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  • Episode 1 - Assassination Time
    • Episode 1 of the anime adds a line that's a major Call-Forward to the nickname game from chapter 89.
    Koro-sensei (currently not named yet): Hmm... I don't really have the kind of name you tell people. Go ahead and give me one.
    Maehara: You sure about that?
    • Some of Koro-Sensei's ridiculous counterattack when being attacked. For instance in Episode 1/Chapter 1, Karasuma tries to strike Koro-Sensei with a knife and he gets his eyebrows meticulously trimmed. Koro-Sensei even mentions a fighter jet tries to shoot him down only for him to wax it while in-flight.
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    • There's also his introduction to the class:
      Koro-sensei: Hello, how are you? Soooo... I'm the one who blew up the moon.
      Students: Huh??
      Koro-sensei: Next year I intend to the same to planet Earth. But never mind that now, I'm going to be your new teacher! Isn't that exciting?
      Students, in perfect unison: (There are so many things wrong with this picture.)
      Nagisa: (narrating) It was a strong first impression.
    • Koro-sensei tries to get the students to write a poem that must end with, "Was tentacles all along." He even provides an example.
  • Episode 2 - Service Time:
    • Koro-Sensei manages to replace the students' Anti-Sensei knives with tulips, only for Kataoka to yell at them that they're the tulips that the students so diligently raised, which Koro-sensei unknowingly plucked. The scene alone adds so much humor when you see Junior High kids commanding an all-powerful being on the right way to replant the tulips while he is cowering in fear.
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    • Then this happens:
      Karasuma: So where is your target now?
      [some of the students rush out of the campus with ropes and bamboo]
      Kayano: Apologizing. He messed up the tulips we planted so he reduced his speed and he's letting us all take whacks at him.
      [scene changes to Koro-sensei being tied up in a tree while managing to dodge all of the student's make-shift spears and bullets]
      Kayano: I mean isn't he the most coolest teacher we ever have!!
    • The best part is when Koro-Sensei is mocking his students when they can't hit him. Then, all the sudden, the branch breaks off as he falls down to the ground. After a long silence, the students realize their new chance and attack Koro-Sensei, who starts to panic. Then after he manages to get away from them, he smugly gives them more homework. This leads to the reveal of one of his weaknesses: he's petty.
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    • In the first half of the episode, Koro-sensei is talking to Sugino about his pitching technique, stating that he couldn't hope to come close to Arita, a baseball star that he was emulating. Nagisa sees Koro-sensei ensnaring Sugino in his tentacles, which Nagisa interprets as an attack. Turns out Koro-sensei was assessing Sugino's joints. Koro-sensei explains himself after his assessment is interpreted as an insult:
      Koro-sensei: You misunderstand me. I base this entirely on first-hand experience. [holds up a newspaper showing him doing the exact same thing to Arita] First-through-eighth-hand experience!
      Nagisa and Sugino: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!
  • When Irina joins the class as a teacher, the class wonders what he looks like when he is captivated by big breasts, and were disappointed by how plain his lovesick expression was.
  • When Irina tries to tell the class to call her Jelavic-Oneesama instead of Irina-sensei, the class decide to instead call her Bitch-neesan (due to Vic and Bitch sounding similar when spoken with Japanese phonology). Irina is not amused. She is certainly even less amused when they proceed to call her Bitch-sensei after she finally manages to win over their approval.
    • Before she reforms, Irina had talked down to the Class E students, only having them give her ideas while she would take the kill. The result? Also counts as a Moment of Awesome.
  • The first English line Irina taught to her students was "You're incredible in bed".
  • Koro-Sensei in general is also pretty funny.
    • So is Ritsu.
  • Chapter 11 is full of these, but particular mention is those two guys' reaction to seeing Nagisa receive a Marshmallow Hell from Irina.
    • Tadaomi quickly tears them apart and pins Irina's arm behind her back, leading her away from Nagisa.
    • And in Chapter 8, there's the 30-hit combo french kiss.
    • In chapter 11, there's also the scene where Koro-sensei arrives on the stage. Irina casually stands next to him and tries to stab him repeatedly, but Koro-sensei dodges each attack. Then Tadaomi once again pins her arm behind her back and leads her away before she blows their cover.
    • There's also a moment where some of the girls from Class-E come up to Tadaomi and show him their bedazzled knife sheaths, asking him if they look cute. His response is to tell them to never take them out in public, even if they are cute.
  • During the Kyoto field trip, it's discovered that Koro-sensei gets motion sick and is lying on a couch in their hotel feeling awful. As a student is asking if Koro-sensei is feeling okay, she and other students calmly attempt to stab him in the face. Repeatedly.
  • The entire Koro-Sensei Drawing Song. Sung by Jun Fukuyama (in Japanese) and Sonny Strait (in English).
    Koro-Sensei: (after the song) Now you try it!
    All Students: ARE YOU KIDDING?!!
  • Chapter 19:
    • Koro-Sensei's "Bubble bath". Especially how he ends it. Some students are blocking the entrance, trying to get a look at his naked body. ("I can't believe such unsexy peeping exists in this world.") To escape, he just stands up, but the water has become jelly-like because of his mucus so it lifts up with him in a solid cube. Then he jumps out the window, cube and all.
    • Koro-sensei being a fan of juicy gossip, he spies on the boys of the class as they discuss which girls they prefer, with a huge shit-eating grin. He pulls the same trick for the girls, casually dropping into their room as Irina is about to discuss her past romantic experiences; the girls' Double Take is hilarious. They try to get Koro-sensei to spill the beans about his own romantic experiences; his only response is a Beat and a Stealth Hi/Bye. He ends up sandwiched between the boys and girls gunning for him on both sides.
  • Ritsu's introduction has this gem in the English dub:
    Kayano: So, like, how is it supposed to attack?
    Nagisa: What do you mean?
    Kayano: Well they call her a Fixed Artillery don't they? Do you see any guns? 'Cause I sure don't.
    Nagisa: Yeah... Good point.
    Ritsu: [Unleashes four shotguns and two machine guns. Initiates assassination.]
    Nagisa: Nevermind!
    Sugino: HOLY CRAP!
  • Takebayashi's fourth wall breaking Establishing Character Moment in Chapter 22:
    Takebayashi: "2D is just fine. Real women don't need more dimensions than that."
  • "You made a 2-D girl cry".
  • Chapter 24:
    • How does the class avenge Maehara from the humiliation he recieved from his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend? By making them go through their own Humiliation Conga involving a Laxative Prank. Seeing them desperately running to the nearest toilet as the class continues to screw them over is hilarious and very satisfying.
    • When Okuda presents her self-made "Victoria Falls", she has a worrying and slightly Evil Laugh that leaves Sugino sweating in the background. No wonder Karma thought he and Okuda would make perfect partners-in-crime.
    • At the end, Maehara thanks the class and Koro-sensei for their efforts, and after Koro-sensei's speech, Maehara promptly leaves as he has a date with a girl from another school. Cue his classmates and Koro-sensei breaking out their poker faces.
  • Chapter 26:
    • Irina's incredible awkward act to get near to Karasuma.
    "Even a cabaret girl would act awkwardly if she suddenly had her father as her customer, y'know?"
    • Karasuma proved himself to be not so weak after all and scared the shit out of Irina and Koro-sensei. So much so that Koro-sensei prepared full body armour under the off-chance he had to stay perfectly skill for one second for Karasuma to knife him.
  • The similarities between Koro-sensei and Itona.
  • Chapter 35 reveals the one thing Kayano really hates: big breasts.
    • While Karusama is profiling the school chairman, Irina gets a "eureka moment" when she figures out what "outs" in baseball are.
  • Chapter 37 is chock-full of these:
    • Sugaya comes back with a tattoo on his arm. It turns out to be a traditional Indian Henna tattoo, which is temporary. We quickly cut to Koro-Sensei, who was in the middle of reading a mountain of books on what to do when one's child becomes a delinquent.
    • The hilarious reaction of the screaming Koro-sensei, whose face is melting, and the screaming students when Sugaya tries to assassinate him with the henna paint on Koro-sensei's face. The faces of the students are drawn in a completely different art style.
    • When Irina accidentally knocks herself out, Sugaya and Koro-sensei take advantage of the situation to draw tattoos over her arms. Sugaya goes with a standard yet stylish Henna tattoo, but Koro-sensei draws a manga on her other arm. Sugaya makes her another tattoo around the manga's frame to make up for it, causing Koro-sensei to get competitive; by the time they're finished, Irina looks side-splittingly ridiculous, even complete with kabuto helmet and shoulder pads. Needless to say, she is absolutely furious when she wakes up.
  • Most of Koro-sensei's weaknesses.
    • He loves boobs.
    • Hackneyed plot developments in movies make him cry.
    • He's very petty.
    • He doesn't like hot food.
    • He's easily taken in by rumors.
    • When he returns to normal after a serious fight, he gets really embarrassed.
    • He's very worried about appearances.
    • He can't swim.
    • Juicy gossip.
    • He's tone-deaf.
  • At one point Koro-sensei teaches all the students in class by moving fast enough to create tangible afterimages and using those afterimages to tutor each student. One student is worried that it would exhaust him. Koro-sensei tells the student to not worry, because one of his afterimages was in charge of resting.
  • At the end of chapter 41, after defeating the Story Arc villain and stunning everyone with his Hidden Depths in assassination, including Karasuma. Nagisa's face is locked on Oh, Crap! because his move landed with the back of the knife on the target's neck and the challenge was supposed to be landing a lethal or obviously lethal blow. Thankfully, the back was serrated and he was covering the guy's eyes at the time.
  • In Chapter 42 when Irina asks the class what she is to them, Takebayashi simply replies, "Our bitch".
    • At the end, Karasuma decides to treat the class to whatever food they want. Korosensei wants in but he's not allowed as he didn't actually do anything. Leading to him following the class while bowing dogeza style.
  • Terasaka dunking Karma in the pool. Karasuma has many Not So Stoic moments, but this is the first time we've seen Karma have one. Afterwards, the rest of the class dogpiles him in the water, annoyed by his Magnificent Bastard attitude.
    • Also a Funny Background Event, but during the ending narration for the chapter you can see Karma giving Terasaka a flying kick in the side
  • Kamishibai. The melancholy housewife.
  • Korosensei demonstrating the effects losing a tentacle has on his speed. It starts with a few of his copies becoming kiddie versions, and eventually devolved into a family drama about a single mother.
  • The Chemistry final exam's hardest question is represented by a monster in heavy armor. The Virtuoso complains that he can't get it off...only for Okuda to ride by on the shoulder of one that had already taken off its helmet, showing that it's actually an adorable monster. The monster then strips off its armor entirely and skips off with Okuda still perched on it and the A-Class student can only stare in shock.
  • As a result of Class E's good results during the final exam, Korosensei has to let them shoot off three tentacles as his part of the deal. He thinks to himself that it's fine, only for Terasaka and co. to march up to him with four more exam scripts showing they all placed first in home economics. Upon realizing he has to let his students shoot seven tentacles, he starts panicking like crazy!
  • Episode 16. Whilst Class E was at the end of term assembly, Irina and Korosensei were talking about the Loophole Abuse with the home-ecs exam, then Irina asks why they can't go to the assembly and Korosensei says that Karasuma told them that they're presence would attract attention (episode 5) It rounds off with Irina calling Korosensei calamari (fried squid) and Korosensei calling her a bitch.
  • "Perversion...can save the world."
  • Lovro gets a first-hand reason why Class 3-E should not be messed with, after asking about their plan:
    Lovro: ... but I wonder if you could explain to me this business of "psyche attack".
    Nagisa: Well the idea is to throw him off guard and slow him down.
    Maehara: Oh, he likes porn. Makes no bones about where he gets it either, figure we'll use that on him.
    [cue flashback of Koro-Sensei passing out popsicles to Nagisa and a few other students]
    Koro-Sensei: Look, just promise not to tell your classmates, alriiiiight?
    [cut back to present day]
    Maehara: He bought our silence with a round of popsicles. [suddenly with shining red eyes] But it's gonna take a lot more than that to keep us from spilling the beans!
    Terasaka, Muramatsu, Yoshida, and Hazama: Let's gang up and teach the perv a lesson he won't soon forget!
    Nagisa: It would really get in his head if we threatened to blackmail him. He'll be so freaked out by what we got.
    Lovro: ...these children are brutal...
  • Koro-Sensei getting sunburned. To the point he's charred black.
  • In chapter 59, the class prepares a film for Koro-sensei and it turns out to be his most embarrassing moments which includes cross dressing in order to get into an "all you can eat cake" event, and using his speed in order to get free tissues so he can fry them later.
    • In the English dub, once Koro-sensei sees what the film is going to be, he screams a hilarious line which is funny both in-context and out.
    • Even better in the same scene, we get this gem later on:
    Mimura (voice-over from video):... and that's not all. To truly plumb the depths of this creature's depravity, we've prepared a full hour of shocking footage.
    *One hour later...*
    Koro-sensei: *in a raspy voice* No point of killing me class, I'm already dead - emotionally, intellectually, socially, dead...
  • In Chapter 60, after they fail to kill Koro-sensei, Karma proceeds to bully him while he can't move at all.
    • The best one? "Can someone find a dirty old man; I wanna stick this inside his underwear!"
  • The shameless, Breaking the Fourth Wall plug for Shonen Jump in chapter 63.
  • Gastro and his meal in chapter 64.
    Gastro: "A rich fish soup, with tons of green onions and a spoonful of garlic, AND A GUN!"
  • Up against a terrifyingly strong professional hit man, Karma manages to get the upper hand and put him on the floor in an armlock—while wearing the most hilarious ":D" expression. On the very next page, with the rest of the students dog-piling the hit man, Karma maintains his armlock and has a marvelous derp-face best rendered as "8P" going.
    • Karma just beaten his opponent. What would he do? Why, torture the poor guy with mustard and wasabi, of course!
  • Chapter 66. Nagisa in a female outfit. That is all.
  • It seems that class 3-E's favorite tactic of knocking out an enemy is to shove them to the ground and the whole group jumps onto the poor bastard.
  • After Nagisa's victory, Gastro's group suddenly came back and the class's members held their weapons preparing for an attack. What did Karma have? Two tubes of mustard and wasabi!
    • Gets a Call-Back in Chapter 90, as the whole class erupts at Isogai for trying to sacrifice himself to spare Class E trouble from Class A. Everyone throws random stuff at Isogai in anger, with Nagisa throwing a crumpled ball of paper with a particularly blank face while Karma is sadistically gleeful as he throws a tube of wasabi.
  • In Chapter 90, a small group of the students are gushing over how much of an Ikemen (or Prince Charming, as the dub puts it) Isogai is:
    Maehara: Guy keeps his clothes so neat and tidy, you'd never know they're fresh off the bargain rack!
    Students: He's Prince Charming!
    Maehara: Oh, and did I mention he eat some of the goldfish he caught at the Summer Festival? Let me tell you that boy can cook!
    Students: He's Prince Charming!
    Maehara: Oh yeah, and I went after him to the bathroom once, he'd folded the toilet paper into a triangle!
    Kataoka and Kayano: He's Prince Charming!
    Okajima: Yeah, and I fold toilet paper into a triangle too! Every time I go!
    Kataoka and Kayano: That's disgusting!
    Maehara: Check him out, even middle-aged women dote on him!
    Students: He's Prince Charming!
    Nagisa: Uhh, middle-aged women in my neighbourhood dote on me sometimes...
    Students: Who cares?!
    Maehara: Did you know Isogai gets love letters from the girls on the main campus?
    Students: He's Prince Charming!
    Kataoka: Umm... I get them too, actually...
    Students: Forbidden love...
    Koro-sensei: Alas, some things are only cool when done by a cool person. Like Isogai. Or me of course.
    Students: He's Prince Cha—
    * beat*
    Students: ...what are you doing here???
  • The English dub of episode 22 has a funny line in regards to Okajima's antics. As everyone starts to cut loose after Nagisa's triumph, the girls start to play in the water. Okajima, being... well, Okajima, ends up trying to join in.
    Okajima: Here I come, ladies! (disrobes) Geronimoooooooooo!
    Girls: PERVERT!!
    Nakamura: Oh, shrinkage!
  • The whole chapter 74. Highlights include:
    • Koro-Sensei playing the (Incredibly bad) Shipper on Deck for Class E.
    • Koro-Sensei having an utter shit-fit when his plan to scare the kids winds up scaring him, beginning with Kirara Hazama's Nightmare Face. Especially when he runs into an "Eyeless monster". Better known as Ryuunosuke Chiba.
      Chiba: I have eyes...
  • Chapter 75: Karasuma-sensei's first weakness: Super dense.
  • Chapter 81: During the tag game, when Karasuma-sensei is drowning Bitch-sensei, her face is fucking hilarious.
  • The students various acts of escape in chapter 82. From bribery, to playing at Koro-Sensei's emotions.
  • Chapter 83: The class pull Excalibur faces on Koro-sensei when they thought he's an underwear thief.
    • Isogai defends Koro-sensei by listing some examples of how his teacher is just a "normal pervert" which then prompted him to change his mind instantly.
  • How Itona joined the Terasaka's gang is both this Heartwarming Moment.
    Itona: Hey, Muramatsu. I don't have any money. I'll hold in my puke, so let me eat some ramen.
  • Chapter 88:
    • Itona builds a mini-tank with a camera to kill Koro-sensei. The boys realize that they can look under skirts of the girls with that tank instead, and the boys create an operation how to develop the perfect tank for that matter. All of them have act with serious faces and have specific roles.
    • The tank is destroyed by a weasel, which got 7th place in popularity polls.
    • The boys' efforts are busted by Okajima declaring out loud his intent to look under the girls' skirts by March, right as the girls are behind them. He gets chewed out for his trouble, while Itona walks away, whistling innocently.
  • Chapter 89: All of the Code Names are ridiculously funny and fitting.
    • People in the hospital reacted to the name JUSTICE!! Kimura.
    • Karma: That must be rough, getting stuck with weird names
    Everyone Spit Take.
    Karma: What? I like my name.
    • Korosensei also has a complaint about his name, Karasuma and Bitch-Sensei refuse to call him by name.
  • Chapter 91: Hara's reaction to one of the sports festival's event's rules? "It's nothing but a drink. Bread, that is."
  • Chapter 94: Itona is participating in a scavenger hunt, and is supposed to find "something near its expiration date." He grabs Bitch-sensei.
  • Chapter 95: Listening to Koro-sensei reading Class E the riot act was kind of upsetting. So two pages later, we're shown Koro-sensei's persuasion tactics (read: grovelling to Matsukata and scaring the shit out of him by not only revealing himself to a member of the public, but totally overdoing it, too).
    • And then comes the English version of the anime:
    Matsukata: What the hell? What just happened, am I losing my damn mind or did this room just become a florists, all of a sudden?
    * Koro-sensei drops in from out of nowhere*
    Matsukata: GYAAAAAAHHHH!
  • The God of Death hacking Ritsu in chapter 102. Turning her into a nose-picking, lazy bum.
    • "7 to 1" is not something to be uttering around while visiting Brazil.
    • It's even funnier in the anime. Koro-sensei dodges the attacks of angry locals, which include several footballs thrown at him and the locals go from "KILL HIM!" to "He is our savior!"
  • Chapter 109: Karasuma manages to avoid the God of Death's "Invisible Scythe" actually a hidden gun in his finger with a little help from Koro-sensei. How does Koro-sensei maintain the illusion that Karasuma is bleeding out? By drinking tomato juice non-stop. The fight is then decided with a single punch to the God of Death's nads.
  • In chapter 111, some of the students' various methods of killing Koro-sensei continually alter his appearance. First, he drinks a poisoned cola from Okuda (Spiked up with powdered bug eggs courtesy of Karma and Nakamura, to Okuda's shock), leaving him with a hilariously puckered face. After that, Hara feeds him a hearty bento full of salt that she cooked, and Koro-sensei's face ends up puckered and swollen. Then Hazama attempts to kill him with an occult curse, which causes all of his hair to stand up.
  • Bitch-sensei decides to change her wardrobe in chapter 111, opting to wear cheaper, more conservative clothes. Conversely, the male students find her MORE attractive when she's showing less skin.
  • Chapter 113. Koro-sensei disguises as Karasuma to fool Nagisa's mother. Even with some help from the students. That is all.
    • While Nagisa's mother absolutely loses it and begins screaming at Koro-sensei, you can see poor Okuda behind Maehara and Sugino just trembling in fear. The shaking of her glasses and her expression completely seals it.
  • Chapter 115, Isogai is very happy to abandon his dream of being a businessman to become a yam digger.
    • And when the Matsutake appears, everyone is nearly blinded by its light. Isogai? He is being blown away in the corner.
  • Chapter 116 brings us the return of Yuuji, the punk who crushed on cross-dressing Nagisa. And he's still crushing on "her".
    • To get his business, Nakumura somehow switches her skirt and Nagisa's pants in the span of two panels.
  • Chapter 117: Various assassins who had failed to kill Korosensei in the past all pop up to try the food at the restaurant. It's funny to see all these experienced killers going to visit Class-E's residence for cuisine.
    • And then comes Nagisa's reveal as a guy. Of course Yuuji was stunned and repeatedly saying he's lying. What does Nakamura suggest? "Show it to him!" with an elephant picture.
    • After Yuuji leaves, Karma comes in trying to make it into a cosplay event for Nagisa to wear.
  • Chapter 118: Remember the time Korosensei disguise himself as Karasuma and reveal he's bald? Well...the real Karasuma learns this fact from Nagisa's mother and he doesn't take it well.
  • We get this gem from Asano in chapter 126. To his FATHER of all people.
    Asano: This wound dropped me down to number five hottie in class A.
    • Just the fact that Asano Sr. and his son manage to get a father-son bonding moment, by talking about SUING each other.
  • The play in chapter 127. Let's just say it's pretty dark and cue to the audiences reaction at the ending.
  • How does Nagisa stop the berserk Kayano? He hits her with a 15-hit combo kiss to knock her out.
    • And the reactions! While everybody else is being shocked, Karma and Nakamura whip out their phones to take pictures! Which they pull out in Chapter 159 to flaunt when they find out she has obligation chocolates for him.
    • And the caption for the next chapter: Kiss of Death! ... Ultimate Tongue-nique Taught By a Bitch!
    • Kayano's been shot through the heart and Nagisa's to blame
  • In chapter 143, when Nagisa and Karma get into a fight, Isogai and Maehara had to hold back Karma and Sugino had to hold back Nagisa. While Isogai and Maehara are having some trouble holding back Karma and even commenting that he's incredibly strong, Sugino had absolutely no trouble at all as he is holding Nagisa back with one arm while Nagisa is flailing his arms and legs trying to break free.
  • In episode 41 (season 2 episode 19), during the montage, Karma takes advantage of the zero gravity and spins Nagisa, who is stuck rotating vertically with no way to stop it.
    • When they reveal no one was in danger the whole time, and the 'bomb' they were using as a threat was actually full of bean jam as a gift from Korosensei. Nagisa being polite and apologetic is also funny.
    • As a Funny Background Event, you can see as they go home, Karma playing on a gaming device while in space.
  • For a Funny Background Event in chapter 153, Okuda's eyes turn into "3s" when she takes off her glasses to wipe her Tears of Joy.
  • Chapter 156:
    • In order to cheer up Takebayahi after he fails the entrance exam for his top choice school, Koro-sensei starts up a game of taboo with the punishment being getting a five-seven haircut if you say something related to fail or slip. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues and everyone ends up getting the haircut; including Koro-sensei himself, who was the first one to mess up and ended up putting on a five-seven wig when he realized. Cue the entire class executing a pitfall assassination.
    • Before the pitfall assassination attempt, Takebayashi didn't miss a single word his teacher and classmates were saying, including and especially the taboo words, and gets super pissed. Koro-sensei's Oh, Crap! face when he senses it is priceless.
    • And then Bitch-sensei comes in and starts saying all the taboo words. No points for guessing what happens next.
  • Chapter 162 is a riot; to put up the graduation book for Class 3-E, Koro-sensei shows a "few" pictures he took, and intends to fill the rest with new photos. Hilarity Ensues:
    • Nakamura initially declines seeing the photos Koro-sensei took of her, since she has small eyes. Koro-sensei then replies he considered that and made a version with enlarged eyes; the result looks very unnatural and creepy, to say the least.
    • Some of the photos Koro-sensei took are embarassing enough for the class to rush to the pile and rip the evidence to shreds:
      • Hayami adorably hugging a cat in a pet shop.
      • Mimura air-guitaring like a badass.
      • Kataoka trying on more girly clothes.
      • Muramatsu comically jumping in fear from a cockroach.
      • Okajima running naked in the school campus at night; bonus points for Koro-sensei's poker face in the background. This makes Okajima worry that some of his really dangerous photos might also be in there.
      • Okuda getting an Ash Face from a scientific failure.
      • Isogai frantically digging for yams while drooling in excitement.
      • Kanzaki thrashing someone at the game arcade so thoroughly that he's reduced to a dogeza stance.
      • Fuwa posing as Luffy in Gear Second, with smoke from a mosquito coil standing in for the steam.
      • Yoshida being dragged by Takebayashi and Terasaka to a maid café.
      • Nakamura and Karma eager to dress Nagisa up back during the school festival.
    • Even one of the normal photos has hilarity: as the students as helping each other study, Hazama holds Terasaka and Muramatsu at gunpoint to motivate them.
  • Chapter 166: The official in charge of the joint operation to take down Korosensei meets with Karasuma. In the previous chapter, Terasaka had kicked this guy in the face, and there are tissues in his nose to stop the bleeding. When the man tries to give his name, Karasuma—the Stoic, by-the-book soldier who rarely loses his cool or raises his voice in anger—cuts him off mid-sentence with a shout of "Who gives a shit?!" while grabbing the man's tie and demanding to know why the students have been detained.
    • And it continues into Chapter 168, where Karasuma immediately ditches the man once he gives permission for Karasuma to head to the mountain once again not even giving him a chance to say his name. The man quickly tries to ask whether another person knows who he is, only for the person to call him commander after a pause.
  • Chapter 167: The students are being confined in a military installation when Bitch-sensei storms in and smooches them all, only for it to be revealed that she smuggled in an entire explosives set in her mouth and transferred it to the students by french kissing them.
  • Chapter 169: Nagisa and Karma pull off a sweet-combo move that should have knocked out the Divine Soldier and did a celebratory high-five...except he didn't go down, leaving the others to chew them out while finishing the job and they looked embarrassed.
    Terasaka: "Premature celebration, shit-for-brains! Next time, stroke each others' egos after the mission is actually completed!"
  • Chapter 175 has a minor but welcome tension reliever: After Kayano is saved, the other overjoyed students all make a mad dash to glomp her, with Hazama and Okajima respectively crawling like a spider, and drooling. Poor Kayano, who barely had time to collect her thoughts, understandably freaks out, while Nagisa instead flashes a meek and embarassed smile.
  • Chapter 176: After Koro-sensei's successful operation to save Kayano's life, Itona takes a hard look at her exposed chest and makes a hilariously serious remark.
    Itona: You poor thing.
  • Chapter 179:
    • Isogai's brain essentially stops working at the sight of the reward money simply because he has never seen that amount of money at one time.
    • The people at the day care have an Eye Pop after seeing how much money was donated to them by Class E.
    • Irina tries to flirt with Karasuma who is her new boss and husband as he is about to send her on a mission. Only for him to be in Business Mode, quickly dismiss her, and suggest a replacement if she can't handle it. Cue her to lose all composure and plead she can do it like a child who was told she can't go see a movie.
  • Chapter 180: Nagisa hit a massive growth spurt and became the teacher of an eager class... is what he would have liked. The reality turns out that he didn't grow an inch since middle school and he wound up teaching a class of delinquents.
    • Before this, as the other students maintain the grounds of the Class E building, Kayano is staring off into space, thinking to herself about the bonds they formed. Then Okajima tries to start a water fight by spraying her with a hose. When she retaliates, Okajima runs behind Kataoka, who also gets soaked. She... is less than pleased.
    Kataoka: O-KA-JI-MAAAAAAAA...
  • Chapter 180.1: Pretty much the entire thing:
    • Assassins locate Korosensei's hidden home... that looks just like a large version of his head.
    • Korosensei lives like a complete slob.
    • Korosensei gambles... with 300 Yen bidsnote 
    • Korosensei has a secret room... with the walls covered in magazines of sexy women which he meditates in. The assassins reactions are priceless.
      • Speaking of reactions, Korosensei's face when he's been discovered is also priceless.
    • Korosensei tells the assassin he is going to have to move which ticks off the assassin because of how hard it was to find the location in the first place. Korosensei smugly mocks the assassin on how quickly he can move while pressing his face against his.
  • Episode 19/chapter 69
    • Korosensei starts enjoying the infiltration too much, so the others yell for Nagisa to spin him around, which he does so with a staight face before Karma asks for Terasaka so he can Ass Shove Korosensei up his pants


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