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Funny / Aoharu Machinegun

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  • After revealing her gender to Masamune and Tohru at the hot springs, Hotaru goes into a full bow of apology that, thanks to her Super Strength and the fact that she's holding Haruki and Midori's hands , smashes the latter two face-first into the floor. The fact that they see it coming a split-second before it happens is what makes the scene.
  • The climax of the anime special in which Hotaru, dressed in a full-body panda mascot costume, and Midori, wearing a realistic horse-head mask, face off in an epic Capture-the-Flag airsoft match against Kamenashi, organizer of the TGC survival games.
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  • When the rest of Toy ☆ Gun Gun meets Hotaru's non-gender-specified parent and are terrified of trying to address them properly, because said parent is as visually-ambiguous as Hotaru. Though it's only a page or so until The Reveal, it's gold from start to finish.
  • Hotaru's gender is revealed but no-one believes it. Hotaru expects Taku, the youngest member of 11Dogs, to either disbelieve her or mock her for her Action Girl antics... but Taku turns out to be an Amazon Chaser and asks her out. Hotaru is completely flustered and Taku's brothers freak out while Haruki and Tohru enter Overprotective Teammate Mode. Taku then tries to lure Tohru to Osaka with food and, after finding out that Hotaru will be leaving for America, immediately offers to go with her.

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