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  • Let's get marrie-- DRAGON! At the same time, awesome.
  • Shion's horrible aesthetic sense. He thinks six-eyed crystal skulls are ideal gifts for girls, and he likes Emma's cooking despite her being a Lethal Chef.
  • The chapter Kiss of Oath (chapter 2). Also comes with plenty of squee.
  • Some swindler gets Emma to enter his casino, expecting her to lose big time and wrack up a humongous debt. And then Emma wins... 300 times in a row. Even when the swindler started using magic to cheat.
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  • Such a nice kid... I want us to have a kid like that too.
  • Chapter 25: Joshua insulting the other contestants so much they drop out because of broken spirits. 400 of them!
    • He even calls Emma fat. A lot. With each dialogue bubble piercing through Emma. Can't say it did good for her self-esteem...
    Emma: To think I even ate three donuts this morning...
  • Chapter 26: The audience, to Shion: Why is the BWH [of Emma] the only thing he knows?!
    • One of the contestants, a samurai-ish guy, finds out that his wife exaggerated her measurements, so he summons a table. JUST SO HE CAN FLIP IT OVER.
  • Must not forget what is both a CMOA AND a CMOF: Shion defeating the oni Juubee summoned by getting so stimulated he broke out of the oni's control, all because Emma kissed him for a minute (which was how Emma thought 'making babies' is done, according to Anise)!

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