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  • The male student that gave the Student Council Vice-President her Gyaru Girl makeover wears an outfit and style similar to Giorno Giovanna.
  • When Olivia asked her brother for advice to improve her English, he gave her a copy of Sesame Street.
    • But seemingly all for naught, Olivia only remembers Cookie Monster's lines.
    • This triggers a callback to Chapter 39/Episode 11 after Sainan-sensei goes into another zombified frenzy over the sight of a cookie Olivia was holding. The narration even called him the true Cookie Monster as such.
  • Oka whips out a "Love Note" as she goes to Kasumi for advices in Chapter 54, complete with black cover and eerily-similar font type.
  • The splash page for Chapter 54 has Olivia and Hanako dress up as Holmes and Watson, respectively.

Episode 1
  • Hanako rather suspiciously denies picturing a grossly obese Olivia as Jabba the Hutt while wearing a straight face.
  • Sainan-sensei channels his inner Conan Edogawa during his monologue when investigating the water Olivia splashed out onto the hall, complete with a silhouette of Conan standing next to him and a similarly-cheesy theme music:
    Only one truth prevails.

Episode 2

  • Presumably, the Student Council's VP rallied the votes for her preferred president by turning into Sadako. The closeup on her rolled-down eye immediately afterwards helps to sell the impression.
  • Hanako's signature "Green-Eyed Serve" is a reference of the Trope Namer of Green-Eyed Monster.

Episode 4

  • Kasumi and Olivia's attempt at giving Hanako makeup to rival the visiting Lord of Pastimers accidentally turned her into an Expy of The Joker:
    Wasn't there a Batman villain that looks like that?
  • Kasumi's BL novel is clearly based on Harry Potter.
  • When Hanako proposes a title for Kasumi's novel, Crunchyroll translates it as "Anal Bum Cover", but a closer translation would be "Please Save My Butt", a clear reference to Please Save My Earth. Chisato's horrified reaction is because she's a fan of that series. The

Episode 7

  • Hanako trains her stag beetle to steal money from offertory boxes to a parody of the theme from Rocky.
  • When plotting their theft of the Banana Papers, Kasumi whips out a getup that would make Arsène Lupin proud. It even comes with a stylized Calling Card.
  • An excerpt of the Banana Papers reveals that Sainan-sensei was said to have to be hospitalized after ingesting potassium cyanide, all while a flashback of episode 1 is briefly shown, cheesy music and all. Potassium cyanide poisoning is a recurring method of murder in the earlier arcs of Detective Conan.
  • The after credits scene has Hanako and Olivia sneaking up on Kasumi Solid Snake-style, and Hanako even yells "Snake!" when she accidentally blows up all three of them. When she blows everything up a second time, she yells "Snape!" instead.

Episode 8

Episode 9

  • Olivia's brother equates the excitement he gets from the scent of middle school girls to a tingle where he took an arrow in the knee.

Episode 10

  • Upon hearing about Kasumi's presumed kiss, Hanako storms out of the clubroom with Olivia in tow, only to come back instantly dressing like a palette swap of The Spanish Inquisition. The flight cap and goggles on Olivia's forehead is a dead giveaway.
  • Hanako's poster for the club's self-filmed movie is a direct shout out to A New Hope, complete with the signature Star Wars font and a recolored image of the Death Star in the background.
  • When asking Kasumi why she wanted to make a sci-fi film, she admits she watched Star Trek, while doing the Vulcan Salute and with an image of USS Enterprise appearing in the background.

Episode 11

  • Olivia references the Seven Mysteries Murder Case of The Kindaichi Case Files when the main cast discovers the unconscious body of the all-boys school's student council president.

Episode 12

  • Olivia downloaded her battle royale game from the Pineapple Store.


  • When Hanako's brother comments that he thought her classmates were "[her] imaginary friends", an image of Bloo shows up (saying "Mac!" no less, to make it even less subtle).

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