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Funny / Dororo (2019)

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Episode 1

  • Dororo's introduction shows him selling stuff he took from group of thugs. When the thugs he stole from find him, he even cheekily asks whether they have any proof the stuff belong to them.
    • He even pelts them with horse manure when they chase him.

Episode 2

  • Dororo freaks out when he sees Hyakkimaru about to eat his catch raw and manages to stop him just in time.

Episode 3

  • When Hyakkimaru regains his ability to feel pain, he accidentally steps near the fire that Dororo set up for the night and falters back in surprise. After a few seconds, he goes to actually step into it as if thinking that it wouldn't hurt him a second time. He ends up curled up on the floor, holding his leg in pain as his foot is slightly scorched.

Episode 7:

  • After tasting some of the rice, the Jorogumo quietly chows down, and after the man leaves, a fly lands in the food. She coldly shoots a thin line of silk at it while eating it along with the rice.
    Jorogumo: This food is mine.
  • As the soldiers finally finds Jorogumo, Dororo cheerfully asks if they could now be given the reward for the demon, and the soldiers tell Dororo that that was a lie and they only put that poster up just so they could draw out the snitches. Dororo hangs his head in disappointment that they wasted their two days for nothing.
  • Once he regains his sense of hearing, the world unfortunately is too loud for Hyakkimaru, and he childishly keeps his hands clamped over his ears and refusing to talk because even his own voice is too loud.
    • Later on, Dororo wraps a cloth around Hyakkimaru's head and ties a small bow on top. He giggles at the sight while Hyakkimaru just looks puzzled.
  • When Dororo realizes that because the nun who helped Dororo recover from a fever removed Dororo's clothing to do so means the nun knows Dororo is a girl, Dororo blushes in embarassment and asks Hyakkimaru if the nun told him anything about Dororo. The nun actually did tell Hyakkimaru that Dororo was a girl but Hyakkimaru doesn't respond. Dororo starts childishly pouting at Hyakkimaru's silent treatment.
    • It makes sense as knowing that about Dororo doesn't have any meaning to Hyakkimaru. He only sees souls and those don't seem to show anything else than whether that person is good or not. Telling him that is probably as useful as telling a seeing person that a bald someone has brown hair.
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  • Hyakkimaru regaining his sense of smell. At the hot springs. Which smell like rotten eggs.
  • When Dororo complains about Hyakkimaru spending too much time smelling the flowers, Hyakkimaru starts sniffing Dororo.
  • Dororo is chased around by a harmless youkai that behaves like a child and looks the part. Well, a giant and deformed child, that is. Dororo pleads Hyakkimaru to help him only to be given a cold shoulder because it's harmless and not a ghoul. Hyakkimaru's lack of attention payed to Dororo's situation generally crosses into Comically Serious.
    • One particular moment, when the baby runs up to Dororo and tackles him, Hyakkimaru just steps aside.
  • #17 shows that even though Hyakkimaru's speech is not weird or awkward anymore, it's still very simple. He demands a new prosthetic leg from Jukai by stubbornly repeating I want., which just comes across as silly despite the serious situation.
  • Jukai tells Hyakkimaru to call him nobody when asked for name. Hyakkimaru makes of it what he wants and calls Jukai his mama. Counts as Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, as Jukai tears up and loses his guilt over raising him.
  • #18: Hyakkimaru pinches Dororo's cheek to show how much he missed the kid, who reacts with a Flat "What".
  • #19: Hyakkimaru is on a touching trip so he greets every living beings by grabbing them or cupping their face in his hands and rubbing his forehead against theirs.
    • He cuddles a horse and says Dororo, a horse.. Dororo's answer can be summed up as Well, duh.
    • When Dororo talks with a villager about a local blacksmith, who can fix Hyakkimaru's sword, he reaches out to the villaiger's face. Thankfully, he doesn't get to actually do that before Dororo distracts him and the man just takes a quizzical look at his artificial hands.
    • Not so much when it comes to meeting the blacksmith's daughter. She pries him off with such a force he lands on his butt.
    Dororo: (turns to Hyakkimaru, annoyed) Bro, I told you not to do that.
    Hyakkimaru: (puzzled) Why?
    Dororo: You just can't.
    Hyakkimaru: Why?
    Dororo: Because I say so!
    Hyakkimaru I don't get it.
    • Through various twists and turns, Hyakkimaru is getting married with Okowa, the blacksmith's daughter. He doesn't understand what wedding or being a husband means and he is hellbent on staying at the Inn, waiting for the blacksmith to bring him his fixed swords. Okowa has to rip him off a pillar and drag him to the temple.
    • Okowa's father sneaks up on ghoul and hits it over the head with a mace, knocking it out cold in a second. It's just hilariously abrupt even though the ghoul was manipulating Hyakkimaru into strangling Dororo. Knocking the ghoul out saved the kid's life.
    • The moment Okowa realizes Hyakkimaru never meant to marry her. She takes it in a stride, though.

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