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  • The opening and the ending sum up the show perfectly in tone. The opening "[Suprisu]", sung by the club, sets the series up to be a heartwarming slice of life. Then you actually see the rest of the episode. The ending "[Inkya Impulse]" is a death metal song, also sung by the girls, complete with neon images of them playing instruments. As a way of saying "This is what you just saw" by the end of the episode.
  • Expect a wide variety of Comical Overreacting and Nightmare Face abound. Especially from Hanako.

     Episode 1  
Equivalent Exchange
  • Hanako and Olivia playing a game of "look over there", which leads to Olivia slapping Hanako in the face out of no where.
    • Then she does the same thing to Kasumi, only she slaps her chest instead. When Kasumi wins the round, she shoves her fingers up Olivia's nose.
Cheap Thrills

Pleasure Seekers

The Kind Pervert


     Episode 2 
Killing Time

Friendship Game

The Witch Trials

Non-title Match

     Episode 3 
A Battle That Must Be Won
  • The girls play a game of Issei no se, where the penalty of winning the game is smelling the loser's armpits (Which Olivia claims to be a custom fro where her parents come from).
    • Hanako is the first to win; She smells Kasumi first and then Olivia.
    Hanako: (sniffing Kasumi) It doesn't smell!... (sniffing Olivia) APOCRINE SWEAT GLANDS!
    • Hanako tricking Kasumi "winning" a game. Hanako is very much comfortable with being sniffed.
    Hanako: Grinding your nose is a good life lesson.
    • Adding to having to sniff Olivia's armpits as well:

     Episode 4 
Lower Body Lasers
  • Kasumi freaking out from seeing Maeda pop out of no where and urging Hanako to kill him with the handle of her umbrella, while frantically slashing at the air with it.
    • Then when she confesses to her fear of men, Hanako has Maeda dress in drag. For obvious reasons, this doesn't make her feel better.
  • Hanako formally introducing Maeda to her friends.
    Hanako: He works for us at home. He's... a thing.
    Maeda: I'm Maeda.
    Olivia: What do you mean "a thing?"
  • Years of living with Maeda made Hanako think that all men in general shoot lasers out of their butts. And Kasumi buys without question this when Hanako tells her.
    Hanako: And it destroys the roof sometimes.
Illegal Occupation
  • Hanako and Kasumi doing a sumo demonstration for Olivia. Which leads to Kasumi bending her upper body backwards at 90 degrees to avoid being pushed
    Hanako: She's doing her Chinese contortionist shit again.
Butt Play

     Episode 5 
Devilish Taste

Loaded Questions

Maeda's Curse

Sex Ed

     Episode 6 

     Episode 7 

     Episode 8 

     Episode 9 

     Episode 10 

     Episode 11 

     Episode 12 

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