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Funny / Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar

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  • Kenshi, being The Ace with the personality of an Unlucky Every Dude, is chock full of these.
  • The whole massage fiasco.
    • The best part being before the incident starts, when Mexiah gets Kenshi to do it to Chaia. Chaia runs out and yells Baka several times before escaping. The Kenshi and Mexiah come into view. Kenshi is still hypnotized, and Mexiah has a black eye and a nosebleed.
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  • How does Kenshi make friends with the entire Dark Elf tribe? ''He keeps finding a supposely rare mushroom that's a delicacy to them and gives it to them for free because he does not know the value.
  • Kenshi's Training from Hell to be sent to Geminar... primarily consisted of trying to avoid getting tagged by Ryo-Oh-Ki (and getting tickled mercilessly when she caught him).
  • As it turns out, Kenshi was never in any real danger... of death, anyway. If he got hurt too badly, Tokiimi would just pull him back. Having to face the angry ladies of the Misaki Household for failing on the other hand, that was another matter.

Alternative Title(s): Isekai No Seikishi Monogatari


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