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  • Episode 1:
    • A subtle one, but if you look closely during the ceremony, IF is wearing much less-fancy formal wear than Nepgear and Compa, even keeping her normal trenchcoat on. This is in-character for IF, who is a tomboy and practically attached to her trenchcoat, but it's still hilarious, nonetheless.
    • A month after the ceremony, the peace has made Neptune complacent and lazy. Nepgear is in the same boat, and it makes Histoire so angry, she unplugs their console and swings the A/C adapter around like a flail. The cherry on top, though, is Neptune Breaking the Fourth Wall by telling kids not to try Histoire's stunt at home, before Histoire accidentily smashes the adapter into the camera, cracking it.
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    • During the end credits, Nepgear discovers that Neptune accidentily forwarded some embarrassing pictures Uni took during the fight with the Dogoos to all of Planeptune's citizens. Thing is, though, the pictures are really popular, and Histoire states they may have contributed to a sudden uptick in Planeptune's Shares.
  • Episode 2:
    • Ram and Rom's antics disturb diplomatic talks between Blanc and Vert, leading to Blanc finding out that the twins have been doodling in one of her favorite books (said doodle is an exaggerated version of Blanc's angry face).
    • CFW Trick reveals he's a Chivalrous Pervert who only targets little girls, being legitimately intimidated by Vert's large breasts.
    • At the end, Blanc discovers the CPU Candidates have discovered her embarrassing doushinji.
  • Episode 3:
    • Neptune discovering Vert playing Four Goddesses Online.
  • Episode 4:
    • Neptune gets bored and wants to play video games despite being all tied up in an anti-crystal stasis field.
    • Pirachu trying to upload pictures using a 56k modem complete with sound effects.
  • Episode 5:
    • The Stinger of this very episode where Uni said "I am not exactly happy to be part of this group" after being called flat chested by three other CPU Candidates.
  • Episode 6:
    • Noire's Running Gag of being a cushion like in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory returns. Only this time she didn't get hit by Nepgear but gets hit by Plutia at the end.
    • Actually, the ENTIRE episode revolves around Noire and is quite hilarious. Especially when Anonydeath reveals her secret cosplay hobby, causing her to scream for a good chunk of time.
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    • The hilariously meta appearance of C-Tag/Zeige, with lampshading of everything from her sudden appearance to her seeming familiarity to her Verbal Tic.
    • In the last episode, Neptune states that she'll let Nepgear and Vert hug, just once. In the beginning of this one, Nepgear is too attracted to Vert's chest to let go, much to Neptune chagrin. As Compa aptly states, their Lily Rank went up.
  • Episode 7 :
    • When you know Plutia is there... you know know Iris Heart's coming.
    • Iffy's change of heart of eating Eggplants thanks to Afroire.
  • Episode 8:
    • With the exception at the end of the episode, the entire fanservice beach episode.
    • Two things the girls learn on this island:
      • Don't piss off Blanc. What happened was that in order to gain access to R-18 island, they needed to look like adults, so they transformed into their CPU forms to cheat the system. However, the machine didn't let Blanc and Plutia enter, because it wrongly assumed they were kids, even going as far as to ask them about their breast size, seeing as how White Heart's breasts aren't much bigger than Blanc's, while Plutia didn't transform into Iris Heart (probably for the best). Angered, Blanc destroyed the system and both gained access.
      • Don't piss off Plutia. Linda learned this the hard way, after tricking the group into thinking she'd reformed.
    • Vert's 'Just as planned' when Nepgear was fooled into stripping.
  • The OVA:
    • The beginning of the show has the reenactment of the Conquest End including Nepgear slashing Neptune. Until it turns out that Neptune turned into a million of Neptune-like Dogoo's. And it was all just Nepgear's dream and that Nepgear, Uni, Rom, and Ram have the Bad Ending Syndrome.
    • Neptune and Peashy's reunion, while heartwarming, ends in a massive Mood Whiplash where instead of expecting Peashy to hug Neptune, she immediately tackles Neptune right away, causing Neptune to feel the pain and fall over.

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