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Isla taking a leap of faith, much to Tsukasa's and Michiru's horror.
For a series that primarily focuses on doomed romance and death, it has a surprisingly high amount of funny moments.

Episode 1

  • Anytime when Isla intentionally acts robotic, though possibly a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment when it's revealed that Isla is reaching the end of her lifespan and gradually losing her skills.
    Isla: "Error. Please press the doorbell."
  • When an owner flees with an expiring Giftia, Isla jumps off the apartment building to catch the two... only to slip and fall straight down into a dumpster on the street instead.
    • When she's back in the office serving tea, you can still see a banana peel on top of her head from the above act.
  • Isla's attempts to convince Chizu to allow her and Tsukasa into the house by offering an increasing amount of tea and teatime treats over the week. By the time she decides to sneak around instead, her arms look like they're about to collapse from carrying a basket and trays filled to the brim with tea, accessories, and snacks.
  • Isla's Potty Emergency at the end of Episode 1 after drinking too much tea.

Episode 2

  • While Kazuki has a drink with Tsukasa, she admits that Isla has her quirks. Undaunted, Tsukasa declares he wants to gain his marksman's trust. Kazuki tenderly grabs his hand... and then crushes it and asks whether Tsukasa's a pedophile before she finishes her drink.

Episode 3

  • Perhaps this is a divisive example, but Tsukasa's Failure Montage of trying to break the ice with Isla has its moments, whether it is Tsukasa doing pull-ups or him epically failing to flambee a steak. It certainly doesn't help that every colleague brings their own advice on how to help Isla settle... and he takes their advice every time before failing miserably.
  • When Tsukasa takes Isla out to the mall, he has her try on clothes supposedly meant for a friend of her size. As he waits, Isla worriedly states that she's having a problem. As Tsukasa, and other customers within the store, find out, it has to do with her lack of experience putting new clothes on.

Episode 4

  • Zack reveals to Michiru that Tsukasa was reading a book. After pretending to forget for a split-second, Zack reveals that it was a manual for newlyweds. Tsukasa freaks out and Michiru gets pissed, all while Zack shows off his trolling smile.

Episode 6

  • Yasutaka hits on Isla and asks her out on a date. Her response?
    Isla: "Error. I cannot perceive Yasutaka."
  • Eru and Isla spy on Tsukasa in the office from atop a building. Eru's binoculars suddenly get impaled by a pen, knocking it out of her hands. It's then shown that Sherry threw it at them, and she immediately blames Yasutaka for developing said Improbable Aiming Skills after he mentions she has an eye for peeping toms.
  • Tsukasa's Delayed Reaction after failing to notice Eru and Isla in the shower stalls next to his in the men's bathroom.
  • Eru and Isla both have hilarious lumps on their head after the shower scene. The former is dragged out of the dorms by an irate Sherry.
  • Isla innocently asking Tsukasa if he wants dinner, a bath, or her. He does a Spit Take, then she reveals the newlywed book she read and got the idea from.

Episode 8

  • After their first meeting with Andie, Eru reveals to Tsukasa about her friendship with a Giftia named Olivia. Although Olivia had since expired and been converted into Andie, it still doesn't stop Eru from getting excited from being able to squeezing Olivia/Andie's breasts again.
  • After eight episodes, Tsukasa delivers a heartwarming Love Confession to Isla. Too bad Isla freaks out from this and rejects it out of embarrassment from the situation. Cue Tsukasa's Color Failure and Eru and Andie screaming in astonishment to Isla's reaction.

Episode 9

  • While the office learns that Isla rejected Tsukasa's Love Confession, Tsukasa's remains in the blank, colorless state from last episode's stinger. Yasutaka tries to get him to react, from moving his lips to quickly changing his hairstyle before resorting to showing him a porn magazine. Nothing works.
  • Michiru tries to get Isla to tell her what happened. After a period of silence, Isla BSOD's over Tsukasa's love confession before passing out on the bench. Her expressions during this BSOD are priceless.
  • Zack trolling Michiru during the first half, full stop. From him stating that no one ever confessed to Michiru to pointing out where her panties are when they take Tsukasa to their place, Zack wastes no time giving Michiru a hard time.

Episode 10

  • Kazuki getting really drunk in her apartment, then painting Isla's face. The latter points out she still seems to be a bad drunk.
  • Sherry attempting to walk away when Kazuki's previous relationship is brought up. She goes Blue with Shock when asked, and attempts to make it into a Noodle Incident, not wanting to talk about it.
  • Michiru also going Blue with Shock when hearing about Kazuki retraining Isla. She mentions that when it happened to her, she lost 22 pounds that month, then mentions Isla probably not surviving said process in one piece.
  • Kazuki holding herself back from beating on the mobsters giving Isla a hard time during a retrieval process. She has an immense Death Glare and a dark aura emanating from inside the car, so much so that a nearby mobster turns to look her way and is shocked by how scary she looks.


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