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  • Mari's comment about the 12th angel, near the end of 3.33: "Besides, after defeating the last angel we don't know what kind of evil could appear. Are you not worried?". It's hilarious on a meta level, given how ridiculously elaborated the apocaypses can get in this franchise.
    • Some translations make her say "Besides, I'm curious to see what will happen once the final Angel is destroyed.", which makes the scene less funny and more ominous.
  • The last line of the trailer for 2.0: "Oh, and lots of fanservice!"
  • When Kaji gets a little TOO close to Shinji, the scream is heard down the hall by a few other people.
    • There's also Shinji's startled reaction to Kaji holding a drink by his face.
    • Kaji's idea of a date: tending watermelons. No wonder Misato warned that Kaji is nothing but bad news...
  • Shinji and Asuka discovering Pen-Pen in the shower. Complete with straws and toothpicks.
    • Funnier when Asuka learns of Pen-Pen because when Shinji turns around, he sees Asuka naked and gets kicked in the face.
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    • Both times, Misato pick up her cup that was placed exactly where it covers the children's private parts... only to reveal there's something else behind it. For Asuka it was just a straw.
    • Even funnier is the odd thought that Misato has never had a straw with her beer before...then you see that it's for Pen-Pen! The penguin drinks too!
  • The shell casings of the chaingun that Unit-01 uses on the fifth angel raining down on and crushing a car was somehow very funny when looked on from a More Dakka perspective.
  • Mari's covert infiltration into Japan... via parachuting.
  • The kids decide to head to the aquarium (conveniently shaped like the Tree of Life). Since Second Impact, a massive red tide has poisoned all of Earth's oceans, so the aquarium has very strict measures about sanitation. Everyone basically has to go through a hyper washing machine, getting tossed around and scrubbed raw.
  • Rei says Good Morning. The entire class flies into a panic.
  • Unit 02 does a highly-complicated acrobatic maneuver, lands feet-first, and sends Misato's car flying arse over tit in the process. While Misato and Shinji are still inside.
    • And the car gets stopped by Unit 00's foot.
  • You will not be able to take Sahaquiel seriously if you have seen the "Double Rainbow" version of it on Youtube prior to watching the real version.
  • A bit off narm here, but the name Wille (wrongly pronounced Will-y) can be stupidly hysterical if it catches you off guard. It doesn't help that under the logo, there's a big white paint splotch to go with it.
    • This being another case of Gratuitous German, it should actually be pronounced more like Willeh (like the Japanese explamation "eh?"), it just comes off as funny that Japanese organisations keep insisting on using words they can't pronounce correctly.
  • Toji being chased by Pen-Pen when he takes Rei's (unwanted) meal.
  • Kaji's Gratuitous English in the prologue of 2.0 was just rolling on the floor funny. Watch it here.
    • The other guys in the control room are like "What the *** did I just hear?" And their faces are priceless!
  • Almost every fucking Shinji/Kaworu scene in 3.33, where the dialogue sounds suspiciously like a yaoi. Goes into Heartwarming Moments because their relationship if a lot more balanced this time around.
  • Mari's response to all the carnage happening at the climax of 3.33 in the English dub is a delightfully playful "Hoooooooooly crap." Understatement of the year, Miss Makinami.


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