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  • One story in the manga had Clover and friends chasing after a monster that stolen berries in the forest. However in the end Clover and friends learn that the berries that they were retrieving were actually for grown ups much to there disgust.
  • Clover's attempt at playing Rambler's harp in Volume 3 and final episode of the anime. She even asks Mallow to play it for her but while she is good at playing it she still thinks Clover should play. Mainly the expressions she makes.
    • A similar situation between her and Mallow happens again in Volume 4 where she tries asking for help for a similar concert. She evens lifts up her ears.
  • Any time the Bulbul brothers show up and start rapping much to the annoyance and confusion of the animals. Even funnier in the anime when Professor Hoot cuts of their gig and raps about how annoying their rap is and ends his by saying "Yo". At one point, Clover comments on the Bulbul Brothers rap number by saying "What is with the rapping?".
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  • In "A Charm For A Perfect Score" in volume 5, Clover's mother is waiting for her daughter to do chorus. However in the end of the story, Hickory tells Clover how he's been doing inside her body at home. We see Clover's parents freaking out after seeing the way Hickory (Still in Clover's body) is acting such as doing the chorus and washing their dishes and both wish for her to calm down.
  • Clover and Hickory's Accidental Marriage in Volume 4 by the other flying squirrels.

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