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Heartwarming / Strike Witches

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    Strike Witches 
  • Lucchini flying through the air with Maria in her arms, so she can show her Rome from above, has to be of the sweetest scenes in anime of the last few years.
    • Also The Reveal soon after when the girls are back at their base.
  • In the same episode we have the Ice Queen Perrine not asking for anything from the trip, we learn later this is because she gives ALL her earnings to rebuild her home, in that moment this troper gained all new respect for her and shed a tear.
  • Pretty much the entire second half of episode 6 in season 2. Especially the battle scene and aftermath with the song by Sanya and Eila's Japanese voice actresses in the background, and Eila pretty much confessing to Sanya. Not that it's really a surprise to anybody
    Eila: I'd go to the end of the world with you.
  • Mina giving a What the Hell, Hero? on Barkhorn on her reckless behavior in episode 4 of the first season. An Armor-Piercing Slap to the face followed by the below quote. It works, too.
    Mina: What do you think you're doing? If we lose you, what are we supposed to do? I understand you lost your homeland and that must be really, really difficult, but we are a TEAM - no, a FAMILY! You, me, the entire squad! (hug) Chris is going to get better, I promise you that. So for her sake, and for the sake of your friends, don't take your life for granted. I don't know what we'd do if you died. We're the only ones who can protect our country, so stop being so selfish and stay with us!
  • Mio congratulating Yoshika on her aid in defeating the Neuroi in Episode 2, and all the sailors aboard the warships below cheering for Yoshika
  • At the beginning of Episode 3, Lynette seems to be on the verge of washing out of the unit. But Yoshika doggedly believes in her, even when Lynette herself doesn't, followed by their team-up in the climax where Yoshika helps hold Lynette steady in the air so she can focus on her shooting, scoring her first Neuroi kill. Lynette expresses her gratitude following the battle.
  • In the movie, Minna wants Erica and Trude to investigate a possible Neuroi hive in Gallia. Erica is as sleepily bored as usual, and Trude loudly proclaims her displeasure and belief in the incompetence of border patrols... until Erica remarks that Yoshika is passing through that area. The next cut shows Trude loaded for bear, launching for Gallia.
  • The final shot of the film, as every Warrior of the 501st Wing, new and old, flying triumphantly together into the horizon once more. What melted this troper's heart is that by their side, although powerless and no longer a Witch, proudly flew Sakamoto in her biplane: Once a sister-warrior, a sister-warrior for life.
  • A small one, but in the movie a few scenes show Liberion and Karlsland ground forces fighting shoulder to shoulder against the Neuroi. Considering they were deadly enemies in real life at that point in time, it's touching to see Sherman and Tiger tanks working together.
  • In season two, episode two, Mio is too impatient to wait for her striker unit to be repaired and intends to sky-dive into the fight.
    Mio: [scowling] Do you have any idea how many people will be hurt while we wait!? [shocked look from the soldier telling her to wait, then her expression softens and she smiles] It would seem I've caught something from Miyafuji.

    Brave Witches 
  • Episode 1 was full of this in regards to Takami & Hikari


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