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YMMV / Please Save My Earth

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  • Foe Yay:
    • Majima is obsessed about having Mikuro on his side, and forces him to kiss his foot.
    • Shion says that he hates Shukaido so much that when in front of him he feels like a girl in love.
    • Shion is obsessed with Gyokuran. All the girls noticed and say that Shion must be in love with him.
  • Fridge Logic Okay, so we know the moonbase it continually resupplied by drones clandestinely sent to Earth. This must also be where they get the manga they're reading from.... but their race is only the size of a human's thumb. Are the drones shrinking the manga for them?
    • And what exactly were they going to do if they'd evacuated to Earth like Shion wanted? Hook up with The Littles?
  • Ho Yay: Jinpachi and Issei has one when Issei kisses Jinpachi after the latter admits his feelings for Alice right in front of him. And although they talk and decide to be just friends afterwards, sometimes Issei is still a bit jealous when Jinpachi expresses his love for Alice.
  • Squick: The abusive, borderline possessive, relationship that develops between Alice (who's 16) and her neighbor's 7-year old son Rin.
    • Not only is he a gradeschooler, he's a bratty kid who verbally maligns Alice at every opportunity, all while using their past life memories to guilt-trip her into being his girlfriend. It gets to the point where Rin begins dictating who she's allowed to speak with and when, with Alice reluctantly doing as she's told.
    • Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari is a manga only sequel series, set 15 years later. By this time, Alice and Rin are married with two children. Rin was 16 when their first child was born, meaning, he was 15 at the time he impregnated Alice (who was 24).
  • The Woobie: The series heaps constant misfortune on Alice. She was used and raped by Shion in her previous life, only to end up blackmailed into an engagement with his reincarnation in her present life. Then she has to put up with how he mistreats her, while turning her back on Jinpachi.

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