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  • At the end of Episode 1, Seina's family isn't the least bit against him going into space on a career that may kill him, and they even make a melodramatic farewell video for him to watch when he wakes up in space! ....when they had no idea what the application was for, and made him sign it anyway! Heck, his sister even gets his room!
  • The fact that Seina was more upset that his family was eating the cake Kimiko made him than them selling him out.
  • After being admitted into the GP academy, Seina is chosen as a representative of the freshman class. When he gets up before the whole school to make a speech, his luck causes the academy speaker system to dial itself up to eleven, resulting in the entire place being leveled when Seina opens his mouth.
    • From the English Dub. "Dump everything that isn't helping us fly." "No, I just got batteries for that!" "Get a boyfriend." "I thought we were trying to lose dead weight."
  • Right after Seiryo takes down Shank in a sword duel with one sword stroke, he says this to himself.
    Seiryo: Yup, I'm a badass.
  • Seto's husband when he introduces himself to Seina. He claims that Seto gave him a choice for either marriage or death. He then adds he never takes the easy way out.
  • Seiryo is arguably the only one of the gag characters in this show that is remotely likable, considering he's a Butt-Monkey who thinks he's the hottest thing since sliced bread.

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