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Nightmare Fuel / Please Save My Earth

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  • What Shion went through in the moon base. Shukaido manages to create a vaccine against the illness that was killing them and injects Mokuren and Shion, who are the last healthy ones. Despite the vaccine, Mokuren still dies and Shion is the last one to remain on the base. He not only finds out that Shukaido lied and did not give any vaccine to Mokuren and Shion is alone, once again friendless and having lost the only people he considered close to himself. And he can't die, because he promised Mokuren he would continue watching the earth until he died naturally and slowly goes insane from being alone. And he doesn't get sick... for 9 years. Nine years of being alone, watching over something he starts to hate and slowly going insane! No wonder he laughed when he finally got sick and was doomed to die.

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