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Nightmare Fuel / Plastic Memories

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  • An accidental case of this occurs when Isla is decorating a room with Zack. Isla uses her fingers to push her mouth to a smile and asks him how she looks. Let's just say that the end result... falls short. Zack further lampshades this by calling out how creepy her attempt to smile was.
  • The fact that a black market exists for Giftia. Given their ability to track down Giftia and trick owners into thinking they work for the SAI Corporation, the very presence of black market traffickers is creepy to say the least. One can only think of what black marketers want from the androids, especially after Episode 5 aired...
  • The Reveal in Episode 5 of what happens when a Giftia becomes a Wanderer. In addition to losing his/her personality and memories, the Giftia's limiters stop working, meaning that a rampant android can move faster and hit stronger than any human being could. As this is happening, his/her eyes become a sickly yellow and he/she goes permanently berserk. This makes a Wanderer a serious threat to the very people they formed relationships with up to their expiration date, as well as anyone else in their paths. Yikes!
    • The kicker? When a Giftia becomes a Wanderer, memories can cause him or her pain. This pain can get to the point of the Giftia turning hostile on the very people close to him/her upon becoming a Wanderer.
  • Speaking of which, the end of Episode 5 sees Marcia becoming a Wanderer. Just as she was about to reach out to Tsukasa, she loses it when Souta calls out her name and she begins to violently strangle him. It's no wonder Tsukasa became terrified of what was happening in front of him, which forced him to open fire on Marcia.
  • Kazuki suffering a debilitating attack to her ankle from a Wanderer Giftia in a Flash Back seen in episode 5. She lets out an intense scream of pain, and the camera focuses on her face and anguished reaction. Then in episode 6, another Flash Back that took place shortly after said attack has doctors talking about the severity of the damage, and that they would have to amputate her foot as a result. This helps to further reinforce the notion that Giftia who turn into Wanderers are very dangerous.