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  • From the third episode, Long Distance Lunacy, Washu's system of keeping an eye on Tenchi gets corrupted, so by the time any information about Tenchi arrives it's hopelessly warped. One such message became "A hippo and a cow are about to push Tenchi over a cliff." The girls are immediately horrified, but Ayeka had this to ask:
    Ayeka: Where did he find a hippo in Japan?!
    • In an earlier part of the episode, the scene of Ryoko and Ayeka as they watch Tenchi in the locker room. Ayeka covers Ryoko's eyes, then scopes Tenchi out for herself!
  • In episode 4 "The Eternal Pledge" Ayeka and Ryoko and Hotsuma get into a fight. After Hotsuma's attack, Tenchi convinces Sakuya that Ayeka and Ryoko are Ghostbusters. It dosen't take long for her to become their biggest fan.
  • The episode "Stupid Cupid" gives us Nobuyuki's duplicate, which grabs Sakuya and charges through the streets bellowing that he is in love with her. And poor Sakuya is of course completely baffled.
    • He actually does this to every woman he spots while running around to the point that while he's asking the newest lady to "be his" she tells him (understandably) that she's not available, only for her little daughter to poke her head out and say.
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  • The start of episode 10 "Ryoko's Big Date", has Ryoko applying makeup to her face by the pound, so she ends up resembling The Joker. The initial sight of her has everyone recoiling in terror, and then laughing their heads off once they realize it's Ryoko and what she's done. Ayeka gets the most pleasure out of this; she's bawling her eyes out from laughing so hard!
  • Episode 13, Kiyone and Mihoshi's reaction to Yugi's attack on the Misaki family. As she fires lightening bolts at them while they run for their lives.
    Kiyone: (to Mishoshi) You didn't steal a lollipop from some kid who turned out to be a demon did you?
    Mihoshi: Course not, I took some kids' ice cream but that was a long time ago!
  • In episode 15 "Love Match", the Monster of the Week is the spirit of a female pro wrestler, who constantly hits Amagasaki with wrestling moves ("Axe Bomber!", "German Suplex", "Drop Kick!"), sending Amagasaki hilariously flying off into the sky every time.
    • Becomes a Moment of Awesome when he finally defeats her by countering her Lariat with one of his own...
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  • Episode 16 "Carnival", Tenchi's confusion over Umanosuke running around with a live fish.
    Tenchi: What is he doing with that thing? Maybe I don't want to know.
  • Episode 18, Kiyone's joy while fantasizing about getting a promotion. It's rather bizarre when Mishoshi appears to be the sane one by comparison.
    Mihoshi: (while crying) Ohhh! Kiyone is totally losing her mind!
  • Episode 19 "The Lonely Princess", Ayeka attempting to force open the door to Washu's laboratory with a mallet. When that inevitably fails, she attempts to force it open again. With a bigger mallet.
  • Episode 20, Ryoko putting Mishoshi and Kiyone through hell with crazy chores when she discovers they'd infiltrated her pirate gang. Including cleaning out the dungeon, laundry and cooking for the entire gang.
    Ryoko: Hahaha! Hope you can barbeque, were carnivores. (a dinosaur appears from behind a huge door, ready to eat the girls) By the way, so is the main dish.
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  • Episode 21 "Real Friends?", Sakuya's underwhelmed reaction to Washu popping up out of Tenchi's toilet thanks to a screwup with her dimensional portal.
    Sakuya: (perfectly calm) I know her. How come she ended up in your toilet?

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