impressive Kamehameha, Toppo proves he's no slouch as he effortlessly tanks 17 and Gohan's efforts to hurt him.
  • During his fight against Jiren, Vegeta shouts a line so shocking, so unexpected, yet so Vegeta:
    Vegeta: "I won't surrender control - That's not the man I am! Let Kakarot use his thoughtless Ultra Instinct all he wants, but I'm the one who's going to crush you, Jiren, and I'll do it my way!!"
  • How big was this episode? They crashed the servers for Crunchyroll and Funimation again. We're reaching RWBY-level of streaming-site-breaking hype here!

Episode 123

  • 17's attempted Taking You with Me attack against Toppo, who at this point was able to No-Sell almost all of their attacks. After 17 realizes that Toppo is predicting Gohan's sneak attacks, 17 goes to Toppo and Toppo attempts to put him on a hold, very similar to the one he put Goku and Vegeta through earlier. 17 then activates his barrier, and gets Gohan to fire a Kamehameha. The blast would have almost knocked him out as well, but the barrier wore out shortly before they could be thrown to the edge, and Gohan stops his blast right there as well. Toppo himself even felt like it was a close call.
  • After getting tossed around by Dispo, Freeza calmly dusts himself off and shows zero signs of fatigue.
  • Goku uses Instant Transmission to skip around Jiren, planting ki mines all around him, before using Kienzan to slice through the precipice that Jiren was standing on and nearly beat him with a ring-out. Also, Goku uses Krillin improved version, being able to control the Kienzan's movement.
    • Speaking of that, remember that, back on Namek, we saw that Kienzan were easily able to injure an enemy 30 or 50 times stronger, if not more (Krillin was able to cut second-form Frieza with it). This ones are thrown by Super Sayain Blue Goku. Jiren punches them out. And from what we are told later, those aren't even actual punches from him, so he's more like flicking them away. Basically, Jiren is to Super Sayain Blue Goku what Cell was to Krillin. Oh, and not to be outdone, Jiren also does something no opponent has done before: he grabs a Kienzan and throws it back.
    • Gotta give points to Krillin as well. The technique that almost defeats Jiren is clearly the trick he demonstrated before, proving that even the strongest can learn from the comparatively weak.
  • Jiren gets spooked so badly by his near-defeat in underestimating Goku at an objectively-inferior strength, that he finally decides to start getting serious with him, heralded by a blazing inferno of ki to the heavens as he releases his power. Congrats, Goku, you got Jiren to start showing you his real strength! ...And the very first true punch Jiren has thrown the entire match manifests a torrent of energy so ferocious that it knocks Goku out of Blue. Repeat: Jiren was not even actually using his ki to create the blast, it was just a punch.
    • Before that, Jiren shows that he's getting serious by walking through the other ki-mines planted by Goku, without even flinching.
  • Vegeta forcibly pushes himself to his utmost limit, past even his innermost shell, causing his Super Saiyan Blue form to evolve and take on new traits (including ones similar to Ultra Instinct, such as the sparkling aura and silvery tinge in his hair and eyes). This brand new form note  was formed through a selfless desire, the desire to wish Cabba and those from Universe 6 back to life, and his refusal to let Jiren win. It's more or less Vegeta's long character arc summed up in a form.
    Vegeta: I gave my word, from one Saiyan to another, and I have to keep it! I'll shatter through my limits in my own way, on my own terms! And then, Jiren, I will defeat you!
  • Goku and Vegeta go at Jiren with their maximum power. Their movements are uncoordinated with each other, but that only makes it harder for Jiren to read them.
    • The two managing a double punch on Jiren that actually knocks him off his feet through his guard. Jiren even complements them on it.
    • The fact that Goku and Vegeta are legitimately working together. Not because of world-ending circumstances, not out of reluctance, not because anyone urged them to (as it's happened in the past)- they chose to of their own free will, all for their shared desire to surpass their limits and beat Jiren, among other things. Considering how prideful both characters are about doing their own things, this is a blue moon occurrence we're seeing.

Episode 124

  • We see more of Goku and Vegeta's fight against Jiren, the two Saiyans keep pushing the Pride Trooper back before hitting him with a Kamehameha and Final Flash. Jiren gets buried... then blows up the pile and simply utters "A valiant effort. Now you've shown me the true extent of your power."
    • In the dub, the two Saiyans have their own little comeback to this:
      Vegeta: (amused) Hmph. Did you hear that, Kakarot?
      Goku: (equally amused) Yeah, whatever.
      (both yell as they resume the attack)
  • Dyspo shows off his full power, using his "Super Speed" mode to make both Ultimate Gohan and Golden Frieza wary. How do they counter that? Frieza creates a net of Emperor Death Beams, trapping Dispo and Gohan inside and having them pummel each other. When Frieza finally falters from the strain, Gohan makes a Heroic Sacrifice and performs a Taking You with Me, capturing Dispo and letting Frieza blast them both off of the ring.
  • You gotta give Dyspo credit when Frieza offers to betray Universe 7 to help Universe 11 (granted, there's nothing to suggest Frieza wasn't just lying out of his ass like with Frost). Dispo flat-out refuses to consider the option.
    Dispo: I don't negotiate with evil!
    • Another good moment for Dispo is when he finally goes all out. For the entire tournament Dispo had bragged he's the fastest in all universes, and he finally proves it, becoming so fast to overwhelm Golden Frieza. And when Gohan comes to the rescue, Dispo starts to overwhelm both.

Episode 125

  • In an effective display of teamwork and Jiren's power, Goku holds Jiren in a full nelson whilst Vegeta unleashes an uncharged Beyond Blue Final Flash... only for Jiren to block and redirect it with his glare technique. Badass, and oh so very bad for them.
  • Top unveiling that he is a God of Destruction in the anime. He proceeds to completely abandon his views of justice and evil (something he started doing after 7 of his teammates were taken out) and goes all out. He then prepares a Destruction Sphere which nearly obliterates Golden Frieza, changes the sky from green to blue, and snaps the arena in half. That's right, Top SPLIT THE ARENA IN HALF. This liked proved that Top and Jiren would have survived against Anilaza's energy sphere if he'd been successful in destroying Universe 7.
    • Credit must be given to Frieza surviving that attack in the first place. That move would have annihilated a lesser being, yet not only does he survive, albeit forced back to his normal state, he's still conscious and has enough strength to charge up and fire off a planet-destroying attack. It fails, but still...
    • How Top dealt with Frieza’s planet destroying attack. He creates a Hakai Sphere no bigger than a marble and simply flicks it at Frieza’s attack. The moment the tiny Hakai sphere touches the ball of energy, it disintegrates.
  • There’s something awesome about a God of Destruction Top crushing Frieza's skull. Frieza has tortured HALF of Team Universe 7 in the past, while personally killing 3note  of them, while being one of the most evil characters to exist. He's spent a lot of his time toying with opponents, specifically Cabba, Jimizu, and Frost, and usually refused to assist Universe 7 unless there was some benefit for him (using Gohan to trick Frost or healing Goku because he knows he can't face Jiren himself) or if the situation was critical. Some fans were very eager to see Frieza get punished, knowing that he has ulterior motives, and this is probably the most fitting for him.
    • There is also a nod back to what Frieza went through back on Namek. Frieza's facial expressions as he struggles through the Hakai sphere, and as he shows up again in his normal state are dead ringers for the ones he made when tanking and surviving Goku's Spirit Bomb. This further stresses that Frieza himself thought he was a goner for good this time. Anyone who can get Frieza to freak out that bad has to qualify for a CMoA.
  • Number 17, despite hanging on by a thread throughout this episode manages to stay in the game, constantly looking for an opening from this newly awakened God and saving Frieza from falling off the stage. He also puts his infinite energy to great use, originally attempting to keep Toppo busy for the remaining 6 (now 5 at the end of the episode) minutes.
  • This episode gives the audience a taste of just how powerful Gods Of Destruction are. A foe as powerful as Frieza took immense damage trying to tank a Hakai Sphere fired by a God Of Destruction himself and later, his planet busting attack was destroyed by a marble-sized Hakai sphere. They can surround their bodies with the destruction energy which prevents almost all attacks from hitting them because the moment anything touches the destruction aura, it is immediately disintegrated. And Toppo is just a newly ascended God Of Destruction and hasn’t trained with an Angel as much as the other Gods of Destruction. So once again, the audience is reminded why these beings are called Gods of Destruction.

Episode 126

  • Episode 126 is arguably Vegeta's finest moment in all of Dragon Ball. A Hakai-using Top is basically unstoppable, having just destroyed Frieza and is dominating 17. Vegeta comes in to take a crack at Top, but his destruction-based powers are even too much for Vegeta. With his back literally against the wall and Top firing an energy blast, Vegeta digs deep and thinks about his family and Cabba. His power skyrockets and he proceeds to beat Top so hard that it rattles his ancestors. Top's face says it all. Then when Top fires off another larger destruction orb, Vegeta fully charges up and unleashes a godly explosion that utterly wrecks the arena and leaves it looking like an asteroid field. Vegeta stands tall in the ring, Top does not. Freshly-ascended he may have been, but Top was still a God of Destruction. Vegeta defeated and surpassed a God of Destruction.
    • Also, it shows how strong Vegeta has grown. Piccolo recognized the attack Vegeta used, Final Explosion, as the one he attempted to kill Majin Buu with and failed, only killing himself. This time, Vegeta Self-destructed inside a Hakai-sphere that should've rendered him Deader Than Dead and yet he's still standing. He's not even on death's door!
    • Remember how Top cracked the arena in half with his power? Well, Vegeta's power vaporized half of the arena itself.
    • It took Frieza an enormous amount of effort to survive the Destruction energy. In his fight with Top, Vegeta punched through Hakai Spheres and the destruction aura surrounding Toppo's body without slowing down a bit.
  • Finally, the difference of philosophies showing Vegeta's Character Development is STUNNING. While Toppo used to value justice and equality, he's (by his own admission) tossed that all away in an effort to survive. Vegeta, however, has done the exact opposite. He went from a power-obsessed psychopath who didn't care about anything or anyone to gaining unprecedented levels of power by defending his family and the ones he cares about. It's similar to how he powered up massively when Beerus struck Bulma, but this time, he beats the everloving hell out of Top.
    Vegeta: You've forsaken all else and dare to call my cause trivial? I fight for Bulma, for Trunks and Bulla. I fight for the oath I made to a fellow warrior, for my Saiyan pride. I fight for all I've built and for all that I am. Unlike you, I won't abandon all that to play God! (...) Only a failure abandons his principles and pride! Do you actually think I'd let you stop me!?
    • Jiren actually sides with Vegeta on the matter, calling Top a disappointment due to taking such pride in throwing aside his morals for the sake of victory and still failing so decisively. He likewise compliments Vegeta's resolve, actually smiling as he sees what he's truly up against now.
  • A villainous one from Frieza as he actually manages to get back in the fray after getting his head crushed and the living daylights beaten out of him by a God of Destruction: his efforts avail him nothing and he gets bloodied all over again, but it's still impressive that his beatdown at the hands of Top in 125 wasn't enough to put him down. He can also paralyze him for a short while, which serves as a nice Call-Back to using the ability in Z. It doesn't last, but considering he's in base form (although not Frieza's weakest form, it's still weaker than Goku's base form), it's as impressive as Chiaotzu managing to affect Goku, if not even more so.
  • Both Frieza and 17 were hit pretty much dead-on by one of Jiren's more powerful energy blasts, and neither of them got eliminated (even more impressive that Frieza was already damaged and not Golden). Granted, Frieza has disappeared for the moment (most likely to recharge his energy and stamina), and 17 is injured by the attack, but it's not the time to count either of them out yet.
  • Android 17 making it to the final battle. What's important to note here is that, although 17 is an Android, all that really means in this setting is that he's an enhanced human/a cyborg. For the first time in Dragon Ball canon, a human is actually keeping up with the Saiyans and outright defying the Can't Catch Up trope this series is infamous for.
    • A retroactive one for Dr. Gero, as it is his technology that allowed an Earthling like Android 17 to fight on the level of a God.
    • Judging from the promo and the title, he won't just keep up, it will be 17 against Jiren's power. Jiren's unleashed power, mind you, an energy wall with some effort behind it made by someone who can effortlessy kick Goku out of blue.
  • After seeing Top defeated and becoming the last warrior for Universe 7 to defeat, Jiren decides to finally unleash his full power and show the power of the mortal beyond a God of Destruction.

Episode 127

  • This episode should have been titled "Everyone Gets Rekt by Jiren". Unleashing his full potential, Jiren makes short work out of Goku, Vegeta, Frieza and #17. Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken? Nope! Beyond Super Saiyan Blue? Nada! Golden Form? Not even close! Almost nothing can stop him as he proves himself to be one hell of a juggernaut!
  • The episode could also have been titled "Why Android 17 is Awesome":
    • Despite it being made abundantly clear that he doesn't stand a chance, Android 17 actually manages to wound Jiren with one of his attacks. Granted, it was only because Jiren was caught off guard, and he ended up hurting himself in the blast, but it's still impressive for the fact that, despite his name, Android 17 isn't a robot, both his and 18's enhancements are bio-organic. Dragon Ball Z was infamous for making humans the most useless combatants in the franchise, but now a human is the first person in the series to wound Jiren.
    • Android 17's (apparent) Heroic Sacrifice via detonating his energy barrier while being at ground zero of said explosion, all to shield Goku and Vegeta from Jiren's powerful attack without a worry in the world. Even more so is that it seemed that there was No Body Left Behind. If there was any sign how great the stakes are now, this is it. Also, the resulting blast from the barrier's detonation was enough to negate Jiren's attack. What's even better ... is that Android 17 ACTUALLY survived the self-destruction, as shown at the end of Episode 130, literally making him one of the last standing opponents for the Tournament of Power!
  • Despite paying for it a few seconds later, Frieza swoops in with enough speed and force to hit Jiren from behind, knocking him through several floating rocks. It's even more awesome when you remember that Frieza himself commented that Jiren is "a monster" and refused to fight him. Hell, despite all that he's been through, he will not. stop. fighting.

Episode 128

  • Vegeta's Last Stand.
    • Despite the fact that he was so weak he couldn't even turn Super Saiyan, Vegeta would not yield. Spurred on by his promise to Cabba and by his family waiting for him, Vegeta kept fighting against Jiren before the man-mountain would finally knock him off the ring, with Vegeta giving Goku the last of his energy.
    • This fight expertly showcases that, for all his Character Development, one aspect of his character has always remained consistent: He is insanely durable, and will...not...stop...fighting. Even in base form, with Jiren not holding back nearly as much as he was before, it still takes dozens of punches to take Vegeta down. It's similar to his fight against Majin Buu; despite being horribly outmatched, Vegeta will simply not back down until he's physically unable to move.
    • And while being pummeled by Jiren, Vegeta gets him into a joint lock which Jiren needed an energy blast to escape from
  • Goku's reawakening to Ultra Instinct.
    • Despite Vegeta's energy boost, Jiren is still too strong. Just when it looks like Universe 7 will be erased, the thoughts of his teammates' belief in him, even Frieza, in the face of Jiren's retort that trust is nothing, allows him to reawaken this form, dodge all of Jiren's punches and gut punch Jiren.
    • Jiren's sheer surprise as his punch misses and look of pain as he gets hit is amazing. After seeing his aloof demeanor through the tournament descend into straight-up smugness by the time he beats down every U7 fighter, he's finally getting a taste of what its like to be on the receiving end. On that note, literally the first thing Goku does after getting Ultra Instinct is catching Jiren by surprise by disappearing before his eyes and reappearing behind his back, exactly the same thing Jiren did to him when he tried to greet him the first time they met.
  • The preview of Episode 129: Mastered Ultra Instinct. What we've been seeing is, indeed, not the full power of Ultra Instinct.

Episode 129

  • Vegeta defending Goku from Vermoud and Cae when they once again mention for the umpteenth time about how Universe 11's victory is assured, finally calling them out on their arrogance and telling them to shut up. Noting how during the Tournament, Saiyans in particular grew exponentially within the span of 48 minutesnote , thus it would not be strange for Goku to suddenly master his Ultra Instinct if given enough time. Sure enough, despite his bravado, these words get underneath Vermoud's skin, he starts becoming more desperate, and 20 seconds later he's urging Jiren to knock Goku off the ring before something unprecedented happens. The rest is history...
    Belmod: All [Goku]'s doing is delaying the inevitable.
    Vegeta: And all you're doing is running your mouth! Do you even listen to yourself? Just now, you called it incomplete, which implies he hasn't fully mastered it yet. And if you're stupid enough to ignore the obvious implications of that, then I don't even know where you get off calling yourself a god. (...) 48 minutes; that's all we were given for this Tournament of Power. Yet in that brief span, we Saiyan warriors have shattered our limits, time after time. (glares at Belmod) You've seen it with your own eyes, Destroyer.
    • Speaking of Destroyers, it's worth noting, Vegeta began the series terrified of Beerus, who basically treated him as a plaything. Yet here he is now, having gained power that allowed him to overwhelm a Destroyer-in-training, and he's confident enough in himself and his fellow Saiyans to shut down the similar arrogance of another God of Destruction, simply to drive home his faith in Kakarot's ability to defeat a mortal that is stronger than said Destroyer.
  • While the first time Goku used Ultra Instinct had the Saiyan fight Jiren on even footing, this time around Jiren is prepared. He studied the Ultra Instinct during Goku's fight with Kefla and using his own experience with the form, Jiren utterly overpowers Goku's defense. Before Goku awakening the Mastered Ultra Instinct, all he could do was dodge and block Jiren's attacks and prevent his only foothold from being destroyed.
  • As Goku and Jiren clash against each other with renewed ferocity, their punches strong enough to make lighting erupt throughout the battlefield, Goku begins to finally tap into the true power of Ultra Instinct, and closes his eyes, while continuing to fight Jiren evenly! Weiss calmly explains how Goku has come to reach a state akin to enlightenment, where nothing, not the difference in power, nor the fate of the universe matter as much as the fight itself. All of this happening while Goku continues to fight Jiren on equal terms with his eyes closed! This of course, is but a prelude to the greatest moment in the episode, which is...
  • The awakening of Mastered Ultra Instinct. Goku's pinned down by Jiren's massive assault, the platform he's on crumbling all around him. He'll either lose his strength first or the platform will be destroyed. Then Top sees sparks and, bit by bit, Goku gains full control, counters the punches, then breaks through. He lets out a ki aura that seemingly creates a galaxy, with it's size eclipsing that of the entire arena. And when Jiren attempts to launch a powerful sun-like ball of energy, Goku breaks through with just a tap of his foot, catches the ball, appears behind Jiren and effortlessly puts the ball out as if it were a flame on a candle. Then, with speed so fast it appears Goku is not even moving, Goku knocks Jiren around like a ragdoll! The same being who up until this moment was portrayed as invincible to nearly everything the Tournament had to offer and surpassed a God of Destruction through sheer effort and willpower alone. The latter is especially notable because it's visually identical to Jiren's own trademark attack: a flurry of punches so fast to be invisible with the last one swatting the opponent away. And he did this while turned away from Jiren.
  • In the aftermath of mastering Ultra Instinct, the Gods of Destruction all stand up as a sign of respect and acknowledgement of Goku doing what no mortal or they could.note  Goku, a man they blamed for their predicament, and a mere mortal, earned their respect.
  • Beerus and Whis reactions to Goku for achieving a mastered Ultra Instinct state: Whis is smiling warmly that his student managed to achieve the near impossible and Beerus begrudgingly accepting the fact that Goku may have finally surpassed even him.
    Beerus: [smiling angrily and eyes twitching] It's astounding! This mortal really is something else!
  • Goku's stare at Jiren in his perfected Ultra Instinct form.
  • The preview for Episode 130: A pissed-off, shirtless Jiren at max power vs. mastered, shirtless Ultra Instinct Goku. No more holding back, no more limits or techniques to be broken or perfected. The final fight is here!
    • Something else to note, usually at the end of the episode, we get a narration hyping up the next episode. But this episode, once Goku reveals his mastered form, the episode abruptly ends. Its as if to say, "you know what's coming, we don't have to tell you."

Episode 130

  • First of all, Goku with his Mastered Ultra Instinct starts to easily overwhelm Jiren which causes him to get pissed off and go full-power. Then as the fight goes on and Jiren appears to have the upper-hand, he questions Goku's ideals of friendship as he still gets up over and over. When Jiren tries to harm the spectators of Universe 7, Goku tells him that even though he doesn't consider himself a hero of justice like the Pride Troopers are, he will not tolerate anyone attacking his friends like that, and proceeds to dominate him with pure rage.
    • As pictured above, Goku's absolutely murderous Death Glare when he hits Jiren in the face.
    • After Goku punches Jiren in rage and goes after him, he's again using energy blasts to grind against Jiren's energy blasts to propel himself closer, just like he did against Kefla. And some of them are launched with his feet!
  • Goku is about to give the finishing blow to Jiren after obliterating him in battle, but just then his Ultra Instinct starts to take a toll on his body. Bursts of dark energy and blood painfully exit his body in random places, and he can no longer maintain his UI state, reverting to base form and crumpling in stunned agony. On Vermoud's orders, Jiren prepares to wipe Goku out... But then, Frieza once again saves Goku from getting knocked out by firing out a ki blast. And what's this? Android 17 was alive the whole time as well! With very little time left, the three warriors take Jiren as the Last Stand for Universe 7! Despite having previously mulched against Jiren, and knowing just how strong he is, Frieza and 17 still power up and fearlessly stare him down.
  • When it seemed Jiren was going to lose to Goku, the trauma of losing everything again caused Jiren to awaken his hidden power. That's right. The mortal stronger than a God Of Destruction, Jiren, got even stronger! With his hidden power unleashed, Jiren fought Goku on more even footing and even overpowered him a few times.
  • Jiren didn't just lose the battle of power against Goku, he lost the battle of ideals: his attempt to prove the futility of Goku's bond ended up backfiring in the most embarrassing way possible. Jiren silently acknowledged after being downed, and was so shaken that he had to be ordered to knock Goku off after he was crippled by the toll of Ultra Instinct.
  • The preview for the tournament's final episode: it's an all-out battle as it's Jiren vs. Goku, Frieza... and Android 17! And it's for all the marbles, baby! Jiren's gone full power and these three are the only ones left!

Episode 131

  • Android 17 is the ultimate winner of the Tournament of Power. His wish on the Super Dragon Balls is to then bring back all the universes that were erased, effectively defying Zen'o's will right to their face...or so it seems. This virtuous act is why the Zenos allow them to exist, because if any other winner were to make a selfish wish, everyone would've been erased.
    • Especially when you remember what a heartless killing machine he was in Future Trunks' timeline and at the start of the Android Saga. Now he's the savior, champion, and as such at least the most resilient warrior, of the entire multiverse. Who's the perfect android now, Cell?
    • The fact that he was turned into said heartless killing machine to begin with yet after retaining his sense of self and reawakening more of his lost humanity 17 would make the selfless decision that saved the entire multiverse, utterly invalidates EVERYTHING Zamasu was saying about mortals in the Future Trunks Saga.
    • Special mention to how he got there. 17 and Frieza are huge powerhouses on their own right, but when it came to the last six, fighters, with one of them being Jiren and all the other three pulling out new transformation (becoming a God of Destruction was the weakest of them) they could not compare. However, while Frieza lucked out once his rage and arrogance caused him to understand his enemies, giving them more pressing concerns than eliminating him, 17 was well aware of being outmatched and still took the fights head-on, using his wits to gain an edge. This lead him to be the first one to wound Jiren, cancel one of his most powerful blasts, surprise and hurt him once again and, eventually, outlast him.
    • Another interesting aspect of this is the fact that, while the Tournament has made him a major Ensemble Dark Horse, 17 wasn't a hugely prevalent character in the series before that. In a series which as occasionally been derided for ignoring everyone except Goku (and sometimes Vegeta), having someone who is arguably a secondary character get their moment in the limelight is very refreshing.
    • And after all is said and done, Bulma gives him the boat that she had used at the beginning of Super and is traveling on it at the end of the episode. It looks like he got his wish after all!
  • Frieza reminds everyone of how nasty he is by finally digging his way under Jiren's skin enough to provoke reactions of genuine anger. More than that, he plays mind games against Jiren so efficiently that he temporarily breaks Jiren's will, with Universe 11's champion unable to even look Frieza in the eye as he prepares his coup de grace. Unfortunately for Frieza, he hasn't learned not to play with his prey...
  • Despite being beaten and almost defeated shortly before, after Top's pep talk encourages him to keep fighting, Jiren gathers enough strength that it requires 17, Goku and Frieza to stop it, the latter getting tired out of his Golden form, and after that he's still strong enough that Goku doesn't think they can actually beat him, forcing them to ring him out. Let's remember that 17 has infinite energy and his strength is on par with Super Sayain Blue.
  • Despite Ultra Instinct tearing through his body and leaving him in agony to the point he was helpless, Goku through sheer determination powers through it and uses Instant Transmission to get to Freeza and 17 in the nick of time. Preventing Jiren from overwhelming them and getting Frieza to finally work with him fully. This act shocks both his teammates (who can barely believe he can move at all) and fills Jiren with happiness and respect at his rival proving his resiliency. Even beaten and near broken Goku refuses to let Universe 7 down. Pure Heroic Resolve on Goku's part.
  • Before Frieza and Goku go against Jiren, Frieza asks Goku if he still remembers his promise. He replies that he does and has the balls to threaten Frieza one last time, in a polite way. See Goku bluntly and succinctly remind the tyrant that he always does keep his promise unless Frieza forces his hand, just like on Namek and just like on Earth after he got revived the first time.
  • The final battle. No fancy new forms or crazy new attacks, Super Saiyan Goku and Frieza, the two sworn enemies, giving it their all against the being stronger than the gods, and winning. And all of this is accompanied by the lyrical version of ''Ultimate Battle'' instead of the instrumental version that was used since Kefla was defeated. Pure, unadultered, BADASS.
    • Both Goku and Frieza able to take Jiren's Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs and get up practically instantly to continue the fight, despite both being utterly worn out.
    • There's also the sheer emotion and visceral impact of the fight, which foregoes the usual trope of Dragon Ball fights being one-sided stomps and displays of overwhelming power. Jiren may be strong enough to take on three opponents at once, but it's clear that the fight could go either way at any point. Everyone both takes hits and dishes them out, all the while clearly throwing their entire being into the final battle.
  • Jiren's initial reaction, just before the final charge? Another smile, this time one of reinvigorated resolve and unabashed enjoyment of the clash that's about to unfold. At this exact moment, it's clear that Universe 7 won his respect not through sheer strength, but out of camaraderie.
  • Immediately after, we get to see that amazing first clash, with all three combatants briefly hanging in the air as their blows land. What happens next? Goku and Frieza begin gaining ground on the Mortal Stronger Than The Gods. At that point, it all becomes clear: despite only being in base form, neither one of the Universe 7 fighters is holding anything back.
  • During the final battle, there is a shot of Vegeta being utterly shocked. Why? Remember when Goku and Vegeta fought together against Jiren earlier? It was pointed out that Jiren was struggling to read them because their teamwork was atrocious. Here, however, Frieza and Goku are fighting perfectly in sync with one another! Which means that Frieza, the alien who practically embodies It's All About Me and is Goku's Arch-enemy, is better at fighting in tandem with Goku than Vegeta, Goku's main rival!
  • In a desperate move to eliminate Jiren, Goku and Frieza do the unthinkable; they team up after realizing that at least one of their team has to still be left in the ring, with that one being Android 17. Frieza and Goku literally sacrificed themselves and took Jiren with them, winning it for Universe 7!
  • Watch any crowd-based reaction to the final fight. The moment that Goku comes flying in following Frieza's failed attempt to ring-out Jiren, screaming at the top of his lungs and flickering in and out of Super Saiyan, fans go nuts. It's only exceeded by the final moment in the fight, with a glorious shot of Frieza and Goku in their most well-known forms.
  • From a meta perspective, the writers and animators finding a way to make audiences everywhere cheer on Frieza of all people is completely badass. Bringing him back may have been a divisive, but Frieza seems to have found a home with fans.
  • How all three remaining Universe 7 warriors coordinate is pretty damn awesome too with Goku and Frieza as the main attack force and 17 acting as support firing Ki blasts at Jiren. For an example Goku gets hit by Jiren, grabs his arm to stop him from moving, allowing Frieza to elbow him in the face. Then when Jiren recovers and is about to counterattack, Goku and Frieza dodge out of the way to reveal Android 17 shooting a ki blast, which sends Jiren flying.
  • The coup de grace of the final battle has Frieza willingly allow Goku to use him in a Fastball Special then use his Nova Strike to smash Jiren through the floor to rocket out of bounds. When Jiren is able to recover and tries to throw Frieza off Goku arrives, barely able to transform into Super Saiyan and rams Jiren. Together Goku and Frieza power up to the max with there auras enveloping Jiren and finally push him off the edge of the platform and use all of their remaining enegy to blow up the stage they are on and end the Tournament. Not only is the image of Goku and Frieza screaming at the top of their lungs whilst standing together one of the most badass looking images in all of Dragon Ball but it finally shatters Jiren's belief that trust is worthless.
    Jiren: This must be the secret of the 7th Universe... The power of trust...
    • For Jiren even that defeat was an awesome moment. He's at his absolute lowest and yet the combined might of Goku, Frieza and 17 still wasn't enough to physically beat him, having to resort to a ring-out to achieve victory.
  • During the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, we see that Goten, Trunks and Marron upheld their end of the bargain with 17 and protected the reservation, and have a pile of tied up poachers. It's obvious Goten and Trunks did the bulk of the work, but it's awesome to see Goku, Vegeta and Krillin's kids protecting their own little bit of the world.
    • Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta, after an argument when Pan accidentally flies into Vegeta causing the two to head to the place they originally fought at to fight again, Goku mentions that he simply does not know how to reactivate Ultra Instinct. While pissed at at this, Vegeta tells Goku that he will find a new way to surpass him. As they begin their duel, they strike the same pose they used against each other during their first confrontation.
    • In The Stinger, Frieza finally is doing what he should have done when he was brought back to life before in the "Resurrection F" saga - going back to rebuild his tyrannical empire and continue growing stronger so that he can be a truly formidable foe when he returns to take his revenge on Goku.
      Frieza: My loyal subjects, your patience was not in vain - for as you can see, the Emperor of this universe is back!
  • From a meta-perspective, the animation of the final fight between 17, Frieza, Goku, and Jiren has to be seen to be believed. It rivals or exceeds anything seen from Dragon Ball before, including the Battle of Gods and Resurrection of Frieza movies.

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