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Heartwarming / Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

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  • Just about every scene featuring Ryu and that poor little Indian girl. Their first meeting ends with him generously giving her an excess amount of money to replace the spilled milk she was carrying. And in a later encounter, he reassures that she can keep the rest.
  • Guile and Chun-Li. Note how Guile never mentions he has a wife? That's so that it doesn't seem so weird when he's showing all that affection for Chun-Li - especially when she's hurt by Vega and fighting for her life. He stands by her bed and promises her he's going to get revenge while she's comatose/unconscious. Then at the end he sheds Manly Tears when he thinks she's died.
    • It's even more heartwarming when you consider that Guile and Chun-li's voice actors as of Street Fighter IV are now married. Could this be Heartwarming in Hindsight?
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  • Young Ken removing his hair ribbon to bandage Ryu's forehead, as an apology for injuring him. Thus, explaining how Ryu got his iconic red headband. It's such a well-done scene that the games retconned it into the canon story.
  • When forced to face Ken, Ryu absolutely refused to fight him, recognizing that Ken wasn't himself. Instead, Ryu kept trying to get through to him by reminding him that he was his friend, interwoven with brief flashes of their training days, which showed that his words were reaching him. Ryu takes a beating, but ultimately succeeds without throwing a single punch. Ken was moved to tears.

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