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  • In Episode 2, while they are keeping a lookout for civilians while evacuating, Calm and Okojo discuss the war and the state of the UE Army, which ends with Okojo dropping a Precision F-Strike against the Martians. The funny part is that his Japanese voice actor actually says the word "Fuck" in English.
    "Fuck Kasei-jin."
  • Inaho's general lack of reaction to things happening around him can get pretty amusing, such as the time he was calmly making an omelette while an evacuation order was in effect for the entire city and his sister had to call and tell him to get a move on. His response?
    "Oh right... I could have done that."
  • The Casual Danger Dialog between Captain Magbaredge and her XO Mizusaki in Episode 4:
    Magbaredge: "Mizusaki, do you know why men don't seem to like you?
    Mizusaki: I thought you were supposed to keep them waiting.
    Magbaredge: After they've become infatuated with you.
    • Continued in Episode 5, after Mizusaki makes a rather blunt comment about how Inaho could be "useful.":
    Magbaredge: "Mizusaki, need I remind you why men don't like you?"
    Mizusaki: "Isn't honesty supposed to be the best policy?"
    Magbaredge: "There's a difference between being honest and rude."
    • After a few episodes of letting the gag rest, they return to it again later, this time after Mizusaki proposes a flight route that will take them to Russia via a safer but much longer path:
    Magbaredge: "Do I need to remind you why men don't like you? Danger this, danger that... you have to take a few risks if you want to find the right man for you."
    Mizusaki: "I was given to understand that one should form a bond first, ma'am."
    Magbaredge: "Fine. So take it slow and steady instead of having fun, then." (Turns to leave)
    Mizusaki: "You disapprove?"
    Mizusaki: "She disapproves."
  • While helping to pilot the hovercraft, in Episode 4, Nina almost crashes it into a large piece of debris, leading to this panicked run through her options and sounding like a hyperactive chipmunk:
    "Right? Right? Left? Right? Right? Left?"
  • Eddelrittuo passes herself off as Asseylum's younger sister and cooks up a story about how she's always been too sick to pass Kataphrakt training courses to excuse her out of the UE's draft. However she almost blows her cover by constantly referring to Asseylum as "Princess" in front of the recruiter. She bluffs her way out of it by pretending to have a sister complex.
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  • The look on Asseylum's face when Inaho corrects her misguided pop-cultural understanding of why the sky is blue and tells her the proper scientific facts behind it. And he even unintentionally rubs it in even further by providing the correct explanation of why clouds are white.
  • The hilarious nicknames Slaine and Inaho have given to each other: "Bat" and "Orange", respectively.
    • When Inaho and Slaine run into each other again, Inaho recognises Slaine.... then says he's had a class change to Gull, since Slaine's now piloting the Tharsis.
  • Calm, who had vowed to get revenge against all Martians for his friend Okojo's death, suddenly forgets said vow when he meets a pretty Martian girl and abruptly declares that Martians are like everyone else with good and bad apples... right after he reaffirmed that he was going to destroy all Martians. Inko & Nina are not amused.
  • Yuki is really eager to see if Inaho and Asseylum will grow closer. She claims that she can tell when Inaho likes a girl, to which Calm expresses skepticism considering his usual way of expressing himself. Then Yuki looks at Inaho and tells Calm he has his "infatuated with a girl" look right now. Inaho's face looks exactly the same as any other time. Inko then pops out of the Kataphrakt and claims she needs a break from training, right before Yuki admits she's hoping Inaho marries said princess for the money.
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  • Asseylum wears a school uniform and explains she got it from Nina, who suggested it might be difficult to move around the ship in her dress. Then we discover Nina has taken the opportunity to try on the Pimped-Out Dress
  • Inaho manages to disarm Rayet when she attempts to commit suicide. When she asks him what the hell he's doing, Inaho misses the point and calmly explains that grabbing the slide of an automatic pistol will stop it from firing, which was the most efficient way of disarming her.
  • When the Deucalion gets to United Earth HQ, one of the comm officers there says to a colleague that he can't believe a flying battleship exists and that it's like something that came out of a Japanese comic book.
  • It's more like a case of unintentional Black Comedy, but the way Mustang 33 bites the big one:
    Mustang 33: "If you're that scared, you're more likely to be hit. Bullets are attracted to cowardice! Stay strong, and everything will fly right past-" BOOM
  • In Episode 14, Inaho demonstrates what his bionic eye can do, by making fun out of Inko's calculated weight. Her reactions to deny the facts is worth watching.
    • Especially funny in follow-up is after the completely flustered Inko storms out, revealing Rayet in the corridor. Inaho states that he had assumed that his cybereye would help him in socialization with Inko. Rayet dryly calls him an idiot for thinking so.
      • The bit that truly sells the scene, however, is Inaho's final response: cover his good eye, assess Rayet's biometrics, and then... "You're not lying." Yes, Inaho - you're an idiot.
  • As a reference back to the above from episode 14, episode 17 has Inko, Nina, and even Kaoru shocked to find out Rayet doesn't diet, yet maintains a slim figure. They ask her how she does it, but Rayet leaves after hearing that Inaho was interrogating Mazuurek, a Martian knight they captured in the previous episode. Kaoru living up to her Hollywood Dateless life, laments that she never told them her secret.
  • Episode 19 has a couple:
    • First we have Calm and the girl trio eating in the cafeteria gossiping about how Magbaredge's aid Mizusaki must be devastated that she took Marito to the conference as her escort instead of her.
    • Next, we have this exchange between Inaho and Yuki:
      Inaho: Slaine Troyard.
      Yuki: The douchebag who shot my cute little brother?
      Inaho: Thanks. But watch your language Yuki-nee.
      • Made doubly hilarious because Nao upbraids his sister as a superior officer.note 
  • In episode 21, Inaho and co. are having trouble against the Ortygia. During the battle, Inaho says that his early assumption that "there was only one real one" was wrong, and goes on to explain his recent findings in the usual Techno Babble. Rayet questions what exactly that means, and then Inaho rephrases it using other Techno Babble, leading Inko to literally scream at him asking "Again, what does that mean!?"
  • Episode 22:
    • Mainly for anyone who ever said Inaho acted like a robot.
    • Inaho's Electronic Eye being such a damn fine wingman.
    • The fact that of all the possible crazy technology Aldnoah can do, Barouhcruz's Kataphrakt uses what are essentially glorified yo-yos in battle. It doesn't help that he calls them "electromagnetic bobbins." Of course, what he does with those yo-yos is a whole lot less funny.


  • Erika Harlacher has a tweet that Inaho [Max Mittelman] found some eggs. Read it here.

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