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Episode 3

  • Everything about the Will Season and the insurance companies. They formed a really long line outside of the reception, even to go as far as to don spacesuit and pester Technora employees while they're working...
  • Tanabe fending off the insurance seller.
    Tanabe:"That's it... Love is the answer all along..."
    Hachimaki:"Y'know, in a sense, you're amazing."
Episode 5
  • Hachimaki saw a man harassing a woman on space cruise, so he go straight for his face and then choked him out cold. It was a movie shoot. Hachimaki is later forced into standing-in when Tanabe and Fee came looking for him... Talk about karma.
Episode 6
  • The entirely of this episode are spent making fun of Japanophiles.
Episode 7
  • The lunar apple the size of a watermelon, due to Moon's exposure to elements.
  • In the manga version of Hachimaki's hospital stay (Volume 1, Chapter 2), there's a little panel where Fee draws a face with sticking tongue on his leg cast as if mocking its wearer.
Episode 8
  • Turns out that underneath Edel's unassuming coat is a skimpy Gothic outfit.
  • Another railing snapping off the Toy Box again...
  • Fee ordering the Chief in Toy Box to do nothing.
    Chief: (cheerfully) "I copy!"
Episode 9
  • Gigalt's farewell party. Everyone ends up getting drunk to sleep except freaking Tanabe, who looks no worse for wear.
Episode 11Episode 12
  • Both the plots of episode 12 get quite funny, but Fee's quest for a smoke is one of the funniest things in the series. Even more notable since they managed to make a episode about a series of eco-terrorist bombings a CMOF.
    • After grabbing a buggy and making her way to another city on the Moon, Fee ran into a SDF bomber (who's said to target smoking rooms in particular) and shake his hand thinking he's another believer of a good smoke...
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    • Fee tries to light up a smoke immediately after the ensuing explosion, only to get thwarted by the automatic sprinkler...
    • Fee saved Seven station's hide by ramming Toy Box into rogue satellite on collision path, and get both burned up in atmosphere, earning a commendation from OPA, just to save the only smoking area in space. Fee thinks its Worth It. The Debris Section... not so much.
  • Lucie suggested that Tanabe has a thing for Hachimaki and demands him to get hooked up. His reaction must be seen to be believed.
Episode 13
  • When Kyutaro's rocket crash-landed in Hoshino house, Hachimaki's mother didn't bother to warn the headband man himself. Tough love.
Episode 14
  • Compare Hachimaki from the first episode to rare awkward expression he have now. It can get amusing.
  • Hachimaki bitching about how he wouldn't date Technora women anyway in the face of office romance ban, with Tanabe still standing clear in his view.
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  • The next episode preview. Hachimaki and Tanabe finally going out together, but almost a half of it can be summed up with:
Episode 21Episode 22

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