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Funny / Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

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  • Fe Long's movie director complaining about his prima donna star.
    He's an asshole!
  • Chun-Li's reactions to Guile repeatedly rebuking her offer to help investigate Shadaloo at the start of the film are simply priceless.
    • In fact, pretty much every one of their interactions (except the fight against Vega). The scene at the end where she plays dead to him is pretty funny too (at least from the point where she reveals she was playing dead to him).
  • This exchange between Honda and Balrog during the final battle due to the latter's Off-Model eyes.
    E. Honda: Hi there. And you are?
    Balrog: I'm the welcome wagon, it's nice to meet you, friend.
    • Later, as Honda and Balrog fight, when they tumble down the mountain, they can be both heard yelling, "OH SHIIIIIIIT!"


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